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Bev and her new Spanish friends

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Type: Exhibitionism Description: Bev lets loose on our Spanish coast vacation.

Thom: Bev and I were vacationing this past summer in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. We both have stressful jobs and needed some R&R so spending 10 days on the beach was the perfect escape! Besides, Bev tends to really loosen up when we?re on vacation. We have a very satisfying sex life but every once in a while we like to spice things up. We spent the first few days getting oriented to the area and on about the 4th day, we spent an afternoon at a very secluded beach where clothing is optional. There were some open areas, but we found a fairly private place on the beach where we laid out our blanket and proceeded to disrobe so we could catch some rays. We had walked by several couples as well as some single men who were obviously there to enjoy the view of others who were sunbathing without their suits. Bev can be quite an exhibitionist so she made sure she had an audience when she worked her way out of her short skirt and top, catching the eyes of several admirers we passed. I saw her smile and knew right then and there that I was in for a treat. Bev wanted to play. I took the cue from her and told her I was going down to the water for a dip in the water before I joined her on the blanket. I told her to ?have fun? as I headed down to the water?s edge.

Bev: Thom and I have been together for 18 years. Our love is strong so he knows there?s truly no one else in the world for me but him and vice versa. However, we do like to have fun and Thom ? in particular ? gets turned on when he sees me with other men. So?as he headed down to the water, I proceeded to put lotion on my body ? as best I could, making it obvious that I could probably use some help with my back?..and making sure several of my admirers were still watching. I laid on my stomach and patiently waited to see if any of them would take the bait. I don?t think 5 minutes had past when one of my admirers ? a gorgeous young man who spoke limited English came by and offered to put lotion on my back. I rolled to my side for a minute to thank him. We introduced ourselves and then he (Marco) told me to lie back so he could put lotion on me. Marco was so gentle. He started by massaging lotion on my back, using circular patterns, working his way down to my bottom. When he got to that area, I carefully parted my legs just in case he wanted to do more than apply lotion. Sure enough, he did. He started by entering his middle finger into my pussy. I moaned appropriately as it felt soooo good. Soon he added a second finger and I lifted my bottom so he had better access. Soon my bottom was pumping up and down, in rhythm with his hand. Ooooo ? it felt so good. I was hoping Thom was nearby to see.

Thom: I took a quick dip and headed back to Bev. I was ?sans bathing suit? myself and enjoyed the looks I got from the women I passed. Bev and I are no ?Barbie and Ken? but we?re in pretty good shape for our age. I slowed down as I got closer to Bev and noticed that she was not alone. Marco (I learned his name later) was fingering Bev and she was definitely enjoying his touch. I heard him tell Bev to roll over, telling her that she surely needed some lotion on the front side of her. She complied but as she turned over, she took Marco?s hand and slowly sucked on the fingers that had previously been in her pussy. Marco obviously found that exciting because his erection got even harder. Soon Bev was on her back and Marco bent over to suck Bev?s tits. They?re not big but they?re perfectly round and are well suited to her body. Bev moaned with pleasure. Marco soon worked his mouth up to her lips and began fingering her again. I could tell Bev was close because her body was writhing in pleasure. As I watched, I started to stroke my hard cock and noticed two other guys nearby were doing the same.

Bev: When Marco had me turn over, I noticed his cock was pretty hard. Thom?s cock is perfect to me ? it?s a good 9? when hard, and thick enough to fill my pussy. However, Thom?s always teasing me about wanting to be with someone larger. Well ? he got his wish. I?ve never seen a larger cock than the one Marco had. I couldn?t wait to get him inside me, but first ? I needed to play with him some. I grabbed his hand and slowly sucked on the fingers that were in my pussy, looking directly in his eyes as I did. I could tell that he liked it because his cock got even harder. He soon had me on my back and started sucking on my tits. His right hand travelled down my stomach and soon he was fingering me again. Aaah! That felt heavenly. I reached down to his cock and told him I wanted to suck him. He didn?t hesitate a bit. He soon positioned himself in front of me. I got down on my knees and started sucking him, gently caressing his testicles with my hands as I did. I could tell he liked what I was doing because I soon tasted a little cum. By that time, Thom was upon us. I suspected he was nearby but didn?t see him until he approached me from behind. He told me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind while I sucked Marco?s cock. I did as I was told and before too long, Marco was filling my mouth with so much cum that it oozed out the sides of my mouth. I swallowed what I could. Soon Thom was coming too. I had both guys moaning and groaning with pleasure. My pussy was feeling pretty good but I hadn?t cum yet. Thom told Marco to fuck me next. Even though he had just cum, his cock was still rock hard. He told me to lie on my back and once I did, he entered me. OMG ? I thought he was going to split me apart at first! Soon we were both moving in sync and just minutes later, I had the most amazing orgasm I?ve ever had.

Thom: I watched Marco fuck my wife and started to get hard all over again. Bev was on fire. I knew she was ?in the zone? so I motioned the two guys who were jerking off nearby to come join us. I asked them if they wanted to fuck my wife next. I looked at Bev as I asked them and she gave a sexy, sly smile that confirmed what I already knew to be true. She can be quite insatiable when she really lets loose. When Marco moved off of Bev, one of our new friends took his place. He asked her to go on her hands and knees so he could fuck her from behind. His buddy continued to jerk off with one hand and touched Bev with the other ? squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. When it was his turn, Bev was back on her back and our third new friend fucked her some more and filled her pussy with yet another load of cum??Needless to say ? we really didn?t get a lot of sun that day but we sure did have a lot of fun!

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