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Aunt Janie Swings Again

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I rang the doorbell to my Aunt Janie's apartment. She knew I was coming to pick her up and must have been waiting just inside the door because it opened quickly. We kissed before I even closed the door. Her body melted in to mine, this was not a "Nephew and Auntie" kiss. We had engaged in a threesome some months previous which had ended with one of the most delicious toe curling fucks I had ever enjoyed. Her mouth was wide open for my tongue, her tits jammed against my chest and her pussy rubbing on my upper thigh. I pulled my head back and said, "We do not have a lot of time, we have to get out to the cottage to set things up." Even as I said that, my hands were holding her ass cheeks, rubbing and spreading them and burning to feel her bare skin. She sighed and said, "Must we" and pulled away from me and turned and walked to her bedroom, casually dropping her robe to the floor, and I watched her bare ass and legs wiggle away from me. As she entered the bedroom she turned her face around to me, flashing her tits, knowing full well I would not turn down what she was offering. I was hard and erect and the need to get out to the cottage did not seem so desperate.

She was married to my Dad's younger brother Larry. It had been an unhappy marriage and childless, which was possibly why my Uncle treated her so poorly. She had gone from my prettiest favorite aunt when I was a teenager, to an object of desire by the time I was 20. It had seemed to me that she had similar thoughts about me, but it had been almost ten years before we finally did something about it; and fucked.

Now she lay naked on the bed, her face turned up, one hand caressing one tit, the other toying and playing with her slit. She had shaved her pussy and no longer displayed the bikini cut she had when I had fucked her last time. The sight of that red gash between her white thighs was like a homing beacon for me, and my clothes were soon in a pile on the floor. Her eyes went to my erect cock, the knob glistening red with moisture; she leaned up to the side of the bed and put her hand around it. "God I have been dreaming of this cock every night and early morning. I did not get to taste it last time, and I want to now." There is no other feeling in the world to compare that of a woman's soft hands holding your cock while she slips her lips around it and licks it. My knees trembled, made worse when her other hand cupped my balls. But I wanted some pussy and I pushed her to her back and eased myself between her legs on my knees. I used one hand to lift her butt up and the other to rub my cock in her slit and ease it in. She cried out as I leaned in over her and sunk it fully into her. Her pussy was already pulsing and throbbing and I knew she was ready to cum, so I just railed at her like a steam locomotive, my body jerking in reflex to the reaction of releasing several belts of cum.

I lay on top of her after exploding in her, our bodies trembling and sweaty. Her mouth was in my neck, her legs clamped behind my back and she was still moving her hips back and forth as if still fucking. I said, "What a nice way to start our weekend, are you ready for the others?" She said, "Others? I thought that you had just invited Brad?" Brad was my business partner who Janie had met, and she had agreed to him as a candidate for a threesome. I told her, "Well, there is another couple coming as well, name of Vickie and Alex, a pair of swingers that Brad and I have met. They are both very attractive and experienced. You can join in all the way or restrict yourself to me and Brad. But you have to fuck Brad, he has been dreaming of fucking you since he first met you." She smiled and said, "I never thought I would ever be looking to bed men other than Larry, and now I can hardly wait to let Brad have some pussy." She seemed comfortable with the other pair joining us.

I had been dating a lady named Susan a while back and had taken her out to the family cottage to meet Janie, and they had hit really it off. Susan was an experienced and experimental lover and she had had warmed Janie to the idea of a threesome with me and we had enjoyed a great time one weekend. The ice had been broken in the sauna where we all stripped down and I had my first kiss and feel of my Aunt in the heat, followed by a naked midnight swim. That night my aunt got to enjoy some of the fantasies she had dreamed of in real life. Susan and I had sucked her off, sucked her nipples and fucked her. It had changed her world from being a quiet wife who stayed at home and looked out the window to an open attractive woman who had experienced some excitement and wanted more.

But now we had to move quickly as we had to get the cottage ready before the guests arrived. We showered together, but managed to keep from fucking again somehow. We drove by car and boat to the cottage, and when I returned to the landing, Brad and the swinger couple were waiting for me. Brad is a good looking tall sort of skinny guy about my age. Vicki and Alex are both big people in their early forties. I thought that they matched each other perfectly. They had been swinging for a number of years and were very comfortable in all situations. Vickie's tits would attract attention from both men and women, but large as they were they just seemed right on her. I had never joined them in sex although Brad had, and in addition to wanting more pussy from my Aunt, I could hardly wait to bury myself in this big gal. The weekend looked great. I could only hope that my Uncle might not return unexpectedly, although even that could probably be handled with the presence of another woman.

Following my threesome with Susan and my Aunt, I had been away much of the time on work in other parts of the country. But Janie and I had maintained contact by telephone and email and IM. Our talks became very explicit, we stripped online a few times, I got off for her on camera once or twice, and the desire for a return engagement filled both of our minds. In our discussions she had expressed an interest in a threesome with two men. I suggested Brad as a third and Janie had agreed most readily. She had wanted to be fucked by two men, now she would have an opportunity to take on three if she so desired, and from her ready acceptance of the couple, I suspected she so desired it.

Vickie sat beside me in the boat as we returned to the cottage. She was wearing shorts and halter top and they looked great on such a big lady. She smiled at the fact I could not keep my eyes off of her, turning towards me on her seat, spreading slightly and leaning to provide me a glimpse of the inside of her tits. She said, "I think we are going to have fun this weekend, it looks like you want some of me. If the opportunity arises just take it, don't ask." Damn, this boat seemed slow today! We arrived and everyone was introduced to Janie who looked gorgeous in a light yellow bikini. Not a lot of 50 year old gals could look that good I thought. The three newcomers could barely take their eyes off of her, and she sensed that. Her eyes were bright and her smile constant, not to mention the erect nipples sticking through the bikini top. Janie looked over at me and smiled, as she mentioned that she had started the sauna going and that it would be ready in an hour or so. Five grown people in the sauna would be a full house, but all naked would make it easier. I looked her over again, and her eyes smiled at me as both of our minds went back to our first night together.

We all found our bedrooms, hung up whatever we had to hang up, and changed into beach wear of some sort. We went out to the deck and drank a few bottles of red wine which helped to further relax the group. Janie took the other two guys down to the beach to show them the sauna which was set up on a rock outcrop over deeper water on one side of the beach, allowing a person to emerge from the heat and dive right into the water.

I hung back with Vickie who made no move to follow the others and in fact she turned to me, her eyes smoky. She had put on a bikini as well, and while she was probably too big a lady for a bikini, she looked absolutely stunning to my eyes and I moved towards her. She just stood there almost daring me to grab something. Our eyes locked and I slipped a hand inside her top and lifted out a big tit. I said, "You did say not to ask if I saw something I wanted." I bent my head down and licked the nipple, then lifted the tit up and kissed and licked it underneath. Back to the nipple, closed my lips on it, pinched it and sucked it and pulled it outwards. Her hand was rubbing my cock through the suit. Our mouths met, lips parted, tongue tips exploring, as our lust built. She untied her bikini straps, then the ties on her bottom. I put one hand down and pulled the bikini out from between her legs, slowly, teasing her cunt lips as I removed it. She said, "Do you see anything else you might want?" I did not even answer my hand slipped between her legs, the palm of my hand squeezing her mound, pressing on it as my fingers slipped along each side of her slit. I said, "Let's find a bed" as she crushed her big tits against me and moved her hips squeezing my fingers between her legs. She said, "hmmm no, fuck me right here, time to get this party rolling".

She moved back against the wall of the cottage and raised one leg up on a bench beside her. She was wide open; my fingers slipped easily into her, one each side of her clit. I finger fucked her as she pushed my swim suit down around my ankles and my cock rubbed her thigh as she straightened. A quick move and she had my knob in her cunt. She was a tall gal and just the right height for a knee trembler. We were fucking almost instantly. She had an active pussy even standing in this position, opening and clenching my cock, sliding back and forth on it and twisting and turning seemingly all at the same time. My hands grabbed the cheeks of her ass and I drove it up her pussy until the cum began to surge out. We clutched for a while, both of us naked to the world and then separated with a smile. She was all I had expected; lots of woman; and all woman.

I was totally unaware that we were in the open. Luckily, the cottage was pretty well protected by trees along the shore, and there was no boat traffic around. But the three people on the beach below had been attracted by the wild thrusting on the deck and stood looking upwards as we completed our ballet. Aunt Janie looked so tiny standing between the two big guys. Each of them had a hand on her ass and visible erections through their swim suits. Vicki murmured in my ear, "She looks so fuckable; I can't wait to see her with their cocks in her. Alex has been dying to fuck her since we arrived." From the look of Aunt Janie at that moment, I was pretty sure that Alex would be getting some pussy. Brad said something to Janie and the three of them disappeared into the sauna. Vicki and I grabbed a robe each and wandered down to the beach. We decided to take a swim before going into the sauna to give the three of them time to settle in. My mind was spinning as I thought of my sweet little aunt all alone with those two guys intent on fucking her tiny pussy. I was excited as hell.

Vicki and I waded in to about chest deep in the water, cooling off somewhat. But those damn big tits of hers just bouncing away in front of me sort of distracted my thoughts, and, cold water or not, my cock was assuming a more upright slant. This attracted Vicki's attention and so we stood there feeling and masturbating each other listening for tell tale sounds coming from the sauna. And they came soon enough. First we heard the muted male voices telling my aunt how good she looked and how nice her tits were and how much they both wanted to fuck her tight pussy. This was followed by feminine moans and groans as the two men began to work her over. Vicki and I had heard enough and we scrambled out of the water and into the sauna.

It was steamy as we entered the inside door to the heating compartment. There are two benches inside, an upper one and a lower, both capable of seating three people each fairly comfortably. Janie was on the top seat, her back against the wall and her legs spread wide. Each man had a hold of one tit with fingers busy rolling and squeezing her nipples. Her nipples were jutting out like pencil erasers. First one and then the other would put his head down and suck at them, sometimes holding one out for the other guy to suck on. They each had a hand inside her legs, rubbing up and down from her knees to her pussy. The lips of her cunt were spread wide and reddish and swollen, her prominent clit jutting out a bit, already stiffened. The men took turns here as well, fingering and rubbing her cunt, finger fucking her as her body writhed in pleasure, thrusting her hips upwards as each finger or fingers slipped in. Both men's cocks were rubbing along the outside of her hips. Alex had a monster cock and I wondered for a moment if she could handle it. She did not seem worried at that point, probably because she had not yet seen it fully erect.

A pause and then Vickie moved to her knees on the lower bench, and pushed her mouth in to Janie's pussy and began to lick it in that gentle manner that women have with each other. I moved behind Vickie and rubbed my cock along her slit, wanting to feel it but not wanting to disturb the licking my aunt was getting. Vickie moved up and kissed Janie fully on the mouth, Janie crying out at the taste of her own pussy. Her body was trembling and shaking.

Brad could hold back no longer, and moving Vickie aside he lifted Janie up, turned her away from him and lowered her down on his cock. It went up into her pussy like a greased cucumber, and with Brad holding on to steady her, Janie began to bounce and writhe, her legs shaking and trembling as she immediately had a full orgasm. She settled back down a bit, and Brad held her up and fucked hell out of her from his sitting position, finally erupting in a shattering orgasm himself. We were all wild with hot lust at this point. The only one so far not satisfied in some way was big Alex and he was going to have his now. He lifted Janie off of Brad and laid her on the lower bench. We all moved to give him room because we were fascinated about whether Janie could take his monster cock.

Janie was almost in a dream world from the look on her face, not fully realizing what had just happened or what was about to happen. She was closing her eyes and opening them, her mouth clenching and releasing, and Brad's cum was oozing from her pussy. Alex put one of her feet on the floor and lifted the other leg to the upper bench. She was suddenly aware of what Alex was planning as he moved in between her legs, with one foot on the floor while kneeling between her legs on the bench. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, we others were transfixed at the sight before us. Alex moved slow and deliberately; while Janie moaned a little as she looked down to see the big cock now threatening her wet cunt. Big as he was, Alex was still a gentle man and he took his time, teasing her with his knob, stirring it around in the slit, using his finger to spread and tease her lips. He held steady for a minute as Janie lifted her butt slowly in anticipation; he then eased his knob into her. He stopped there and we all watched Janie's pussy lips sort of adjusting and squeezing the knob. Then she pushed ahead a little, swallowing just another inch or so, her eyes shut tight now, concentrating on this new sensation. Her eyes opened, looking right into Alex's eyes as if to say "more", but no words came out. Alex pushed in half of his big cock and held it there. Janie's pussy worked and adjusted to it, slipped forwards and back along the cock and then she silently signaled to Alex to take it all.

He went right up her pussy until his balls were between her legs and we could see Janie telling herself she could do it, and then slowly at first, then more quickly Alex fucked her steadily non-stop until Janie began to reach for him trying to pull him to her, her legs coming down off the upper bench to clamp behind his big thigh. Vickie was really pumped now and in a slow methodical voice repeated "fuck her Alex, use your big cock in her, again, again." All Janie would say was "yes, yes, yes", until there were no words just groans as her body shook in another orgasm. This pulled Alex over the line and he jammed hard in her with his cum.

Janie was shaking but relaxed as she sat up. Alex stood her up and led her out for a swim in the lake. I sat on the upper bench and Vicki began to get me off with her mouth while Brad slow fucked her from behind. It was so nice and casual; I just lay back bracing myself with my hands and enjoyed the feel of Vicki's lips slipping up and down my cock. Each time Brad slipped it up her pussy, she sort of moaned around my cock. Her eyes looked up at me as she was being fucked; her tits were crushed against my knees and thighs. The pace quickened and I began to cum in her mouth as Brad lost it, grabbing her hips and slamming against her butt. The only sound was our breathing, her lips sucking my cock and Brad slapping against her ass, followed by a series of wild moans and shouts. Brad threw a little more water on the rocks and the temperature climbed quickly as we all sat back exhausted from the last hour of intense sex.

We joined Alex and Janie by jumping in to the lake with them. It was almost dark and we all just paddled around for a while, and then decided we should go have a late dinner before the evening proceedings started. The evening would be a much slower and deliberate fuck session. The frantic need we had all had to get laid was partially satisfied and tonight would be able to talk and relate our fantasies and desires and then realize them. My aunt pulled me aside and told me that no matter what happened that evening; that she wanted to be in bed with me by morning to see if we could repeat the fantastic fuck we had enjoyed the first time. That seemed like a good plan.

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