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Alex II

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I don?t know if you have read our first story about Alex and how she came to live with us a few years ago or not. If you haven?t read that story you might want to start with that one, it?s titled ?Alex? and will give you a starting point for this story.

Within a couple weeks of Alex moving in with us she and Linda had advanced a relationship from near strangers to sisters. They did everything together, from housework to shopping to talking about anything under the sun.

We were around twenty years older than Alex. Rather than that being a hindrance to our relationship Alex welcomed it. She told us numerous times that people her age as a general rule we so immature. One of the most enduring things about Alex, besides her beauty was her maturity. Even though she was only in her twenties her class, grace and sophistication was that of a much older person. Not that she couldn?t be a playful young lady at times because she could. It was that she knew when to be a girl and when to be a lady.

Over the first three weeks Alex was with us we had participated in at least five threesomes with her. We were all so open and relaxed around each other to such a level I would not have believed it possible if I had not been part of it.

As beautiful as Alex was it didn?t take long before she was going out with a number of different guys. Linda and her would sit around and talk about her different suitors like high school girls. Alex wasn?t ready to get serious about anybody but she did like to go out and have fun.

One day about this time we got a call from Jim and Stacy, two friends of ours from California. They were going to be coming up our way on their vacation and if we were available they wanted to spend a few days with us. We had know Jim and Stacy for over twenty years and they were one of the first couples we had ever played with. Linda had taken the call and told them sure we would love to spend some time with them. She also told them about our house guest but assured them that we had plenty of room and they were more than welcome to stay with us while they were up here.

A few days before they were due to arrive I got a call from Jim. He beat around the bush for awhile but I knew he was wanting to know a little more about our house guest and if she would have any effect on us renewing our swinging relationship with them. I assured him that our guest wouldn?t be a problem in that area. I said she was really a very homely girl and we just felt sorry for her. I said I think she has friends that she can stay with while they are with us giving us a few days to rekindle our friendship.

Linda couldn?t wait to tell Alex all about Jim and Stacy. Jim is a little over six feet tall and is hung like a horse, he must be at least ten inches if not more when erect and about as big around as a 8 oz. juice can. Stacy on the other hand is only about 5? 1?, blond and petite with a great figure. She also told her about our sexual involvement with them.

Linda told Alex that if she was uncomfortable with this situation she understood and we could always get a room someplace for our play time. Alex told her that was nonsense that she was looking forward to meeting our friends and for what ever might happen.

I told Alex that I had played a little trick on Jim by telling him that she was a scrawny little homely girl that he probable wouldn?t be interested in. I said that when he saw how beautiful she was that he would be beside himself. She was a little upset that I had told him this. I assured her that it was just a joke and as soon as he saw her he would know that I had pulled one over on him. She said she would play along with it.

It was late Saturday morning when Jim and Stacy pulled up into our driveway. Linda and I went out to great them and help them bring their things into the house. We chatted outside for a few minutes then I lead the way into the house taking their things into the guestroom.

After getting their things put away we migrated into the din and I fixed them a drink. As we were chatting Alex who had been waiting in her room joined us. She was wearing a very sexy mini-skirt and a pair of five inch ?CFM? heels making her a couple inches taller than Jim. She walked up behind Jim who hadn?t seen her enter the room and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around his jaw almost hit the floor. Are you the one that thinks Polish girls are homely she ask him.

Yep that is what he told me I chimed in. He said that all girls from Poland are scrawny and homely. I didn?t say that Jim stammered. You better not have Alex told him with a stern look on her face. Because if you would have I would have put you over my knee and spanked your naked ass until you cried. Then with a twinkle in her eye she said now come here and give me a hug and lets be friends. With that Alex pulled Jim to her smothering his face into her breast. We all broke up laughing and Jim knew he had just be the butt of a joke.

Jim wrapped his arms around her waist and enjoyed the voluptuous body that he was holding. Jim, Stacy said after a few minutes let that poor girl alone. Nope he said I am going to hold on to her all night long. You guys were so mean to me I am going to tell her all about how all you guys mistreat me and why she should be real nice to me.

Linda joined Jim and Alex telling him how much she has missed him and gave him a kiss. The three of them settled onto the couch with Jim sitting between the two girls. They were chatting with Linda catching up on things with Jim.

I went over to Stacy and gave her a hug. As I held her in my arms I told her how much I had missed her since we had moved up here. She said the feeling was mutual that Jim and her both really missed the fun times we had when we lived in California. I moved my hands from the small of her back downward until I was cupping her ass before stating that before their stay was over I thought we were going to renew our relationship with them.

Just then we heard some loud giggling coming from the girls on the couch. As Stacy and I both looked over in that direction both Linda and Alex were rubbing the outline of Jims cock through his levis. I chuckled and said I think those two girls are going to fuck him before we have a chance to do anything else today. Stacy replied with well that is fine with me as long as you are going to fuck me now also. How could I resist an offer like that.

Holding Stacy in my arms while still cupping her ass through her clothes I leaned down to kiss her. As our lips met she parted her lips and darted her tongue between my lips. Our tongues twirled together as I started to grind my pelvis into her. After a few minutes of this I pulled back from her a little and while looking into her eyes started to unbutton her blouse.

Stacy and I heard a pleasurable moan come from the couch. We looked over that way to see that Alex was nude from the waist up. Jim was kissing her as he played with her tits. His cock was now out of his pants and Linda had it in her mouth giving him head as she was removing her clothes. Alex had her right hand wrapped around the base of his cock stroking it while she was holding it straight up giving Linda access to it.

I pulled away from Stacy and told her I would be right back. I hurried over to the linen closet and removed two blankets. Back in the din Stacy was just pulling her panties off when I came back in. I spread both blanket on the floor and threw a few pillows from the couch on top of the blankets before I started removing my clothes.

Linda was naked and was now jerking Jims pants off him while he was sucking on Alexs breast. He had a hand under her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. He raised his hips off the couch allowing Linda to remove his pants and underwear. Linda then knelt on the couch and brought her mouth back to his cock.

Alex who was the only person in the room with any clothing left on stood up and removed her skirt and panties before rejoining Linda and Jim. Jim was in heaven switching his attention back and forth between Linda and Alex.

I knelt down on the blanket pulling Stacy down to me. She laid on her back with a smile and spread her legs opening herself up to me. I eased between her legs and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I looked at her for a moment memorized by her moist glistening pussy. I leaned forward and licked a path around the outside of her pussy lips. She moaned and started rotating her hips tying to bring her pussy to my lips and tongue.

I heard some movement behind me and looked over my shoulder to see Linda and Alex laying down with Jim. Jim laid on his back between the two women. Linda was positioning herself over his mammoth cock. She reached between her legs gripped his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. She rubbed the head of Jims cock over her pussy coating it with her juices before she eased back forcing Jims cock into her waiting pussy. I watched as his cock slowly disappeared into her pussy. Linda soon had his cock all the way into her and momentarily held it there as she sat on him. After a few seconds she raised up until just the head was in her and then she set back down again forcing his cock back into her. They settled into slow and methodic fucking. His cock glistened with her juices when she extracted it from the depth of her pussy.

As Linda was ridding Jims cock Alex positioned herself over his face as she faced Linda. She lowered her pussy to his face. Jim pulled a pillow under his head, reached around Alexs waist and pulled her down to his mouth. He lapped at Alexs pussy as Linda rode his cock.

I lowered my mouth back to Stacys pussy and probed my tongue as far into her flowing pussy as I could. I licked her and probed her pussy with my tongue until I heard her breathing start to come in gasps signaling to me that she was about to cum. She placed her hands around my head pulling my mouth to her pussy. She was holding me firmly to her as she ground her pussy into my mouth. I moved my mouth up a little and sucked her click between my lips. I sucked her clit until her moans turned to screams of pleasure and her juices started flowing from her pussy.

I let Stacy calm down a few minutes as I slowly and softly lapped her juices from her pussy. I then eased myself up and away from her looking down at her glorious body. She looked up at me as I slowly moved up the side of her body until I knelt down to the side of her head. I held my cock and moved forward placing it at her lips. She opened her mouth as she looked up at me and I slid my cock into her warm moist mouth. Stacy is good at many sexual things but none come close to her skills as a cock sucker. As I knelt beside her she maneuvered herself around to where she was now kneeling with her head in my lap and my cock in her mouth.

As much as I loved the feeling of Stacys mouth I knew that I would never be able to hold back for more than a few minutes and I wanted to fuck her before that happened. So I eased her up and off my cock as I started to raise up off the floor. I moved around and behind Stacy as she knelt on the floor. She spread her legs a little more as I moved behind her. I slid my cock between her thighs and over the length of her pussy. Stacy reached between her legs taking my cock and positioning the head at the entrance to her pussy. I grabbed her by the hips as I flexed my hips forward driving my cock all the way into her in one thrust. As I held my cock all the way into her I heard Linda starting to moan.

I looked up to see Linda bouncing up and down on Jims cock. Her head was back and she was facing the ceiling with her eyes closed grinding her pussy down on Jims cock. Linda started letting out little yelps and her breaths were coming in gasps. I new she was close to cumming. Then I heard her scream ?oh yea, oh yea shot that cum into me? just before she screamed that she was cumming.

I looked down at Stacy who I saw was also watching the group action in front of us. She started to moan as she lowered her head down to the floor and forced her ass back onto my cock. I held her by the hips and started driving my cock into her hard and fast. I was driving my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I wanted to cum, I wanted to shoot my cum deep in her pussy. It was only a few moments until I started to cum, my cock was jerking involuntarily as I shot squirt after squirt of cum into her. As my first squirt of cum shot into the depth of her pussy Stacy started to cum.

After my orgasm subsided and I tried to get my breathing back to normal I eased myself forward as Stacy collapsed onto the floor with me on top of her. I kissed her neck and sucked on her ear lob as we laid there coming down from our sexual high. I was enjoying the feel of her soft yet firm ass pressed against my abdomen. She rolled her head to the side so she could look back at me. She softly moaned before saying oh that was good.

I heard another moan come from in front of us. This time it was Alex who was starting to cum. She was still ridding Jims face while she was leaning forward with her arms wrapped around Linda. She was sucking Lindas breast and her ass was quivering as Jim brought her over the top with his tongue and lips.

After a few minutes Alex raised herself off Jims face and laid down beside him. Linda also raised off his cock which dislodged from her pussy with a wet plopping sound. When Jims cock was out of her pussy Linda leaned forward and gave Jim a kiss as she stretched out on top of him. They were laying in such a way that with her legs spread around Jim I could clearly see his cum leaking out of her gapping pussy. At the time I don?t think I could have seen anything that was a bigger turn on than that sight was.

My cock continued to soften and finely came out of Stacys pussy with a plop. Stacy started to stir under me say get up big guy I need to use the little girls room. I raised myself off her and helped her up. As she walked by Linda she good naturedly swatted her on the ass.

Linda got up and got some towels handing one to Alex. She smiled at Alex and ask her if she was having fun. Alex nodded her head and replied oh yea with a smile.

Everybody started to move around a little. I got up and asked if anybody would like a drink as I headed into the kitchen to make one for myself. I returned with the drinks and handed them out. When Linda reentered the din she sat down and started chatting with Stacy. Jim got up and headed down the hall. Alex got up saying she was getting a glass of water. We were all in kind of a lull just chatting and enjoying each others company.

When Alex came back into the din she stood behind the couch chatting with Linda and Stacy. After a few minutes Jim walked behind Alex as he came back. He stopped and admired the view of Alex from behind. I caught him looking at her ass and with a laugh ask him what he was looking at. He just smiled and said Alex you are one very beautiful young lady. Alex looked back over her shoulder, wiggled her ass at him before saying thank you.

Jim walked up to Alex from behind placed both hands on the back of the couch as he rubbed his crotch onto her ass. She arched her back driving her ass back into him. He rotated his crotch enjoying the feel of her ass against him. He then reached around and cupped one of her tits in each of his hands. Alex reached between her thighs and started rubbing her clit.

It didn?t take long before Alex spread her legs a little wider reached between them and positioned Jims cock at the entrance to her pussy. Jim let go of her tits and grabbed her hips. He arched his hips forward driving his cock into her. She was bent over the back of the couch as Jim started fucking her from behind. They both had their eyes closed enjoying the feeling they were bringing to each other. The rest of us just sat and enjoy the sexy sight of this two fucking in front of us.

By this time my cock was rock hard again and I was fixated by the sight of Jim fucking Alex. I slowly started to stroke my cock as I watch them. Both Linda and Stacy started breathing a little deeper as they watched. The wet slapping sounds of Jims abdomen slapping against her moist ass filled the room.

When I looked back into Alexs face she was looking at me stroking my cock. She slowly licked her lips as she watched me. I slowly got up and walked over to the couch. I stepped up on it moving my cock to Alexs face. As I aimed my cock at her lips she opened her mouth and I slid my cock into it. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock holding it as she bobbed her head up and down on it. She stroked and twisted her hand around on my cock as she sucked and licked it. With one hand on the back of the couch and the other behind her head I started fucking her mouth. She was able to suck my cock down her throat until her nose was against my lower abdomen and my balls were on her chin. As she swallowed her throat would massage my cock. It was one of the most incredible blow jobs I had ever received.

I must have closed my eyes lost in the incredible feeling Alex mouth was providing me because the next thing I knew both Linda and Stacy were kneeling on either side of me. They both took turns alternating their attention between me and Alex.

At one point they were both massaging and tweaking her nipples. At one point when I didn?t know how much longer I could hold back Stacy looked into my eyes and smiled. I saw her reach between Alexs legs and rub her finger over her clit. When she brought her hand from between Alexs legs I could see it was glistening with her pussy juices. Stacy smiled at me then reached behind me and rubbed her fingers between the cheeks of my ass before slowly massaging my asshole. She stretched up and kissed my darting her tongue into my mouth as she slowly started to insert her finger into my ass. About the time she was into me up to her second knuckle I lost it and started to cum. As Stacy massaged my prostate while kissing me I shot load after load of cum into Alexs mouth and down her throat.

Alex tried her beast to swallow all that I gave her but it was more than she could handle. My cum started flowing from the corners of her mouth. Stacy broke our kiss as she watch my cock pulsing load after load of cum into Alexs mouth. With a smile Stacy reach forward with her free hand and rubbed a finger over Alexs face wiping some of my cum off. She held her cum covered finger up to her face as she looked at me with a smile. She then slid that finger into her mouth sucking my cum off it. I don?t ever remember cumming that hard or that much in my life. My legs began to quiver and seemed to lose my strength in them. I just collapsed down on the couch pulling my cock out of Alex mouth as I did.

As my cock left Alexs mouth Stacy lend forward and kissed her. I saw Stacy run her tongue between Alexs lips. I then saw their tongues twirling together as Alex wrapped her arms around Stacy pulling her to her. Stacy sucked and licked my cum from Alex face as Alex was forcing her ass back driving Jims cock deeper into her pussy.

Jim continued to slam his cock into Alexs pussy in long powerful strokes. As Stacy kissed her while tweaking and twisting her nipples between her fingers. Soon Jim slammed his cock all the way into Alex pulled her ass into him as he shot his load of cum deep into her pussy. Alex held her head back, her breathing was coming in gasps as she screamed out her own orgasm.

Jim wrapped his arms around Alex and cupped her breast as he dr*ped his body over hers. With his softening cock still in her pussy and their combined juices running down her thighs they both tried to regain normal breathing coming down from their sexual high.

When his breathing was back to normal Jim kissed Alexs back and gave her a loving slap on the ass as he said you are something else girl. He then withdrew his cock from her pussy looked at me and smiled. How much room do you have here bud he said I may just be moving in with you guys. I like you too much to let that happen I told him, at your age you would be dead in a week with all these wild women around here. My age hell he replied I?m younger than you are. True I said but I have taken better care of myself so I am able to handle all this.

Alex was still dr*ped over the back of the couch. Her body was glistening with a thin coating of sweat. She looked at me and smiled broadly. Having fun I ask her. Oh yes she replied I have never done anything like this but I?m sure it wont be the last time. She added that if she could work up the energy she needed to freshen up a little. Both Stacy and Linda chimed in that they did too.

All three women made their way out of the din and to the master bath. Jim and I offered to join them, just to help but were told it was girl time and the boys were not allowed. I heard a bath being drawn followed by the shower being turned on. The girls were gone for the better part of an hour pampering themselves.

While they were gone Jim and I had a couple drinks, lounged and chatted. During which time Jim ask me, where did you find Alex my friend that girl is a stone fox. I explained to him how she came from Poland and the problem with the motel. He thought for a few minutes in silence before saying, I wonder if I can apply to the State Department to sponsor a Polish girl to work at my shop. I don?t think so I replied I don?t think they let perverts sponsor them. Jim changed the subject by saying he was starting to get hungry. Do you want to go out for dinner or do you want to fix something here. I don?t know lets wait until the girls get out here and see what they want to do.

A few minutes later we heard laughter coming from our bedroom as the girls were making their way back to the din. They had raided Lindas closet and each was bare breasted but had one of Lindas shear wraps around their waists. They had fresh makeup on so the all looked and smelled great as they rejoined us. I looked over at Jim and said I think we will be eating in tonight.

We all pitched in and fixed a light dinner along with a snake tray for later in the evening. There was a lot of laughing, joking and chit chat going on and the next few hours flew by in a blur. We all enjoyed some good food and drink. There was also a lot of grab ass playing around and teasing throughout the evening. Jim and I both spent our share of time tweaking nipples and massaging thighs, asses and pussies that night. It was one of those nights that can only be enjoyed by good friends enjoying each others company.

Late in the evening the activities started getting a little more risqué. As I was setting by Stacy she started lightly stroking my cock absently. Jim was in the floor beside Linda he started rubbing and fingering her pussy. He then rolled over between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy.

As I watched Stacys hand gliding across my cock my mind went back to earlier when she had her finger in my ass. The thought of that along with her hand started a stir in my cock. It also started the mental picture of my cock in her ass. I excused myself gave her a quick kiss and told her to hold that thought I would be right back.

I retrieve a small travel tube of KY jelly from my nightstand and rejoined Stacy. I motioned her over to me as I set on one of the blankets spread on the floor. As she sat beside me I placed the tube of KY beside us took her in my arms and kissed her. I fondled her breast as we kissed before lowering my hand over her stomach to her pussy. She let out a low moan as she wrapped her fingers around my now fully erect cock. I eased her back and moved between her legs lowering my mouth to her pussy. Her juices were flowing as she bucked her hips forcing her pussy to my mouth. As I sucked her clit between my lips I ran a finger over her tight little asshole. She moaned as I pressed a little harder and eased a little of my finger inside her back door.

I raised up and with my face wet with her juices I kissed her deeply. I then rolled her over onto her hands and knees. I caressed her body as I moved behind her. As I eased up to her from behind I reached under her inserting a finger into her pussy. With the other hand I picked up the tube of KY. I opened it and spread a small amount on my finger then rubbed it over her asshole. Stacy looked back over her shoulder and said I thought that was what you had in mind be gentle ok. I moved up and ran my cock between her legs and over the length of her pussy. As I did I applied a little more KY to my finger and slowly started working it into her back door.

I could feel her tight little asshole start to relax as my finger slowly entered her. When she was well lubricated I applied a little of the KY to the head of my cock and moved it to her back entrance. I applied light pressure and the head started to slide into her. With just the head of my cock inside her I stopped to let her become accustom to the size and start to relax before pushing myself deeper inside her. When I felt her relax I eased forward sliding my cock deeper into her until my cock was buried fully in her ass. When I felt her push back against me I started pulling out of her until just the head remained inside before I again started to push myself back inside her.

I was slow and gentle with Stacy as I fucked her ass. After a few minutes she started moving with me. As I would pull my cock out of her she would move forward and as I slid back into her she would move back driving my cock back inside her. As we got more into it our fucking became more fluid and our movements were none stop. She reached under her body and started running a finger over her clit as we fucked.

Stacy started to moan and her movements became more pronounced as time went on. With her finger rapidly rubbing her clit she let her first orgasm flood over her body. I was in no hurry and being I had cum twice already that day was able to hold off until she was brought to at least three more orgasms before I finely started to cum deep inside her.

Before that night was over I fucked Alex and when I feel asleep I did so with my cock inside Linda. It was truly a special night and one to remember. It was also to be followed by two more days and one more night of a variety of sexual play before Jim and Stacy had to return home.

Over the next several years when ever we got together with Jim and Stacy at some point the conversation would inevitably turn to that visit. It was fun to hear the different things that each of us remembered from their stay and our partying.

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