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A Fourth to Remember Pt. 2

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A Fourth to Remember pt.II

If you read my first letter, you will know that my bride is helping her old high school friend selling fireworks. They are in Newport Beach Ca. At my insistence she took our company motor home which happens to be a 300K party on wheels. Including among its many amenities were a very good close circuit camera system and an incredible pull out hot tub. My wife Jill and her friend Heidi were staying the week in the RV. The local police sergeant had told Heidi that he would have his officer's stop by nightly to make sure the ladies were alright. Heidi took this as an invitation to seduce young police officers. My wife though reluctant at first soon followed suit. At the end of the last letter my wife had told her police officers that she would be out of action on Wednesday night. She was but Heidi was back from her hiatus and she even brought a friend and Wednesday night I watched as her and her friend took on first each other with Jill not wanting to participate, but curiously watching with her fingers on her clit. Later on the ladies in the hot tub had a two hour marathon with Heidi's favorite policemen. Jill meanwhile wasn't too sore as she brought herself to multiple orgasms' using Heidi's 10 inch plastic friend.

Thursday morning Jill called to ask when I was coming with our kids. I told her we would wait until Saturday morning. I asked if she was still sore and tired. She told me she was refreshed after a quiet day on Wednesday. Heidi had brought a friend and Jill did not have to entertain last night as Heidi's friend was more than happy to keep her company so Jill retired early. On the remote I noticed Jill's last climax at about 1am. If that?s early.

Jill also said that they were within striking distance of the all time sales record for Heidi's women club for fundraising. Heidi really wanted to se the record and she decided she was going to stop at nothing to get it. Beside she said its all for charity. Heidi had decided that she and her friend were going to go all out to set the record. Heidi had printed coupons and gave them to her policemen to pass out to fellow officers and friends. The coupon invited the holder to a party on Friday night at the stand if they spent more than fifty dollars on fireworks. The coupon also promised a surprise that you had to be present to win. Heidi had told her cops that she preferred that they only pass them out to men as they had no surprises for women. Jill did not tell me what the surprise was going to be, but I had an idea.

Thursday night Jill called my cell phone at 6pm and said she was finished and was going to drink a few margaritas and fall asleep early. She told me she loved me and couldn't wait to see me on Saturday. When I got home and turned on the remote I saw the 3 ladies in the hot tub drinking and having a good time. Heidi and Lori had their tops off and were teasing Jill to take hers off. The drinks worked and soon Jill had her bikini top off and Heidi flung it across the deck so Jill couldn't easily reach it. Jill's tits were the best looking of the three ladies and both Heidi and Lori knew this fact as they were taken with Jill's areolas and her long thick nipples. Heidi had bigger tits but her areola area was much smaller and her nipples were pencil thin. Lori was very hot and had nice firm tits but Jill's were just nicer. At around 8pm Jill's cops showed up in uniform and asked if she wanted to get something to eat with them. Heidi had not until now known Jill had her own cops to have fun with as she was gone Monday and Tuesday. When Jill got out of the tub without any embarrassment about being topless Heidi suspected something was up and she followed Jill into the RV. Jill had told her the guys showed up the other night and kept her company. She told Heidi that they stayed for a couple of hours and that they had been gentlemen. Heidi said " Bullshit you fucked them" Jill said she did give the boys each a hand job and let them feel her tits buts that?s all she said " I'm married" Heidi was not convinced and went back out to the cops and Lori. Soon Jill emerged wearing jeans and a light sweater with her fantastic nipples protruding. Heidi told Jill "don't do anything I wouldn't do" Jill yelled back she was pretty safe in that respect. As she got into the back seat of the police car I could see Mark get in the back with her as Bobby drove away. I went out to get a bite to eat and when I returned at 9: 45 I checked the camera and found Heidi and Lori and five men all in some sort of undress. They were inside at the dining room table playing strip poker (hold em actually). Heidi had her top off but was still wearing her bra and jeans. Lori was not as lucky as all she had on was her panties. Three of the guys were in the same position as Lori and were both showing straining hard cocks thru their briefs. The other two guys were in jeans and boots but no shirt. On the next hand Lori lost and when she removed her panties she flung them at the guy who beat her. He held them and took a whiff and stuffed them in his jeans pocket. Lori got up and showed a very nice trimmed bush and playfully slapped at his hard chest then put her hand on his cock outline on his jeans. Heidi wanted to continue playing and told Lori to fix more drinks. Lori went around everyone at the table and put her tits in each of the players face and asked for a drink order. When she got to Heidi, Heidi licked her nipple and told her to bring tequila, salt and a lime. Before Lori came back one of the guys had lost and was no wearing only a hard on. He went to help Lori when they returned his cock was leaking and Lori was licking her lips. Time to rewind and check another camera. He snuck up behind her with his cock sticking between her legs he grabbed her tits and told her he was here to help. She turned around and said they could wait as she wanted a different drink and fell to her knees and swallowed his cock. She had great technique as he shot a huge load into her mouth in less than 3 minutes. As they returned Lori went to Heidi with the lime, tequila and salt. Heidi took the lime and squirted on Lori's left tit and sprinkled salt on top of it and took the tequila swallowed and put her mouth over Lori's tit. It did both girls good as Lori felt the hot tequila on her tit and Heidi loves a sour salty nipple. The men just stood by in awe as they watched Heidi repeat the scene on Lori's other tit. After that Lori knocked all of the chips off the table and lay down and took the tequila and poured it in her belly button and asked one of the guys to feed it to her. The four guys still at the table all lunged for her. when the winner came up and fed her tequila she asked for another and then looked at the other guys and said "line up" Heidi not wanting to be left out grabbed 3 of the guys and pulled them to the couch and had them sit on the couch in a row. One had his jeans on, one was already naked and the last was protruding a nice bulge from his boxers. Heidi took off he jeans and in her panties she was on her knees and went between all three of them all a fantastic blow job and hand jobs. I switched back to Lori and she is spread out on the table and had a big cock fucking her as her head was on the opposite end of the table leaning over sucking another large cock while both men have a tit to play with. Back to Heidi two of guys are still sitting on the couch with she is sitting on one of the cocks as her hand is playing with the other sitting guy the third is feeding her his cock as he stands in front of her. Heidi grabbed the sitting cock with her hand and had him stand up and she motioned for him to jerk off all over her tits. That was all he needed as he took her tits in his hands and soon wished he had three hands as he needed to beat off and play with her tits. Heidi caught on to this and she started stroking him to the same rhythm of her cock in her mouth and the one she was pounding on in her lap. Lori is now just dealing with one guy as her mouth did the trick on the other guy he was trying to coax his limp cock back to life. Lori the scooted down on the table and wrapped her legs around the guys back and she thrusted herself against his body sending him almost reeling backwards. She was in the midst of a huge orgasm when he tensed his body and filled her full of his seed. Heidi's body is shining now and her tits are covered in cum, lots of cum. She is still fucking the guy on the couch when he tells her to turn over so he can fuck her from behind. She gets up and grabs another cock and leans against the couch and then tells the guy who was fucking her to get behind the couch and she will finish him off with her mouth. Heidi is having a fantastic orgasm when the guy in her mouth grabs her head and pulls it over her cock and as he is shooting his load as he grips her head guaranteeing she swallow the whole load. She does this all while not missing a beat of the cock pounding her cunt from behind. This guy now her all to him and soon has his hands all over her tits as he continues to pound the pussy as he kept calling out. Heidi was in a state of delirium as her cunt took the cock pounding and her tits became handles for him to hold onto while he pounded into her. They both collapsed on the couch and his cum was running down her legs as she lay there panting. Lori and her two guys were having a drink on the patio when Heidi and her friends came out. After everyone was clothed and drinking and chatting when another police car approached I was hoping it was Jill. It was not it was Heidi's cops. The five guys all got up to leave and told Heidi they would see her on Friday to collect their prizes. The cops were still on duty and asked off they could come back in an hour and a half for some fun. Heidi pulled one of them real close and freed his cock from his uniform and gave his growing cock a long lick then she engulfed the still growing member. Lori motioned for the other cop to come closer and he was worried that they would be caught while in uniform. Lori took off his hat and shirt and belt buckle with his gun and laid them on the lounge as she rubbed his cock thru his pants and she wanted to pull his cock thru them without using a zipper. He was a lost puppy as he let her have her way and soon she reluctantly unzipped his uniform pants and retrieved his throbbing member wasting no time swallowing the whole thing. Neither cop lasted long as both shot full loads of cum down the girl's throats. They were worried that someone would see them and they hurried to cover their cocks and put the uniform back on. Heidi told them that she was tired and they would have to come back tomorrow for the reward for passing out all the coupons. The cops left and the girls called it a night and came in. It was now 11:30 and no Jill. I went to bed.

When I woke up Friday morning I checked the remote for Jill's room. She came in at 2:39am. I watched as she undressed. Under the jeans and sweater was the sexy nightie I sent her and teased her about. It was worn out with cum stains all over it. She had a good time. I had decided I was going to Cal. early and made arrangements with the kids to drive one of their cars out. I of course was on the hook for the gas. Jill called me around noon sounding like she had just waked up. I told her I couldn't wait to see her tomorrow night in her new sexy teddy. She told me she had to throw it away as she had spilled something all over it. I asked if she ever modeled it for her police friends. She told me they were just boys and she was too old for them to be interested in. I told her she was a milf in their language. She had no idea what a milf was and when I told her it was a "mom I'd like to fuck". She told me they were very nice boys and she is sure they don't think like that. I asked her what time she was working today and she told me they were closing at 9pm tonight and Heidi was hosting a party at the stand and she was the hostess. After I hung up I made a plane reservation to O.C. and landed around 8 pm an after a cab ride at 9:15 I was at the Starbucks in the parking lot of the stand. I set up my laptop and drank my mocha latte and watched as I had all the camera on at once with the crowd of men gathering it looked like a tailgate party around the huge RV. Inside Heidi, Jill, Lori and six other women were all feeling no pain as Heidi explained that the prize of the night was a blow job from her or Lori. She then said that the police officers had zeroxed copies of the coupon and that there would be over sixty five guys who were eligible to receive the prize. Jill excused herself to go outside and check on the crowd. She returned and said the beer and the Angels game was holding them for now. Jill also said a quick count revealed 48 men outside waiting with a couple of cars pulling in as she came inside. Jill gave another 2 cents worth when she said there were "more than a few good looking men out there as a matter of fact if I wasn't married I blow all of them" she opined. My jawed dropped as my cock grew. The women all went up to a window to look out and see what Jill had just relayed. Heidi asked if any of the women wanted to volunteer to help her and Lori out. Jill was the first to say she would help out, but she wanted to wear a mask so no one knew her. The other women quickly agreed and Heidi produced the eye masks and they set up the RV using curtains to separate rooms. In a matter of five minutes the women had the RV quartered off in 7 sections with a chair, pillows and Heidi lit incense for the mood. Before they started another lady showed up and since they had no room for her it was agreed she would be the hostess and keep the chain moving. Each lady was assigned a number and when a guy came went in he was told a number and when he came out he repeated his number telling her the lady was ready again. It was agreed that they would skip 2 numbers so the ladies could catch their breaths between sucking. With my camera set up I was able to make out only 3 cameras inside. Jill's room, Heidi's room and half of the living room. It was now around 9:45 and Heidi mixed another round of margaritas and passed them around. She then took off her shirt and pants and was in her bra and panties saying she wanted sixty five cocks throbbing as soon as possible. Soon all the other ladies followed suit and were either naked or down to bra and panties, Jill had chosen to go braless and wear a sexy pair of red panties. Heidi also issued a challenge to the women saying she would suck more cock than any of them. Lori was willing to bet. With that the door were opened and Beverly went outside and came back in shortly and said the Angels Just won and the men are ready. I had an excellent view of Beverly as she met each winner and explained the rules of the game. The men had no idea what they had won, but as she sent them behind the numbered curtain she messaged each cock in its pants. Beverly even reached into the pants and shorts that were loose enough. As Beverly lined them up in a single line she called out numbers 1 thru 9 and the opened the door and told the men to behave and have a good time.

One by one the men filed into the room making small cracks until they entered their numbered den. Jill's room was number 8 her favorite. Heidi and Lori were 7 and 9 with a curtain separating Heidi's room in two. My camera was high enough to capture the whole bed as they each had half of a queen size bed. Jill was the queen as she had a room to herself. As the men came in, soon the only sounds you could here above the music was of men groaning. Jill's first guy was a man about my age 44 with a very hard body he was in excellent shape and Jill started messaging his chest before she went to his pants to free his cock. It was not very big, but it was the thickest cock I have ever seen. It was like a Coors Light beer can. Jill had him lay down and she pulled his pants off him and started using her long tongue on the base of his thick meat/ she moved her head all around his cock using her tongue to coat the whole base. After she was done she tried to swallow the while thing and could only get about 2/3rds of it down her throat. Doing this she started to use the end of her tongue and was flicking at his tip with the rest of his cock buried in her mouth. She really liked this as her nipples were as hard as the cock in her mouth. Her man noticed this and he feasted his hands to her tits as she continued to suck him. He shot a huge load of cum down her throat in about 4 minutes. She kept him in her mouth until he went soft and thanked him. He asked if he could come back later and fuck her. She told him there were about 100 men outside waiting their turns and besides she said only my husband gets to fuck me tonight. He thanked her and left. As he left there were four others leaving soon to be replaced by 4 more. Jill's next guy was a 20 something stud and he had his 8 inch cock out before he reached her room. She was transfixed with his piece of meat and had he balls deep in less than 30 seconds. She sucked him for a minute then she pulled her lips off him and told him to fuck her tits while she sucked the cum from his cock. She lay on the bed and he mounted her chest soon he was sliding his cock into her mouth while he fucked her tits with his beautiful cock. She had placed three pillows under her head so she could finger her clit as she sucked the cock fucking her tits. She had a tremendous orgasm as he shot a big load of cum in her mouth and all over her neck. As she laid there coming down from her climax he mounted his still hard cock in her pussy and thrusted a few times before she realized what he was doing. She gripped his cock with her cunt muscles and fucked him and squeezed him and he shot his load in her cunt in just about 3 minutes. As he was leaving you hear Heidi tell Jill to pick it up as she had four already. Lori shouts "that makes five. Next". I look outside and see guys are getting in line again and realize this could go until dawn. I unplugged my computer and asked the cashier if I could leave it here while I take a walk. He tells me only if I watch the counter while he takes a walk... He is a college kid so I tell him to go first. I set me computer back up and see Heidi bouncing on a cock and calling out for number 7 as soon as the guy came in her. Lori is on fire as she asked for number 9. I look to Jill's camera and she has a rather small cock in her mouth with the guy's hands all over her tits. The man is very good looking but has about a 4 inch cock and Jill is able to swallow him including his balls and has him Cumming very soon. I scan the other cameras to see a guy with an enormous cock holding the back of Beverly's head on the porch (apparently she decided she had to have this one). The guy is playing with her tits as she tries to take more of his monster in her mouth. As he cums in Bev's mouth she loses most of it only to scoop it off her clothes and lick it up. I see my cashier is third in line and I see Jill has another cock in her mouth as a guy is playing with her tits and soon a thirty something soccer dad is thanking her as cum falls off his cock as he pulls out of her mouth. He left as she was getting ready for another cock I see the cashier and hear Bev tell him 8. Jill smiles when this kid who can't be more than 19-20 undoes his pants to reveal a nice size throbbing cock. Jill seems to realize she had kids older than this kid. She closed her eyes and attacked his cock and in no time at all she had him shooting cum all over her tits (his choice). When he was done Cuming he was still hard as a rock and he begged Jill to take his cherry. She did not say a word she just laid there while he put his cock against her opening and he must have fucked her for all of 2 minutes before he came in buckets in her. Her eyes still closed when he came it seemed she was on the verge of another climax. He thanked her and put is Starbucks shit back on. When he came back in he had a smile a mile wide as he told me he got to fuck the hottest milf on the planet. He mister when you go in ask for number 8 she is on fire. What was I going to do, would I tell her or did I go to another lady. When Bev put her hand in my shorts she found a very hard cock waiting for release. She gripped her hand and commented that her hand could not fit around it. She sent me to number 2 and I was standing in front of a very pretty soccer mom who had been sucked out. I told her it was alright if she was not up for more. She told me I was nice and she would try to be also. When she unbuttoned my pants and freed my aching cock she was pleased with my size (just over 7) and seems to treat my cock like an ice cream cone that she savored. I went in ready to explode in less than 30 seconds and this lady had stopped all of that and was making love to my throbbing cock. I was in heaven, when suddenly she stopped sucking and started to pull her panties sown and told me to fuck her with my cock and fill her cunt with the scent I put into her mouth already. She told me that the other women were all fucking and she wanted a cock she could fuck too. "I choose YOU" I asked her how she wanted it and she told me to treat her like a whore as her husband was a quiet fuck and then sleep for the last ten years. You don't have to tell me twice and soon I was pounding her into submission. She went lifeless right before I shot all my built up cum in her. I had put my jeans back on was leaving with her still glowing from her orgasm. She asked me to wait and soon handed me her phone number and said call anytime please!! I was flattered but told her I was happily married. She said I had a lucky wife. I told her I was the lucky one. As I was leaving I saw Heidi with a cock in her mouth and hands all over her huge tits. Beverly asked me if I enjoyed myself and thanked me for supporting the ladies club. I walked back to Starbucks and the kid wanted to close the doors and rejoin the ladies. It was now after midnight and the crowd was less than 15 guys waiting for the five ladies left. Lori was the queen of the night having sucked 22 cocks in under 3 hours. She was still going strong with a cock in her cunt and another waiting and watching for another turn at her. Most of the men left were the young ones who could fuck all night. When I turned on Jill's camera she was being pounded in to submission by the big cock that Beverly just had to have earlier. His cock was at least 10 inches and I could tell that Jill was also letting her two cops have a stab at her tits as each one was jerking off and beating her tits with their cocks. I think they were waiting for a chance at her as the 10 in monster cock was not letting her focus on anything else. When she had at least 3 orgasms on her back the monster cock told her to turn over he wanted her on her knees. She got on her hands and knees and his big cock easily slid in completely and she had another climax with his cock just resting inside her. When she was ready he started slow and picked up the pace and was really pounding her cunt with his balls bouncing off her clit she had her eyes closed and was loving every thrust when he started slapping her ass as he pounded into her. This sent her over the edge and soon she was pushing back to meet his thrusts. She then pulled her head up and motioned to Mark to stuff his hard cock in her mouth. She swallowed him whole and was engulfed with his cock and still pushing back to meet the thrusting from her cunt. Bobby did not want to be left out and was under her trying to use his hard cock to fuck her tits it was not working as he finally just grabbed her tits and held on. That did it for her with a sensation on all of her erogenous zones she became lifeless as her orgasm over took her body. The cock in her cunt erupted and put some much cum in her that it was coming out around his cock while he was still buried inside her. Mark had already shot his load and when he withdrew his cock it was covered with his cum, she had not swallowed any of him. She fell on top of Bobby who had been waiting for his turn. She was lifeless but she still managed to crawl down and swallow his cock to its base and she had him ready to explode in less than five minutes. She did this with the other guys watching and wanting to try her again. She said she had enough for one night. Then she thanked the sergeant for the officers making her feel safe all week. He told her of he knew then what he knows now he would have personally kept her company all week. The three officers quietly left and the parking lot was now empty as the kid came back with an even bigger smile on his face. He had met Lori and she was the new milf of the week. He gave me the key and told me to put it under the mat out front when I was ready to leave. I asked him to call a taxi for me and I waited outside for the cab while he left to find his friends to share his events of the night. I made it to a hotel room by 1:15 and turned on my remote to see Heidi, Jill, Lori, Bev, and the beautiful lady I fucked all having a drink on going over the past three hours. Bev said she stopped counting at 120 at 12:30. Lori said she had sucked 24 men and even fucked 8 of them. Heidi said she only sucked 18 but she fucked 11. They all looked to Jill who said she did not keep count but she only fucked 3 guys all night. Jenny my lady said she only got to fuck 2 guys and both in the last hour, but she said her first fuck was the best of her life. Her other was a young cop named Bobby who kept looking at Jill's room. Jill smiled and asked if they knew what a milf was. Only Heidi and Lori knew the word and they all laughed. I turned off the remote and went to sleep. I awoke at 9am and called my wife's cell phone and she did not answer. I checked the remote and she was sound asleep. I went to my in-laws I was visiting with them when Jill pulled up in the RV. Everyone went out to greet her. I gave her a very wet kiss and told her I missed her and loved her. That night she told me she had been a naughty girl and handed me a copy of the security camera in the RV. She said you always make it like other men find me sexy and I never believed you. You were right Men do find me sexy and I had a great time. We watched and fucked all night that night. I haven't yet told her I knew all along. I can't wait for the football season to begin and to take her to the tailgate parties on our fun bus.

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