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60 And Playing 2

I'm rewriting our fri.night meet,it wasn't added?We finally decided that we would all get toghether to swap for the night@ Annas house,being that it was the largest w/4 bedrooms & 3 baths,& a large family room.The night started w/small talk & drinks we were all nervous you could tell,I still was a little reluctant to do this as was Jo,but our husbands & friends somehow talked us into it.We finally got to the spin the bottle game off came the clothes,then the final spin to choose partners,the rules being you go with the spin choice if its the same sex you get there spouseJo went first she got Joe ,Sue was next she got Al ,Anna got dan I got Mike,we went back to sitting around drinking relaxing But this time w/our new partners Al hadput a swingers movie on & we started to watch it,we started making out like teen agers kissing feeling,playing,soon the guys were getting aggressive ,breast sucking,finger insertions etc.Sue was the first to open up & try to put Al's huge member in her mouth,Anna was next shehad Dan all the way down her throat Joe started to lick Jo & she did not push him away,Mike wanted to do the same but I said not in front of every one,so off to the bedroom we went we made out again then he ate me out.that night he tought me how to deep throat & swallow,1st for me then he gave me the best sex I ever had,then after a stage of recovery I sucked him back to life & he took my anal cherry gently but passionatly,he actually got me to enjoy it & cum with him in m,y rear.I'll never forget this night.I will follow up with the others adventures of the night to remember,later.

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