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Easing Into these Games Wasn't All Bad

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Easing Into these Games Wasn?t All Bad

Straight, you bet, married for five years and happy as clams. The townhouse complex where we lived outside of Chicago turned out to be a nice spot for our first ?house? and we had made quite a few friends there, some our age, some a little older but all couples and all characters and in some way interesting for the most part. Jen was a good looking gal who hadn?t changed except to round off those too skinny curves she had when we were married. She was your average cute brunette who filled out her slacks nicely and moved just enough to give you that former athlete feeling but with a feminine flair. For my part, I was still in pretty good shape and we were living a very happy life together, Jen and Bret.

I suppose it?s fair to admit that both of us had enjoyed a few others before we met, got engaged and then married but neither had since, at least until the time this story took place.

Let me tell you about our immediate neighbors and the New Year?s Eve party they invited us to which changed at least some of our recreational outlooks as a couple. Bill and Mandy were a couple years older than we were and had become friends of a sort, the kind you can have dinner with once a quarter or so and smile and chat with when you run into one another. Bill was a stockbroker and Mandy worked in the accounting department at the Playboy club in town. She wasn?t a playmate but she was a good looking woman with two college degrees who stood almost six feet tall. They were socially very active and had asked us to several parties before that we?d not been able to attend. They had a group of friends in the city which included one of the pro baseball players and his wife and a few business types and their wives. We knew from discussion with Bill and Mandy that they were far more open in their views on recreational sex than we were but didn?t realize that they had gone beyond what we?d consider a normal marriage.

Over drinks in early December in our place they asked if we?d like to go to their friends? New Years Eve party in the city and ride with them. Neither of us knew the rest of the people and we both were a little uncomfortable about that but couldn?t find any reasonable excuse so Jen agreed that we?d go along. Nothing more was said for a couple weeks until just a day or so before when Mandy had a kind of quiet and private discussion one Saturday morning with Jen about what to wear and hinted that some of their parties in the past had ended up on New Years Eve with some pretty outrageous behavior between the various couples and partners without getting real specific.

Jen listened and later told me everything Mandy had said. I?m not sure why we didn?t cancel then but we didn?t and just looked at each other and shrugged. I thought to myself that we could control the situation for us two and that we?d meet new people. Jen was more vocal and asked the question: ?what if it gets too risqué, Bret??

I shrugged again and remember answering her, ?We?ve had other partners before we got married and we still love one another. Use your own judgment how far you want to take it. I?ll be right there and whatever you do is probably the most I?d do. If it?s just recreational groping and kissing and we?re open about it on New Year?s Eve, have a little fun and come home with each other, I?m not leaving and I?m not stopping loving you. In fact, it might be exciting to watch.?

Her reaction wasn?t anger or disgust, just a sigh of what was a mixture of resignation, relief or maybe curiosity but said something like: men and their fantasies! I guess she wasn?t totally against a little spice in life though neither of us knew what it might really be nor did we think we couldn?t decide to sit it out together if we got uncomfortable. It was, after all, a party and we were looking forward to meeting the people there who were all newcomers to us.

Her answer actually without the eyes rolling and head shake was, ?Mandy told me to wear something I?d be comfortable in, maybe even just a skirt and sweater and forget the panty hose formalities.?

?Ho, boy! She is a sport isn?t she? Better do what she says, Jen!?

We didn?t say anything more about it but had some pretty good sex later that night which no doubt was stimulated by whatever fantasies we were seeing inside our respective heads.

New Years Eve we walked down to Bill and Mandy?s a few minutes before 8 p.m. and had a glass of wine with them then got into their big SUV and headed downtown. Everybody was relaxed and looked nice. Mandy and Jen both wore soft sweaters and relatively long skirts but neither was wearing panty hose or heavy clothing beneath their long winter coats. They were very sexy looking that way, breasts moving nicely in their sweaters before we went to the car. Bill had glanced at Mandy several times approvingly as we left and I had done the same to Mandy who had a really large pair of breasts on her under her sweater. She grinned back and didn?t seem shy about my attention and I could see Jen was flattered as well. They could still turn heads and knew it.

Mandy drove and while she did Bill told us about their friends. The apartment was a third floor suite in a ritzy area that was owned by Ted who played for the cubs and his wife Cindy. They were our age and had been in the newspapers with charity work photos and so we were familiar with the good looking couple if only by the media. The other couple was the stockbroker and his wife, Linda and Ed. They were about average height and Linda had been a model during college before teaching. Ed worked down in the Loop and was apparently pretty successful and tall at 6?3?. When Ed?s name came up, Mandy squirmed in the driver?s seat for some reason. Bill told me that they were very quiet and decent folks until they got some wine in them then Linda especially got very open and loved to go around hugging her friends. They laughed as they?d know Ed and Linda for quite a while. The last couple Mandy told us about. It turns out that he was an African American and she was a Japanese girl named Cobei. His name was something like Harold but they said everyone called him Hal. He ran his own contracting business and was in good shape. She taught with Linda and that?s how they knew one another.

They all sounded nice and when we got to the apartment they were all as advertised and the ten of us enjoyed heavy hors de oeuvres and several glasses of wine, mingling and talking with everyone. The whole room could have been models, male and female, including us and it was a pleasant couple of hours with nothing but normal conversation going on. I drifted around after a while as did Jen and talked for quite long periods to everyone.

At ten o?clock, Cindy, Ted?s wife, stood up and tapped a spoon on a wine glass to make an announcement. ?Now that everyone knows Jen and Bret, it?s time to start working on celebrating the New Year with our traditional games. You?ll find, Jen and Bret, that these games make us all more familiar with one another and the actual stroke of midnight a lot more fun.? The first thing she did was pass a bowl around filled with sets of two poker chips, a red set, a blue set, a yellow set and a white set and a pink set. Each person picked one of the colors with the women going first and hiding the chips in their bras or panties.

Everybody paired up with their spouses, Ted and Cindy, Ed and Linda, us, Jen and Bret, Bill and Mandy, Hal and Cobei and Cindy formed us into two lines across from one another, boy, girl, boy, girl in the living room to some CCR music in the background.

She started us off easy, passing eggs down each of our lines of five people and back then passing it across to the man or woman in the other line facing you. There was a lot of careful contact with raw eggs in their shells and a lot of laughter and a few remarks about a light and gentle touch with secondary meanings.

When we did that and the south line one, Ted got some big naval oranges and put one in the hands of the end person at each line then said the idea was to pass it across diagonally back and forth and never use your hands while getting each orange to the other end of the line working away from our spouses. The winners got a bottle of good wine for each person in the line. I was across from Cindy and when the orange came to her she kept it under her chin and leaned over towards me with her top flush against my chest. I scotched around and put my neck over hers and managed to touch her whole front in the process. I could smell her perfume which was very nice with the warmth of her body heating it up and vaporizing it a little. I wasn?t sure but I thought Cindy?s tits were already hard on the end and we eventually managed to move the orange on. Cobei was to my right with Jen to my left and Cobei waited and watched then said, ?Do like that with me too Bret.? We managed to pass the orange on and our line was almost done. I laughed when I heard Jen?s giggle next to me as she was unable to keep her orange under her chin and it dropped right down the front of her sweater. Before she could do anything, Ted had reached inside her sweater and plucked the offending orange out with I?m sure the back of his hand raking the nipples that were now pretty hard. It was fascinating especially since I was standing right next to Jen when it happened.

We all got our wine bottles in our line for winning then had another round of drinks and danced a little before playing one more round in the lines but with our spouses across from us and doing it with them and with big fresh peaches which had to be really handled carefully and slowly. The other women in the group were near me so I managed to have contact with everyone by the time we were done.

We finished and I honestly thought this was the end as we all started dancing again but after a couple songs, every body was dancing with everybody else when Cindy tinkled her little wine glass with the spoon again and announced: ?Okay, everybody, penalty games now!? I had no clue nor did Jen who had been finishing a dance with Ed and had a funny look on her face. She slid over to me and whispered, ?Jesus, Bret, Ed?s got a hard on and it almost scratches my knee!?

Cindy explained that the next games were slower to play but more intimate and hoped that everyone had taken the time to smell their various partner?s in the previous game?s aftershave or perfume because one at a time we were all going to be blindfolded and have to identify three women or three men who approached us by only how we smelled.

Ted went first and stood their with the blindfold on. Three women went up to him wordlessly including the second one, Jen, and let him sniff their necks, sniff their sweaters and try and guess who it was. He got one of the three right and when he took the blindfold off, Cindy told him that wasn?t good enough and he had to lose either his shirt of his pants. He chose his shirt and stripped it off. You could sure tell he was an athlete. Cindy went next and Hal, Ed and I stood silently next to her letting her sniff and touch us with her nose. She was thorough and took her time, getting all three right. No penalty! When it was my turn I flunked including the worst flunk of all, I didn?t recognize Jen?s perfume and got a big laugh when she said, ?No shirt, pants buddy for not getting your own wife!?

Once we?d gone through the list of all the people taking turns there was nobody who didn?t have either pants or a shirt, top or a skirt off which made things a lot more exciting for the next round which Cindy, gamemaster apparently, said was blindfolded but touching and then guessing. She blindfolded Jen first since by now everybody was pretty lubricated and used to the informality. Jen looked at me with a question first and I nodded for her to go ahead since it was obvious she wanted to. She had three of the guys not including me approach her and she touched them all including putting her hand down their pants and feeling their cocks. She gave up on the guessing and just thanked everyone before stripping her skirt off to reveal her in just her bra and panties. The rest of the women and men soon followed until we were all that way.

Cindy announced one last round at 11:30 p.m. and it was blindfolded, the person could kiss and touch to identify and was a hoot when some of the women ended up with another woman thrown in as ringers. The funny thing was when Cindy kissed Cobei first without touching, they kissed a long time and only took the blindfold off when Cindy grabbed Cobei?s chest and felt that she had tits!

Mandy took a ton of time with me and felt my cock and my balls and ran her hand beneath them to feel the crack in my ass as well which gave me a raging hardon. I got to feel the other women and every single one kissed with their mouth?s open. I didn?t know who was who but it was pretty obvious Mandy wanted to do more than touch with me. When the game ended Cindy told us all to show our chips. Mine was yellow and so was Mandy?s. Jen?s was red and so was Ed?s. When we were all revealed, Cindy announced that the new couples should form up and head for their own space to celebrate New Years with a ?bang.?

Jen didn?t hesitate, took Ed?s hand and headed down the hall while Mandy took mine and headed for the kitchen.

The next hour and a half was nothing but raw sex between Mandy and me and we had it all over the kitchen, the floor, the counters, the center island. I sucked her breasts which were magnificent and ate her clit until she came twice on my chin before sucking my cock which was positively wet with slippery pre cum. It was no chore at all to slide into her opening and then grunt and groan as the clock struck midnight. I think she and I fucked like the animals we were just then until almost one and finally slid back into our undershorts or bra and panties, held hands and went back into the living room where everybody else already was. Jen was grinning that ?I?ve really been fucked? grin and sitting next to Ed with her hand on his leg and everyone else clearly was satisfied.

Cindy sprang her last surprise on us?.?Okay, everybody, time to go home but you can?t ride with the couple who brought you and you can?t sit with your own spouse!?

Needless to say, there was more groping and fucking in cars in the wee hours of the New Year before we all ended up in our homes exhausted but smiling. Jen loved her evening and I couldn?t believe the fantasy we?d had.

The glow lasted for months. We would have done New Years again but got transferred to Minneapolis mid summer and missed it. Jen and I just toasted New Years at midnight that year while she was on top of me, cumming and cumming as she retold every single thing she?d done the year before with Ed and Hal. I just grinned with my own memories.

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