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Best Friends

We had been the best of friends for a few years.We always talked about sex,watched a few videos of sexual pleasure.Jan always was horney& haz my wife was also.One night while visiting our friends the girls decided to take out their tits.This happened while i was in the bathroom& we were on the dark deck at night.When i came back they were laughing.After my eyes adjusted i saw the lovely tits& started to play with jan.She was so hot as i sucked her tits & felt her shaved pussy.Mean while haz my wife slid over to B & started to play with his cock.He loved her shaved pussy also & headed for the bedroom.Jan& i stripped as i licked her pussy ,she sucked my cock.Then i rolled her over & slipped my 8" into her pussy.We could hear b & haz fucking,moan,& groan while getting fucked.This made jan hotter & before long i shot a big load of cum into her pussy.The cum ran out of her onto the floor. We rested for a short while,talkig about the great fuck we had.She said ive been wanting your cock for a long time.It was well worth the wait for both of us.After that night we fucked each other for several years.Most of the time the girls worn no panties so we had access to there hot pussy when we wanted.One day while b was away i got jan to play with haz,sucking her tits& finger fuck her.We didnt have time for more eating each other & naturally we moved before that ever happened.We talk on the phone about the wonderful fuckin & sucking & hope we will do it again one day soon.Haz admitted she wanted to fuck b for a long time also.So glad she got her wish & a great fuck also.She also admitted she wanted to suck jans pussy.However never did.So as a reward ive got several others for her to suck& she loves cum.She will blow men lick females till they beg her to stop.I just love watching her suck& lick a pussy then kiss the lady with cum on her lips to share-----

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