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A Wifes Revenge

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I knew that my wife Marg was going to get laid that night. I knew it because she told me she would. She also told me that I was going to watch her take another man's cock. She was really ticked off at me, and I suppose that I deserved it.

She had caught me fucking her oldest girl friend one day. Her friend Lynn and I had always had a thing for each other, even before I married Marg. We had flirted and exchanged little feels over the years, but we had never got it on. It all changed on one fateful night.

Lynn had come for a visit from back east, she and Marg usually exchanged visits once a year or so. Lynn was married as well, but neither of them brought their families when visiting the other, it was supposed to be just two good friends getting along and reliving their youths.

Marg and Lynn had spent the night on the town, had a little too much to drink and rolled home before midnight. They were laughing and talking about the guys that had tried to hustle them. It was like it once was with the two of them. They enjoyed a drink in a bar.

This night, Marg went to bed early with some sort of headache, leaving Lynn and I watching a late TV show. Lynn was sitting beside me on the sofa, both of us watching TV, but both of us very aware of each other. She was wearing a light robe. I could see her tits move under the robe each time she moved. God I wanted them. She shifted on the sofa, turning towards me, the robe parting enough that I could see her upper thigh, not too far from her pussy.

I moved towards her and slipped my hand up between her legs until my fingers met her panties. She pulled the top of the robe open and one tit with a swollen nipple tumbled out. That was it, we forgot where we were and who was upstairs; all those touches and feels and burning eyes over the years came home to roost. I was on top of her, feeling her tits and pussy, sucking her tongue and rubbing my cock on her.

Within minutes her robe was wide open and her panties on the floor, her leg over the back of the sofa and me pounding away at her, my ass bobbing up an down in the flickering light from the TV set. It seemed like an hour but it was only a few minutes of intense fucking before we both got off.

We lay there for a few minutes, both wondering how we had done what we just had. I was just pulling my cock out of her when, "You rotten bastards, how long have you been fucking each other! Jim, forget about ever sleeping in my bed again, and Lynn I don't expect to see you here in the morning."

The following weeks were a bitch. I was sure that Marg would never relent and quite frankly was expecting her to leave me. I suck-holed, bought her flowers, coddled her and pleaded. No pussy for me, not even close. I slept in a downstairs bedroom, alone.

I asked her if she was finished with me. That kind of shook her up and after a minute or so she said, "No, you pissed me off with my best friend, but I want to stay with you, we have a good life. But I don't know how to deal with what you did."

I said, "Baby, you must have fooled around with others since we were married. I have seen you at parties letting guys kiss you and feeling your ass. The two of you go out to clubs and enjoy when guys hit on you. Didn't you ever think of getting laid by someone else?"

She said, "Oh yes, I think about it, and some of your close friends have asked me to meet them fuck them. And I like playing around and teasing guys, but I have never had anyone but you since we married."

This did not make me feel any better. It just made me feel like more of a shit.

She raised her eyebrows and said, "Maybe I should. It would be payback and maybe a lot of fun for me. But I would want you to see me get laid, like I had to watch you with Lynn."

I groaned; this was not a smart move on my part. A trade-off was not what I had in mind. And yet, why did I have a hard-on at the thought of some guy banging her pussy? And of course, she noticed it.

She smiled at me, put her hand out and rubbed my cock with the palm of her hand. "Oh, look at what we have here. My hubby is aroused at the thought of watching me get fucked."

She crawled over me, her hand still massaging my cock. She pulled a tit out of her robe and fed it to me. "Hmm, baby, let me see, who will I choose to put his dick in me while my true love watches?"

We were both steaming hot by this time. It had been almost two months without a glimpse of pussy since my night with Lynn. Marg almost r*ped me there on the sofa.

A few days after the above, I was leaving the house to meet my buddies for a round of golf. Marg said, "Don't have supper at the club, bring your friends home, I will put on some steaks and load up the fridge with beer and wine. And no wives, just the guys."

I looked at her, knowing where she was going with it and said, "Baby, my friends won't bang you, but it may be fun to see you in action."

She kissed me and whispered in my ear, "I plan on landing at least one tonight, maybe two."

Christ, I was hard again. The thought of her under another guy was a real turn-on for some reason. But I also did not believe that any of the three would go through with it.

Marg met us at the door wearing a terry cloth shorts and halter top. She was wearing high heels which made her ass look even better. She did her best to look slutty and man she sure had accomplished that. She looked hot and horny.

I noticed the looks on my buddies' faces as they exchanged raised eyebrows. We all sat down on the back patio while Marg served us drinks. Let's just say she had raised four hard-ons as she brushed against us, rubbed a tit on a shoulder, leaned ahead until her nipples showed and generally exuded sex.

We started playing cards as she busied herself cooking the steaks, but all eyes were really on her ass and tits as she moved back and forth, and she knew it. My buddies were trying not to look at me at all, they were all wondering where this was going, and quite frankly so did I.

Marg cleared the table, poured us some wine and suggested that we go indoors for some poker. In this case, strip poker. She was in the game, I was out but was dealer. She took in her breath, this was a big step for her, and she had never in her life been as bold as she was now.

If she won a hand, she would get to remove an article from one of the guys. If one of them won, he could remove one of hers. It was obvious that she expected to get naked first, the odds three to one each draw. When one of the guys asked what happened when she was naked, she said they would continue playing without her, but if they won the hand they could remove a piece of clothing. And then, looking around at each of them, but not at me, she said, "First guy naked gets to fuck me right here in the living room."

There were murmurs around the room, still nobody looking in my direction, but all of them obviously in the game. Marg was intent on humiliating me for my lapse of fidelity towards her.

I was sweating but wearing a big hard-on. I had expected her to try something wild and crazy, all in the name of payback. I had naively thought my buddies would not go along with it, but it was obvious that they knew something lay behind all of this and there was no doubt they wanted some of her.

It did not take long for her clothes to be on the floor, shoes first, bra and then the tight shorts. She had trimmed her reddish bush into a thin strip and she looked fucking hot. She was excited, her nipples erect, her eyes wild looking.

I wondered which guy she hoped would win her. Brad was down to his undershorts and one stocking. He sat next to her and she kept looking down at the tent in his shorts. Just to let them all know that she was serious, she reached over and closed her hand around it. Brad muttered, "Ah God Marg, I want you."

However, it was Mike who won three rounds in a row, and he stood up to drop his shorts, his thick cock exploded out of them and he pulled Marg's chair out, lifted her up and pulled her against him. They kissed beside the chair, she moving his cock between her legs and his hands squeezing her tits and nipples. He picked her up; her body plastered against his and carried her to the sofa. Neither of them looked our way, and all of us had our eyes fastened on the two of them, while we all held on to our own cocks.

Mike lowered Marg down his body, using his hands to spread her legs as his cock slipped right into her. He jabbed upwards into her a few times and then lowered her to the sofa and climbed aboard. He fucked her relentlessly, nonstop, until his ass jerked violently and he got off.

I could not tell if Marg had made it, she was usually quite vocal, but there were only grunts from her as Mike pounded her. He pulled his cock out, still oozing cum and stood up. He looked a little sheepish, as if he had done something that he should not have done, and headed for the bathroom.

Marg looked right at me with a triumphant look, as much as to say, "see, I told you your buddies would fuck me."

She continued to lay there with her wet cunt open for all to see and said, "Keep playing guys, there is more here for you, and I really need more."

One hand got Brad up next; he stood beside her and pulled his shorts down. Marg reached out and pulled it to her, sitting up as she did so, and slipped her mouth around his red knob. She took him deep, pulled off of it, looked up at him and said, "Your choice Brad, stand there and let me blow you, or fuck my pussy."

Tough choice for Brad, he looked down at her as she slipped her lips down his cock until her chin was in his balls, he grit his teeth at the pleasure and said, "Ah fuck Marg, blow me."

Marg often gave me a blow job, usually when she was not in the mood for a full fledged fuck, but she always took my cum, all of it and never pulled off. She now showed Brad what an expert blowjob was like. She alternated between sucking the knob while jerking him off, to taking him deep and bobbing her head up and down.

She could read his reactions and finally focused on the combined jerk off and knob suck. It did not take long, she closed her eyes as he blew into her mouth, and then looked up at him as she cleaned and licked his cock off. By the time she was finished, Brad's knees were bent and shaking and he wobbled off to the bathroom.

She looked over at a wild eyed Larry, got down on all fours and turned her ass towards him and said, "C'mon Larry, time for some doggy, I want to get off."

Larry leaped up, dropping his pants and shorts, kicking off his shoes and kneeled behind her, his cock jutting out like a baseball bat. Marg reached around behind her, grabbed the cock and said, "Hmm God Larry, where have you been hiding this thing, it's huge, just perfect for doggy. Fuck me baby."

And Larry did just that. He slowly worked his cock in, Marg moving and adjusting to the angle and size, and started banging her, long and slow at first, his cock bent upwards like a banana as it slipped in and out of her.

The three of us were enthralled at the view, all of us hard once more. As Larry got into it, he held her by the hips, and then as he became more active, reached around and found her tits, grasping them in his hands, fingers squeezing her nipples. Marg was completely lost now, she was talking and groaning as he whaled away at her, "Ah, good, just what I needed. What a cock Larry, fuck me hard, give it to me baby. I'm cumming, I'm cumming," her body trembling, her ass cheeks clenching and unclenching.

Larry straightened her up in his arms; his cock buried in her and blew his load. She turned her face to him they kissed with tongues thrashing. Her hand went around behind his neck and she said, "Beautiful, just what I needed."

Marg moved off to the bathroom. We all looked at each other in a sort of daze. We were all embarrassed and really had no words to exchange. The guys were just organizing themselves to leave when Marg returned.

She looked at all of us. She was serious when she said, "This was a one-off sort of thing guys. Jim knew something was coming, I had told him. You are all great guys; I enjoyed losing control of myself with all of you. But this is it, no point calling me for a date or a meeting. I am all Jim's from now on. Okay."

I wondered how all this would affect my friendship with my buddies. Would I still be part of the group, golfing and hunting and fishing and pub crawling?

It turned out alright, and the subject was never raised with me. They all presumed that it did have something to do with a problem between Marg and I. I never told them that it was because she had caught me fucking her friend.

Our sex life returned to normal, nice and regular but I have to admit quite a bit kinkier. One night, my cock buried in her ass, she murmured over her shoulder, "I called Lynn today, asked her to visit again."

I came with a jerk of my body. Somehow I knew that there would be more wild nights in our future.

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