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Family Life

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Mum, dad and I were enjoying another of our hot threesomes when we heard the car pull up in the drive.

"That'll be Karen and Lesley," my father said, moving across the patio to meet his sisters, his hard cock throbbing in his hand.

"Oh boy," I said, looking up from where I had been hungrily devouring mum's pussy for the last fifteen minutes, "things will get even hotter now."

"Don't stop, darling," my mother said, reaching out a hand and grabbing hold of my head and pulling me back towards her hot steaming pussy, "you haven't finished with me yet."

"I'll never finish with you, mum," I smiled at her as I lowered my head and resumed running my tongue along the groove between her two soft pussy lips. As my tongue found the hard nubbin of mum's clit and I started to go to town on it, my two aunts appeared on the patio, dressed in tight skimpy tops and shorts that enhanced their tits and the firm round cheeks of their asses.

"Well," said my Aunt Karen, slipping off her top so that her big tits swung free, "looks like we were just in time."

"Hi, girls," my mother said, in-between squeals of delight as my tongue worked its magic on her, "why don't you take those clothes off and join in the fun?"

"We intend to," said my aunt Lesley, quickly following her sister in removing her top. The two women, who looked nowhere near the fact they were both in their fifties, also dropped their shorts to join the rest of us in the nude. Out of the corner of my eye, I was able to see my two aunts’ fall to their knees in front of my father who stood before his sisters to have his cock and balls sucked.

Aunt Karen didn't waste a second, she quickly took her brother's morning wood into her mouth and began sucking like a thing demented while my aunt Lesley went to work on my father's balls. Dad's eyes rolled in his head, he loved being blow jobbed and to have his two sexy sisters going down on him at once was paradise for him. I was looking forward to sucking my father's cock later too, and have him suck me, but for now I had other things to do.

"Here, mum," I said, withdrawing my tongue from her pussy, now thoroughly lubricated by my tongue, "let's sixty-nine."

Mum didn't need any encouragement, I climbed onto the sun lounge alongside her and we mounted each other while a short distance away, dad's grunts and groans of pleasure grew louder as his sisters upped the tempo. Mum and I were ascending a higher level of horniness too now as her head came down on my cock while I resumed licking her pussy. We were so engrossed with what we were doing that we almost forgot the others were there, that is until I felt a hand start to caress my bare ass.

"Wow, Karen," I heard my aunt Lesley say, breathing huskily, "our nephew certainly has a cute sexy ass."

"Yeah," said my aunt Karen and then, to my father, "you must be very proud of him."

"Oh, I am," said my father, his voice full of pride and lust as I placed my mother on her hands and knees and spat some spit onto my hand and worked it into her pussy as I stood behind her. I then peeled back my foreskin as far as I could and moved in while my father and aunts drew round to watch me fuck my mother.

As I entered mum from behind, I felt an immense feeling of privilege and honor sweep over me at being allowed to fuck the hole from which I had entered the world nearly thirty years ago and to know that my father and aunts were watching. Karen and Lesley were playing with their pussys with their fingers while dad stood back and masturbated as he watched his son fuck his wife.

"That's it son," dad said, "Give it to her hard, she likes all that."

Talk about stating the bleeding obvious, I laughed to myself, anybody would think this was the first time I had fucked my mother. It had all begun more than ten years ago on my eighteenth birthday when mum and dad invited me to join them in the family sex sessions as I was then old enough to be considered a consenting adult. We'd gone out to dinner to celebrate my coming of age and mum had flirted with me throughout the evening while dad egged her on. When we got home, I was feeling as horny as fuck and when mum suggested we went up to the bedroom I was not going to turn down the prospect of an exciting finish to the evening.

Once inside, dad plunked himself in an armchair while mum kissed me hard on the lips, an act which gave me an instant hard-on. Dad was watching closely and fondling the bulge in his pants while mum continued to flirt with me, reaching down to rub the bulge that was now tenting out my own pants. It was one of the best feelings I had ever had as mum slowly started unbuttoning my shirt, pulling it out of my pants and letting the garment slip across my shoulders and drop to the floor. The point of no return had been reached and, to make it easier for mum, I unzipped my belt and pants and let them fall to the floor too. I stepped out of them and stood there in my white briefs which felt like they were going to split in two, my cock was so hard.

"Well, will you look at that?" my mother said and my father nodded in acknowledgment as he and mum eyed up the prominent tent in my shorts, "he looks like he's as big as you are."

My father smiled, pleased to know that he had sired a son who was as big and as horny as he was. Up to that moment, I had never seen my father's cock but from the bulge in his pants I could tell that we matched each other, inch for inch.

"And a nice ass, too," my father said, "turn round, son."

I did as I was bid, turning my back to show my parents my tight ass. My white shorts accentuated the curves of my cheeks and showed off my crack and it felt good to stand there being admired by the people who had created me. I didn't need to be asked, however, for what was expected of me next, I knew that it was now or never and if I didn't get on with it, I never would.

So I turned back to face my parents and then I slipped my pants off and stood naked in front of them with my hard cock standing proudly to attention. Dad whistled with pride while mum gasped in amazement, their unsaid compliments making me feel really proud to. I felt no embarrassment whatsoever standing there with my hard-on and my tight sweaty cum-filled balls on display, just an overwhelming sense of happiness.

"Can we ask Aunt Lesley and Karen to join us?" I asked, having been well aware that they were very much a part of the family incest club since they often visited us and I lost count of the numbers of times I heard dad having a foursome with his wife and sisters and wishing I could join in. But such restrictions were gone now that I was old enough to participate, I was finally an adult and I was still musing on these thoughts when mum fell to her knees in front of me, cupping my balls with one hand and wrapping her other around my aroused cock.

"I think I ought to do something about this," mum said, smiling up at me as I smiled back down at her, running my hands through her soft golden hair.

"Yeah, please suck my cock, mum," I said and I didn't have to wait long, less than a second before mum took me into her mouth and began to suck for all she was worth. My big balls slapped hard against her chin as mum removed her hand from them and snaked it round behind me to grope my bum. Her fingernails were like talons but felt wonderful as she dug them into the soft fleshy mounds of my cheeks while sending me into ecstasy with her blowjob skills.

"Like that, son?" my father asked, his eyes not wavering from the torrid scene unfolding in front of him.

"Yeah, dad," I replied, "mum's a great cocksucker."

"She sure is," said dad, smiling, "I've been on the receiving end of many myself over the years."

With that, dad stood up, unzipped his fly and took out his swollen cock. I gasped when I saw it for the first time, I had seen other men's cocks in the showers at college, of course, but dad's was something else, long and hard and as fat and round as a beer can. He had his foreskin peeled back and several gobs of pre-cum were seeping from his piss slit onto his purple knob and I licked my lips, an act which didn't go unnoticed by dad.

"Like it, son?" dad said.

"Yeah," I said, "it's so big."

Mum suddenly stopped sucking my cock, let go of my ass, and turned to face dad. "I want to see you suck our son's cock," she said to dad, "but get undressed first."

Dad was out of his clothes in a flash, I had been so enjoying mum blow jobbing me that I had almost forgotten I was the only naked person in the room. Now that he was in the nude, I could appreciate the full beauty of my father every which way, he was 51 years old then but he looked like he was in his mid-20s, only a few years older than I was myself. I remember thinking to myself that here was a man who had really taken care of himself and I made a mental note at the back of my mind that I would do the same to ensure that I still looked as good as dad when I was his age. Nowadays, I only have a few more years to go until I reach the age dad was on that momentous occasion of our first threesome and I like to think that I have achieved my ambition in staying trim and fit - like dad, who is still a sight to behold even now as he approaches 70.

As dad dropped to his knees and began to takeover blow jobbing me where mum had left off, mum began removing her own clothes and I saw for the first time a naked lady in the flesh. Until then, my experience of naked women had been looking at porn images in dirty mags, now here was my very own and lovely mother displaying herself to her husband and son in all her full frontal beauty.

"Oh boy, mum," I said, my eyes taking in her firm tits and the neat triangle of her shaven pussy, "you're beautiful."

"Why, thank you, darling," mum replied, "you aren’t so bad yourself."

Mum lay back on the bed and began to play with her pussy as she watched me getting my first bi-sexual blowjob from my father. As mum had done, dad had one hand round my back to touch up my ass while holding my balls in the other as he sucked. I was so turned on that I knew it wouldn't be much longer before I came. Having had no experience of sex whatsoever, I wasn't at all sure whether I should come so soon or if mum and dad expected more of me. However, the situation solved itself a few minutes later when I could no longer contain myself.

"Oh shit!" I cried, "I'm gonna cum soon."

Before I realized what was happening, mum had quickly slipped from the bed and was kneeling next to dad, licking my balls while dad continued to suck my cock and, to my surprise, began to lick my ass hole, an act which I later found out is called rimming. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world and to make it easier for mum, I gripped my cheeks in my hands and spread them wide, opening up my hole for mum's tongue.

"Oh boy, darling," mum squealed with delight, "That is such a lovely inviting hole."

Mum's tongue probed my ass, she was an absolute natural and ran her tongue along my crack, every now and then digging the tip deep into my hole. Dad stopped sucking and moved round to have a look too and I thought I was going to die of happiness as my parents gave me alternate rim jobs. It felt so fucking good, I didn't want them to stop and I wanked my cock as they licked, mum sensing moments later that I was only seconds away from mum and dad taking my virginity completely.

"Shoot it all over us, darling," mum said and she had scarcely finished as I stood up and turned to face her and dad. I gave my rock hard cock a couple of little tugs and, with one last jerking movement, sent several long hot ribbons of white hot incestuous spunk jettisoning from my tight sweaty balls all over mum and dad's faces. I was rocking back and forth on my legs, feeling like they were going to give way, as I milked my first ever orgasm with my parents - there have been many more since - and when I looked down, mum and dad were barely recognizable, their faces drenched in their son's love juice.

I fell back into the armchair recently vacated by dad, gasping for breath. "I'm sorry," I stammered but before I could say anything else, dad had scrambled to his feet and, with mum touching up his ass, came his load too, drowning my tits and chest with a thick hot load that seemed for a few magical moments as if it was never going to stop.

"There's no need to apologize, darling," mum managed to say through my goo that was still blotting out her soft delicate features, "you did us proud. In a bit you can fuck me for the first time, would you like that?"

I nodded sagely at mum, unable to speak, I was so overcome not just with spunk but emotion as well. Dad took hold of mum and they kissed through my spunk, exchanging large globules of their son's sperm in their mouths while I ran my fingers through dad's spunk that was running in rivulets down my chest.

Later that evening, I fucked my mother for the first time, mum impaling her pussy on my cock with the expertise of one who has taken cock many times in her life. Dad was as proud as any father could possibly be as he watched his wife posting up and down on his son's cock, mum's grunts rising to a crescendo and then dying away again as she took my cock right up to the hilt. As all seven inches of my stiff pole disappeared inside her tight greasy pussy, dad let out a shout of triumph, moving across and sliding his cock into my mouth for me to blowjob him while fucking mum at the same time. Seconds later, I came again for the second time that night, planting my sperm deep inside my own mother's pussy.

Mom screamed as she came herself as, almost simultaneously, dad decorated my face with another fresh load of his rich hot cream. But the fun was far from over; our enthusiasm was second to none and we continued until we were too exhausted to go on by which time I had had my first bi-sexual fuck from dad and had also returned the compliment on him, dad pushing back his ass to meet every thrust of my cock while mum somehow managed to insert herself below us to get a good view of my cock going in and out of dad's tight hole.

Mum had been beside herself with pride and joy as she watched dad and me fucking. Dad was very gentle with me, it hurt a bit at first but with dad's help and mum's encouragement I learnt to relax, spreading my legs wide as I posted up and down on dad's cock to give mum the best possible view. Nowadays, of course, taking it up the ass is second nature, not only from dad but mum and my aunts have fucked me too over the years with a various array of dildos and strap-on.

Two days after my first threesome with mum and dad, my aunts joined us for our first full family orgy and we have been sucking and fucking together almost every day ever since.

"Wow," my aunt Karen said, now back in the present and watching intently as me, her nephew, fucked her sister-in-law, "I'm glad we got here early, I wouldn't have wanted to miss this. When you're through with your mum, you horny sod, you can stick your big nephew cock inside me, too."

"Yeah, and me," my aunt Lesley said who was now lying back on the sun lounge getting her pussy licked by dad.

"Just you try and stop me," I said, leering rather than grinning at them. Having been fucked by me many times in the past, they knew exactly what they were in for - and from my father, too.

Dad was in his element now that he had his family sucking and fucking all around him, he loved licking the pussies of his sisters and wife just as he did sucking his son's cock, and aunt Lesley's groans filled the air, mingling with mum's as I once again filled her up with my cream.

As mum collapsed with the euphoria of having just enjoyed a good long and hard incestuous fuck, my aunt Karen maneuvered herself onto her back on the sun lounge next to mum just as aunt Lesley climbed aboard my father's cock for a nice hot brother and sister fuck.

"Now it’s my turn," aunt Karen said, as mum lay there quietly to get her breath back. I was already starting to get hard again as dad's elder sister smiled up at me. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled at dad and aunt Lesley who were fucking like rabbits on the other side of the patio and gave a few tugs on my cock, amazing myself if nobody else that I could get back to a full hard-on so soon after shooting my load in mum. I gave it a couple more tugs to get it back to full strength, peeled back my foreskin and then I slammed the fat rod deep into my aunt's greasy all-enveloping love box.

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