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Before i was married

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Ok so i new i wqas a little bit of a wild child but i did not realize just how much till later on in life when my daughter was starting to get to that age.

When i was just out of high school i joined the marine Corps cause i was a tough chick and i thought i could handle it.

Well needless to say it was harder than i thought but i made it through boot camp and Radio school.

i was at my new unit and i thought my reputation of being easy had left me behind at the old base. But when i checked into the barracks and there he stood Steve. he and i had dated for awhile during our mutual time in the California base. he had broken it off because he heard about some of my wild nights.

He greeted me with a smile and a hello but i could tell that look in his eyes.

i asked him where the barracks manager was so i could be assigned my room.

he replied that he was out for the week on leave but he was the assistant and could help me out.

so i sat down in the little office there while he got out a log book and started filling it out.

I asked what room so i could start unloding my car.

Steve looked up at me and i could see it in his eyes, as he asked me you still have the thunderbird?

yes i do, so waht room?

oh yeah you can go to room 211 you are lucky there are almost no Women marines in this unit so you have a room to yourself. So i took the key from him and my bag i had with me and strrted heading up to my new home. i got up there and he was right it was empty just a set of bunk beds and a couple of wall lockers and 2 secrtary units and 2 chairs. i walked to the back of the small room and entered the "head" it was small i could expect nothing else though. i sat down to pee and i heard the door open. Steve hollred in "hey i got your other stuff from the car." "ok" i pulled the bathroom door shut. I finished and walked out into the room. there was steve and someone else i did not know. Steve was looking at me and his friend said damn you where right she is hot. my mind triped on this comment, but went on this new guy was about 5'10" and hand an axe handle for shoulders. Steve walked over to me and shoved his arm around me grabbing my ass and kissing me in the same instant. i was so suprised i did not know what to do i just stood there in his arms being kissed and loving it. i had screwed probably 18 or 20 guys but i had loved steve this was heaven. the next thing i knew steve was tearing at my clothes pulling the belt out of my camoflage utility trousers. i slid my hand into the front of his trousers and felt his hard cock. Not the largest i had had but it was a nice size at 8 inches. My biggest was not much bigger than his but it was. As i held his cock through his shorts i felt my trousers getting ripped down roughly. I had forgotten about the other guy in the room!! i pulled from steves kiss and herd the other one say well it is nice to see a new ass. Steve pulled me in closer and said don't worry i told everyone about you. As i felt the other man shove his fingers into my holes.then squeeze his fingers together so that they where pinching the tissue off my inner ass and pussy between them. i started to scream and found steves mouth covering mine allready. then the stranger pulled his finger out i heard him say "ha this little ho is allready wet and ready" I felt what could only be described as a monster that was as big around as baseball bat. it was a pushing into me before i could do anything i felt it ripping into me being shoved into my cunt. then steve ended our kiss and shoved my head down giving me a look at his cock. i opened to say to stop and he shoved into my mouth to the back of my throat. "ahh i remember that deep throat you do so well. All the guys can't wait for there turn i know how you can go through em so i made sure to tell everyone!" At this point i gave in and cried as they fucked me front to back. They screwed my body in every possible way, and i loved it. I got my first DP as the stranger ripped his cock from my pussy so roughly that i thought he would pull my insides out with it. He then shoved it straight in my ass, i felt it ripp into me like a hot iron baseball bat. i leand back thgoughing my head back in a scream to express the pure extasy and the pain. as i leaned back against the stranger he bit into my shoulder like a dog and he sat back into the chair. Steve cock freed from my mouth got aimed at my open cunt and slid in easily after the monster the stranger had recently abused it with. i felt them both in me one monster in my ass pumping as hard as he could biting down pn my shoulder while lifting me up and down on his cock while Steve shoved into my cunt on his out stroke and was forced out on the in stroke.I felt the stranger standing up and then i was held up off the ground by the 2 cocks that where burried to the hilts no inside of me. for the first time i noticed 6 other guys in the room. I knew at this point i was doomed the reputation i had thought i left behind was born again but only stronger. steve leaned back onto the bed and i felt the stranger pull out of my ass. The next thing i knew he was trying to shove his cock inside my cunt while steves was in there allready. i tried to squirm to the right to get away and found a cock in my face and being shoved in my mouth then it happened i was split in half as the monster was forced into my cunt with three cocks inside me i almost passed out. i flet the stranger with tthe monster start to pump faster becasue i felt my body being shoved forward harder. steve was hjolding me down on his cock i saw his smiole as he started to tense up and then he and stranger cam at the same time filling my cunt so full it was squirting out between the cocks. The axe handle shouldered guy pulled out and rolled off of steve away from the guy who had stuck his cock in my mouth. The i felt someone grab my legs and lift them up and i felt my body start moving i could tell i was getting fucked. then the monster was shoved in my face, and he said well at least clean it off so i don't gett sticky while i am at work this afternoon. i started to shake my head and say no he had already had enough fun when i he shoved it at me and poked my eye so hard it hurt i went to scream and my mouth was full then i felt someone grab my tit and pull it was getting yanked and hard. my eyers went left and saw the new guy yanking on my tits while fucking me. he yelled and went rigid as he came and came the monster came out of my mouth and 4 guys where ther covering my face and tits with cum so fast i could not tell that they had not been there the hole time. then i felt it my pussy was regaining feeling and i started haveing my first ever orgasm as another guy shoved his wasy into my cunt. I had never had an orgasm before adn this was the mother of all orgasms i threw my cum drenched haed back and screamed and screamed i felt my cunt sqeezing and vibrating with his rythm. then he went stiff way to quickly i concentrated and squeezed my cunt tighter trying to keep him in me as i grab another guy and pull his limp cock to my face i wanted cock and i wanted it now and forever i did not want this orgasm to stop the guy started trying to fuck me again but went limp and the one i was giving head to went to slid in me and i hopped up to doggy style and he rammed it into me hard and fast. @ hours later i was so worn out my body shaking from almost constant orgasm and my cunt on fire from so many cocks and so much fuckini layed there and sucked off the last guy because i just could not take anymore in my cunt.

the guys started clapping. i looked up and realized for the first time that ther where now 10 guys in there total!!. All of them had had me at least once most more than once. My hair was completely soaked with cum and my cunt was on fire and dripping sweet man juice. the mattress was totally ruined from my juices and theres.

6 weeks later i found out i was pregnant.

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