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Cash and Ass

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Cash and Ass

Hi my name is Gary, and as we all know sometimes we do things we sometime regret latter. Well this is a story of something that I did that at the time was fun but now hope that no one was hurt by, especially my girl friend at the time, Tracy.

At the time, while dating Tracy, I was also lightly gambling. I also owed the pool of my group about a grand, which I was hiding from Tracy. Except Tracy took a phone call from one of the boys demanding the cash or ass. Well to cut a story short, after a blazing row Tracy offered her ass for a once off payment, if I gave up gambling. After a short talk with the boys, it was agreed let the night begin. We all met at the pub, and the boys got to know Tracy and the rules were made. The boys put up two hundred each and any hand I won Tracy got to keep, any hand I lost Tracy had to do whatever was asked.

Well after a few hands Tracy had one hundred in her kitty but had lost panty hose and skirt. In the next hands Tracy lost her blouse and was left in her sexy lime green knickers, white camisole top, and always present bra that held her mammoth tits. Next I won a couple of hands in a run building Tracy a larger bank. Then I lost again and Terry asked that he be able to remove Tracy’s bra, letting her breasts swing free. As he did he grabbed a quick feel of her breasts, the first’s contacts from the group and Tracy, bringing a smile to Tracy’s nervous face and a mix of laughs and whistles from the boys. Next Joe won and told Tracy that she was to sit next to the five of them, one at a time and open their fly under the table and play with them until they were hard, but not to let them cum.

She did as she was told, first sitting between Tony, making small talk with the gang, while we shared a drink and me, she fumbled under the table and started to play with his hardening cock. She then swapped seats and did the same to Joe, and then she moved around the table till she had enjoyed the thrill of feeling all five unfamiliar hard cocks. At the next hand Tracy was told to clime under the table and take off my trousers and briefs, and then give me a blowjob with me to come over her full tits. Well to the whistled of the group Tracy disappeared and moments later I felt the warmth of her breath on my stomach as she lifted my cock, I felt it stiffen as she tongued the head of my cock. I nervously enjoyed the sensations as she ran her tongue along the underside of my cock and down to my swollen sack... The thrill of the feeling as she took each of my balls into her mouth, sitting there with my mates sitting around the table. She returned to my hard cock taking it into her warm wet mouth, using her full lips to move up and down, sucking me hard into her throat. As I sat there with my mates, trying to make small talk, my woman that I wanted was under the table giving me the blowjob of the century.

At the time when I would stop her, throw her on her back, rip off her knickers, lick and eat out that succulent pussy, all before fucking her tight pussy and joining her in the throes of orgasm, I realized that I couldn’t, I just had to moan that I was going to come soon. Tracy took my cock out of mouth long enough to tell me to push the chair into center of the room, giving the boys a good view of her head bobbing up and down in my lap. They whistled as she brought me closer to the brink.

One of the guys reached out patted Tracy’s behind while telling her to bring me to the boil. As I grunted that I was about to come Tracy flipped up the front of the camisole and slipped my throbbing cock between her breasts. With a gush I came over those succulent globes, letting my thick come splat on her excited nipples, with the juices running all over her, I spurted between those melons leaving streams of white goo running across her chest. After I had finished Tracy pulled the front of her top down. which left her standing there in her very brief panties and now almost transparent top, from the mix of sweat, excitement. And my cum, with those excited nipples sticking through.

After she joined rest of us at the table, her face blushed red with a flush of blood realizing that not only had she sucked me off in front of the group of strangers but also they could visibly see her breasts that she was self conscious of because of their size, we somewhat returned to the game.

Again I had a winning run building Tracy’s bank to almost four hundred of the original thousand bucks. Then I lost and Mario challenged Tracy to stretch out on the couch and play with herself like the girls in those porno videos that we had all watched. Well with a big smile Tracy lounged on the couch and started to touch herself. She ran her fingers through her hair, tussling her beautiful mane of long red curls. Tracy then ran her hands down her body, touching her slender neck, her full breasts over the top of the camisole that was adhered to them with my cum. Down her waist and along the edge of those bright green knickers, and along the inside of her firm thighs and down to the tip of her petite feet.

Sitting there leaning forward almost bent in half, holding an ankle in each hand, she looked each of the six of us directly in the eye letting her breasts seductively swing under the thin material. Then she rolled back on the couch pulling her legs up till they were pointing at the ceiling, then with a graceful movement she opened her legs with her hands again running down the graceful line of the contours of her muscles. Six pairs of eyes watched those hands moved with grace and ease till they reached the V that we all craved. With a delicate move she eased the hem of her panties to expose the taught ring of her asshole, the wet lips of her pussy, the red beautiful pubic hair, and ran a delicate finger across the access to that ripe bum, up through the entrance to her pussy, slipping just a tip of her finger into herself, and up to her clit exposing the red button of happiness.

Quickly replacing the skimpy material, she let her legs relax and dr*pe themselves over the edge of the couch. Our eyes traveled with her fingers as she lifted the lace edging of her camisole to reveal her tits to us, pulling the top completely off, she sat back as she again took the fullness of her breasts in her hands, enjoying the sensations not only of her own manipulations but also the excitement of the tension growing in the room.

Tracy took the weight of them and lifted them to her mouth, she ran her tongue around her nipples and then took her hard nipples between her teeth and started to stretch, suck, and tease her own breasts till her nipples stood erect on top, her body again flushed with the excitement of her own needs in front of this group of strangers.

While her body craved sex, her brain was still working like the accountant that she was, she stood up and slowly walked around the table letting each guy get an eye full of the body that we all wanted, she gave each guy a kiss, some on the neck, some on the cheek, some on the sensitive earlobe, all the time rubbing her breasts against the lucky guy. After doing the rounds of the table she put forward her new proposal, that we could call the debt even, paid in full after her peep show, and she would get dressed and leave, or, she could take all the bank, and we would get a chance to get into those tiny bright green knickers of the hornyest girl most of us could remember.

In a split second the five guys threw the bank into an envelope and pushed it towards Tracy, and asked her how she would like to play it. Well as a lucky double chance dip she wrote everything she had fantasized about on six separate sheet of paper, putting them in separate envelopes and then mixed them up. We all then split the deck and the highest draw got to pick an envelope. Four draws latter all five guys had an envelope in front of them, and Tracy then sat on my knee and handed me mine.

They all opened their surprises, Tracy handed me a copy of the list or me to read silently to myself, the first guy got a 69’er with her on top, the second guy got to fuck that tight pussy missionary style, the third doggy style, the fourth with her on top, the fifth guy got her virgin asshole. They all turned to me and asked what mine read. In a muffled voice I told my duty was to be her slave for the night, keeping her supplied with a drink or cigarettes, I was to tell her how good she looked as she humped my friends. I didn’t tell them that also I was to eat her well fucked pussy, full of my mates cum, as the last guy fucked her ass. And then only after I had licked both holes clean, that I could please her in any position that she chose, only I was not allowed to come for the rest of the evening.

Tracy stood up and walked to the center of the room. After ruffling her hair she turned her back to the group, stood with her feet slightly apart, put her thumbs in the sides of her knickers, and bent at the waist in one swift movement, pulled the scrap of green down to her ankles. She kicked them across the room. She stood up, naked for the first time, letting my entire mates look at the beauty of her nude body. Putting her hands on her hips, she looked around the table, and asked who was first. Barry stood from the table, and walked to Tracy. She greeted him with open arms, took him in an embrace and kissed him passionately, then started to undress him.

Starting with his shirt, she stripped him to the waist, and after waiting as he stripped off his footwear; she opened his waistband and pulled down the zipper. Tracy dropped to her knees and took out his hard on, putting it to her own lips and opening them, till he pushed forward and eased his cock into her mouth. She pulled away and eased off his jeans and boxer shorts. Pulling him to floor she kissed him briefly, then while holding his hardness gently in one hand, she ran her tender red lips along the muscles on his neck she nibbled on his taught male nipples on his broad chest, down to tickle his belly button with her talented tongue, and finally her flushed face rested inches from his cock.

Her senses took in the aura of this almost stranger whom she was about to excite with her hands, tongue and mouth. She took in his taste, his texture, his sounds, his looks, and the delightful aroma of the pure sexual state. As she lent to again take his cock into her mouth she felt his hands on his hips pulling her over his body. She moved as his hands wanted, her sex inches from his face, her legs sitting either side of his rugged face, she felt for the first time the tip of his tongue trace the outline of her pussy, gently he moved his head so he could kiss the inside of her thighs, one side then the other, she felt the sensations of sexual pleasure as he started to nibble the hood that hid her clit bringing it to life.

She moved as his hands and body wanted, he moved her slightly forward with her taking his cock in her mouth, she felt his tongue travel from her clit up into the warmth of her pussy, tasting her for the first time, and the he moved up to between the twin peaches of her bum, he pulled them open to explore her tastes of her anal ring, she felt the tip at her entrance, then the broadness as he forced it into her. She enjoyed the sensations as he invaded her private place, building the needs for release her body craved, as she sucked his throbbing cock. Tracy nibbled the tender skin of the underside of his cock and lent down to taste the musk of his balls, taking one at a time in her mouth. She sucked as if she could taste his seed from the sack; Tracy swapped and repeated the action causing Barry to collapse back onto the floor, as he fought to catch his breath and composure.

Fighting back, Barry almost attacked Tracy’s pussy and ass, teasing her, exciting her, as she excited him. Both of them fought to bring the other to the climax that each wanted. Two people in one mind to achieve sexual bliss, unaware of the rest of us now standing, as we watched. In almost unison the two of them flinched, stiffened, groaned, relaxed, and every other sensation two people can share or feel as their partner, and their own body spazamed in ecstasy

After she rolled off, she rested her head on Barry’s thigh and told me to get a six-pack for the boys. Barry was to get the first as a reward for his effort. Relaxed she asked for No 2 to stand up, as he did she told him to get her a tall long white wine in a chilled flute that both could be found in the fridge, and also a cigarette. She lay there covered in sheen of perspiration and sexual excitement, sipping on the cold wine, a contrast from the heat of her body.

She told him to strip as she rested there. When he was naked, she pushed herself up to a sitting position and took a strange cock in her mouth for the second time that night. Ounce he was hard Tracy laid back down, she spread her legs and looked up at him, with a husky voice she said to him “Okay big guy climb aboard, but take it easy for awhile, you mate was good but a bit rough on the pink tender bits.”

Mario dropped, first to his knees, then to the floor between Tracy’s legs. As he took that hardness that strained from his crutch he rested it against her swollen pussy lips. While her brain told her to resist and rest, her body responded to the pressure as he pushed into her, her pussy moistened as he entered her. She felt her pussy stretch as the large cock filled her, enjoying the feeling, till he was so far up her his balls rested against her bum.

Slowly he started to slide out of her till only the thick purple head rested between her lips. With a thrust her entered her again bringing a gasp to her lips. Resting on his elbows, as his hips moved so that he could slowly enter her, he lent forward and kissed her, first their lips just touching for the first time, he repeated to touch his to her lips lightly again, then their mouths opening as they sucked on the others tongues.

As he fucked her she started to respond to him, first lifting her knees so the soles of her feet rested on the floor, then using her feet as leverage she started to move her hips to meet his thrusts. She started to run her hands up and down his back, feeling from the tight muscles on his back to the flexing muscles of his bum. He lifted his weight off her and lowered his head so that he could kiss her tender skin, from those red lips, down her neck to her weighty chest. Mario took their weight in his hands as he first sucked, then licked, them nibbled on the dusty pink nipples that crowned them While not knowing the person, Mario was making love to her body.

Again Tracy responded to his passion as she wrapped her legs around his waist opening her pussy to him and letting her drawing him deeper into her pussy. Together they moaned as the passion grew This was not someone just fucking a strange pussy, but someone who loved to fuck a hot pussy with his hard cock As they fucked they increased their vigor and speed. When Tracy went to adjust herself, Mario grabbed her legs and lifted them high into the air pulling her ass off the floor; he shifted so that he was in a kneeling with his knees under her bum. Then placing her legs over his shoulders he took her hand and let her guide that throbbing cock back into her pussy. He slipped easily into her, resting one hand on a breast again feeling the heat and excitement of her nipples, the other he gently touched face trailing it across her cheek, touching the fullness of her lips, At Tracy’s urging Mario started fucking her hot box. Together they humped as Mario tried to bring her to the fever pitch that Barry had achieved. Mario’s force excited Tracy as she verbally encouraged him to fuck her harder. The harder he fucked the more she responded She grabbed her own legs and pulled them wide open, while yelling at him to come, to fill her pussy full of his seed, to drown her pussy in his come, to shove his big dick so far up her till it came out her mouth. In a second he shuddered and groaned as he collapsed on top of her. Dripping with perspiration

Once again Tracy lifted her hand, as she lay there to accept a chilled glass as soon as Mario had stood up and collected his clothes. Her face was flushed, her breasts red with excitement, her pussy lips swollen and puffy after the pounding they had received, with a slight trickle of Mario’s come running down her crutch. Tony had walked up to Tracy rubbing his hard cock through his boxer shorts. He put out his hands to Tracy and pulled Her to her feet then walked her to the table. With a firm hand he pushed her forward till her top half was resting on the cool tabletop, her tits flat against the shiny surface. She looked at us around the table as Tony dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. He lifted his cock and slapped Tracy’s exposed pussy with his hardness. He then slid it into her pussy till he was fully embedded. Grabbing her hips he started to fuck her slowly, with deep and forceful strokes.

Tracy lay there with eyes closed as Tony fucked her. Again her breathing started to increase, her hips started to push back to meet the thrust, she squirmed rubbing her breasts against the table, she opened her eyes and looked around at us again this time with that familiar lust we al had come to know finally locking on my eyes us she was fucked. I could see that not only was she enjoying the open sexuality of it all but our relationship had changed

She let herself slip back into her brain, back to the pleasure her body was enjoying, something she had never let herself open to totally before She didn’t care who was fucking her or who was watching, She let all the guys watch her, watch her tits that she was self conscious about, she did not care who saw her sweat as she enjoyed the fat cock in her now sloppy pussy, she liked the aroma of sex that she smelt of, she loved the look of envy of the men who stood and sat around her who still craved her body, She came, not only in orgasm but also in the fact the she realized the power her body held.

Tracy gripped the edge of the table as her pussy gripped the cock in her, she yelled at Tony to fuck her, to ram it home, not to stop pounding her pussy. Tony stood behind her and grimaced as he resisted the pressure to come. He could not help it; he came and filled her pussy with his seed. He groaned as he slumped forward on her body. He them collapsed onto the floor completely finished. She kneeled down and kissed Tony on the lips again and then lowered her head to his limp cock and licked it clean. Tracy then went around the group again, running a hand across a bare chest teasing a male nipple, nibbling on an ear of another, kissing a cheek, offering a full breast to suckle, fondling a cock as it rose to her approach, finally sitting on my lap with my hard cock resting between her ample thighs. Tracy asked for a beer from the group and accepted a cigarette from the table

Tracy took a long swig from the bottle and then put a thumb over the bottle top and shook it vigorously With a laugh, she pointed it round the group, some guys dived for cover, some laughed, some sat there with opened mouths waiting for a spray. With all our eyes on her, Tracy placed the cool bottle just below her breasts and let go of the top. The beer erupted in a stream of foam, jetting between her tits and covering her neck, and streaking through her hair and running across her face. One of the boys laughed and said that he hoped it did not cool her down to much, as we all liked how hot she looked. She said to us all that she would be back in a minute.

We all heard the running water and then Tracy came back into the room looking clean and fresh. Her hair was brushed and her makeup was touched up. She had a towel and a small bottle of her favorite massage oil. With a glance over her shoulder she said she hoped if they did not mind if she took a break as I gave her a bit of T L C. She spread the towel on the floor and stretched out on it face up. Sitting next to her I put some oil on my hands and started to massage her shoulder.

She leant to my ear and whispered that she had not washed everywhere and her pussy was still sticky and full for my tongue later on. With a smile she laid back as I gently continued my massage. All the boys watched, talked and drank as I played with her body. That they had all enjoyed. Her body responded to the tingling that the oil gave her. She purchased it from a friend who made it herself at home. Not only did Tracy enjoy my touch but also I was sure that there was something in it that made her respond and open her senses to pleasure. By now I had touched her full breasts, teased her nipples, stroked her beautiful stomach and was now dripping drops of the oil on her pussy. I rubbed the swollen labia. With all the pounding, use and abuse her pussy had received I was trying to be as gentle as I could. Just touching, toying, and rubbing her as she moaned in appreciation. She stopped me as I went to slip in a finger and said for me to continue with her legs and feet. I moved and paid special attention to her toes only stopping to lick and suck them as she liked.

With a shudder she pulled her toes away from my mouth. She shifted and rolled over onto her tummy. I returned to her shoulders and started to work my way down again, I found that special place in the middle of her back that drove her mad. She slapped my leg and told me to keep on with the massage. I rubbed more oil on her back as I played with her ass cheeks, her thighs and calf muscles. When I had enough of playing with her legs I moved back to her bum. Tracy grabbed her buns, pulling them apart so the boys could see me toying with her tiny puckered ring. Tracy pushed back as I probed the virgin hole for the first time, forcing my finger in to the first knuckle. She thrust the oil to me as if asking for more lubrication. With a few drops I had my finger fully embed in her, I then slowly started to fuck her tight hole with my finger as I slid a second finger into her pussy. Her panting breath gave away the excitement her body was feeling.

Tracy rolled away from the towel and pointed for me to sit on the couch. She handed me the oil and walked over to the table and took the last two guys hand and led them to the couch as well I moved to allow the two guys to sit, Terry first in the center and Joe next to him on the other side. Tracy slowly sat on the lap of Terry, facing him. Reaching between her legs she took his cock and slipped into her waiting pussy. She slid slowly down the rigged pole. As he took her breasts in his hands, raising them to his mouth, she started to play with our hard cocks, Joe on one side, me on the other side of her. Tracy started to squirm on the cock in her, rubbing her mound against his hardness. Terry was madly mauling her tits, taking the enlarged nipples between his teeth and pulled at them like an excited animal. Tracy bent over and kissed me hotly on the mouth and then whispered in my ear for me to oil up her asshole again as she felt Terry was not far off coming and she wanted to try two cocks at once. As I slid my greasy finger into her butt, liberally applying a good dose of oil up there, I could also feel Terry’s throbbing monster in Tracy’s pussy, separated only by a thin stretched wall.

As I pulled out my digit Tracy climbed off Terry and pulled him to the floor and climbed back on top of him, but this time leaning forward putting all her weight on his chest. Unseen by Terry, Joe had lined himself up behind the couple on the floor.

He took Tracy’s hands and made her open her ass for him. After placing his head of his large cock at the tight ring, he inched forward, bit-by-bit, until he was in almost balls and all. Almost in a wrestling move Joe locked his arms around Tracy and with a grunt pulled her up and over. With a shocked expression Tracy ended up laying on top of Joe, his hard cock still deep in her ass. Joe yelled at Terry to climb aboard and get his rocks off.

Terry grabbed Tracy’s legs and opened them so he, and al of us could see, Joe’s big cock up her ass. Terry climbed between their legs and pushed his own herd cock back into Tracy. With a deep moan Tracy moved her hips, not only meeting Terry’s thrusts, but also moving on Joe’s cock. The thrill of the two studs in her brought her to a shattering climax, while Terry in his own world, while either sticking his tongue in Tracy’s responsive mouth or sucking on her mammoth tits as they wobbled about, humped her still sloppy pussy. Nothing could stop him now as his eyes rolled back and he added his load to juices in her full pussy. After Terry had pulled out Tracy lay, still on top of Joe, panting to catch her breath.

Tracy rolled off Joe and whispered something into his ear, with a smile he nodded. Tracy waved at me and said that I knew the deal so lay down. As I stretched out Tracy sat over my face a started to rub herself, slowly she stretched out, her wet, messy, smelly, sticky pussy inches from my mouth. As I felt Tracy’s hot mouth on my cock I realized that Joe was sitting above me also. I watched again just inches away his fat cock edge closer to her ass. In seconds his hairy balls were hanging above my face, bouncing as he drove into her ass. Tracy started to slide her mouth and lips around my cock, sucking me deeply down her throat, as Joe fucked her anal canal.

Tracy pushed back, not only taking Joe deeper, but also forcing her pussy against my mouth. I opened her flaps with my tongue tasting the combined juices of her night. With a gush, the mix of come flood my mouth as I licked and sucked that juicy twat. I opened my eyes in time to see Joe’s balls tighten, as he filled her ass for the first time.

Tracy climbed off me and said it was time for all to go as she had kept her deal, and while she had enjoyed it, she wanted time alone with me. After the boys had dressed and Tracy had given them a kiss she pulled me to her bedroom. Still smelling of sex we climbed into the bed and cuddled and kissed. She told me that she still loved me but doubted that she could live with only one cock again.

Well most of the time our life was normal, watching TV, going out to dinner and normal stuff, except for two things, once every couple months Tracy would appear late night dressed up like a whore, kissed me and disappeared only to return hours later. She would slide under the covers smelling of sex and tell me of the cocks she had that night. Big ones, small ones, bent ones, Black, Asian, White guys, young kids and old guys. She participated in Gang bangs, everything and anything and all in graphic detail. She would then drift off to sleep holding my hard cock in her hand.

The only time I ever saw Tracy do anything again was a surprise. Joe had asked me to his Christmas break up I turned up late telling Tracy that I was going down to the Pub After a couple of hours of drinking, laughing at various stories and jokes, watching a couple of porno videos I was having a good night. One of the boys yelled for the lights to be dimmed as the entertainment had arrived. The workshop slid into darkness except for one spot light and some music started. One of the guys opened the back door and a girl walked into the light. It was Tracy, dressed as a schoolgirl. She started to dance and strip to the music. Joe wondered up to me and whispered that the boys did not know who she was, or our relationship, plus Tracy did not know I was there. When Tracy was down to her knickers two guys grabbed the skinny apprentice, others stripped him naked and tied him to a chair. Tracy then started to tease him, rubbing her tits in his face, she played with his cock until it was hard, and she knelt before everyone and took his cock and balls into her mouth, giving him a great blowjob. As he started to moan in appreciation Tracy stood up, bent at the waist, slid down her panties showing her all to the group, and straddled the kids cock. She fucked herself on him till he came, letting him suck on her tits as he did. As she slid off him the boys whistled and cheered.

As someone turned on some of the lights and someone untied the kid Joe opened the back of a van-awaiting repair inside was a large mattress onto which Tracy climbed. She asked who was next. One by one, and then two or three at a time she fucked them all Anal, in her pussy, in her mouth and over her tits and face they came. As the rest of watched and drank and cheered her on.

I was the fourth guy in the van, and as I slid into her she opened her eyes and saw me for the fist time that night. I covered her mouth with mine when she started to say something, while I continued to fuck her with all my force. As we fucked in view of all the guys our eyes locked and she realized I was not only not upset but enjoying myself She fucked, sucked and took the dozen guys come for six hours As daylight streamed through the windows for the first time that day Joe told me to get dressed and drive my car to the back door. Still naked Tracy ran out and climbed in and we drove home to sleep.

The other change was two weeks ago when Tracy came home a lot earlier than normal. Instead of climbing in naked she turned on a bedside light. She pulled me out of bed and took me to the lounge. She told me to go in while she got a few drinks. I walked in, naked, and saw a young girl sitting there dressed only in a very tight T-shirt and a pair of large white cotton panties. The girl was tiny with only a pair of buds for breasts crowned with two tiny nipples poking through the top. Tracy walked in and kissed the girl on the mouth and then did the same to me. She handed around the drinks and told the girl to tell me of their night.

Somewhat coyly the girl told of how she was out with her teenage boyfriend and three of his mates when they saw Tracy in a pub.

The mates called out to Tracy and started to make rude suggests to her. Tracy had sat down at the table and joined in the banter. At closing time the youths asked if she would like to come back to their flat for a good time. The girl said by time they got to the flat Tracy had her tits out and her knickers where thrown out the window. When they got inside the girl was snuggling with her boyfriend on the couch as the rest started on Tracy. The two watched as Tracy took the first guy and sucked his cock and balls, as another sucked on her tits and the third licked her pussy. For the first time the girl let her boyfriend get her naked in front of the others. She was excited to watch Tracy have sex so openly.

The girl told me how she had sucked her boyfriend while watching Tracy take the fist cock into her pussy until he came. When the boy pulled out she saw the excited pussy and her boyfriend said that Tracy had a beautiful pussy. The girl nodded and then her boyfriend told her get down there and lick her out as he fucked her doggy style. Tracy smiled as the girl put her lips to Tracy’s snatch as the guy pushed his dick into the tiny thing. The girl told us how she thinks she had her first orgasm as Tracy rubbed her pussy against her face, her boyfriend fucked her from behind and she played with her own clit. She really liked the taste of pussy with the boys cum mixed with Tracy’s juice.

As Tracy started to climax under the effects of the girl, the boyfriend pushed the girl away from Tracy and slid his cock into Tracy and fucked her. He came with a deep groan and then told the girl to lick his cum out of Tracy’s pussy. Tracy dared the kid to let the girl fuck one of his friends.

When he nodded Tracy told the girl to take her pick and she picked a scrawny kid who had a massive cock. Tracy pushed the last kid to the floor and sat on him, taking his thin cock in her pussy. This also gave Tracy a chance to watch the girl in action. The girl first dropped to her knees and took his hardening cock in her mouth getting it really wet. She worked on it till it shone with her spit, and then the girl laid down and spread her legs as the kid slapped her hungry slit. He opened her tiny lips and edged his cock into her. As the kid fucked the girl she opened her legs to take all of the cock. Tracy asked the girl how it was, and the girl said fucking great. Almost two soon the two guys grunted and came filling both pussies.

Tracy told us that she glanced around the room and found that not only had the two kids fallen asleep straight after the sex but the first guy was also passed out on the couch. Tracy took the hand of the boy friend and the girl and asked where the bedroom was and minutes later they were on a single dirty mattress. Okay lover now for your treat, Tracy said to the youth, while I go down on your girlfriend I want your cock up my ass. As the girl sat with her back against the wall and her legs open Tracy took some of the juices from her pussy and smeared them up her labia and over the cock. As Tracy made love to the tiny pussy with her mouth and tongue, the kid slid his cock up her bum. Frantically he started to fuck her, reaching around to pull on Tracy’s tits. While fucking her madly the kid laughed and Tracy lifted her face from the sweet smelling pussy and asked if he liked her ass. The kid replied that it was fucking great.

With that the kid groaned and filled her rectum. As he did the girl grabbed Tracy by the hair and climaxed for the second time that night and her life. Again within minutes later the two girls were sitting talking as the kid snored in pure bliss. Quietly the girl asked if Tracy really liked getting it up the bum and when Tracy told her how good it was, she said that she would really like to try it.

That’s how they were here, for me to take her virgin ass, as well as a jolly good threesome. The next day Jenny rang her boyfriend and told him she had decided to be our live in border. After a loud yelling match, he calmed down and they still went out together as boy and girl friends, with him sleeping over occasionally. Unknown to him Jenny sometimes goes out with Tracy on her escapades, and sometimes she stays home with me and we enjoy a fuck together with Tracy joining us in bed when she gets home.

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