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Another First - First time - fantasy fulfillment

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She couldn?t believe that it was already time to get ready to go. She had done a great job of not letting herself think about tonight. She had known for some three weeks that this night was coming, but hated to dwell on the subject as it worsened her headache and stress level. But now she couldn?t control herself and her mind began to wander on thoughts of the coming night.

Tonight was to be the first time they tried a new club. As a rule she didn?t care for these clubs. They always seemed to be a waste of money since they seldom found anyone they both wanted to play with. After all, they could spend the same money and go to a motel room to have sex with each other. He had told her repeatedly that tonight was likely to be different, but she still wasn?t sure.

They had talked about it a few times and had tried to act on it, but so far they hadn?t had any luck with meeting with the owners of this club. She had seen their pictures and new that the other woman, whose name was the same as hers, was a woman he would be able to be with. She also knew that from the pictures, the other woman?s husband was along the lines of what she was looking for. Their names were Gerald and Tina and they owned and operated a swing club just north of the state line. Their pictures had shown that she was about the same size and build as herself, which she knew would help Roy be able to perform with her. Gerald was a well built black man who didn?t appear to be abnormally well endowed.

She began thinking about how long she had wanted to try black and had just been afraid to say anything. She always worried what people thought of her, especially Roy. After all she wanted to try black, but not enough to risk losing Roy. Somehow Roy had figured out that she wanted to try black and had reassured her that it definitely would not cause him to leave her or not want her. He even confessed a certain desire to see it and maybe sometime try it himself. She was totally shocked and speechless since he had never seemed to like women of other races.

As she climbed in the shower, her thoughts began to run wild. Was she really about to find out what all the fuss was about having sex with a black man? She did her best not to think about it, but as she shaved herself for the night, her imagination took over. She saw herself sitting in a big soft chair talking with Tina & Gerald and another couple when the conversation turned to oral sex. Blow jobs as so many called them. Tina had said that she didn?t mind sucking a man, but didn?t like swallowing his cum. With a big smile and a steady gaze on Gerald?s crotch, she said that she loved to suck cock and she loved to feel him shoot in her mouth. This really got Gerald?s attention. With a smile he stepped toward her and asked, ?so what if I were to pull this out and put it in your face??

?I don?t know.? she said, ?try it and see!?

With out a second thought, Gerald lowered his zipper and pulled out his cock. He wasn?t fully erect, but he was still impressive. She guessed he would be about 8-9 inches long and close to two inches thick when fully hard.

She reached up and began to stroke his cock as it continued to harden. He moaned as she began to lick the head of his cock. She could feel her own wetness welling up at the thought of taking this beautiful cock in her mouth. As she opened wide and began taking him in her mouth, she looked over at Roy. She wondered what he was thinking. He was smiling at least.

Then she turned her mind back to the task at hand, giving a blow job to the first black man she was to be with. She began moving her mouth up and down his smooth cock slowly, causing him to moan more and to slide his cock as far in as she would allow it. She worked his cock at this slow pace driving him wild. Before she even realized it, she was actually deep throating his whole cock. Damn he felt good in her mouth. She loved the feel of the head of his cock touching the back of her throat.

Caressing his balls while sucking him, she began to get more and more wet. The more wet she got, the more excited she got. The more excited she got, the faster she sucked his cock. Before she knew it his legs began to shake and she could feel his orgasm welling up inside of his beautiful cock. She prepared herself for his hot, sweet cum.

Groaning ever louder and telling her, ?yeah, suck that cock! Suck it good baby!? Then he began pumping into her mouth. She knew that this meant he wasn?t far from cumming, so she relaxed and let him fuck her mouth. She loved the feel of him in her mouth and couldn?t wait to feel him in her pussy. All at once Gerald began cumming in her mouth. The rush of his cum hitting her throat sent her into her first orgasm of the night. He had stopped pumping so she began milking every last drop of cum from his still hard cock. Once he was drained, she removed his cock from her mouth and kissed the tip of it.

?Thank you?. He said.

?MMMM no thank you!? she replied.

She hadn?t noticed while sucking her first black cock, but others had begun playing as well. Some were just watching, but most were involved. She looked around for Roy and found him sitting across from her receiving a blow job from the other woman who had been sitting with them. He saw her and smiled at her and mouthed the question, ?did you enjoy it??

She hated seeing him with other women, but she still smiled back at him and said, ?Yep, and I want more. Thank you.?

Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see the husband of the woman sucking Roy. He was about 6 foot tall with a medium build. He wasn?t at all bad looking. He was standing next to her chair, naked with his fully erect cock level with her face. What the hell she thought, so she began sucking him.

She had only been sucking this new cock for about 10 minutes when she could feel someone trying to spread her legs. It was the other long haired guy at the party. He to was pretty good looking and was also naked. She let him spread her legs and move in towards her already soaked pussy.

She began to moan as he started working his fingers on her clit. She began to move herself to give him easier access to her. He responded by lowering his head down and beginning to lick her clit as he worked his fingers inside her. These two were driving her nuts. She needed to feel a hard cock in her pussy in the worst way.

As if he read her mind, the man eating her slid her mini skirt the rest of the way up and moved in between her legs. She felt herself lifting her pussy to meet his hard cock. She wanted that cock in her so badly, but he started to tease her instead. Running his cock head up and down her opening until she nearly lost it. She finally managed to move herself onto his hard cock.

?OH GOD YES!? She cried out as he entered her. Instantly she began to cum just from feeling him enter her. He worked it in only a little way then pulled it back. Each time he would thrust a little deeper into her until finally he had his entire 8 inches buried deep inside her.

She continued to suck the man in front of her as the other man began to pump her harder and harder. All too quickly, the man began to shudder and she knew he was about to give her pussy its first load of the night. She pulled her legs wider and farther apart to get him all the way in. With a loud groan and a deep thrust, he began shooting his hot cum deep inside her. She loved that feeling. It was so intense! She came with him for what seemed like forever. But then he was done and pulling out while the man in her mouth still hadn?t cum yet.

She turned herself in the chair to give her a better angle for sucking him. When she did, she felt hands on her ass and roaming toward her drenched and dripping pussy. She didn?t want to stop sucking so she only took a quick glance to see who it was.

She couldn?t believe it, it was Gerald! Hard again already and here to give her whet she really wanted, her first black fuck. She instinctively arched her back downwards to give him complete access to her swollen pussy. The mere thought of his hard cock in her made her orgasm yet again.

Gerald stood behind her with her hips in hand. She was so excited with anticipation that she slammed her ass back onto him as he placed his cock at her opening.

?OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!? she screamed out! She couldn?t believe it she had gotten so loud, but it felt incredible to finally have something she had wanted for so long. With every thrust Gerald reached deeper and deeper inside her then she even thought possible. She could feel the head of his wonderful cock slamming into her deepest reaches. Filling her in a way that only this hard black cock could.

The harder and faster Gerald fucked her, the harder and faster she sucked the cock in her mouth. She reached two more orgasms before the man in her mouth began to shudder and shake. As always, she began to orgasm again as he began cumming in her mouth. She nearly choked trying not to lose any of his sweet cum.

Much to her surprise, Gerald was no where near done. She told him to sit down in the chair, that she wanted to ride him. Not needing to be told more then once, Gerald pulled out of her and let her move out of the way. She sat him down and licked his cock a few times before straddling him. She guided him into her as she lowered herself down. She didn?t think it was possible, but it felt even better this way. She began to grind on him and in two strokes was orgasming yet again. That was when she felt the hands on her ass and breasts. She opened her eyes to see Roy and another man she hadn?t noticed earlier on either side of her. As Roy began to play with her ass, the other man began to suck on her breasts.

Instantly she began to wonder if she was going to get another one of the things she had always wanted. She began to wonder if she was going to get all her holes filled at the same time!

She didn?t have to wonder for long. She leaned down towards Gerald?s chest and reached for the other mans cock. She began stroking him as Roy tongued her ass to get her ready for him. This drove her nuts and she looked back at Roy and said, ?ok ok, I?m ready!?

Not needing anymore urging then that, Roy moved in behind her and began to enter her. She surprised herself by pumping back into Roy. She seldom did that and almost never when he was first penetrating her. But she was more then ready for this.

Once Roy was in her all the way, she leaned back up slightly and pulled the cock in her hands toward her mouth. ?MMMMM? she thought, ?this is true ecstacy. God am I loving this!!?

She began to buck wildly between Gerald and Roy, feeling them reach deep inside her. Roy pumped her ass as Gerald filled her pussy. The sensation of having three cocks in her at the same time just drove her over the top. She began to go into multiple orgasms. Her entire body shook and shuddered with each wave of orgasm. With what had to be the most perfect timing, all three men began to cum at the same time. GOD what a rush feeling all three cocks filling her with their delicious cum! She had not ever felt anything close to this and vowed then and there to experience this repeatedly in the future.

As each of them began to pull out of her, she smiled at each one. Telling them all thank you, she turned to Roy and asked if he was having fun.

Roy replied that yes he was and was hoping that it wasn?t over. She smiled at him and agreed that she too wasn?t ready for the night to end. Then she asked if there was anything he wanted to do that they hadn?t done yet?

Roy smiled at her and said that the only thing he could think of was for him to get sucked by a few of the other women and maybe to fuck one or two of them. She reminded him that he had to save her the last load of the night, but that he could have what he wanted as long as she could have Gerald one-on-one later in the night.

Roy told her that he could agree to that. They kissed and hugged and went to the bathroom. She finished before Roy and was waiting for him to return when Tina had walked up to her and said that she was still waiting for her turn to have her. With out another word, she let Tina lead her to a couch and lay her down. She couldn?t believe how good this woman was with her tongue. IN a matter of moments she had made her cum and was able to keep eating. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, she moved Tina into a 69 position and began returning the favor. As she had her legs spread on either side of Tina?s head, she began to move her pussy all over Tina?s face. Then she felt a tongue licking her ass and turned to see who it was. It was Roy and she began to get excited thinking about him fucking her in the ass while she was 69ing with another woman. After what seemed like forever, Roy finally moved in behind her and entered her ass. She was still relaxed there from the pounding he had given her a half an hour before. She knew Roy had already came a couple of times during the night, but had no idea how long he was going to last. She feared that she would be just starting to really get into it when he was finishing up. This didn?t stop her from getting more and more into it. She was very pleasantly surprised when Roy made it last for as long as she could take it. She had just finished yet another orgasm when Roy began to pump her as hard and deep as he could reach and she knew that it meant he was about to cum. God did she love the feel of Roy in her ass!!

She screamed out as Roy began to cum in her ass. She bucked wildly and nearly lost all control. She rolled off of Tina and on to her back just in time for the first cock that had fucked her earlier to be placed in her face. She opened her mouth and began to suck as she felt yet another cock entering her pussy. This time she didn?t even look, she just kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation of having both cocks at once. As she laid there she thought that it would be great to see how much she could handle. So with out a second thought, she stayed on her back and excepted every cock offered to her. She couldn?t believe she was doing this, but it felt way too good to stop. After what had to be nearly two hours of constant fucking in both her mouth and pussy, she was offered Gerald?s fully hard cock. She greedily took him into her mouth and sucked him until the man currently fucking her was done. Then she guided him around with his cock until he was between her legs. She looked at him and said ? fuck me please! I been waiting for this all night!?

With out a word Gerald began to fuck her. Slowly at first, taking time to enjoy every stroke and driving her crazy. Steadily he increased his pace until finally he was fucking her the way she loved, good and hard and deep. She lost all track of time as she lay there enjoying every inch of his beautiful cock. She opened her eyes once to see Roy receiving head from two woman at the same time. She smiled at him and closed her eyes. Taking the site of Roy with the other women out of her mind, she just let herself enjoy the big black cock inside her. After nearly an hour and a half, Gerald was finally fucking her as hard as he could. Pounding that pussy with each crushing thrust. Slamming against her swollen clit time and time again. Then with a low deep growl, Gerald began to shoot his final load of cum deep inside her. She could feel it hit her deepest reaches and making her orgasm repeatedly. She wrapped her legs around him to keep him deep inside until he was done cumming. After wards they laid there for a few minutes with him holding her close. Then they got up and she found her way to Roy who was eating Tina and obviously making her enjoy it. She turned him over to find he was fully erect. She straddled him and began to ride him slowly. Her pussy was swollen and sore, but she needed to have Roy be the last one in her. Tina had finished orgasming and moved on to getting fucked by one of the many other men whom she had already had during the night. She leaned down onto Roy?s chest and whispered, thank you. Roy smiled back to her and said, no thank you, thank you for a wonderful night. He then rolled her over and fucked her slowly for the next 40 minutes until they had both finally cum for the last time that night.

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