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Cabin Party

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During my time at a community college, a select group of friends would get together on the weekends. We would pool our money and reserve a cabin in a resort camp ground that was situated right above a large lake. Since many of us had gone to high school together, we were a close group. As our weekend parties went on, things became much closer than we would ever imagine.

It was a Friday night. I ended up having to work and be part of the closing crew at the store. I was a bit ticked off by this, because my girlfriend Cindy had been out at the cabin since early in the evening, and I knew she would be starting without me. Cindy had a problem, which ended up causing us to split, and that was she would drink way too much, way too fast. This night, it was annoying, but paid off.

I got out to the resort, parked, and noted that there were several cars there, one of which belonged to Greg. Greg had a girlfriend named Debbie. Debbie was tall, slim and ended up coaching girls basketball later in life. I always liked Debbie, and she and Cindy were fairly close. I walked up the wooden steps to the screened in summer porch. Couples were sitting around, drinking, chatting while .38 Special played on an 8 track tape player, after all, it was 1979 and CD's were way off yet. I walked into the main part of the cabin, and thought to myself that the people who built them must have had this type of group in mind. The cabin was narrow, but very long as it progressed to the back rooms. The owners of the resort had situated sofa's along both the walls, giving plenty of space for people to sit, and be able to socialize and visit. As I walked in and said my greetings, I saw my friends engaging in light touching, kissing and as we called it, necking. There was a certain amount of joking and playfulness going on, but nothing along the lines of what you would really call swinging. As I walked to the kitchen, I found a card game going on, and I dove into the snacks and grabbed a beer.

I heard the loud laughing of Cindy, who came walking in the kitchen from a balcony area, just off the kitchen. I could see it in her eyes, and from the way she was walking that I was right, she was already very drunk. I love sex, and love to perform for a lady, but I like it when I also will be given some skilled loving too. I knew from prior experience that Cindy was so far gone that I would be lucky to get laid tonight and have her be able to perform well, or respond to my efforts. Guys do love watching the response of a woman when they are doing something right, and making the woman happy.

The night progressed and people broke up into little groups. We did have a couple of girls that were lesbians in our group. They were slow dancing together, their foreheads touching as they gazed into each others eyes. They would kiss and touch, and to be honest, it freaked some people out more than it does today. People think Bi and lesbian is more cool and sexy now than they did back then. Pretty soon, there was talk of running over the hill, down through the woods to the lake for a moonlight swim. Almost everyone agreed that it was a great idea and took off, leaving Cindy, Debbie, Greg and I in the front room on the sofa's.

The two lesbian girls were still lost in their own world, and there was an uncomfortable silence as we sat on the sofas. Cindy announced that she didn't feel very good,and she wanted to go lay down on the bed. She stood up in a very unsteady manner, tripped and giggled. She took ahold of Debbie by the hand, pulled Debbie to her feet and said, "Come with me, I don't want to be alone." She then giggled more and looked at Greg and I. "You guys too, I don't want you to be lonely either." We followed the girls to one of the bedrooms in the back. This was nothing new, the bedrooms always got used at the parties, but everyone in our group would stay with their respective partner, if any swapping happened, I never knew about it.

We paired off on the beds, Cindy and I kissing and making out on top of the covers, feeling each other up, hands going up under tops, and down inside each others pants. Debbie and Greg were going at it too, making out. Greg was soon pulling up Debbies top and kissing her breasts. I took a few moments to enjoy watching them, seeing how she gasped, and arched her body to offer herself to his kissing and licking. I continued making out with Debbie. I now had a finger inside her panties, massaging her clit, dipping a finger down to find juice and wetness. I like to dip into the vagina to wet the finger, and then bring it back up to the clit. As we continued our play, Cindy suddenly jerked and exclaimed "Oh My God!"

I wondered what I had done wrong! What's wrong?" I asked. "Debbie, what are you doing?" whispered Cindy as she pointed over at the other bed. I looked over to see that Debbie was off the bed on her hands and knees, ass way up in the air. Greg was standing over her, easing his cock slowly into her ass! her tall, thin legs, and lovely ass were almost all we could see of her as Gregs cock eased it's way between her cheeks. I could see a finger on her clit, as Debbie massaged herself. I was enthralled by the sight of her pussy lips moving as her finger pushed them side to side with her own manipulations. Debbie was gasping, rubbing her clit, and not really able to give Cindy a reply at that moment.

Cindy and I stopped and watched, frozen and entranced by the sight. We had heard of "Greek" before, but this was the first time either of us had ever seen anything like this. I had tried to perform oral on her anus one time, drifting my mouth from her pussy, across the "taint" and down between her cheeks, and she told me to never do that again. We both turned and laid on our stomachs on the bed and watched as Greg began to pick up his pace as her anus adjusted, and she became more aroused too. We could see that there was for lack of better words, tense moment at the beginning, but soon you could see that Debbie was enjoying herself. I thought I was going to lose it when Cindy said in a whisper, "look how his balls are bouncing off of her, I wonder what that feels like?"

I said nothing, but started to reach back and move her panties aside. I reached way down and found Cindy's clit and continued my soft touches. As I kept it up, I began to dream of experiencing this as the palm of my hand was touching her ass cheeks. I wondered what it would look like to have my cock sliding in between a set of lovely cheeks like Cindy's,,,, or even Debbies? Cindy had said no way to anal play, I wonder if Debbie would allow it, or would Greg allow me to touch his girl? My thoughts were soon interupted by Greg speeding up, and then shuddering as he squirted his cum into Debbies ass. They soon relaxed, moving positions, into a spooning position on the floor.

Debbie looked at Cindy and exclaimed, "you are going to have to try this. Greg wants to fuck, but I don't want to get pregnant, so we do it this way. I will teach you how to relax and enjoy it Cindy."

What a show, I will have to tell you what happens next.

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