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Diedra Goes To Obedience School Part One

Diedra was new to this but she had to learn fast...her new master had brought her to the auction after dinner. Several of the masters and mistresses sat round the tables watching the auctioneer presenting the slaves for highest bidder...they would be sold to others for the night. Master had presented her with her collar and leash and told the autioneer to start the bidding at $2000...Didedra was led away until it was her time to sold...she was led to an elevated platform where she was presented for bidding..clad only in a toga like linen dr*ped over her body, she was told to drop her garment and bare it all as the bidding began...the autioneer grabbed her large breasts and squeezed, holding them up for the crowd to admire..first bid $2,300 from a darkhaired mistress, as she was bent over to reveal her bare ass and pussy for all to see it jumped to $2,550 from a tall man at the last table, then a group of masters and mistresses got together and pooled their money and bought her for $3,400..hig bid...

smiling, the autioneer handed over her leash to the group who lead her away and up the steps to a large room. her master gave her a sly smile as she caught his eye while being lead away...What now, what will they do with me???

End of Story