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A Night of Unbridled Passion

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There is a very romantic hotel in Alexandria. The very small pool that never closes...the curved ends have ledges for sitting just under the water?s surface.The water sparkles in the moonlight like diamonds. The grounds are perfectly manicured, the white oaks, just past the old iron fence, stand with such pride and wisdom. The stories of long ago, they could tell, are, tauntingly, kept as their little secrets. Oh, and the secrets they could tell... The rich wood of the over-sized furniture,the large pollster bed, and the heavy dr*pes hiding the passions of the room from the outside world confined only by the french doors to the terrace. The ambiance of the room exudes the romance, held deep inside.

After dinner, a few drinks, some laughter, and a lot of sexual tension, the flirting and coy smiles, we resign to the room, but still being coy, I suggested a dip in the pool. Sitting under the stars, the breezes lightly blowing, we were all becoming relaxed...he leaned forward to kiss her, she responded. his hand drifted upward...her knee....thigh....slowly, moving inward.... the upper thigh, he paused, just before reaching the heat that she concealed so gracefully. She opened her legs ever so slightly, inviting the touch, but not demanding it.... His fingers lightly brushed over it, only to move away quickly. He slowly took my hand,urging our touch as she smiled devilishly.... He kissed her even more deeply, as though to sway her mind from the all reality taking place. She and I started rubbing each other's shoulders and breasts, as he sat and watched. We started kissing...We both were bewildered, it was something we had never done.

He slid our hands down to each others thighs and our hands glided upward, touching pussy. She slid the top of my strapless swimsuit down and began kissing my nipples. It felt incredible.

I looked up and there was a cop on the balcony... watching .I pulled away from her slowly and floated across the pool to one of the massive lions, letting the water flow over my breasts, glistening in the moonlight?He just watched as I pulled my swimsuit off, completely, without taking my eyes off of him.I could see the anxiousness overtaking him as he watched intensely.

They were kissing and he had taken her top down.I swam back to them....I liked her breasts?I wanted to touch them?caress them?taste them. They were not like mine, not pierced and larger, her nipples were hard from the excitement. We started kissing?very gently, as though we were unsure of the moment. His lips caressed her breasts?then mine. We were, both, so turned on, but more with what was happening with each other.

The idea that we had a spectator and I had been the only one that had noticed seemed to make it more sensual. I swam across the pool again?she followed. I raised up on the side of the pool to get a sip of my drink. I wanted him to see?

She, gently, pulled my legs apart and began kissing my lips, catching my ring in her teeth and sucking my clit. I could feel the heat rising as I felt such pleasure. I opened my legs more for her to get deeper in me.

There were no words being spoken, just acting on pure instinct, She knew what I wanted and was quite content giving it to me. The sweet juices poured for her, as she drank them, I couldn't help but watch the officer. My orgasm was not a gentle one and I remember thinking he was feeling it with me.

I composed myself as I traded positions...It was time for me to show him what I could do for her... She gracefully opened her legs as I kissed her inner thighs, moving closer to her shaven mound of full lips. Her clit was hard and throbbing. Softly I kissed her exposed clit, pulling it into my teeth....ever so was wet, not the from the water...from hot juices...sweet hot juices. I buried myself deeper, as I could tell she wanted me to...licking and nibbling as I got further in.

Her husband started caressing us both, encouraging me to continue. If I was good, he slipped in a finger, if bad, he took it away. I knew I wanted her to feel that same pleasure she had given, only then would mine continue.

Going as far as we could possibly go in a pool, much less a public pool, we returned to the room. I insisted on leaving the terrace door open. I mean, who would see? We retired to the bed. She and I began rubbing our clits together...grinding them intensely. Her husband dr*ped his hard cock across her lips, making her take it. He wanted her to take it all. I massaged his balls as he shoved it deep in her throat, they were tight, and I could feel him beginning to cum in her mouth. He grabbed us both by the hair and pulled us to his exploding cock, spewing cum into both of our mouths...making us lick the excess from each others lips and sharing it on our tongues...kissing one another. He was spent completely.

I think both of us wanted more, and began entertaining each other. Some time had passed with us fondling one another. I kept thinking of the officer, wondering where he was...knowing he was somewhere, watching.

Taking a chance, I walked to the terrace door, he was there, in the shadows, listening and catching heated glimpses. I took him by the hand, leading him into the room. She was startled at first, but then realized no threat was to come to us. I began kissing him...removing his belt. She followed. I knelled down before him, unfastening his pants. His cock was harder than I had ever felt one before. He wanted to release everything so badly. I kissed it as I cradled his taught balls in my fingertips. As I took the head of his cock in my mouth, I pulled, ever so slightly, my nails over his balls. Her husband sat and watched as she removed his shirt, kissing and biting his nipples. He flinched as they slid through her teeth. There was a little bit of pain, but more pleasure...

Her husband seemed to get a charge out of us molesting this officer, but not nearly the charge we were getting. This man had been studying us all night... our likes, our weaknesses. He knew what would bring passions we shared. He pushed me to the bed, flipping me over as he aggressively shoved his tortured cock into my very wet lips. He began thrusting this hard throbbing cock deeper...deeper. She knelled on the bed beside me, her pussy begging for him to ravage her, as he was me. He pulled it out of me and began pounding her with all he could. Not forgetting me, he slid his fingers into my wet pussy, first two, then three...four...I could feel the fist forming as it reached deep inside me, pushing all juices out to make room for his enormous fist. As I was screaming in Ecstasy, he became even more en-powered with his thrusts. Soon we were screaming in unison and he knew he could release all that had built up from his torturous surveillance.

After-wards, without any words, he picked up his clothes and disappeared into the early dawn.

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