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Early Days With My Young Wife Pt 4

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"So what do you want then?" I was asked Sherri for her 18th birthday what she really wanted. "I don't know, there are so many things I would like." she said as her eyes wandered around. We were at a park and it was Saturday and she wore her halter top and cut off shorts and sandals as we walked and got looks from those hat passed us on the trails. "Well, pick anything then." I said and she smiled and her arms went around me as we stopped on the path and kissed. She guided my hands to the tie behind her neck and her halter came down exposing her sweet full breasts. Some other people came in sight on the path and she said "Just keep kissing and playing with my tits." so I did and they walked by and one commented, "damn, fucking hot man." and the stopped for a second and walked on. The two guys and two girls looking back as they walked along the path.

"MMmmm, doing that made me wet." Sherri said and moved away and took off her halter all the way and now had just her shorts on. She took my hand and we began walking down the path. It led around a lak and there were lots of side paths that it was obvious people had taken for other reasons than just being out for a walk. A little ways up was a picnic table off the path and the two couples were there, kissing and hugging but no one was "exposed". Sherri pulled my hand and we went to the table. We stood there until hey saw us and Sherri said, "MMmm, did I inspire all this?" and one guy, with a good bulge in his pants said, "Yeah, really kind of started a lot of things." "So how far is it going to go then?" Sherri said playing with the snap on her shorts. "Well, not all of us want to expose ourselves in public" one girl said. "So does hat mean you will expose yourself in private?" she said as she stepped closer. The girl was nervous and Sherri nipples were hard as rocks standing out and I knew her pussy was now soaked. "No she turns the lights out." the guy with her said. Sherri undid her snap on her shorts and they fell to the ground and now she stood there naked. "So he never gets to see you totally naked with you tits all ready to be sucked and your pussy ready to be fucked and especially your mouth ready to suck nice hard cocks?" she said now looking at his crotch. It is all I can do to get her to touch my cock." the guy said. Sherri dropped to her knees, "Oh poor baby and her hands went to his zipper and set his cock free and his pants came down. "Let me show you how to love this pleasure toy Hun." Sherri said and the cock disappeared down her throat. He leaned against the table as he girlfriend stood watching. After about 15 min she looked up and said, "Now this is the best part, watch me." and the guy was moaning. She pulled the cock out just enough to let us watch his load of cum deposit in her mouth and she did not miss a drop.

She swallowed it all down, "Oh fuck yes." she moaned as she had been fingering her own pussy. The other girl had her boyfriend's cock in her hand and Sherri looked at them, "I need that Hun." she said and bent over in front of him and he plunged his cock into her soaking pussy. "Oh yeah, fuck yes." she almost shouted as the cock went in giving her a sqirting orgasm. After he got fully in she said, "Ram my pussy, come on do it good." and he began pounding hard. The girl had been kissing her boyfriend as he punded Sherri's pussy but the first one was in tears and shaking. After the second guy filled her pussy Sherri went to her, "Hun, it is time you learned how to have fun, "And Sherriu undid her buttons and the girl stood there frozen as we all watched Sherri underss her. The clothes on he ground Sherri said, "Come on, my husband needs some help over here and she led her to me and put her on her knees and gave her my cock. "No suck it good and swallow the cum." Sherri told her and she was there with her. She began licking some and then Sherri shoved her face onto my cock and she gagged, "I can't." she said and her boyfriend was behind her now. "You always like me to whisper how bad a girl you are when we are in bed, well now you are a fucking slut. You are going to suck this guy off that you do not even know and swallow his load. And then we are all going to lay you down and fuck you." he told her and I moved her head down on my cock. After a failrly good sucking my cum filled her mouth and out to her chin and down her lovely tits. She swallowed most of it and then her boyfriend stood her up and we all went to a grassy place and he laid her down and his cock was in her pussy making her moan. Al three of us filled her up and then Sherri dropped down, "Now for something else new." and began eating her pussy and kissing her. Soon the girl was eating Sherri and the other girl was in it too. We finally went to our house and they all stayed the weekend. Sherri looked at me, "Now what will I do for my birthday tomorrow?" I said, "You have to decide."

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