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Corrupting My Best Friend

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This is a true story, like all of my stories, except for the fact that I don?t use the real names for reasons of discretion.

This is one of the most erotic, if not the most erotic of my sexual memories. In my previous stories, I told of how I discovered the thrill of cheating on my high school boyfriend, Andy, when we were just 16. I would continue to experience that thrill all the way through college and through another boyfriend. Along the way, I would also teach one of my two best friends the thrill of cheating on her husband and experience my first group sex. This is that story. I hope you find it as arousing as I find the memory to be when recalling the wildest week of my life.

Two years into college, I met a guy that really turned me on. We will call him Jeff for this story. He had the most beautiful cock I?d ever seen but not a brain in his head and absolutely no control in bed. The first time we fucked, he pumped me three times and then pulled out and came all over me. Then it took hours for him to get hard just to pump me three times again. For reasons that I cannot explain to myself, let alone explain to you, I stayed with this loser for two years.

In the two years I was with him and the thousands of times we screwed, I must have only had about a dozen orgasms. He got his before I could get mine every single time. For those men who know me intimately you know that has to be bad as I cum very quickly and easily myself. That would really piss me off too. So I often cheated on him.

For the first six months Jeff and I were together, I never told Jeff about Andy and I never told Andy about Jeff. I was going home on the weekends and having sex with Andy. I had not broken it off with Andy so technically we were still together. It worked out nicely as I had two cocks to pleasure my pussy. Andy had an average dick, much smaller and less thick than Jeff but at least he knew how to use it and could make me cum every time! Inevitably, Andy and I would have a fight and I would break it off with him leaving me with Jeff the wonder dick. So for the following 18 months, I became quite creative in finding ways to get other cocks to pleasure my tight little twat and give me a measure of discretion as well.

When I was 21 years old and in my senior year at college, I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for spring break with one of my two best friends. I had two friends since childhood that I considered my best friends and this particular one I?ll call Becky for this story. Becky had a husband I?ll call Tom. Tom and Becky got married right out of high school, as Becky got pregnant at age 17 with Tom?s child. Tom and Becky had never dated but met at a party one night, got drunk, fucked in the back of Tom?s car and that month Becky missed her period. Six months later she had a beautiful baby girl.

So, while I went off to college, Becky got married and went to work in a dead end job. To add insult to injury, Tom turned out to be a drunk and a loser of a husband who often went out to party with his friends at all hours leaving Becky at home with the baby. Becky and I had many heart felt conversations in those days and she has told me many times that that was the only way she got through those days. During the winter of my senior year, when Becky?s daughter was only three years old, she asked me if I wanted to go to Florida for spring break. Becky?s mother was going to Baby sit for the week and Tom really didn?t give a shit if she was there or not.

Of course I immediately agreed. I was thinking of all of the new man meat I could find on a beach filled with college boys! My pussy was aching from the very thought!

We decided on Fort Lauderdale and found a nice little hotel near the beach. Once there I was on a mission that had two parts. One, I needed to get my pussy pleased and the other part, I needed to get Becky some strange cock. That was not going to be easy, I knew, as Becky took her marital vows very seriously. Cheating is something she would consider to be way over the line. One thing that Becky never knew, and still does not know, is that I screwed Tom myself once just weeks before he and Becky did it that first time. I knew first hand that he was not only a jerk but bad in bed as well. I really needed to find a way to get her to experience a real man.

The first day we put on our skimpiest bikinis and headed for the beach. I wore a little white tie string number. When it got wet you could almost see my bush through the fabric.

I trimmed my bush up nicely and shaved and waxed but I made certain that a few stray hairs were left to poke out of the crotch. Just to prove that I was a natural brunette! Becky wore a light blue string bikini that was every bit as revealing as mine. I knew the boys were going to be hot for her. Becky is around my height of five foot four inches, very thin and shapely with long legs, nice firm boobs, olive colored skin, onyx colored eyes and shoulder length black curly hair that I knew matched the black curly hairs that formed a luscious triangle inside of her bikini bottoms.

We spread our blanket on the beach, lathered up and began to sun ourselves. The beach was packed with college students swimming, sunning, playing volleyball, picnicking and listening to boom boxes playing the latest rock and new age music. We were scarcely there an hour when we got our first attention from two young men cruising the beach.

One was a tall, cut and buff African American guy. As an interracial encounter is something that always intrigued me, my pussy instantly began twitching. His friend was a white male about the same height and build with black hair and blue eyes. He had about a days growth of beard on his face that made him all the sexier. They just stopped by to say hello and I was instantly fantasizing about taking them back to our room and letting them take turns pounding my little box.

I asked them to join us and so they stretched out their towels on either side of us and then sat down on them. We chatted for sometime and we got to know each other. The young black man was Derrick. The other guy was Todd. We discovered that both young men were just 18 years old and in their first year of college. They both went to universities here in Florida.

Both had girlfriends that they had been with since high school but both girlfriends went to out-of-state universities and had elected not to come home for spring break. Hence the reason they were both here in Lauderdale alone. Now my juices were flowing! Much to my dismay, Becky offered up to the young men that I had a boyfriend back home and she was married. I was afraid of this. If there was going to be any problems with my getting laid this week, her reluctance to cheat was going to be it.

After a while the guys asked us if we wanted to go to lunch with them. We agreed and we all decided on this little café

a few blocks from the beach. The guys said their room was nearby and they needed to stop off and get some cash first.

It was then that I saw my chance. I told them we could stop off with them along the way. It turns out their hotel was just a two blocks away from ours. When we got there they invited us in and so we obliged and walked into the hotel room with two double beds, a table and a dresser. Todd excused himself to use the bathroom once we entered and Becky sat down on a chair at the table. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the strap of my bikini top to the side to reveal my shoulder.

?I?ve got a tan line already, ? I exclaimed.

?Yes, it?s very nice, ? the young, gorgeous Derrick, said in reply.

?Do you think my boyfriend will like it?? I asked him.

?Oh yes. But I?m not your boyfriend so I don?t get to see it like he will!? he joked.

?Why not?? I asked as I stood up and untied my bikini bottoms, letting them fall to the floor. His eyes just about popped out of their sockets as they focused directly on my hairy triangle.

?What are you doing!? Becky screeched in shock. I just ignored her and put my hand in the elastic of Derrick?s swim trunks and pulled him towards me as I backed towards the dresser.

I sat down on the dresser and spread my legs wide as I pulled him between them and latched my thumbs in the sides of his trunks and began to push them down. I was treated to a huge black shaft with a pink head dripping precum that sprang free from the trunks as I pushed them down his thighs. When it sprang free, he was standing close enough that the tip of his cock brushed my pussy lips as soon as it popped out from under the elastic waistband of his trunks. With his trunks half way down his thighs, his ridged pole was already pointing at my pussy lips as if it knew right where it was supposed to be. I grabbed it with my hand and began to guide it into my dripping pink flesh.

As his dick head broke through my pink lips and popped into my pussy he suddenly began to pull back. I stopped him and asked him what was wrong.

?I have a girlfriend. I shouldn?t do this, ? he said.

?How will she ever know?? I asked. ?I?ll be out of the state by the beginning of next week and no one will be the wiser.?

Suddenly, whatever moral issues he was having were gone.

He began to slide that beautiful black shaft deeper into my body. Finally I saw his tight curly black pubes mingled with my wiry brown pubes and I felt his balls on my ass. My creamy white thighs framed his ebony hips as I hooked my calves around his back and over his ass cheeks. Then he slowly began to thrust in and out. I must have taken a page out of Jeff?s book as I came on the fifth or sixth time he thrust into me.

?I can?t believe your are cheating on Jeff!? I heard Becky yell in anger. I looked over at her sitting with her arms folded across her chest her brow furled in a very pissed off looking expression. At the same time I did notice that her gaze was locked on my new lovers penis as it slid in and out of my body.

I looked down my belly at Derricks cock sliding in and out and saw that it was now slicked white with my pussy juices.

I figured it would be as I could hear my twat beginning to make slurping sounds. I was becoming more and more turned on. A little groan or two emerged from his mouth as well and he tipped his head back and looked at the ceiling. He was really getting into it. I moaned as his hands pushed my bikini bra to the sides and cupped my boobs in a sensuous massage.

My nipples were rock hard and fully erect. As he began to pound my pussy harder, I brought my legs out from around him and then placed my ankles on his shoulders. When I did, he let go of my boobies and grabbed my thighs as he really began to pound in and out of me hard and fast. I could feel his balls swinging wildly as they slapped my ass with each inward thrust. I came again, hard. I screamed loudly as I came and, at that, Becky stood up and stormed out of the room.

Just then, Todd emerged from the bathroom to the sight of his friend?s cock pumping me fast and furiously. The TV on the dresser beside me had begun to rock and bang on the wall behind me. The entire dresser shook and I clamped my pussy muscles down hard on Derrick?s dick as the pounding reached its climax.

?I?m coming!? he shouted as he thrust into me one last time as hard as he could and held it there. I felt his cock swell to its limit and begin to pulse as he emptied his balls deep within me. It felt like it was going on forever. He pumped and pumped until I felt his cum gushing out of me from around his shaft. When he was finally finished, his cock stayed hard and he began to fuck me again! I looked over at Todd and he was now naked and stroking his cock. It was a nice looking, larger than average, prick with a nice messy black nest around its base and two very large orbs hanging below.

?Where is Becky?? he asked.

?I was hoping she was going to fuck you, ? I said as Derricks cock began to pick up the pace once again, ?But it looks like I?ll have to take care of you since she got pissed off and left.?

Todd walked over to us and put one knee up on the dresser as he inched his cock towards my face. I took it in my hand and began to stroke it. Then I licked it up and down like a lollipop.

Finally I put my lips around it and took his shaft as far into my mouth as I could. As I began to slurp, Derrick suddenly pulled out and shot his second load onto my belly and bush.

?Sorry, ? he said, ?The sight of you sucking Todd?s cock while I was fucking you was too much.?

?Don?t apologize, ? I said, ?You were terrific. Now it?s Todd?s turn!? I pushed Todd onto his back on one of the beds and then I climbed on top of him. Some of Derricks cum was running out of my pussy and down my thighs as I lined up Todd?s cock with my gash and then slid it in. I immediately began to pound him, our thighs slapping together hard as I thrust up and down.

?Oh fuck!? he shouted after a few minutes. Then I felt his cock stiffen as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him, holding me there as his rod pumped me full of his cum.

I came again at the same time as I felt his cock throbbing with each spurt of spunk he shot up into me.

After Todd was spent, his cock stayed semi-erect up inside of me. I leaned back and placed my body weight on my arms with my palms flat on the mattress. I began to tease his cock by slowly gyrating my hips in circles and grinding our pubes together. He got hard again instantly. In fact, he instantly began to cum a second time.

?Ah, I never felt anything like that!? he said as this time his dick shrank after he came.

?So you liked that?? I giggled and teased him.

?Oh yes. My girlfriend never does anything like that, ?

he said to me.

?Then you?ll just have to teach her, ? I said.

?Yeah, right. She is so jealous she is going to want to know where I learned to fuck like that.?

?Then we?ll just have to do it a few more times before I go home, ? I said in a devious tone.

?I hope so, ? he said as he slid out from under me.

Derrick was hard again and stroking his meat as he watched us. I rolled over on my back, on the bed, and spread my legs wide.

?Just once more, ? I said to Derrick, ?Then I better go find Becky and make sure she is okay.?

Derrick jumped on the bed between my legs and slammed his rod home with ease as my pussy was slimed with cum from both of them. In fact, Derrick and I were now fucking in a puddle of cum on the bedspread that had run out of my pussy when I rolled over. This time he lay down on top of me and we kissed passionately as he humped me. I curled my legs over his lower back and hooked my ankles as we thrust in rhythm. It took no time before we were both cumming one final time.

I was spent and my pussy was sore as I put my bikini back on and went out to find Becky. I found her back in our room watching TV.

?How could you do that!? She yelled as I walked in.

?Do what?? I asked as if I didn?t know what she was talking about.

?Cheat on Jeff!? she said still yelling, ?And don?t pretend like you don?t know what I?m talking about.?

?Jeff sucks in bed. I cheat on him all the time. It?s the only way I can have any orgasms, ? I said with a bit of an edge in my voice. I could feel my own temper beginning to flare in response to her pissed off attitude.

?You do?? she said in surprise, ?I don?t think I want to hear about this.? She suddenly stood up and began to walk to the bathroom.

?Are you going to be a pain in the ass about this the entire week?? I yelled. She froze in place. ?With the way he treats you, I would think you?d be ready to fuck around on Tom. Do you really think he is being faithful while he is out with his ?buddies? and you?re at home with the baby??

?That?s none of your business!? She shouted without turning around to face me.

?You?ve always made it my business before, ? I said flatly but still with enough edge. ?Look, ? I said, toning down my attitude and speaking more softly, ?No one is going to know what we do down here this week except for you and me.

If you don?t want to participate I?ll understand. But just so you know, I am looking to have a good time and I am going to fool around with Derrick and Todd again. I?m sorry I did that in front of you but I honestly thought you would want to fuck Todd while I was doing Derrick. I won?t let that happen again but you can?t stop me from going off to have a good time when I want too. Agreed?? She turned around and it was my turn to be shocked. She was crying.

?I think you?re right about Tom, ? she sobbed.

?What do you mean?? I asked, honestly dumbfounded this time.

?I think he might be fucking around, ? she said. ?Do you know what I found him doing last week?? she asked. I shook my head worried about what was coming next. ?I found him and his buddies watching porn out in our garage and jacking off to it. In a rage I went and unplugged the TV and grabbed a box he had full of porn and dumped it in the trash. We had a four day fight and he slept on the couch on the nights that he even bothered to come home.? Instead of saying anything, I just put my arms around her and gave her a hug. She said she was sorry for getting pissed at me and I said I was sorry too.

?What do you say after dinner we get into our miniskirts and go cruise this cool looking tittie bar I saw on the drive in?? I asked. She looked at me questioningly. ?It?s a great place to meet horny men, ? I said with a wink.

?Okay, ? she softly agreed, ?But don?t be upset if I don?t want to cross the line.?

?Deal, ? I said, ?But you can?t stop me if I do.?

?Deal, ? she agreed.

That night I put on my black mini with a tight white top with plunging neckline. I had on white lacey, see-through panties on under the miniskirt. Becky put on her denim mini with a tight yellow top and a pair of matching yellow cotton panties on under the hood. We both left our bras in the dresser drawer.

Without our bras, you could see our nipples poking through the skimpy, skin-tight fabric. We put on our sandals and headed out.

It was dark inside the tittie bar but we both found two bar stools along the long ?L? shaped bar. We sat down and ordered two glasses of wine. The room was large with the runway in the center flanked by tables covered with tablecloths and candles. The runway was ringed with chairs that allowed men to sit up close and tip the dancers as they danced, gyrated and shook their stuff in front of them. The bar was in the back and ran along the back wall and the adjacent wall to our right. It wasn?t long before we caught the eyes of two very distinguished looking older men. They were both early to mid forties. They were in excellent physical shape and both had a full head of brown hair with a little gray around the edges that I find very sexy. On of the men was over six feet tall by just an inch or two and the other was only slightly taller than we are. They both had mixed drinks and introduced themselves as Paul and Jim. They invited us to sit at their table, a circular shaped booth tucked into a secluded corner on the opposite side of the room. We agreed and followed them back. I had noticed that both men had a pale circle around their left ring fingers where their wedding bands should be. That didn?t matter to me; it just made the adventure even more of a thrill!

Back at the table Paul, the taller one, slid in next to Becky and Jim slid in with me. After some small talk and another round of drinks, things got friendlier. Jim put his hand on my thigh under the table and I spread my knees to give him access to my crotch. When I did I felt his hand slide up my thigh and his fingers touched the wet spot that was developing on my panties. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips as his hand pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and I felt his finger slide into my juicy slit. I began to knead his cock through his Docker brand pleated shorts. He was like a telephone pole! Surprisingly I heard a soft moan coming from Becky behind me. She was having a similar experience with Paul! Finally, I thought, she?s letting go of those inhibitions! Jim suddenly pulled his mouth from mine and his finger plopped out of my pussy but my panties remained pulled to the side.

?We have a limo waiting outside, ? Jim said to both me and Becky, ?Would the two of you like to have another drink out there??

?Sure, ? I said in surprise and looked at Becky to see if she was okay with it. She gave me a little bit of a cautious nod and we all got up and left.

In the back corner of the large parking lot was a long, white stretch limo. When we got in we all sat on one of the long seats along the side in the same order in which we sat at the table in the bar. Paul opened up a large cooler at the end of the seat and pulled out two wine coolers for Becky and me and two beers for Jim and himself. Without even tasting my wine cooler, I placed it in a cup holder on the opposite side and then I reached up inside my skirt and pulled down my panties.

I held them up in front of Jim?s face as I giggled and he began to suck on their crotch. As he did this, I hiked up my skirt and threw my leg over his hips and then straddled his crotch while facing him. I cast the panties aside and began to kiss him as he felt up my ass. I heard some moaning coming from Becky again and looked over to see her face stuck to Paul?s and his hand high up her skirt and beneath her panties. I could tell that he was working his fingers in and out of her pussy and she was getting more and more worked up. Soon I could hear her pussy making those familiar suctioning noises as it slimed the two fingers Paul was working in and out of her love hole.

I leaned back and unbuttoned the waistband of Jim?s shorts and then sat up on my knees to work his shorts down his thighs.

No surprise, he was not wearing underwear. As soon as his cock was free, I lowered my pussy right onto it. I was so wet I felt his short but thick manhood zoom right up to meet my cervix. As I did this, Jim pulled his polo shirt off over his head revealing a very muscular chest with wispy gray hairs covering him from his nipples to his navel. Even his pubes were mostly gray and contrasted nicely when entwined with my curly brown ones.

Jim pulled off my top and began to suck on my nipples as I rode him up and down in a steady and satisfying rhythm. I noticed that I could see people walking around in the parking lot, some very near to the limo. The windows were tinted very dark so no one could see in but we could see out. Somehow the knowledge that I was fucking an older married man, a man older than my father and a stranger none-the-less, in a public place just feet from pedestrians was arousing me in ways that I cannot even describe. When I looked over and saw Becky completely naked, straddling a completely naked Paul and lining up his very long and thick cock with the pink center of her black-haired covered pussy, I could no longer hold back and I came with a primal scream all over Jim?s super hard pussy pleaser.

After I came, I just lay forward on Jim?s chest with his dick buried deep inside my pussy. I looked over to my right and watched Becky using the tip of Paul?s dick to rub and tease her beautiful pink camel toe. It was hard to say which one of them was wettest, her pussy lips from her arousal or his precum leaking onto his dickhead from his arousal. Finally I watched Becky reach down and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers and then guide Paul?s cock head into her soft pink opening. I watched it slowly disappear into her furry twat and sink up into her belly. She was finally cheating on that piece of shit husband of hers and I was there to witness it! For the first time in years, she was taking a new cock.

As she slowly slid down onto his rod, I watched as her black pussy hairs gently tickled the length of his shaft. Finally he was all the way inside and she was slowly grinding her hips in a circular motion as she was enjoying the feeling of his cock buried in her womb. She lay forward on Paul?s chest and placed her head over his shoulder. Suddenly I heard a cry of ecstasy from her mouth as she came even harder than I ever have. Paul began to work his hips up and down making it longer and even more intense for her.

Suddenly I realized that I had began to work my body up and down on Jim?s cock again without even realizing it. He was moaning with intense satisfaction. After Becky?s orgasm, Paul picked her up off of his dick and sat her down on the seat on the other side of the car. She eagerly spread her legs and Paul knelt between them guiding his cock back inside of her with his right hand. I heard her moan as he sank it in and began to pump her. ?I want to do what they are doing, ?

I told Jim as I stood up off of his dick. I finished undressing and Jim got completely naked as well. I sat down on the seat next to Becky and spread my legs, my right thigh coming into contact with her left. Jim knelt down on the floor and jammed his dick all the way in. The quickness of the motion almost made me cum again.

As Jim began a slow rhythm in and out, I looked over to watch Paul?s cock pumping with it?s own rhythm in and out of Becky?s hairy snatch. At the same time, she looked over to watch my fury box getting pumped. Now I am not bi-curious. Not even a little bit. Becky and I had seen each other naked many times over the years but I never imagined her in an erotic setting like this. I have to say that I was getting even more aroused than usual while watching her being pleasured by a complete stranger. I?d never before notice that her beautiful olive colored skin, that always looked tanned with no lines, was very nicely contrasted by the thick and wiry black hairs nestled between her smooth, shapely, tanned colored thighs. She always kept her pubes trimmed into a perfect triangle too. It was even more erotic seeing that huge old cock disappearing and then reappearing into that mound of black hairs. Each time Paul thrust inward, Becky?s stomach muscles contracted tightly as her pussy muscles squeezed down hard on his shaft. Each time Paul with drew his cock, I could see her muscles ripple from her belly button to her bush.

?Damn. This one is really turned on!? Jim said to Paul. ?Her pussy is slobbering all over my cock!?

?Becky?s pussy is so tight! She must not have been fucked for a long time, ? Paul said in return. Becky was so lost in the lust of the moment that she didn?t even hear herself being spoken about in the third person.

?My husband hasn?t fucked me in over six months, ? Becky suddenly said in response to Paul?s comment and much to my surprise. I was surprised that she had heard Paul?s comments as much as I was surprised to hear admit that Tom hadn?t fucked her in over six months. No wonder she was so upset when she caught him and his buddies jacking off to porn in the garage!

?His loss, ? I heard Paul say.

Finally I couldn?t take the sight anymore. I loved watching Becky?s body responding to the rhythmic pounding Paul was giving her. I placed my right hand onto Becky?s smooth, flat belly so that I could feel her stomach muscles contract and ripple with each thrust. My touch turned her on even more and her moaning became louder and more intense. Even Jim seemed to become harder and he picked up his pace until he was slamming my pussy. Finally I slid my palm down over her smooth belly and ran my fingers through her thick bush until I split my index and middle fingers around Paul?s cock shaft as it was sliding in and out. The sensations were unbelievably arousing. I could feel Paul?s hairy pelvis smacking the back of my hand with each inward thrust. I could feel his slime covered shaft rubbing between my fingers on his way in and out of Becky and I could feel Becky?s tender pussy lips as they gripped, stretched and formed around Paul?s meaty shaft.

It was more than all of us could stand. We all came at the same time. Becky and I howled with pleasure as we both came on Jim and Paul?s cocks. Paul and Jim both hammered deep inside of us as they pumped us full of their baby batter. I pulled my hand from Becky?s crotch as she looked over at me and smiled.

?That was unbelievable, ? she said, ?What in the world ever made you think to do that??

?I don?t know, ? I truthfully replied, ?I just saw Paul?s cock making your stomach spasm which each thrust and I just wanted to know what it felt like. From there, I just got curious about what a cock felt like as it was going in and out of your pussy.?

?Holy fuck!? the guys said to each other as they slapped each other?s palms. As Jim?s dick shrank it plopped out of my pussy. My snatch made a little queefing noise as the air and sperm both rushed to escape my gaping hole. The guys sat down on the seats facing us. For the first time I noticed several people in the parking lot looking towards the limo.

Evidently our ruckus drew much attention from passers by. I found that to be even more stimulating.

Becky and I still sat side by side. Our legs were still spread wide and the guys' sperm was leaking out of our bodies and onto the seat. From there it was running onto the floor.

The guys sat across from us, staring at our pussies and admiring their handy work. Still aroused, I began to frig my pussy with a finger. The guys began to stroke their limp meat, slowly making themselves hard again. I knelt on the floor between Paul?s legs and took his cock into my mouth. I could taste Becky?s juices still covering his cock. I took him as deep as I could and sucked him in and out. His dick began to get hard again. Becky had knelt between Jim?s legs and administered the same to him. Soon the guys were ready again and so Becky and I sat back down on the seat with our legs spread once again. This time; however, Becky and I had switched places and guys. Jim and Paul once again knelt between our thighs and soon I felt Paul?s cock splitting my cunt lips and gliding past them into my slimy maw. His dick was so long, I thought he?d rip me to shreds but he was very gentle and attentive. Soon the guys were back in rhythm but this time it was Becky who reached over and put her fingers down on my pussy lips allowing Paul?s shaft to split between her index and middle fingers.

?Hey!? Jim said, ?Let me feel some of that!? So I put my hand back down on Becky?s bush and ran my fingers down to her stretched pussy lips gripping and slurping on Jim?s cock. Suddenly I felt an incredible sensation as Becky actually began to rub my pussy lips with her fingertips while Paul?s cock passed between them.

?Oh shit, I?m going to cum!? I screamed with delight. Then I did. I came like a wild woman grinding and thrusting my hips upwards and outwards against Becky?s hand and Paul?s pelvis. The feeling of friction from her hand being caught between our joined bodies gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

When I was spent, I returned the favor and began to rub Becky?s pussy lips with my fingers as Jim fucked her. Becky began to buck her hips up and down to meet Jim?s thrusts as my fondling continued to arouse them both.

?Fuck me hard, ? she screamed at Jim as her hips began to bounce harder and harder against Jim?s pelvic bone. Her thrusting and his was actually beginning to hurt my hand as they were slamming their bodies together so hard. I couldn?t believe how dirty her mouth was getting and it was exciting all of us. I rarely ever heard Becky using foul language unless she was pissed like she was at me earlier in the day.

But now she held nothing back as all of her inhibitions were gone and she was becoming absolutely mad with lust.

?Fuck my pussy hard!? she commanded Jim, ?Fuck it, fuck it! Give me your cum! Cum inside my pussy? oh fuck!? And with that, she came again and so did Jim. I could feel his cock pulsating as my hand was still caught between their joined bodies. Then I felt his cum ooze out from around her pussy lips and onto my fingers! At this point Paul was pounding my pussy. Becky had inadvertently removed her hand while she was so caught up in being fucked by Jim. I didn?t care, the sensation of Paul?s big dick pounding my pussy, his subsequent moaning, the rocking of the car, the feeling of Jim?s sperm on my fingers and the fact that some guy passing by was actually bold enough to have his face right up on the glass of the limo combined to give me my second most intense orgasm of the night. My orgasm sparked Paul?s and my pussy muscles clamped down hard on his shaft and both of our genitals pulsed in spasm and his cream poured out and into my belly.

This time, as the guys deflated, they lay on top of us, kissing and holding us both. The sent of sex was heavy in the limo.

It was a musky smell combining sweat, sperm and pussy slime.

There was cum on everything. It was on Becky and me, on the seats and on the floor. The guys sat across from us again, there dicks limp and shriveled. I stretched out my naked legs, knees together for a change, and gently began to rub my pubes with my fingertips as I basked in the satisfaction of the moment. Apparently Becky felt no such contentment.

She spread her legs wide, her right thigh extending over my belly, and began to insert two fingers from her right hand into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she threw her head back over the seat as she began to cum again!

The guys just looked at each other and smiled.

Just then I heard a coughing sound that seemed to come from inside the limo but it was not one of us. I looked questioningly at Jim and Paul.

?Oh, ? Paul said while gesturing to the front of the car, ?That is just the driver.?

?Do you mean he has been in here the entire time?? I asked.

?Where else would the driver be?? Jim asked with a chuckle.

Just then I got a devious thought. I leaned forward and tapped on the glass partition that separates the driver from the passengers. The motorized glass slid down and a gray haired man of about 55 looked back at us. He was grinning from ear to ear and it was clear that he was in great physical shape.

?That?s Mark, ? Paul said, ?He is a retired cop from up north somewhere.?

?Yup, I just do the limo thing to pick up some extra cash, ?

Mark said.

?Oh, would you care to join us?? I asked. He looked at my naked body and then Becky?s but didn?t reply. ?These guys are spent but we?re still horny, ? I then said. Mark looked at Paul and grinned.

?Oh to be twenty again, ? he said. Paul and Jim just chuckled.

?Yeah, ? Jim said, ?I think we met our match with these two.

Do you think you can help us out??

?I?ll see what I can do, ? Mark replied.

The partition slid back into place and soon Mark was in the back with the rest of us, tearing off his driver?s uniform.

He was even taller than Paul with a much stockier build.

The hair on his head was snow white and all of the hair on his naked body was a silver-white color. His cock was enormous.

It was even bigger than Paul?s.

?Slide together, ? He said while motioning to Becky and me. Becky and I slid as close as we could on the seat. Our ass cheeks were touching and when we spread our legs, my left leg crossed over her right one. Since I was first in line, Mark knelt between my legs first and guided his pole into my waiting snatch. I moaned with delight as he slowly and methodically pumped it in and out. Becky just lay there and watched me being fucked. Mark reached down and grabbed my left hand then guided it over to Becky?s pubic mound.

He placed it palm first in her wiry pussy hair. ?Get her ready for me, ? Mark commanded me.

Like I said, I?ve never been bi or bi-curious but the guys seemed to be enjoying this so I did as I was asked. I let my middle finger slide down towards Becky?s pursed pussy lips and then began to slide it up and down, slightly opening her petals with each pass. Mark felt so good as he began to pump harder that I began to give him and what he was doing more attention than what my hand was doing to Becky. She began to moan very loudly and, without even realizing what I was doing, I?d slipped my finger deep into her twat. I began to frig her pussy as if I were frigging my own. I became aware of what I was doing to Becky when she began to grind her hips up and down into my palm. Her pussy began to slurp with her excitement. I slid a second finger into her snatch and then I looked over and saw her cumming on my fingers with a loud moan as she fondled and tickled her own breasts. I came hard on Mark?s cock as Becky came all over my fingers.

When I was finished, Mark pulled out of me and then moved between Becky?s thighs. I pulled my fingers out of Becky?s pussy and grabbed Mark?s cock. I guided him into Becky?s pussy and then fondled her pussy lips like I had before with Paul and Jim. Without any prompting from Mark, Becky put her hand on my pussy and immediately slid her middle finger into my gash and began to pump me with it. The feeling of her finger up inside of me and the naughtiness of the situation made me cum fast. I was amazed that my orgasms were still so intense given the fact that I was becoming worn out. Then suddenly Becky came hard on Mark?s cock, screaming as loud as she had the previous times with Paul and Jim. Then Mark moved back to me.

?Wait, ? I said to him, ?I?ve got an idea.? Then I told Becky to lie on top of me facing upward. She sat in my lap facing outward and then I leaned back and she leaned back on me.

She spread her thighs wide and placed her legs on top of mine.

Now Mark knelt between both of our legs and had access to both pussies; Becky?s on top and mine directly underneath.

He began to fuck us both alternately. He would pump my pussy a good twenty times or so and then pull out and stick it in Becky for twenty rounds or so. Becky and I both came again and again. Now knowing that she liked to fondle her own breasts while being fucked, I reached up and began to rub her nipples for her while mark pumped her. This propelled her into unimaginable lust and she began to pump her hips up and down to meet his thrusts. While she did this, her ass bouncing up and down on my pussy was sending me to heights of arousal I seldom ever reached. Because of this I?d be so ready for Mark?s cock each time it was my turn that his dick almost fell into my pussy from lack of friction.

After Becky and I came at least three times each while screwing this way, Mark finally succumbed and he came too. He was fucking Becky at the time, teasing her by sliding in and out really slow and almost popping out at the end of each stroke. It was driving her mad and she came her final time that way. Her pussy became so juicy from the orgasm that when he pulled out really far one last time, he accidentally popped all the way out. That was right when he was about to cum. His dick flew upwards as soon as it was released from Becky?s snatch and a huge glob of white goo flew from the tip of his engorged cock and arced up over Becky?s body.

It flew over her head and landed in her hair directly above her forehead. A white stripe landed right on her face from her forehead, down across her right eye, over her lips and off of her chin. Knowing it was too late; Mark grabbed his dick and began to jack it off to be certain that he emptied all that was in his balls. Over Becky?s right shoulder, I saw stream after stream of his white cream arcing over her naked body. His second spurt hit her hair right near her right ear just in front of my face!

When Mark was finally spent, he sat down between Jim and Paul and admired his work. Becky climbed off of me and sat down on the seat next to me again. I looked at her body and it was covered. She had literally taken a bath in his cum.

Stripes of white sperm ran the length of her body from her pussy to her chin. Her belly button was full of cum and white pearls of fluid formed globs in her black pubic hair. Likewise, white sperm matted her black hair above her forehead and right ear. She took her tongue and licked the sperm off of her lips. Then she massaged the sperm globs into her pubes with her hand. With that same hand she scooped the sperm out of her belly button and tasted it. That part kind of turned my stomach as I hate the taste of sperm but Becky really seemed to enjoy it.

I was so into what had been going on with Becky, Mark and myself that I hadn?t even noticed that Paul and Jim had been stroking new erections as they watched the three of us frolicking.

Suddenly it came to my full attention as Jim suddenly moved to kneel on the seat next to Becky and Paul kneeled down between her thighs. Both were jacking themselves furiously as she tasted Mark?s sperm from her belly button and soon they were shooting arcs of sperm of their own all over Becky?s body. Jim started to shoot off on her face and in her hair.

After a couple of spurts hit her face and hair she quickly leaned over and stuck him in her mouth and sucked him dry.

Meanwhile, Paul?s sperm had shot far enough to give her a pearl necklace and to add to the mess on her tits and belly already made by Mark.

?I?m a mess, ? Becky said with a laugh when they were done.

She looked at her body and the streams and globs of white everywhere. Some of Jim?s cum was seeping out of the corner of her mouth. He must have shot more cum than she could swallow.

The guys laughed and slapped each other?s palms again.

?I hope you?re not feeling left out, ? Paul said to me.

?That?s quite alright, ? I replied making a face that clearly showed my revulsion.

?Not into the cum thing are you?? Paul asked with a smile.

?No, ? I answered emphatically, ?Especially the swallowing stuff.? Then I made a little quivering motion with my body.

?Yuck!? I exclaimed. The guys all laughed.

Becky and I used our panties to clean up the mess on her body and then we gave them to the guys as souvenirs. We dressed and they gave us a limo ride back to our room. We kissed them goodnight, thanked them for a great time and then watched them drive away.

?You were right, ? Becky said, ?I had a great time. You just have to promise me know one will ever know but you and me.?

?Oh, that is a promise, ? I said in a tone that indicated that I would never dream of telling anyone else.

?Did you like touching me? I mean down there?? Becky asked while pointing to her pussy.

?It was? okay, ? I answered hesitantly. ?Why? Did you like touching me??

?It was alright, ? she answered in the same hesitant tone.

?I?m really not at all curious about girl-on-girl and I would never touch anyone else like that, ? I told her, ?I also wouldn?t do it unless we were with two guys that wanted us to do it again.?

?Me too, ? she said. I listened for a hint of disappointment in her voice but heard none. I think she is genuinely as uninterested in girl-on-girl as I am.

We showered, separately of course, and then went to bed.

As I fell asleep I was thinking about how productive this day had been and it was only our first day! I had fucked five strangers in one day! I had never fucked five guys in the same year much less in one day! And we still had six wonderful, cock hunting days to go.

For the next six days, Becky and I cruised the beach from sun up to sun down looking for good-looking guys to bring back to our room and fuck. We never struck out the entire week. Usually we?d find two in the morning and do them before lunch and then find two in the afternoon or evening. Amazing how guys are so hungry for free pussy. We?d always share the guys allowing them to switch places and fuck us both.

A couple of times we spent the entire night with two guys that we would find on the beach. The four of us would screw all night; get some sleep and then part company in the morning after a good-bye fuck. Once we even picked up just one guy.

He was a goober like looking guy; the kind that would have trouble finding a woman to have sex with and was probably still a virgin. We decided to take him to our room and give him a ?mercy fuck.? The joke was on us. Yes he was a virgin and yes he had trouble with the ladies but his dick was huge and hard and somehow, he knew just how to use it. We spent an entire afternoon with him. He left us a new man and we learned a valuable lesson about being too quick to judge a book by its cover.

When the vacation was over, I hated to go home to Jeff the 10 second wonder. But I had a great time and made memories that still fuel my love making sessions 14 years later.

When we got home, I took an STD test and learned that I was still clean. I was young and foolish back in those days and was lucky. Today I am much more mature about things and always make certain to be protected. But while I was taking an STD, Becky was taking a test of another kind. Two and a half weeks later she discovered she was pregnant. What surprised me was that she didn?t even seem upset when she told me.

?I guess Tom must have missed me a little, ? she said, ?We did it the night we got back. It?s the only time we did that month but it is enough for him to believe that he is the father.?

?Do you think he is?? I asked. Of course I knew full well what the answer would be. On any given day for seven days we both had the sperm of no less than four guys swimming around inside of us and everyday it was a different four guys. Know one will ever know who the biological father of that child is.

?Of course not, ? Becky said with a look of irritation and surprise at my question, ?How would anyone know??

?You don?t seem too upset, ? I pointed out.

?Of course not. Besides the fact that he is a shit head? and lazy? and obnoxious? and fat? and inattentive? and pretty much all around useless, one of the biggest problems in our marriage is that I want another baby and he doesn?t even want to have sex with me anymore. One of the reason?s I gave in and followed your lead down there was because I was secretly hoping to get knocked up. Now I am and he gave me the alibi on the night we came back. He?ll never know, ? she exclaimed with a devilishness that I never knew existed in her.

?Well good for you, ? I told her and gave her a hug of congratulations.

Thank God I?m on the pill I thought to myself.

Nine months later, Becky had a healthy, beautiful baby boy that to this day looks nothing like Tom.

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