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3 Men for my taste

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This is the story of a fun time that began a series of pleasures for Doug, my husband, myself, and some nice men I have got to know very well. Just a few years ago I would have never thought that this would happen.

Doug has had fantasies of some sort of sex with another couple or another guy with me for years. I had usually been able to change the subject when it came up but I guess he wore me down and I began to be curious about multiple partners. So we agreed to give it a try, not really knowing how to proceed. We had tried a few flirty things with me teasing guys in public, but I really wasn?t too good at it. The best ?R? rated flirting that I had pulled off was on my 35th birthday. Doug and I planned a night out to eat dinner at a beer garden and my husband asked me to dress sexy, in fact everything I wore was his idea and it wasn?t much. All I wore was a scant g-string, a skirt with buttons on the side and a see thru top with a jacket over it. To my surprise it was a birthday party for me, although my birthday was several days past. Four couples were there that my husband had invited, ones that we had known for years. If I had known that they were going to be there I am sure that I wouldn?t have dressed as I did. Most of the women took notice of the short skirt and I could tell they were uneasy about it. I told them that I thought that this would be a quiet dinner with just Doug. In a roundabout way I apologized for my attire. While around them I made sure the jacket was buttoned in spite of my husband asking me to show more. There was a cake and some had brought gifts. Doug had prearranged to pay for beer, drinks, and food so everyone had fun. I did dance with a few of the married men and let them have a peek at my see thru top. They got to see a side and front of me that they weren?t expecting, until that evening, I hadn?t done this. I knew Doug had wished for this before so I thought I would just keep the right attitude and have fun. Doug had a grin on his face that told me he was really enjoying the tease. After a few hours, most of the couples left. Some of the women seemed uneasy as they and especially their husbands hugged and kissed me goodnight. A couple of coworkers of my husbands, Don and Bill were there without dates or wives and later in the evening on the soft lit floor they asked to dance. It was early fall, but here in the South the evening was warm so I danced with them without the jacket. They were obviously ?moved? when they came close and saw my nipples staring back at them! While dancing with one of the guys, Don moved his hand from my waist, up my back, around my shoulder and across my tit where he gave it a squeeze. Not to be out done, I reached down to the bulge in his jeans and rubbed him. I was contemplating on a way to get my hands into his pants without being too obvious. I looked across the dance floor and saw Doug and his friend Bill grinning from ear to ear. I was starting to get warm now and this was wild because of Doug watching. The place was pretty thinned out as it was a weekday but Don was oblivious to Doug and the friend watching. I told Don that I liked the fit of his jeans and the bulge. As I said this I pressed my crotch into his leg. When I backed up a bit I reached down again and cupped my fingers tight around his hard dick and told him thanks for the dance. We went back to the table I sat between Doug and Don, Bill was across from me. I put my jacket back on and Doug ordered beers. After a while Bill decided to go and that left just the three of us. Doug mentioned that he thought that we had appeared to really be having fun dancing and said that we could all go to our house for a ?change of pace?. His intent showed in his mischievous smile. At that I squirmed out of my g string and tossed of on the table. Don?s face turned red as I guided his hand to my smooth crotch. He looked like he was really perplexed and said this was all too much too quick. I had a feeling then that we may have upset him. He asked if he could have a rain check and later he would probably be ready to pursue this I spread my legs a bit and pushed towards his roaming fingers hoping to unwind him. Soon thereafter he told us what a great time he had had wished me happy birthday and left.

I thanked Doug with a deep kiss and asked him if this was what he expected. I also told Doug how surprised I was at the exciting charge that I got out of it. He told me that he had a great time watching and that he would remind Don at work of the invite to join us later. Our fun for the evening continued when we got back home where we had a marathon of sex.

As the days and weeks went by we seemed to have something going on each weekend. By late November, I asked Doug if he had talked to Don about a sleep over. He said that every weekend Don or us had other plans. He told me that he had made it clear to Don that we looked forward to our first MFM encounter. Except for Doug and Don seeing each other at work I had had no contact with Don or Bill except in fantasy! Doug?s Company Christmas party was upon us and we decided to get a room at the motel there so we wouldn?t have to worry about driving drunk. I was sure Don would be there and the room could work out just right.

Now I was anticipating the evening and dressed accordingly, I had a red scoop neck silky shirt and no bra. My nipples poked at the fabric so I had a jacket too. We arrived to a large ball room with place sets for about 250 people. I scanned the crowd for Don. Doug knew most of the men here and I tagged along with him as we made our way to a bar and visited and shook hands. Soon everyone was sitting and I spotted Don at a full table. We sat at a group table with several other couples and had a great dinner. We ate and Doug made a few trips to the bar to get refills for both of us. There was a disc jockey with a PA system who began spinning records after most were through eating. Don was still sitting at the table and several others from his table were now standing watching people dance on a small hardwood dance floor. I told Doug that we should have a seat with Don and visit. As we approached the table we were surprised to see Bill there too. It wasn?t long before I started in on the fun we had on our last encounter. Don told us that he had thought about my surprise often. He now wished that he had gone with the flow of that evening. Bill spoke up and said that he felt that my birthday night was going to be hot for someone and had to ask Don just how it turned out. Obviously In the last several weeks these two had bolstered their curiosity and were glad to see us. Normally I only speak about sex graphically, in private, with Doug. Feeling brave, I told Don and Bill about how he could stay with us in our room if they wanted to and some of the fun we could have. We talked about how we only had played at the birthday party and this time we would take more time and let anything go. Doug was listening and made sure that he was inviting them too. Doug surprised me by asking Don and Bill if they would mind if he took a few pictures for fun. He said they could turn their head away from the camera so they wouldn?t be recognized. They were excited and told Doug that it was all right as long as Doug would email the pictures to them later.

We left to regroup at the motel room. There was only one Queen Size bed. Once we were inside the room, without any hesitation, I stood facing Don and pulled his hands to my tits. Next I went into a long tongue-licking kiss with him. While he moved his hands under my shirt, Bill came up behind me. I gently nudged Don to lie back on the bed (that was the only time that evening that I was gentle). As he laid back I pulled his pants and underwear down. By the time I was pitching his pants aside Bill had my jeans and panties removed. I went straight to work on licking and sucking him. Doug started to undress and I pulled my shirt off as I continued to suck Don. Bill pulled my ass up to expose it and my pussy, he then started licking me till my clit was swollen. I told Doug to take his pants off also which he did. With all three of them sitting on the bed now and their dicks in my hands, I alternated sucking each of them. I compared them and concluded that they were about the same size and length. Eventually I got in the bed on my back and Don moved down to start licking my clit. I alternated sucking two dicks with my head upside down off the side of the bed while they stood next to the bed. This was really ?heating? me up. I was thrusting my hips into Dons face and took more of Bills dick into my mouth and throat than I ever had before. Bill was resisting cumin too soon in my mouth. I was all ready having multiple orgasms, holding Dons head while he licked and rubbing my clit, which only made Bill have to try harder to keep from coming. I sat up and reached down for Bills dick and briefly sucked it and told him ?I am ready now, fuck me!? I got on my knees and as Bill fucked me and I sucked Don. Doug sat back with the camera and took several pictures; I was enjoying the treatment I was getting! In orgasm, Bill pulled his dick out and came on my back. He went to the bathroom and got a warm wet washcloth and a towel to clean my back. Doug got in the bed and started to fuck me on my knees while I sucked and deep throated Don, he began to cum in my throat. Watching me swallow his cum Doug started to cum into me. When Doug finished, I had finished sucking Don and asked if Bill was ready to try for a B.J. and I asked if Don would fuck me again. I lay down on my back and pulled Don in as I drew my knees up high and met each of his hard thrusts with an equally hard one. Bill stood beside the bed and I sucked him with my head upside down. Doug sat back again with the camera and watched as I continued to have orgasms and was now moaning. I started lifting Bills dick up to licking his balls and alternate to suck him hard. It was obvious when he started to cum by his moans but I kept my lips tight around his dick as I stroked him with my hand and mouth. He melted as I kept his dick in my mouth and swallowed the last of his cum. The three of us lay in the bed with me in the middle grinning. Again I took their dicks in my hands and discussed the different taste of their cum. I remarked that it tasted totally different from each of them but liked it and wanted more. Doug was hard again and this time I pushed him back and put his dick between my tits. I knew he liked this; I would always hold my own tits and wrap them on his dick. I tongued the head of his dick as if to suggest that he move up to fuck my mouth. He gave me the taste of his cum to compare with the others. I only used my mouth while my hands were on his ass, holding him in my mouth and swallowing. Don continued fucking my pussy and I seemed to be in one long suspended orgasm. We turned into a 69 position for a while with Don on top fucking my mouth. We changed positions several times. I was on top of Don, riding his dick, as he came again. Bill ended up in a position where I could suck him dry as he laid back on the bed. We all lay back on the bed silent for a while with big grins. I took turns kissing them deeply and squeezing their dicks. I told them my pussy was getting sore and that next time we need to remember to bring lubricant. We talked about another meeting and Doug told us that I could meet individually with them or as a MFM with him being one of the Males. At home Doug asked me to keep him filled in on the details of my sex with them. This keeps him hard at home too!

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