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Divorced Kelcy steps out, or in

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Sometimes, we have the best of intentions. We don't intend to put ourselves into compromising situations, and yet, in spite of our best efforts, there we are, making a decision in a split second or half second, and sometimes it is "enjoyable," sometimes, it is miserable.

Kelcy was talking to her good friend, Kaylene. Kaylene was concerned about her 20 year old daughter, Rose.

Rose had stormed out of the house, angry at her boyfriend, swearing she'd never come back to his "sorry ass."

Kaylene had no idea where Rose might be, and asked Kelcy if she knew where Rose liked to hang out.

Unfortunately, Kelcy knew most of Rose's hangouts. She hung with a different crowd of ladies, and people she didn't consider, "gentelmen."

But, being the lady she is, Kelcy would never tell her mother about the undesirable places Kaylene hangs because Kaylene has never been hurt there, she likes that lifestyle, she is popular, and "just because I think it is undesirable, doesn't mean it is undesireable."

So, she decided to go to one of Kaylene's favorite spots, a bar in the downtown area. Kaylene liked it because she thought it was a "breath of fresh air, a cheap fresh meat market," or as Kelcy called it, a place where a gal could get fucked really cheap.

Kelcy knew she shouldn't go by herself, but her boyfriend had been deployed to Iraq or Afghanstan, one of the places where our men and women have been fighting for some time so that "we can enjoy the life we are living today."

Kelcy was beautiful. Five foot, four inches tall. Short, red hair, not a freckle anywhere, no stretch marks, as she had had no kids, although she was 31. She worked out, stayed tan, stayed in shape, had great stamina, and she could pretty well take care of herself. Also, she had a sexy smile, seductive voice, and was tough, and could really get mean if she had too. Her boyfriend, though, loved her tits. He had no clue what size they were, but he loved them. In his mouth, in his hands, in his face, he loved Kelcy's tits!

Rose was the same age as Kelcy. They had been good friends since high school. Although Kelcy was no angel, she had fucked her share of males in school, and had even cheated on her boyfriend the three years they had been together a couple of times, she wasn't as wild as Rose.

Nearly six feet tall, also athletic, long brown-blondish hair down to her bra strap,(when she wore a bra) blue eys, tan, sexy smile, not as athletic as Kelcy, but she loved sex. Sex with men. Sex with women. Sex in public, in private, on the bar, on the elevator, in a lobby, it didn't bother her. She even seduced an 18 year old foot ball player the week before, one she was supposed to be tutoring, and let him fuck her right on her kitchen table, her desire for sex was insatiable. Kelcy, well, although Rose was her best friend, was more conservative.

Kelcy arrived at Bud's Bar, and immdediately realized she hadn't changed her clothes. Eager to go find her best friend to make sure she wasn't in trouble, she had left on her low cut tank top, (of course, tank top to Kelcy=no bra) her short jean shorts and her sandals.

"Yeah, guys will hit on me before I get both my feet in the door," she thought, smiling.

Well, she made it to the bar area and asked Bud if Rose had been in and he said no, not tonight. Before Kelcy turned to leave there was Jeannie and her husband George, begging her to sit for a drink, of course she couldn't refuse her long time friends, and they had a drink.

She explained to them her desire to check on Rose, and they told Kelcy Rose had gone to the City to shop, get her thoughts together, and she'd be back later, she was all right a couple hours ago, pissed, but all right.

The two urged her to return to their house for more drinks and a small party, so, she called Roses' mother to let her know she was all right and went to her friend's house.

Well, there were a couple more people there than with she felt comfortable, but she went in, had a couple drinks, and even started dancing with George. George had his hands all over her, and she couldn't get him to keep his hands off, and actually, she didn't mind, but didn't want Jeannie mad at her.

"I should go," Kelcy said around 9 p.m. "I need to get some rest and sleep," she added.

"Nonsense!," Jeannie explained. "We have something to show you upstairs, follow me," Jeannie commanded, with George following close behind.

When they got upstairs, Kelcy was shocked at what she saw. In the bedroom, was Rachel, and Jim, appaearing to have one hell of a "fuckfest."

"God, Jeannie. Why did you bring me in here? I don't need to see this," she laughed.

"I didn't bring you here to watch! I brought you up here to participate, you horny bitch," Jeannie smiled. "George has wanted to fuck you for several years, and so has Jim, now get your ass and pussy undressed and get on that bed," Jeannie laughed, getting undressed, herself. Turning to leave, George was nearly completely undressed, and she was shocked to see his huge, hard, 8-10 inch cock!

"Dayum! You two know I shouldn't be here. I should find Rose, and you flash that huge piece of meat in front of me, you fuckers," Kelcy laughed, with Jeannie now behind her, pushing her gently, getting her to go to her knees and put her husbands cock in her mouth.

Kelcy now was weak, on her knees, with her friend's husband's cock in her mouth, he was thrusting his hardness in and out, sliding it gently down her throat, and God, she was enjoying every second of it.

Kelcy always could suck cock, she sucked one in high school for one solid hour once, without removing it at all for a break. Rose is the one who timed it, because she couldn't believe it.

This time though, Kelcy took a break, stood up, and in a flash, was bare ass naked, with Jim, Jeannie, Rachel and Jim, having hands all over her body.

For the next three hours, Rose was just a thought, somewhere in the back of her mind,and she got the fucking, oops, fuckings of her life with Jeannie and Rachel eating out all the cum they could after their men came inside of the lonely lady's pussy.

When she finally heard from Rose, she laughed, "you really should leave town more often," knowing Rose would realize she got a good fucking while out looking for her.

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