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A BIG Suprise for my Fiance

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My day started out with a plan for Pam?s new experience tonight. Today was my day off, but I still had to go to class in the evening. After class, I called Pam to let her know that I was on my way home, and asked if she had showered yet. On the way home I stopped off at the local sex shop and picked up a couple of new toys for tonight. When I arrived home, I noticed that she had showered and was in her robe. We sat down and watched some TV and talked about our day. Around 10pm, I asked if she was ready for bed and off we went.

When I walked into the bedroom after stopping by the kitchen first, I saw that she was already in bed, under the covers. I looked at her and asked if she was up to a little play time. She nodded that she was, and then I put my surprise in motion.

I pulled the covers completely off of the bed. I then pulled the tie downs that are always attached to the bed up and started to strap her down. First, I strapped her hands above her head and to each corner of the bed. Next, I strapped her legs to each corner at the bottom of the bed. I walked over to my night stand and pulled out the blindfold. As I was putting the blindfold on, I told her that she couldn?t ask any questions, and she had to trust me completely. She again nodded her head in agreement.

After she was secured to the bed and blindfolded, I opened the bedroom door and left the room. I wanted to give her time to think and wonder about what the hell I was up to. I then opened the front door and allowed a couple that I had been talking to on SLS to come in. We then walked back to the bedroom and I closed and locked the door behind us.

I started with a small flogger that I purchased today. It was a purple (her favorite color) leather strapped flogger. I rubbed it up her leg, past her pussy, on her stomach, and then circled it around her tittie. While I was distracting her with that, the other two people in the room got into place on each side of the bed. As I brought the flogger back down the other side of her body, she was starting to move around and moan just a little. The next phase was a total surprise to her. The other two each started licking her fingers and working their tongues up her arm to her neck, she was really starting to moan and jerk much more now. As the couple was now licking her upper chest, working their way down to her titties, I was flogging her pussy very lightly, and pinching her growing clit. All hell then broke loose as they started to take both of her nipples into their mouths, sucking them hard while I was licking her from her asshole to her now large sensitive clit. Her body was starting to quiver quite hard and she was moaning very loudly. Then I tapped the other two on their shoulders and we all backed away. This allowed her to get her quivering under control and relax a bit.

The three of us then moved around and found a new position before starting again. This time I moved to the head of the bed, and took my hard fucking cock and started to trace her lips with it. She opened her mouth and I slid it in for the sucking of a lifetime. She had never sucked my cock like this before. I assumed that she knew it was my cock, if she didn?t; she was giving someone a fan-fuckin-tastic blow job. While I was face fucking her, one of the others started licking and sucking on her, bald shaven, cum soaked pussy. When I saw her reaction to that pussy sucking she was getting from a friend, I shot the biggest load of cum into her wet mouth that my cock had ever released. After she had swallowed my massive amount of cum, our other friend mounted Pam?s chest so that she could allow Pam to taste her first ever pussy. Now, I just stepped back to watch she eating her first pussy and her other friend eating her pussy.

The moaning of these three women cumming, and slurping of wet pussies, filled the room of sex like no other noises I?ve ever heard there before. Of course my cock was instantly hard again, and aching to cum again. So, I walked around behind the friend that was still eating her pussy and rubbed my cock between her fat pussy lips and she grabbed my leg urging me to slam my cock on home in her warm, wet pussy. The harder that I rammed in my cock, the louder the moaning got for all in the room. After I dropped another load of cum, the other two switched places, so they could enjoy eating her pussy and have their pussy eaten. Again, my cock was hard and ready for action. I mounted the other friend the same way I mounted the previous pussy that was just standing there begging to be fucked hard.

After about one and a half hours of sucking, licking, fucking, and cumming, I escorted the two friends out of the bedroom and told them thanks and we would be happy to visit them sometime after dark. With that I shut the door and returned to the bedroom. Pam was lying there, still breathing somewhat hard and wet from the cum and saliva that was deposited on her face, tits and pussy. Still she said nothing, or asked any questions.

Now it was time for surprise number two.

As I said earlier, I got a couple of new toys for the evening. I went to the bathroom and wet a warm wash cloth and returned to her still strapped onto the bed. I started washing her down from head to toe, giving special attention to her titties and pussy. They both were still very sensitive to touch and I could see that. I then started to pour a scented warm oil all over her body, and gently rub it out to form a smooth layer across her body. The candles in the room had been burning for quite some time now, so there was lots of warm wax at my disposal. As I started at her neck, I dripped the candle wax over her neck, then circled her nipples and went out further in a circling motion on her titties. I then proceeded back and forth across her stomach, again circling her navel, then on to her pussy, then up and down each leg. That was so fucking hot that I had to even drip a little of the candle wax on my hard throbbing cock, just to see what it felt like. OH MY DAMN!, I shot my load right there on her stomach. WOW!

After I gather my senses and remembered where I was, I drizzled the scented oil over her clit, letting it run between her swollen pussy lips, down to her asshole. I then opened her legs and rubbed the head of my new nine inch (width of a beer can) life like rubber cock between her oily, wet pussy. The moaning started as soon as she felt the head rubbing her pussy lips. At that point, I decided to gently slip the jumbo cock in her pussy. Up until then she has always told be that my seven inch, fat cock, was the biggest cock that she had ever had in her pussy. She couldn?t say that any longer. I slowly inserted and allowed her to adjust, as her pussy took all nine fucking inches of it. I was amazed to see it disappear into her pussy. Later when I showed the Jumbo toy cock to her, she was amazed that it fit to.

After she was fucked by the jumbo cock, I left it in her while I rubbed her titties and kissed her and told her that she could talk and ask any question that she wanted. I un-strapped her and she took the jumbo cock out and asked if I was ready to fuck her. I laid back and told her that since I had exerted so much energy tonight that she could ride the horse and jumped right up on my cock and rode me like it was the last cock on earth.

To this day, she has never asked who the other two people were. That will be my little secret.

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