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Arcadia I

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The discreet doors are marked only with elegant, classical text stating "Arcadia." It would never be noticed by passersby, and if it was they would assume it was a spa, a boutique, anything but it was.

The door is heavy. I shoulder it open and turn to face a long white hallway. At the end is a buzzer and sparse waiting room. No sight of humanity anywhere.

I press the nondescript metal button. Wait. A second later a male voice says "yes?"

"Lisette Jones. I'm here for my two o' clock appointment."

"One moment."

I back away from the speaker and sit gingerly on one of the chairs. Why do I feel that they are watching me?

A metal door opens. A slim woman in white brings me a fresh clipboard with a neat form and a pen. "Fill this out, please." I give my credit card number and check some boxes and slowly write my reasons for coming in.

What am I supposed to do when I'm done? they didn't say. Come through the door? Knock? Or will they see on their camera - wherever it is -

that I am finished writing? Fuck it, I'm the customer. I don't need to agonize over these things.

Woman in white returns just as I put the pen back on the clipboard. She takes it without a word, says "follow me, please." She leads me into a ubiquitous office where she tells me to sit and she looks at my file.

Long seconds go by and my heart is pounding.

She nods. This should be doable. She stands and takes a black three-ring binder from the shelf behind her. I notice the outline of her underwear -

white thong under her white pants.

Inside the binder are pictures of men and women, naked. Black and white, very enticing, and very professionally done. She flips rapidly through them and removes several. She closes the binder and puts it behind her, and then spreads out the pages across her blank desk. Her nails are neat and pearly white.

"These are the five men on today. You can go ahead and select three."

Instantly I select one with long brown hair and luscious ass. The other four are an Asian with long shaggy hair and a chiseled body, a black man, a blonde with a moustache and a thick erect prick, and a dark man with short hair and dark sparkling eyes. I select the Asian and the dark one.

I wait to select women but apparently I won't have that oppurtunity.

She files the pages back in the binder and stands. "Follow me, please."

She leads me to a shelf with a wide assortment of dildos, vibrators, anal beads, lotions, and the like. "Which would you like?"

I select a corkscrew-shaped vibrator with a thick bulb at the tip, hot lotion, and, on impulse a small finger-wide vibrating buttplug.

She selects these things and carries them to an adjoining room. There is a single dentist-type chair with legs which spread and several curious-looking attachments. She asks me to remove my clothes and sit, and then leaves the room. It is warm in here. I remove my top and then slide down my skirt. I am wearing black lacy thigh-high stockings and I leave them on. I leave my panties on too. I remove my bra and then sit on the chair, feeling cold vinyl below my ass and wettening cunt. There is a robe hanging from the chair and I cover myself with it.

There is a knock at the door and one of the men, the dark one, from the pictures peeks in. "Can I come in?"


He comes over to the chair. "What can I do for you today?"

"Three of you, right?"

"You want us to perform."

"I want you to get off with each other."

"How?" With one hand he pulls open first one side of my robe and then the other and appraises the black silk panties underneath. Gently, he rubs his thumb in large gentle circles over my crotch, petting me, teasing.

"In a chain," My voice has become husky. "Which of you is the loudest screamer? I want him in the middle. I want one to spread his ass apart and fuck him, and the other to suck him. And I want him to tell me what it feels like, having all of that cock there." His thumb has narrowed in on my hard clitoris. I moan.

"You want us to get off."

"Do you like fucking men?"

He grins, no fake, he is telling the truth. "I love it."

"That feels so good."

"Do you want me to keep rubbing?"

"Yeah." His thumb is moving just right. I am getting close. This chair is incredible.

"I want you to make it last. Fuck slow and build slowly. I want her to tease me. Torture my cunt, make me beg for it. Finally, after each one of you has come, to make me come."

He nods. His thumb is now rubbing fast, back and forth over my cunt. I feel wetness emerging.

"Do you want to cum quickly before we get started? Make your real orgasm last longer."

"Yes." I suddenly desperately want it and shift my hips up toward his thumb.

"Yeah, nobody has to know. I'll make you cum." That promise, and the breathy way he makes it, shoots me over the edge. My empty vagina clenches itself, quivering in spastic waves - god, I'm so tight - that heighten the waves of joy beginning to break over my clit. I cry out and instantly his hand is on my mouth, covering it, as I shudder and buck and come and slowly my orgasm peaks and falls away.

"Shh," he said. This guy is good. I'm not stupid, I'm sure this will show up on my credit card bill later on, but he did me so good. I stretch, satisfied, and he turns and walks away. Shoots me a smoldering glance that takes my breath away. Either this man is an excellent actor or he is hot for me.

The glorious part is that I don't care. I am in control.

The woman comes back in and silently parts my robe. She is clean and neat like a nurse. She inserts inside me a small capsule-shaped object, then covers my cunt back up with my panties and tells me that the men will be in shortly.

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