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Family Tradtion

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Family Tradition By Voodoo

As you know from the last time, I got a job working as a babysitter for Ember and Pete. Well its been over 2 years since I started for them. I still fuck Pete?s dad Nick, Pete, and Ember. Since that night they took my virginity they also added Pete?s 2 brothers Mike and Tom, His sister Kelly, and Pete?s Mom Karen. From Mike?s side I also been with his wife and their two son?s. From Tom?s side I have been with his wife and daughter. So all in all they were not lying when they said they keep it in the family. I know Pete?s mom Karen has taken all 3 of her sons virginity and her 2 grandson?s, I know Nick has taken Ember, Kelly, and his grand daughters. I also found out that as the oldest brother Nick has taken all of his 4 brother?s wives and the 6 daughter?s they produced. That explains why Nick is such a work horse in bed. It has been a awesome job; who else can say they get paid great money and have such awesome benefits. I really have enjoyed working with them. Since I started Pete and Ember bought a bigger home. This house has about 6 bedrooms from what I can tell and 4 bathrooms, a family room, a basement with 3 rooms, a bar area, dining room, the works. I have not seen all of it yet tho. They keep 2 bed rooms locked when they are not home and 2 of the 3 rooms in the basement locked. Maybe one day I will find out what they are hiring. I just turned 21 yrs of age and things are going well. The twins will be turning 18 next week, so I don?t know what will happen with my job, but I will wait it out and see what they say. I was at home when Ember called, she told me that she knew I had next weekend off but since it was the twins 18th birthday they were having a party and I was invited to come over to join them. I told her I would love to be there and would join them. Saturday nite was just a usual party the twin?s had friends there from school, pizza and cake, and so on. When the crowd started leaving Pete and Ember told me to stick around and maybe the 3 of us would play, since the twins were going to go hang out with some of their friends when the party ended. Needless to say after all left the 3 of us fucked in their room for a while. When I started to leave Ember informed me I was invite to the surprise party Sunday night they had planned just for family. I told them I would love to join that one too.

I showed up on Sunday as planned. When I got there every one I knew in the family was there. Nick, Mike, Tom, Karen, Kelly, Paul, Scott, Ashley, Trina, Carmen, and Ember were there. I asked where Pete, Jeremy, and Jessica were. She told me that in order for the twins not to know ever one was here Pete took them to a movie. She told me to mingle and talk to everyone while we waited for the call to say they are on the way home. I walked around and kissed and said hi to everyone. Had a few cop a feels and just waited like everyone else. After a little while the phone rang, Pete informed Ember that they were on the way home for dinner. We all got prepared to surprise Jeremy and Jessica when they came in. Pete pulled up to the house and all 3 of them walked in. Everyone yelled surprise and the twins jumped. They didn?t expect to see all their family there. We all ate had some cake, Jeremy and Jessica opened gifts from the family. I saw Nick and Karen head up stairs. I didn?t know what they were going to do. As I talked to people, I saw Ember talking to Jeremy and Pete talking to Jessica. The twins followed their parents up the stairs. Hmmmm, I wonder if the twins were getting ready for the family tradition. As soon as they all headed up stairs, things started heating up down stairs. Kelly took off her top and Mike and Tom started to suck on her nipples. I saw Carmen start to pull her uncle Mikes Cock out and start to suck on it. I saw that Ashley and Trina were playing with Ashley?s 2 sons Paul and Scott?s cocks on the couch. Wow, things were starting to heat up. Tom called me over and told me to give him a blowjob since Carmen was giving Mike one. Everyone?s clothes were coming off, tons of grabbing, kissing, sucking, and licking going on. Ember and Pete came back down the stairs and took off their clothes and jumped right in. Well I guess that answered my question. Jessica and Jeremy were right now losing their virginity to their grandparent?s. Well at least I knew how they were feeling. Everyone down stairs was just rotating. I had Mike?s, Tom?s, Pete?s, Paul?s, and Scott?s cock all in my mouth so far. I have had Embers and Carmen?s pussy in my mouth. I have had my pussy in all of their mouths. I have had Kelly sucking on my tits. It was just an all out orgy. As we were all getting it going, about an hour later Nick came down. He talked to Pete and you saw Pete head up the stairs with his cock sticking loud and proud. Ember raced to pop Nick?s cock into her mouth. I figured she must have wanted to taste Jessica?s juices off of it before anyone else. 10 minutes later I saw Karen come down and she joined Nick and Ember. Ember ate out her pussy for a minute and then ran up stairs. Nick and Karen joined in the mix of things. I was being fucked by Tom when Nick came over to me and popped his cock right in to my mouth. Karen went right over and started to help Kelly suck on Scotts cock. It was going on forever, everyone just switching partners all night long. Probley about an hour after I saw Ember and Pete go up stairs they came back down. Pete walked up to me while at the time Nick was fucking me and popped his cock into my mouth. I got first hand taste of his juices and his daughters non virgin juices mixed together. Nick hopped out of my pussy and went straight to Ember and laid her on the couch and dove between her pussy. As I was sucking Pete?s cock he told me I should be the next one to go up and fuck Jeremy. I saw Mike heading up right after Pete came down so I knew he went in to see Jessica. I popped Pete out of my mouth and told him I could do that. I was starting to head up when Ashley stopped me. I thought she was going to tell me she wanted next dibs, but instead she suggested that we give Jeremy a really good birthday gift and go up together. I really liked the idea and I agreed. Ashley and I went up the stairs naked towards Jeremy?s room. We could hear some really loud moaning and squeaking coming from Jessica?s room so we knew Mike was fucking her really good. We opened Jeremy?s door and walked in. Boy was he surprised. Now you have to understand. I am 5?2? 130 lbs, with Short reddish brown hair, and a 36C chest. Ashley is 5?6? 110lbs, with long blonde with pink highlights hair, and 38D chest. I don?t think Jeremy expected to see the two of us standing naked at his door together. I was on his left and Ashley was on his right. We stood in the doorframe with our backs to it. Ashley traced a finger up and down my chest, while flicking a nipple. I leaned in and Ashley and I French kissed in front of him. We stopped kissing long enough to ask if we can come in. He nodded so we walked in closing the door behind us. We walked over to his bed. Jeremy just started at our naked body?s. We told him to sit up on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. Ashley sat on the floor in front of his right leg, I sat in front of his left leg. I took a hold of his soft cock and started to jerk it in my hand. Ashley smiled and bent down to take one of my tits into her mouth. Jeremy started to grow slightly watching this. I bent forward and placed Jeremy?s cock in my mouth. As I was sucking Jeremy off, Ashley decided to join me. We were both going back and forth with his cock.

You know what. I think I will leave the rest of this story from here for the next one. You give this good reviews and I will post the second half of this story.

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