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Donna, her Sister and Sue

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Donna, her Sister and Sue I had a date Tuesday after work with Sue and as I had been neglecting Sue a bit I decided it would be nice to take her out to dinner first.

Sue was grateful and we spent a nice relaxing time at the restaurant before heading over to her place. Sue had been questioning me at dinner about my continued visits to Jane's and my lust filled weekends. At first I wondered if Sue was getting jealous but finally she told me she just wanted to be invited to more of the hot times. I told her about Donna and my date with Donna and her younger sister and asked if she would like to join us, seeing how she and her brother had gotten it on with Karen and her brother when they were younger. Sue accepted and I knew a hot time was in store for the following evening. Sue was very turned on and after we got back to her place Sue insisted I watch a very hot video she had. We stripped down and went to shower together. Sue asked me to shave her pussy so she would be nice and slick for tonight and for our date with Donna and her sister the next evening. I propped Sue up on the vanity and shaved her dripping cunt and tight asshole leaving her pussy slick and naked except for a small strip of hair on her mound above the start of her slit. Sue looked great and we jumped in the shower enjoying each others bodies and getting very worked up.

Sue took me into the Living room and sat me down to watch the fuck film she had mentioned earlier. Sue got the tape and as she put it into the VCR I noticed it was one of those amateur productions that she and Jane seemed always to have around. As the picture started Sue told me that this one was one of her favorites and that it would make me cum before it was through. The story started out with a family traveling in a station wagon. Mom and Dad were up front and what appeared to be two teenage children were sitting in the back, a fully developed brunette girl with a pretty face and nice tits wearing a snug tank top and tight white shorts and a slightly younger blond boy wearing a t-shirt and cut offs. The Camera zoomed in on the Mother and father, who were both attractive, the father showing a trim body and a fat lump in his pants.

His wife was great looking blond with large firm tits covered by a bandeau top clearly showing stiff nipples as she read a brochure. The camera then panned the brochure she was reading showing it to be advertising for a Nudist colony. Sound cut in and I heard the mother talking about how nice the camp looked and she showed her husband and children pictures complete with nude people frolicking around in the sun. The husband Dan remarked that he had heard that there was some wild goings on at this camp and that the weekend should be a hot one.

Dan asked his daughter Jill what she thought of the place and she moved forward to look more closely at the brochure. As she did her brother reached under her top and began to fondle her full tits. Jill didn't pull away and told her mother that she liked the place and was looking forward to a hot sex filled weekend. Her mother glanced back and told her son Tom to behave until they got to the camp. Tom reached around his mother and began to rub her full firm tits telling her that he was going to suck her tits until she climaxed. Dan cut in and addressed his wife Ruth telling her that there would be plenty of men to try out and that she should make Tom find someone nice. Jill in the meantime had leaned farther over the front seat and now was rubbing her fathers growing erection. The film continued and by the time the family reached the Nudist Camp Jill had her Brother Tom's cock out of his pants and was stroking it while Tom played with her tits under her tank top.

The family went to the lobby and registered for the weekend. While they signed in the camera scanned the lobby showing a couple of shots of naked people waltzing around and a few stray shots of people fucking in the lobby of the building. One shot showed a older man in his late forties sitting on a couch while a young girl rode his stiff cock facing away from him as an older woman licked the girls exposed clit lapping her spread pussy and pulling on her small firm tits and twisting her erect nipples as if it was the most natural thing to do in the lobby.

Just outside the lobby to the back of the building was a pool and there were numerous naked people lying around in the sun getting a tan. Two couples were fucking on a low bench beside the pool the first a young couple who from their looks might have been in their late teens or early twenties and another couple who looked more like thirty or so. The two women had sleek firm bodies and their cunts were completely shaved while their partners were both athletic and well hung. The women were on their knees on the bench kissing each other and pulling on each others firm swinging tits while they were being fucked doggy style, the guys pounding their stiff pricks deep into the girls open pussies. Dan pointed out the couples to his wife Ruth who licked her lips and rubbed her husbands crotch showing him how turned on she was. Tom was standing behind his sister Jill as they looked around taking in the horny action Tom rubbed his sister's tits and crotch.

Finally the father finished registration and a pretty naked girl came out from behind the counter and led them to their rooms. They all piled in the elevator and she began to give them the rules of the camp.

The only rules that were enforced she explained was that everyone must be 16 years old or older and all guests must stay naked all the time, shoes were allowed when playing tennis or volley ball but must be removed after leaving the courts. She added that open sex in the dining room was frowned on also but discreet touching and licking under the tables was tolerated although not officially sanctioned. The girl who introduced herself as Jean was tall and slim with long blond hair and a nice set of small firm tits capped by pink erect nipples. Jean had slim hips and a nice firm ass, her pussy was trimmed nicely and her slick pink pussy lips were exposed as well as a nice stiff clit which poked provocatively from between her glistening slit. When the elevator reached their floor Jean showed them into their room and checked the room for fresh towels and linen. By the time she came out of the bathroom Tom had already stripped and was waiting for her. Jean noticed Tom naked looking at her, his cock stiff as a board and decided to see if his prick tasted as good as it looked. Jean walked over to Tom and wrapped her small hand around his cock pulling him to her and pressing her small firm tits into his chest. Tom returned her touches grabbing Jean's tit and cupping her firm ass pulling her into a hot embrace.

Jill saw the action start and was soon naked herself as her parents put the suitcases into the closet. Dan and Ruth returned to the bedroom to find Tom and Jean on the bed together. Jean was sucking Tom's cock while their daughter Jill was licking and finger fucking the tall blonde?s exposed pussy. Dan and Ruth dropped what they were doing and quickly stripped off their clothes. Dan's cock was stiff and long and Ruth's trimmed pussy was dripping juices. Dan moved in behind his daughter Jill and spread her pussy open as his wife guided his stiff cock up daughter Jill's naked wet cunt. Dan reamed his big dick up his young daughters cunts making her cry out with pleasure. Ruth moved onto the bed and straddled her son Tom's face forcing her dripping slit onto his mouth begging him to eat her cunt. Tom began to tongue his mothers shaved pussy sticking his tongue deep into her vagina and making her moan with pleasure. Jean had Tom sucked up to a raging hard on and wanted to feel his stiff dick up her cunt so she slid up over his cock and with his sister Jill holding his prick Jean settled down onto Tom's stiff rod driving his cock deep into her wet tight slit. Jill was getting her tight young cunt reamed deep by her father and she was closing in on a massive climax. Ruth was enjoying her son's talented tongue on her hot wet cunt and began to suck on Jean's firm small tits nipping her stiff pink nipples as Jean drove Tom's long fat cock deep into her tight teenage pussy. Jill started to climax and her father Dan climaxed with her filling his daughter Jill with a massive load of sperm. Jill's climatic cries of passion filled the room and pushed her mother over the top making her spill her pussy juices in her son Tom's mouth. Jean began to climax and the tightness of her spasm ridden pussy brought Tom off making him pump a big load of sperm up her young tight twat.

The girls rode Tom for a while after their climax and then pulled Jill onto the bed with them as Tom and his dad watched Mom lick Tom's cum from Jean's slick pussy while Jill squatted on Jean's face letting her lick her dad's sperm from her shaved sperm slick cunt. As soon as Jean had licked Jill's pussy clean she jumped up and excused herself telling the family that she had to go and disappeared out and down the hall.

Ruth wanted to be fucked and demanded that her husband and son double fuck her right away. Tom and Dan were already hard and they jumped on the bed Dan on his back and Tom ready to fill his mother?s hot asshole with his stiff cock. Jill positioned her mother over her dad's dick and held his cock while Ruth climbed on stuffing her husband's thick prick deep into her wet pussy. Jill grabbed her brother's cock and after licking her mom's asshole guided her brother's stiff prick up his mother's pink anal pucker. Ruth let out a long gasp as she felt her son's cock drive deep into her asshole filling her bowels with his thick prick. Ruth was enjoying having her cunt and asshole filled by her husband and Son's big pricks and shook with passion and the force of their strokes up her cunt and asshole. Jill climbed up on her fathers face letting him tongue fuck her tight teenage pussy while her mother licked and sucked her full firm tits and stiff long nipples. Ruth climaxed twice from the hot pounding her husband and son were giving her and Jill came off all over her dad's face as he and Tom climaxed pumping their thick spunk up Ruth's hot ass and pussy. Finally the guys pulled out of Ruth's packed cunt and ass and went to shower while Jill and her mom got into a hot sixty nine licking and sucking each others pussies and assholes until Jill had licked up most of her father and brothers sperm from her mother's pussy and still open asshole. Ruth and her daughter Jill shared a shower and then the whole family left their room to explore the camp.

I watched the film with growing lust and Sue who was curled up on the sofa next to me was stroking my stiff cock gently as I fingered her hot wet cunt and played with her tits rolling her stiff nipples with slow steady pressure. The family reached the lobby again and set off out the back to see more of what lay in store for them. Ruth and Dan went for a walk to see the tennis and volleyball courts while Jill and Tom investigated the pool area and the hot tubs behind it. Ruth remarked to her husband how young Jean had been and how hot she was, Dan reminded Ruth of the age limit and told his wife he wanted to see her getting her cunt and asshole fucked by some hung 16 year old guys before the weekend was over. Meanwhile over by the pool Jill and Tom were making friends with two teenagers a bit younger than themselves. The kids were a sister and brother the girl's name was Nancy and her body was slim and lean with smallish tits and a light blond pussy which she displayed openly. Nancy was sitting on a low wall near the pool her feet propped up exposing her tight young slit and opening her pink pussy lips. Her brother Bob laid back next to her and had a nice long cock which by the expression on his face he wanted to stick up Jill's pussy. Jill and Tom exchanged some chatter with their new friends getting to know them a bit. Tom made the first move putting his hand on his sister?s tit and rubbing her nipple then asking Bob if he liked girls with big tits. Bob told Tom he sure did but still liked to get it on with his sister because her tits while small were very sensitive. Nancy looked longingly at Jill's pussy and Tom's now erect prick and asked them if they wanted to go back by the hot tubs with her and her brother. Jill and Tom agreed and the four kids walked back to the hot tub area Jill taking Bob by the hand while Tom put his arm around Nancy and rubbed her tit while they walked.

When the kids reached the hot tub there was a couple about in their mid thirties already fucking their brains out on the deck surrounding the tub? The watched them for a bit which only seemed to inflame their desire for each other and ended up with the guy getting the girl up doggy style and spreading her ass cheeks then forcing his dick up her open ass and fucking her till he filled her asshole with a fresh load of sperm. Watching the couple inflamed both the kid?s desires and Bob and Tom's cocks which were standing stiff and ready. Jill pulled Nancy to her and kissed Nancy deeply while rubbing her large tits against Nancy's smaller breasts. Nancy cupped Jill's tits and pulled on the stiff pink nipples making Jill moan with pleasure. Nancy told her brother Bob to fuck Jill and Jill spread her legs and laid back calling for Bob to stick his stiff prick up her pussy. Bob got between Jill's legs and let his sister open Jill's pussy and guide his stiff shaft up Jill's wet tight cunt. Nancy was up over Jill and as Bob's cock disappeared up Jill's pussy Nancy licked and sucked Jill's exposed and very stiff clit. Jill meanwhile was licking and fingering Nancy's slippery young pussy and pulling the young girls stiff pink nipples.

Tom seeing his opportunity moved in behind Nancy and after giving her pussy and asshole a few quick licks Tom let his sister guide his stiff prick up Nancy's slippery slit. As Tom's thick dick spread Nancy's tight young vagina Nancy began to moan with pleasure and rocked back forcing Tom's dick deeper into her young cunt. Tom soon had his dick buried deep in Nancy's tight cunt and began to thrust deep into her body making Nancy moan even louder with pleasure. Jill was getting reamed hard by Bob's dick. His hard fat shaft stretching her cunt with each thrust of his young hips. Bob looked down watching his cock plunging deep into Jill's slippery slit while his sister lashed Jill's clit with her tongue raising Jill's passion to ever increasing heights. Nancy was close to climax her pussy tightening around Tom's stiff pounding cock as he drove his long fat cock deep into the recesses of her tight young cunt. Bob slammed his stiff cock deep into Jill's wet tight slit making Jill climax as he pumped his cum deep into her hot quivering slit filling her pussy with his youthful load. Tom hearing his sister start her climax grabbed Nancy's slim hips and drove his cock deep into Nancy's tight hot cunt completing her orgasmic climb and pumping her tight stretched pink slit full of his load of thick sperm. Tom and Bob ground their cocks into the girls for a bit and then after getting a rousing round of applause from the couple they had been watching earlier they sat back and watched as Nancy and Jill licked their sperm from each others swollen cunts.

While Tom and Jill were having fun with their new friends Bob and Nancy their parents were finding getting fucked at this camp was as easy as getting robbed in central park. Dan and Ruth had walked in on three couples and a young stud that were getting it on in a grassy spot on the way to the tennis courts. The three girls were enjoying being pleasured by four guys. One big blond was sitting on the young studs cock while getting her asshole reamed by one of the older guys. A slim brunette with large tits for her thin body was taking one of the guys up her ass by squatting on his long thick cock while the other girl was licking brunette?s cunt while being fucked doggy style by the last guy. The brunette called out to Dan and Ruth to join the fun and they moved onto the blanket next to the brunette. The brunette grabbed Dan's cock and pulled him to her face sliding his thick shaft into her mouth and deep into her throat while Dan grabbed her bouncing tits and began to pull her stiff nipples. Ruth straddled the guy with his cock up the brunette's asshole and lowered her pussy to his mouth enjoying a nice pussy eating session. The brunette climaxed on the guys dick and he filled her hot rectum with his sperm as he ate Ruth to a quick climax.

Once the brunette climbed off the guys cock she pushed Dan down and quickly mounted his stiff cock ramming Dan's dick up her sopping pussy and fucking him like they were long lost lovers. The girl who had been licking the brunette?s cunt and the guy fucking her climaxed as did the blond getting double fucked next to them. Ruth wanted cock so she moved down the guy who was eating her stuffing his big dick up her hot wet cunt and banging her twat down over his long dick filling her pussy with his throbbing prick. One of the guys fucking the blond got behind Ruth and stuffed his cock up Ruth's hot asshole making her cry out with pleasure. The blond and the girl who had been licking the brunettes cunt got down in a hot sixty nine licking each others sperm filled cunts while the remaining guy worked his dick down Ruth's throat. The orgy continued until they all climaxed again and Dan filled the brunette with his sperm as his wife Ruth got both her holes filled with thick hot semen and sucked down a big load of cum as the guy fucking her throat blasted his balls into her mouth. The guys were pretty worn out by now and after the girls licked each others hot steamy cunts and assholes the orgy broke up and Dan and Ruth headed over to the pool area.

Dan and Ruth wondered how their kids were getting along and found out when they reached the pool. Tom was lying back with a very cute young girl bouncing up and down on his cock driving his stiff prick up her tight little asshole while she faced Tom's feet. An older woman sat on Tom's face and played with the young girl?s tits reaching around her squeezing the young tit flesh while pulling on her stiff pink nipples.

Jill was on her hands and knees eating the girls lightly downed pussy while an older man, probably the older woman's husband was fucking his long fat cock up Jill's anus with long slow thrusts. Dan and Ruth stood and watched as their kids got it on with the young girl and what they reasoned to be her mother and father. Finally after ringing a number of orgasms from the youngster her mother and Jill. Tom and the older man climaxed, Tom filling the young girls tight pink asshole with sperm as the older guy deposited a big load of spunk up Jill's hot rectum whipping his load into a frothing cream which dripped down Jill's legs as she lapped up her brothers sperm leaking from the young girls packed anus. Dan and Ruth introduced themselves to the older couple finding out that their suspicions had been correct and the young girl whose name was Ann was the daughter of Barb and Fred. The pool area started to look like a scene from Plato's Retreat with piles of fucking bodies going at it hot and heavy all around the pool. Barb started stroking Tom's dick saying she had been cheated and wanted him to fuck her up the asshole. Dan and Ruth urged him on and Ruth sucked his prick until he was hard again and then guided her son's cock up Barb's hot asshole while Barb squatted on Dan's cock reaming her cunt with his thick prick.

Ruth pushed Ann on her back and planted her pussy on the youngster?s mouth offering her anus to Fred. He quickly filled with his stiff dick while Ruth sucked Ann's spermy cunt and asshole. Jill sat on her fathers face and sucked Barb's tits as her father licked and fingered her slippery cunt. The two families fucked until Barb, Ruth, Ann and Jill had climaxed and Dan and Tom filled Barb's hot cunt and asshole with their thick loads. Fred fucked Ruth's ass and filled her butt with his load as Ann and Jill climaxed again being eaten by Ruth and Dan.

With this final scene the film ended with a notice inviting us look in on the next day's activities in part two.

Both Sue and I were very near to climax and we crawled between each others thighs and ate and sucked each others sex until we both climaxed.

Sue flooded my face with her slick tasty pussy juices as I filled her mouth and throat with a massive load of sperm. After cumming we went to bed and fucked like minks far into the night. I woke up the next morning with my cock still buried up Sue's tight butt and both of her tits in my hands. We got in a quick fuck that morning then headed off to work each of us thinking how we would be enjoying the evening ahead of us. My cock was half hard all day and Jane noticed my aroused state and called me into her office. After locking her door Jane proceeded to pull down my pants and suck me up to a nice stiff hard on after which shed begged me to fuck her. I pulled up her sweater and undid her bra letting her full firm tits loose and sucked her tits while she played with my cock and balls. I turned Jane toward her desk and told her to lean over the desk. With Jane in position I pulled up her skirt and tucked it up under her sweater in the back exposing her ass and cunt which as usual lately were without panties. Jane looked hot leaning over her desk showing me her ass and pussy clad only in a garter Belt and nylons. I got down behind Jane and licked her cunt and asshole finding her pussy wet and ready for my stiff cock. I stood up and pressed my stiff dick up Jane's pulsing twat reaming her hot wet cunt with hard long strokes until Jane began to climax. Feeling Jane's hot cunt clamp around my dick sent me over the top and I filled her hot wet cunt with my sperm ramming my cock deep into her convulsing twat as my dick spurted my cum up her tight vagina. Since we were in the office we quickly cleaned up Jane sucked my cock clean and dressed me after getting herself back in prim order. Jane asked me if I could come over Saturday to meet her sister who was coming to visit her daughter Kim.

By the look in her eyes I knew Jane had hot times planned for her sister and I asked her what she thought her sister would think of how Kim had been behaving. Jane laughed and told me that she and her sister had a bi relationship all thru school and since then she had fucked her sister Mary's husband every time they got together. I smiled and licked my lips then told Jane I would be there stiff prick at the ready.

The rest of the day went fairly uneventfully and Sue and I left early so that we could get to my place to welcome Donna and her sister. We arrived at my place just after 5pm and fixed a light supper not wanting to be full and lethargic when our young sex mates arrived. I heard a car pull up the drive about a quarter to six and looking out I saw Donna and a tall slim girl getting out of Donna's car. Both girls were wearing short skirts and tight tank tops. Donna's large tits were stretching the material of her top nicely and Sue who was peering out the window noticed that Donna's nipples were clearly visible as they walked to the house. Donna's sister was a slimmer version of Donna having nice long blond hair and small firm tits slim hips and nice long legs. My cock was getting hard and I knew I would really enjoy fucking and sucking these young beauties. I went to the door and greeted Donna and her sister. Donna introduced her sister Peggy and told me that Peggy was sixteen and ready to experience a really good fuck. I looked at Peggy and asked her if she wanted to get fucked. Peggy answered my question by lifting her short skirt and showing me her lightly downed and nicely shaved pussy. I reached down and rubbed her slippery pink slit for a minute then asked the girls to follow me into the kitchen. I had arranged with Sue that she would stay there until I brought the girls in rather than surprising them with her at the door. Donna and Peggy followed me into the kitchen and were a bit surprised to find Sue there. I introduced Sue telling Donna and Peggy that Sue loved girls as well as boys and that she had great plans for the evening with us.

Donna warmed to Sue right away and move to Sue taking her in her arms and holding her tight while she and Sue kissed passionately. I pulled Peggy to me and kissed her pulling her top up and licking her stiff nipples while I worked to remove her skirt. As Peggy's skirt fluttered to the floor I saw that Sue had Donna's top off and was licking and sucking her firm tits while she fingered Donna's sopping slit. I lifted Peggy onto the kitchen table her naked body filling me with lust. Peggy had nice small firm tits and stiff pink nipples her belly was flat and hard and her long slim legs were perfectly proportioned. Peggy had a nice firm ass and perfectly shaved pussy making her young pink pussy lips stick out nicely, her clit was overly large for a young girl and it stood stiffly between her pink cunt lips just begging to be sucked and licked.

Sue had Donna naked and got her up on the table with Peggy laying her next to her younger sister. The site of these two naked young girls laying on my kitchen table their legs dangling off the opposite sides made me hot as hell, my cock stiff and ready. I knelt between Peggy's spread legs and pressed my finger up her dripping cunt and began to lick Peggy's pink pussy laving her stiff long clit as I probed her tight wet vagina with my fingers. I saw Sue follow my lead and get down between Donna's thighs pressing her fingers up Donna's hot pussy and licking Donna's wet pussy lashing her clit with her talented tongue. I could feel Peggy getting excited as I licked and sucked her pussy pulling her long stiff clit with my lips. I reached over and began to fondle Donna's firm tit pulling on her stiff nipples while I pleasured Peggy's hot slit. Sue was squeezing and pulling on Peggy's tit as she ate Donna's wet tasty cunt and fingered the girl?s excited pussy. Peggy reached over to her sister and rubbed Donna's other tit as Sue and I pleasured the girls. Donna grabbed Peggy's tit to and pretty soon both Donna and Peggy were in the throes of a massive climax thrusting their pussies into Sue and my mouths. Peggy gushed her sweet pussy juice into my mouth as her hot body stiffened with pleasure her climax making her cry out with pleasure. Donna's hot pleasure cries rang thru the house a she came flooding Sue's mouth with a sweet load of pussy juice. Sue and I licked and fingered the girl?s cunts making them twist and jump with post climax pleasure until they begged us to stop their dripping cunts quivering with the pleasure we had given them. Peggy told me she loved the way I had licked and fingered her telling me I was better than her sister. Donna held Sue's mouth to her dripping slit enjoying Sue's talented tongue and begged Sue to let her eat Sue's hot cunt. Peggy was still thrusting her hips up and down as I continued to finger her tight young cunt and she begged me to fuck her pussy. I told them it was time for them to pleasure Sue and pulled Peggy up telling her to follow me into the living room. Peggy and Donna followed Sue and I into the living room where I told the girls to strip and pleasure Sue while I watched. Donna began to unbutton Sue's blouse while Peggy undid and lowered Sue's pants. Sue was naked in a flash and Peggy and Donna each took one of Sue's firm tits in their mouths while they each slipped a finger up Sue's very wet pussy. Sue was moaning from the pleasure the girls were giving her as they sucked her tits and nipples and probed her slick dripping twat with their fingers. Sue pressed Peggy down toward her pussy and Peggy began to lick Sue's very wet cunt licking her clit and forcing her finger up Sue's hot asshole. Sue couldn't take the pleasure she was getting and climaxed quickly flooding Peggy's mouth with her orgasmic juices. Peggy licked up Sue's hot pussy juice and Donna sucked Sue's tits while she helped Sue onto the couch.

Peggy came to me and kissed me while Donna undid my pants and slipped them down. I wasn't wearing any underwear so my stiff cock sprang out into Donna's face. Peggy pulled my shirt off and pressed her small firm tits into my chest as her sister dragged my pants off my legs. Peggy's hot firm body felt great and I wanted to probe Peggy's tight slit with my stiff cock. Peggy and Donna helped me to the floor and got me positioned on my back my stiff cock pointing up ready to fill Peggy's young tight slit. Donna guided my stiff prick as her young sister Peggy squatted over my stiff prick and lowered her hot wet slit to my prick.

Peggy paused as the head of my prick pressed against her pink wet pussy lips and let Donna rub my throbbing prick into her hot wet pussy lips and over her stiff exposed clit. Donna grabbed Peggy's hips and slowly lowered her sister Peggy onto my stiff prick. Peggy's tight young cunt felt great as my thick long dick slowly slipped into her tight wet cunt spreading her pink pussy lips and rubbing her stiff long clit. Peggy was moaning and pressing her hot tight cunt down over my stiff prick slowly driving my thick cock into her tight young vagina. Once Peggy had about 6 inches of my dick stuffed up her hot wet slit she lunged down forcing the remaining 4 inches deep into her tight cunt moaning deeply as my thick cock spread her young cunt filling her belly with my throbbing dick. Peggy sat for a minute her cunt fully impaled on my thick cock as she ground her clit against the base of my dick enjoying the fully filled sensation my prick was giving her tight young pussy. I began to thrust my hips up and down driving my cock in and out of her slick tight cunt as Donna moved over and sat her tasty pussy on my mouth letting me tongue fuck her dripping hole. Peggy began to hump up and down on my cock driving my prick into her tight young hole making her climax over and over as my prick drove deep into her young pussy. Sue joined in and began to finger fuck Donna's hot asshole as I ate her sweet dripping slit. Sue dropped her head between the sisters and began to lick Peggy's stiff button as Peggy continued to ream her cunt with my stiff prick. Peggy's multiple climaxes were making her pussy go into continuous spasm and the tightness of her young slit finally took it toll on my stiff prick making me climax and filling her hot cunt with a massive load of sperm. I sucked hard on Donna's stiff clit as Sue thrust her fingers deep into Donna's asshole making her climax and fill my mouth with her sweet juices. Peggy shook hard and sank down on my spurting tool as the last of my load sprayed into her tight vagina. Sue helped Donna off my face and she and Sue pulled Peggy off my cock spreading her legs and licking my load for her still twitching pussy as I watched them drive the young girl crazy with passion. I licked and fingered Sue's pussy and asshole bringing her off as she and Donna licked my sperm from Peggy's cum filled cunt.

Just watching the girls go at it made my cock stiff and ready to go again. Peggy said she wanted to see me fuck her sister Donna and fill her tight cunt with sperm. Sue was very excited by the way these young girls talked and Donna was more than ready for me to fill her slick young slit with my thick cock and pump her to orgasm. We all headed for my bedroom and Donna grabbed my cock pulling me down on the bed and jumped on my stiff dick rubbing my prick against her wet pussy lips and caressing her clit with the head of my throbbing prick. Sue and Peggy began to suck Donna's large firm tits as Donna sank down guiding my throbbing prick up her slippery snatch. Donna forced my dick deep into her steaming snatch filling her tight hole with my thick pulsing shaft until her pussy lips ground on my pubic hair. Peggy moved around behind her sister and began to lick and finger fuck Donna's hot anal pucker filling her butt with two fingers and increasing the pressure of her tight pussy on my dick. Sue sat on my face and let me tongue fuck her hot hole while she licked Donna's clit as Donna reamed her tight pussy with my cock. Donna was close to climax and as her cunt clamped down hard I filled her pussy with a thick load of cum climaxing with Donna as she cried out with delight. Donna continued to pump my dick deep into her overheated pussy until she had a second orgasm then collapsed on the bed. My cock was stiff and ready and as Peggy began to lick and suck her sister Donna's pussy sucking up my load I pulled Sue to Peggy's hot exposed asshole and told her to work on Peggy's pink puckered anus. Sue looked at me and asked me if I thought I could get my cock up Peggy's tight butt. Before she could answer Peggy looked back and told her she wanted to be butt fucked like I had done for her sister. Sue spread the young girl?s ass cheeks and began to tongue and finger her asshole while I guided my cock up Sue's hot pussy ramming my cock balls deep into Sue's hot cunt fucking her with hard long strokes forcing her face into Peggy's hot pink asshole with each thrust. Sue was convulsing with orgasm as I filled her cunt with my cum and listened to Peggy bring Donna off to a long hot climax. Sue was licking the ring of Peggy's well stretched ass as she plunged her fingers up the young girls hot pink ass making her climax her sweet young pussy juices dripping from her cleanly shaved pussy.

I sat back pulling my stiff prick from Sue's hot pussy and watched as the girls moved around getting into another position. Sue slid under Peggy and pulled her pussy to her mouth licking the young girls hot pussy lapping up Peggy's tasty pussy juices as Peggy licked and sucked my sperm from Sue's hot spermy cunt. Donna pulled me up behind her younger sister and sucked my cock until I was fully erect. Donna spread Peggy's firm little ass cheeks and pulled my cock to her sisters tight pink asshole rubbing my cock against Peggy's asshole pressing the head of my thick prick against Peggy's tight sphincter. Peggy began to beg for my cock and I slowly pressed forward stretching her tight ass as my cock slowly forced it s way into her tight butt. Peggy moaned as my stiff cock spread her virgin asshole making her squirm with delight as my cock slowly filled her tight rectum. I paused after the head of my cock passed Peggy's sphincter and I could feel Sue licking franticly on Peggy's stiff clit. Peggy began to press her ass back forcing my cock deeper into her tight hot anal channel. Once I had worked my prick in to about 8 inches I began a slow thrusting up Peggy's stretched pink asshole each time driving a bit more of my cock into her tight behind until I was pressing my cum filled balls against her slick pussy lips my dick buried deep into the recessed of Peggy's pulsing asshole. Peggy had climaxed twice while I was fucking her asshole and the pressure on my cock was enormous. Donna straddled her sister?s ass and pressed her cunt to my face pulling my mouth to her sopping snatch and guiding my fingers up her hot wet pussy and asshole. As trust my cock deep into Peggy's asshole she brought Sue to climax her mouth and fingers buried in my girlfriend's hot spasm ridden cunt and asshole. I felt Peggy thrust back hard driving my stiff cock deep into her asshole with each thrust and as Donna flooded my face and hands with her pussy juice Peggy climaxed again and I filled her hot butt with another load of hot cum.

I was exhausted and after about a minute for primal thrusting up Peggy's young tight butt I fell back on the bed totally worn out.

Once I had revived a bit I sat up and watched as Sue and Donna licked my sperm from Peggy's asshole before I got up and went to the kitchen for something to drink. I came back with drinks for the girls and while they rested I fingered and licked their slick cunts and assholes raising their lust once more. Donna wanted my cock up her asshole and she and Sue sucked my cock up after which Peggy helped her sister mount my prick guiding my cock up Donna's hot asshole as she licked her sister?s pussy and finger fucked Donna as she rode my prick. Peggy's pussy was in my face so I licked and sucked her sweet slit while Sue tongue fucked Peggy's ass and I finger fucked Sue's cunt with my free hand. Donna climaxed while she was driving my stiff rod deep into her asshole and Peggy was sucking her stiff clit having buried three fingers up Donna's hot slippery slit. Peggy climaxed on my face and Sue came on my hand nearly stuffing my whole hand up her swollen cunt during her orgasm.

Peggy and Donna wanted to see me fuck Sue up her asshole before they left so I positioned Sue on her back and pulled her legs up opening her hot now very slippery asshole. Peggy guided my cock up Sue's asshole while Donna held Sue's firm ass cheeks open. I drove my cock balls deep on my first thrust and brought a moan of pleasure to Sue's lips. Peggy and Donna began to suck Sue's firm tits as Sue reached up between their legs and fingered their pussies. After quite a while of pumping my cock deep into Sue's tight hot asshole Sue began to climax and I came with her filling her asshole with my sperm as she brought Donna and Peggy off thrusting her fingers deep into the young girl?s hot cunts. We rested a while and I got out my camera and took some pictures of the girls sucking and licking each other and reaming each other's cunts with their fingers and tongues. As the hour was getting late Donna and Peggy had to leave so Sue and I took them into the shower and washed their cum soaked bodies licking the each to a final climax and watched as they left to go home. Peggy had made me promise to fuck her again soon and the thought of my cock going up her tight wet cunt and hot asshole while I massaged her small firm tits and pulled on her stiff pink nipples made my balls tingle despite the number of times I had cum that evening. Sue and I went to bed and had a nice slow fuck together and before we drifted off to sleep in each others arms I managed to get hard enough to fuck Sue up the ass and shoot a load up her tight pink butt. I wondered if I would be able to get enough rest before Friday. My cock twitched as I thought of the hot times I might enjoy with Jane and her sister Mary and Mary's daughter Kim, on Friday night.

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