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Festival of the Ancients Chapter 1

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Festival of the Ancients By The Old_Goat

Chapter 1


The heat of the Arizona desert was different than that of the humid Dallas heat. Patty almost thought it refreshing, even thought if was many degrees hotter. Carrying the copy of an email with the directions she needed, she walked into the obviously makeshift office near Phoenix. Kind of seedy, even smelled like stale urine, but the air conditioner worked, even kind of cold, made her nipples jump. Not a good start, she thought to herself. But the guy at the counter smiled as she walked up, which reassured her a little.

He said, hi, I am Buzz, are you hear for an interview?

Patty smiled a little, and handed him the folded copy of the email.

?Ah, we have been looking forward to meeting you, the photos you sent in were hot. And you look just as great in person. Please sit down, and Jack will be with you in a few minutes?, he said.

Patty looked around the small office, which was lined by chairs along the walls. Not all were taken, but most. She walked over the closest one and sat down. She casually noticed the other people that were waiting, which was a mixed bag. Some as young as she, probably in college, but the majority were what she would guess as their late thirties or forties. The younger ones were dressed like she was, shorts, tops, flip-flops. But the older were dressed not as casual, more professional. As if they needed to impress. Business skirts on the women, heels, some ankle chains. Jewelry. Patty began to notice the jewelry some were wearing. At least three of the women had chains around their necks, and the ends of the chains were being held by the person sitting next to them. Some men, some women.

The door opened, and a middle aged guy wearing a golf shirt with STAFF written on it stepped in and called out, ?Peterson, Fred and Mary??

One of the couples across the room stood up, and even through he held the chain around her neck, both walked with confidence into the open door, and the door shut.

More people were called into the back, all by people wearing shirts identifying them as part of the organization. People came and went and Patty realized her name must be nearing the front of the list.

She had almost dozed off when she heard her name called. She was finally going to get to see what was behind door number one.

The person who had called her name held the door open for her as she walked in, and introduced himself as Jack. Not a big person, but nicely built, and had a great smile. He motioned for her to sit down at a table, he sitting opposite her.

?Hi, I am Jack?, he said. ?We need to get some things out on the table so there is no mistakes and we won?t waste anybody?s time. You answered the online ad to participate in the Festival of the Ancients as a sex slave. Is that correct??

Patty nodded in agreement, finding that suddenly her mouth was very dry. She was not sure she could speak.

Jack continued, ?let me explain to you what this means, before we go any farther. You may want to back out. First, you will have to be willing to be examined by our medical team for any bad things than can be transmitted to others through bodily contact. Do you agree to this and do you think you can pass??

Again, Patty nodded.

Jack continued, ?Ok, we will see, most of the younger applicants we have cannot pass. But if you do, this is what we will required of a sex slave at our festival. You will be treated as a slave from the very beginning of the festivities to the very end. This includes being auctioned off to the highest bidder, and you will be required to perform any and every act your new master asks of you. And if you do not comply, you must accept any punishment he wishes to inflict upon you. I might add that those that are chosen as masters will be required to comply by a set of rules as well, so the punishments will not be too harsh. Do you understand??

Again Patty nodded, but this time she was trembling inside, with excitement, anticipation.

Jack said, ?ok, we will get on with the interview then, if you understand. The rest is fairly simple really, just a panel of judges that may or may not ask you some questions, and then they will ask you to strip, so they can judge your body. OK??

Patty smiled and said ?sure, I am ready.?

?Ok then, follow me.? Jack said.

He led them from the small room with down a hallway into a brightly light, but very cool room. Two men and two women were seated at a long table side by side, all facing a carpeted box about a foot high. Jack motioned for Patty to step up on the box.

One of the women said, ?honey, we need to see your body to make our final decisions, would you please strip.? She said it as a matter of fact and Patty understood it was not a request, she had been told. Strip.

Patty stepped out of her flip-flops and stepped up on the box bare footed. She realized most of the lights in the room were pointed at her, at the box. It is now or never, she thought, and reached down and grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt she was wearing. Carefully pulling it over her head, taking time to pull her long hair through it as well. Patty tossed it down on her flops, and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of the shorts she was wearing, skinning them down to her ankles, and then kicking them off onto the now growing pile of cloths. And then the same with her panties.

The panel was enjoying the view of a nude twenty-year-old woman. Patty had firm pert breasts, and just like those watching had planned, the coolness of the room made her nipples stand at attention. Slim waist leading to muscular thighs and calves. No blemishes, no stretch marks, a quality body.

The same woman then broke the silence again. ?Please turn around.? Again, Patty understood this was a command, not a request.

Patty complied.

Her dark hair fell to the middle of her back, framed on either side by her wide shoulders, falling again to that narrow waist. Her buttocks were as muscular as her thighs, tight, nothing extra. But she wished she had on 4 inch heels, she knew they made her ass look even tighter.

Again, a command was given, ?please spread your feet to either edge of the box, and bend over and grab your ankles, and be sure to keep your legs straight.?

The cool air found a new place on Patty as she spread her feet as wide as the box top, and bending over she knew the judges were going to get a good look. She now had an upside down view of the judges, as she squinted against the bright light. Nothing was left for them to see, except maybe the bottom of her feet.

The gruff female voice said, ?ok, you can stand and turn around.? After a few minutes of quite discussion among the panel, the same woman addressed Patty. ?Ok, if you can pass the physical exam, you are accepted. But again, you must understand that if you pass, your life as a Festival of the Ancients sex slave will begin immediately after being accepted. Are you still willing?? This time the tone of voice was soft, asking a question, giving Patty a chance to back out, to change her mind.

Patty squinted into the bright lights and shook her head yes.

More sternly, the same women ask the question again, ?are you still willing, I did not hear you??

Patty found her voice, and answered, ?yes?, as she again nodded her head.

?Very well then?, said the woman, ?Jack, take her, and then bring in the next.?

Jack stepped out of the darkness joining the nude Patty in the bright light, and motioned for her to step to a door in the back of the room. Patty started toward her pile of recently shed clothes, but Jack was quicker, and stepped between her and her clothes.

?You won?t need those for the next three days?, he said. ?We will give them to you after the festival, or if you don?t pass the physical?. ?Now, follow me, please.?

As they stepped through the door, Patty looked back at the box illuminated by the bright lights, and realized she was on her way to living out her fantasy of a lifetime.

Patty followed Jack down a well lighted hallway, the finished concrete floor cool on her bare feet. At first she felt she the need to try to cover her nudity, the classic one arm and hand on her breasts, the other on her pussy. But as they walked, she noticed that Jack was not paying any attention to her at all, to him this must have been routine.

Turning a corner in the hall they found a line of four women, all nude, waiting by a closed door. Patty recognized them all as the women that she had sat with in the waiting room earlier. She judged them all to be older than she, two to be a lot older.

Jack looked at her and said, ?wait your turn in line, and do not talk to anyone.? Jack then turned and walked back down the hall, the way they had came.

Patty tried to catch the eye of any of the women in line, but all had their eyes fixed on the floor or the wall in front of them. She noticed that the woman nearest to her in line was one that had had the collar and chain on in the waiting room. Now she was naked, no jewelry at all, except for her wedding band. Then Patty took her first critical look at the bodies of the other women in line. The woman?s breasts were beginning to show the signs of age, sagging slightly, but not too much, heavy and ample. One had a hint of stretch marks on her lower belly, a sign she had kids. Then a chill ran through Patty, as she noticed on the thighs of the one probably closest in age to her, were several long scars, marks probably left by a whip.

Patty wondered what she was getting into.

Patty assumed the position of the rest of the women, leaning against one wall of the hallway, hands behind her back, just staring. The door opened, and one by one, the women entered into the brighter light, and the rest in line would sidestep one place closer to the door. Others were brought down the hallway by people Patty had not seen before, and all were told the same thing. Finally, Patty was next. The door opened, and a young female person dressed in medical scrubs motioned for Patty to enter.

To Patty?s surprise, the room they had entered was small, the size of a doctors office examination room, complete with table with stirrups, and white paper covering the padding that one sat on. The nurse motioned for Patty to get up on the table and lay down. She then helped put Patty?s feet in the stirrups, spreading them wide, along with Patty?s legs.

She then said to Patty, ?we will need to draw some blood, and the doc will be here in a second to give you a pelvic exam.? No sooner had she said that than an older looking fellow come into the cramped room, and began pulling on a pair of rubber gloves.

?This won?t take long?, he said, diving between Patty?s spread legs, poking, prodding, grunting, sweating.

Patty felt the stick in her arm as the nurse found the blood she said she would need. It was all over faster than Patty realized, and the doctor was gone. The nurse was helping her to sit up, Patty still nude, still exposed.

?You have nice tits,? said the nurse. ?You mind if I feel them for a second?? And before Patty could respond, the nurse was all over Patty?s chest, squeezing, pinching, pulling. ?Nice, very nice indeed. Thanks, for the feel, you can go through that door now, and wait till someone calls you.?

Going through the door, Patty was still trying to grasp what had just happened to her. She had not been in the room or on the exam table from more than a few minuets, and had a pelvic exam and blood drawn, and felt up almost all at the same time.

The door lead to another hallway, with the same cast of characters as the last.

They stood leaning against the wall, staring at the other wall, or stealing glances at the nude bodies of the other women.

The door at the end of the hall opened, and a nurse called out a name. One of the women that had been examined after Patty was called out, and she left with the nurse. As she walked by, Patty noticed she had a tattoo of a snake on her left thigh, and several long scars ran across on her back.

And then they waited some more.

Patty had counted sixteen women all standing nude in the hallway before the nurse called out the one, now there was fifteen.

The door opened again, and this time a short stocky man, in his mid forties entered. The first thing noticed about the guy was the way he was dressed. A toga looking affaire, thought Patty, but not quite. Half of his chest and one very hairy sholder was exposed, the bottom of his costume cinched at the waist by a belt. And stuck into the belt, a short whip. Most eyes stopped when they meet the whip part of the costume.

?Good evening ladies,? the man?s voice boomed in the small hallway. ?I am the auction master, and it will be my job to see that you bring the highest price possible when we sell you on the auction block. If you do exactly as we say, you will not be punished. If you do not, if you hesitate in any way, punishment will be swift. I hope you all understand what I mean.? And with that said, he pulled the whip out of his belt, and beat it against his thigh a couple of times.

?Now I am going to tell you what will happen to you tomorrow, so you will not be surprised. You will be sold as sex slaves on the auction block tomorrow morning. The people buying you are all part of the Festival of the Ancients as well, all living out their fantasies, just as you are. After you are bought, your body will be marked with the brand of the master that has bought you. And if you are sold, you will be marked again, and again, if needed. The first mark will be placed on your body just above the beginning of the slit of your cunts. All pubic hair will be left in the showers today. Any questions??

There were none.

The stocky man continued, ?I will now instruct you on how to assume the position of a sex slave.? And then he grabbed the first women in line by the arm, turning her to face the rest of the group. ?Spread you feet at least shoulder width, maybe a little more? he said. Taking the folded whip, he tapped the inside of the woman?s thighs, and she spread her feet a little farther apart. ?Now, you will put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers. Elbows will be back, chest out, stomach in. Head erect, eyes looking straight ahead.? Each time he would tap the women with the whip, encouraging her to put her elbows back, and to suck in your stomach. This position presented her breasts, and made for easy access to her pussy.

The stocky guy motioned for her to return back to the line of women, and then he shouted, his voice booming through the hallway, ?Assume the position!?

The group of women struggled to comply, elbows knocking into the elbows of the women next to them, feet tramping upon their neighbor?s feet. But finally, the line got spread out, and the women were all somewhat in the desired position.

The stocky man began working his way down the line, pushing here, poking there, always feeling what he wanted. He was enjoying himself. He finally stood in front of Patty.

?Very nice,? he said under his breath, as he used both hands to force Patty?s elbows back even farther, thrusting her breasts out even more. He took his time, used both hands to squeeze her tits, pinch her nipples into erection. ?Very nice indeed,? he kept saying. Then down to her snatch, and her pubic hair.

Patty had enjoy wearing a bikini on occasion, and had her bush trimmed to accommodate the wearing of one.

The stocky man grinned even wider, ?A mohawk huh? he said, as he tousled her pubic hair between is fingers. ?This will be shaved bare in the showers today, understand?? he said, clinching a tuft of hair between his thumb and forefinger and pulling, none to nicely.

Patty nodded.

But he did not stop there. He ran his thick index finger down lower, into Patty?s slit. ?Ah ha,? he laughed, finding that Patty?s pussy was wet, very wet indeed. ?I think you are going to like the next three days,? he laughed.

And then he moved to the next woman in line.

The inspection over, the women were commanded to follow the man down the hallway. As he opened the door, a blast of heat greeted each as they passed through. Patty noticed the sun was setting in the Arizona desert, but the heat was still there. As they passed through the door, another man, much bigger than the first, handed each woman a pair of shower shoes. He would laugh as they walked buy, telling them these were the most clothes they were going to see for a while.

Patty was suddenly apprehensive, being naked indoors was one thing, but now they were being led outside, out in the open. They followed the stocky man down a concrete path, and soon realized why they were given the shoes, as the concrete was scorching to their bare feet. All put the shoes on in a hurry.

They were lead to a corrugated roof shelter, with chain link fencing from ground to roof. The gate was narrow and low, and as each woman had to duck to enter.

Good night ladies?, the stocky man boomed, as he passed a chain around the gate, and locked a padlock in place. ?Try not to have too much sex tonight, you are going to need your rest. Showers are first thing in the morning. See you then.? And then he was gone.

Patty looked around, still wondering if maybe she had made a mistake.


He always hated getting off the plane onto the jet way. He especially hated it in Phoenix. They were always stifling hot, and smelled like burnt jet fuel. Fred followed Mary up the maze of a ramp, and found he was watching her ass as they walked along. When she had cleared the tunnel, she stopped to get her bearings, Fred intentionally brushed his hand across her butt as he pushed beside her. She turned to him, and gave him that knowing smile.

They had waited all year for this weekend, and they were going to make it a great one.

They did not have any baggage to claim, he knew that they would rent any clothing they required, so all they had was Mary?s make up stuff, and his viagra.

The stretch limos were parked exactly where the festival committee had arranged for them to be.

Fred and Mary walked up to on young woman with a clipboard, and he told her his name.

?Ah, Master Wilson, we are excited you are here. The second limo in line is yours. Your party is already here.?

Climbing into the back of the limo, Fred left his identity on the scorching hot Phoenix sidewalk.

As they climbed into the limo, Fred, said to all, ?sorry we are late. Hate to fly commercial, but could not be helped this trip. And how is everybody?? The confined space in the limo turned into a wrestling match, as everyone there had to hug the newcomers. And these were not just casual hugs hello. This group had been friends, sex partners, for years. As Fred leaned back in the thick leather seat, it went through his mind that there probably was not a sexual combination this group had not done, nothing sexual they had not attempted, at least once.

When Mary finally joined him, her blouse was completely unbuttoned, one pink nipple trying to escape. Even though Mary was in her early fifties now, the tall blonde was still hot. She worked out every day, sometimes twice. Fred had always had trouble keeping up with her. But he could tell she was starting to slow down a little as well. From the very first Festival, Mary had made it a custom that she would service all the help. At first it was only ten or twelve guys, but last year she pulled the train on over twenty guys, and most of them fucked her twice. Fred remembered at the end of that evening, she was worn out, he had to get help to carry her home. Before this year?s event, Mary had asked him to buy a slave that would take over those duties this year.

When the limo turned off the paved road, Fred noticed some familiar landmarks, and he began to think back on the good old days. Had it been fifteen years now? He guessed it had. Back when he and Mary and four other well off swinging couples pooled their resources and created the Festival of the Ancients. They had started off with only five housing compounds, and a very rustic meeting hall, and no coliseum at all. Now the event boasted over a hundred compounds, and the huge Great Hall fashioned after the Greek meeting halls. Fred was especially proud of the new Coliseum for the Gladiator events, and he knew Mary?s favorite was the two-year-old amphitheater where the slave auction and pony girl events were held.

As the limo pulled up in front of the main gate, the area was a beehive of activity. Other limos, taxies, vans and private cars were unloading their occupants and being driven off to be parked by the valets. Fred and Mary and their group entered the country club style office building, and enjoyed the blast off cool air. Fred noticed that Mary had not bothered to button her blouse, and now her nipples were enjoying the cool air as well.

The attendant at the door of the locker room assigned each couple a locker, and Fred and Mary made their way over the plush carpet to theirs. It was co-ed, so to speak, and there were a lot of men and women in various stages of stripping. Fred was slower than Mary to get out of his clothes, and enjoyed watching her ass sway as she led the nude group over to one of the waiting areas.

They were not there long, as the medical staff moved the festival participants through the screen process very quickly. Each person had to give a blood sample to be tested for sexually transmitted disease, and undergo a pelvic exam. It was one of the Festival requirements, and Fred knew that many people each year were turned away because they could not pass the exam.

Fred remembered he had to attend a steering committee meeting as soon as he cleared the screen.

He found Mary and the others in line for their costumes. And they were having a fun time smearing sun block on the nude person in line in front of them. As he walked up, one of the other women in his group reached over and grasped his cock, liberally applying sun block to it, and before he knew it, others had joined to help protect him from harm.

Finally making his way to Mary, he told her, ?I have to go to this meeting, so I will see you at the compound, ok?"

She gave him a wet kiss, her tongue searching out his, and responded by saying, ?don?t take too long, ok? We may start without you.?

Fred snatched a tunic from the box they had handed his group, and pulled it over his head. Like the rest, it only had one strap over the shoulder to hold it up. He passed a rope belt around his waist, and put leather sandals on his feet. As he walked away, he knew he was already too late, the party had started.

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