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My Wife Helps Me By Doing A Bachelor Party

I can't believe it happened, but it did. It all started
out so innocently that I just never saw it coming. We had
just moved to Marietta, only been on the job two weeks.
Several of the guys at the plant wanted to stop for a
beer after work, so I went with them. Good chance to get
to know my fellow workers, I thought.

We had been sitting at the bar joking and talking about
girls when the subject of the supervisors impending
marriage came up. The guys wanted to do something special
for him. A bachelor party. Each of the guys were
enthusiastic, and plans were soon being formed. John said
he knew someone in the liqueur business, he'd get the
booze. Fred's uncle manages a Red Roof Inn, and he would
get the Presidential Suite. Chuck, a big burly tattooed,
ex-biker, said he could arrange decorations.

John looked at me and said, "How about you arranging the
entertainment? We'll all pitch in, and get a dancer! You
scout the tittie bars and price one, try not to spend
over three hundred dollars, okay?"

"Desperately wanting to fit in at my new job, I
immediately agreed. Later, on the ride home, I realized
that my wife, Sherry, would not be happy about me going
to a bunch of strip clubs, propositioning girls.
Regardless of the reason.

Sherry and I had been married only six months, She would
be real mad.

"Look baby, I couldn't do any of the other things for the
party. Hell, you can go with me to find a dancer! Would
that be cool?" I begged.

"No! I wouldn't be caught dead in a place like that! And
neither would you, at least that is what I thought. Now
you're telling me that you are going to cruise these
joints for a stripper for the boss's party! I don't think
so! Not if you want to sleep with me ever again!" She

"Baby, I've got to! This stupid party could mean the
difference between me being accepted by my co-workers or
not! Christ, don't be so jealous." I begged.

"What does this, this, this stripper do at the party?"
She asked, her eyes now narrow slits.

"I don't know. I guess she pops out of a cake and dances
around the bachelor, or something like that." I answered,
really not sure what she did.

"How much did you say the guys are going to pay this
bimbo, if you find one?" She asked, her tone dropping one
note on the anger scale.

"Three hundred dollars, about seventy-five dollars each."
I said.

"None of your friends have ever met me, right?" She asked

"No, not that I know oooffff... Whoa! Wait a minute here!
What the

Hell are you thinking?" I sputtered, beginning to get the
direction of her conversation.

"Look Barry. We could really use the money, and if All I
have to do is dance around in a bikini, then why not? You
are the one that keeps insisting that I wear that thong
thing you got me. Here's your chance to show me off a
little and make some money besides. How about it?" She
asked, already spending the money in her mind.

"Well, I guess we could. We'd have to come up with a
story about where I met you and all... I don't know. If
those guys get rough I wouldn't be able to help you
without blowing the whole deal and my job too. Have you
thought about that?" I answered, afraid she was serious.

Sure, I had gotten her a thong, she has a great body. But
getting her a thong and wanting my co-workers to ogle her
and talk dirty to her was a different animal altogether.
It seemed, for the moment at least, that I had to go
along with her idea. So I agreed.


At work the next day, I told the guys that I had a girl
lined up and that three-hundred would be fine. John told
me, that before I made a firm deal with the girl, he
wanted to go see her dance, or at least see a video of
her act.

I was in a panic, I told him I would tell her and make

"Sherry didn't blink an eye when I told her of the set
back. She looked me right in the eye and said, Well rent
a camera, let's get it over with."

At work the next day I told John that the girl had said
she would come over to my place and let me make the

"Great! Can't wait to see it! Be sure to get close ups of
her knockers for me." He ordered.

"Her knockers! What do you mean?" I asked.

"She's a stripper ain't she? I want to see her tits. You
know her boobs. Why did you think we wanted to hire a
stripper?" He asked me as though I were an idiot.

"Sherry the whole deal's off. John wants to see the
girl's breast in the video. I'll have to go find a dancer
tonight, the parties tomorrow night." I told my wife.

"You don't have time. I started this, I'll finish it. Get
the camera at Easy Rental, I reserved it for you. I'll
give John his show. Hurry, get it, I'll be dressing." She
told me, turning and leaving me starring after her with
my jaw slack.

On the drive to the rental place I pondered the idea of
my wife topless in front of the guys. I can't in all
honesty say that the idea bothered me a lot. I did like
showing her off at the beach and at the pool. If it
didn't bother her why should it bother me?

Arriving home, I found my wife very busy hanging a sheet
for a backdrop, cueing music for her debut, and looking
incredible! She was wearing the thong. Her ass spilled
from the thing! One small strip of material ran up the
crack of her ass, only a small patch covered her pussy,
which she had obviously shaved nearly bare, and her
breast bulged out of the tiny top.

I had to admit that she was hot! She is a beautiful girl
with large, very large breast, trim waist and a wonderful
heart shaped ass. She looked fine and I knew that John
would be suitably impressed.

I hooked the camera up and began shooting as she danced
around the room. She swayed and strained with the beat
putting on quite a show! I could feel my erection start
and reached down to re-arrange things.

Sherry was doing things I had never seen her do! She bent
over and shook her huge bust at the camera, turned so
that her ass filled the viewfinder and spanked herself,
causing her flesh to tremble in a very provocative way.

When the second song started she boldly reached behind
herself and undid her top. With a quick move the top
disappeared and her delicious breast swung free. The pink
nipples began to harden and she cupped each breast
offering it to the camera, and whoever was watching her

When she was done, we made love like it was the first
time! She had managed to make me hotter in ten minutes in
front of the camera then in the few short months of our
marriage! I couldn't wait for John to see the video, I
knew he'd be pleased.

During the lunch break at work, all of us guys gathered
in the meeting room and screened the video of Sherry.
John said she'd do, Fred said he'd love to see her snatch
and asked if she'd get completely naked at the party, and
Chuck said if she did he was going to give her an extra
fifty to blow him!

I had hardly expected this type of reaction! These guys
were talking as though they expected her to make love to
them. I explained to the boys that sex had not been part
of the deal I had made. They each told me they knew that,
but that that part of the deal was always made at the
party, and that the girl knew the score, not to worry.

I tried to call Sherry, but never got her on the line. We
were to take the boss to the local watering hole and then
to the motel. Sherry was to be in the cardboard cake in
the room, waiting for us to arrive. I was in a panic. She
had no idea what was coming, and I had no way to warn

My heart stayed in my throat as we threw down several
rounds of drinks at the bar. Barry, the supervisor and
the soon to be groom was in a partially festive mood,
anxious to continue the party at the motel. Our limo
driver helped the group into the limo and off we went.

Upon entering the room, Barry ran to the cake and began
tapping on the side, asking if anyone was home. Sherry ,
of course said nothing. She was to appear only when the
music started. More drinks were passed around and
finally, two hours into the party, John turned on the
stereo and cranked up the volume.

The top of the cake few open, balloons cascaded upward to
the ceiling.

When the balloons cleared, there stood Sherry. She was
breathtaking. Her long blonde hair framing her lovely
features. Her breast heaved with heavy breathing, caused
from her nerves, I'm sure.

The men began to chant immediately. "Take it off! Take it

I could see the fear in Sherry's face as she realized
that the guys were quickly getting out of control. Being
a trooper she began to dance about the room, pushing each
down into a sitting position. She told them it was one of
her rules.

She moved from one guy to the next, dancing for each one.
All of the guys tried to touch her legs, breast and ass,
but she fended them off easily.

Finally John brought Barry to the center of the room, sat
him in a chair and told Sherry to dance for the groom. He
also told her to make it a real special dance and winked,
slipping fifty dollars into her garter.

Sherry looked at me for help, but I couldn't step in now.
It would ruin me at the plant. Instead I smiled at her
and nodded for her to dance.

She smiled back, a nervous, scared smile and began to
sway to the music.

"No! Dance closer to him, and how bout taking off that
top?" John chided her.

Sherry continued to dance and slowly reached back
releasing the clasp on her top. Her breast burst into
view amid the whistles and hoots of the guys. Barry sat
smiling, starring at my wife's exposed chest. Each time
she got close to him, he would reach out and grab at her.

Finally tired from the constant struggle, and realizing
what was expected of her, she let him stroke her ass,
legs and finally her tits. Barry pulled her closer and
sucked her left nipple deep into his mouth, gripping her
ass with both hands. Suddenly he pulled at the fabric and
ripped her bottoms all but off.

Sherry nearly panicked, but John stepped in and began to
whisper to her. I couldn't hear what he said, but I saw
him slip more money into her garter and smile. Sherry
looked at me and with a shrug slipped the suit off, then
straddled the groom's lap and began to undulate against
him, shoving her boobs into his face.

The guys went wild and began yelling off color remarks
about her exposed flesh. Barry also went wild, but in a
very different way. Gripping her ass with one hand he
slipped the other hand over her cunt and shoved two
fingers into her. Sherry's eyes flew open at the
intrusion, but she continued to dance for the soon to be
married man.

After the dance, Sherry was told to remain naked, and
talk to the guys. They began to feed her drinks, very
strong drinks. I told them we really shouldn't get her
drunk, but they brushed me away and continued. It seemed
that only a few drinks had passed when Sherry began to
dance again. This time however; Sherry was much more open
and touched herself for the pleasure of the guys. Soon
she was allowing each of the guys to finger her and suck
on her breast as she danced about the group.

John approached me and told me he had agreed to pay her
an extra hundred for taking off the pants, and he thought
she would go further if we raised the stakes.

"Are you in?" He asked.

"How much further can she go John? I mean she's naked and
letting us finger her!" I asked.

"If each of us chip in fifty more bucks, I'm sure she'll
let us do anything we want to her! Are you game, or are
you lame?" The threat to my job obvious.

"You mean you think she will go to bed with all of us?" I
asked incredulously.

"Sure! Probably give a few blow jobs too! Can we count on
you?" He pressed.

Against the wall I had no choice but to say, "Sure I'm
in. Let's party."

John gathered the money from the other guys and pulled
Sherry aside. I could see his lips moving as he whispered
to her and stroked her right breast. Sherry looked over
his shoulder at me, and then shook her head yes!

As John arranged a mattress on the floor, I slid in next
to Sherry and asked her if she really wanted to do this?

"No! But what choice do I have? If you had had the balls
you would have stopped this earlier. I'm stuck now! He
paid me over six hundred so far and a promise for more if
I do good. I can't back out!" She whispered.

"What are you supposed to do?" I asked.

"Here, play with my tits while we're talking or the guy's
will think you're gay or something. I'm supposed to lay
the groom right here in the middle of the room and then
screw each one of these jerks! Got any ideas?" She asked,
her eyes betraying her drunken state.

"No, not really. I don't want you to do this though. Are
you drunk?" I asked.

"You don't want me too! That's a laugh! Fucking A I'm
drunk. How else do you expect me to get through this?
Sherry said, turning and leaving me starring at her ass
as she left me.

John rushed up to her, giving her another drink.

"Ready for the party to start sweet cheeks! Barry get
over here for one last great piece of ass before you tie
the knot.'

Sherry dropped to her knees in front of the groom to be
and began to unbuckle and unzip his pants. Barry himself,
nearly ripped his shirt off, aiding Sherry in her search
for his nudity.

Sherry tugged his pants till they lay in a pile at his
feet. The guys cheering the whole time. She then reached
up and slid his shorts to the ground. Looking up, her
breath caught as she saw his large hard cock. Whatever
Barry lacked in brains he made up for in fuck meat. His
prick stood out hard and proud, extending a full nine
inches from his groin.

I noticed the glazed look come over her, almost as if she
were in a trance. She licked her lips slowly and then
reached up for Barry's hard fuck stick. I felt my stomach
roll as she gently cupped his balls with one hand and
stroked the hard length of his prick with the other.

With a quick look at me, she moved forward and took the
head of his organ into her pretty mouth. I heard her moan
as her tongue circled the head of his cock. Barry reached
down and filled his hands with her yielding tit flesh,
throwing back his head and howling his pleasure.

It took all my self control to stand and watch the lewd
scene before me. I had just about decided to put a stop
to this when Barry's legs began to jerk. He grabbed two
handfuls of her hair, held her head to him and shot what
must have been a quart of cum into her mouth. Sherry
gagged and tried to pull back, but he wouldn't hear of
it. He continued to climax for what seemed an eternity,
finally dropping to the mattress drunk and exhausted.

Sherry, finally free, fell back with white drops of male
cream clinging to her cheeks and chin. She no sooner hit
the mattress, than the whole group fell on her. Grabbing
tits, ass and cunt. John pushed the other two guys away,
announcing he was first. He pulled his cock free through
the zipper opening and forced his weight between her
legs. I could tell the minute of penetration as Sherry's
eyes flew open in surprise.

John wasted no time in foreplay, slamming again and again
into her tender quim. I stepped forward to pull him off,
and was actually reaching for him, when he howled and
slammed into her one last time. His buttocks flexing with
his orgasm. I looked into Sherry's eyes. She was trying
to hold back the tears, but I could read the fear.

Fred was next, forcing John from between her legs. Fred
stood, taking the time to drop his own trousers, and
stare at Sherry's exposed cunt.

"Oh man! Sloppy seconds! I'm gonna really enjoy this!" He
crowed as he plunged his long thin cock into Sherry's
tender pussy.

"Ooohhhh....God! That feels sssooooo gggooooodd!" Sherry

I couldn't believe my ears, she was enjoying this! As I
stepped forward to whisper to her, Chuck moved in front
of me and rubbed his large cock on her face, encouraging
her to take him into her mouth.

Sherry turned her head toward him and engulfed the head
of his short, very fat cock into her mouth. The sucking
sounds she made as she chomped on his prick with relish,
made me feel dizzy.

My wife, of only a few months, was turning into a crazed
slut right in front of my eyes!

Fred slammed and thrashed about on her supine body until
finally with a flourish of hard jabs, he too came into
her cunt. Chuck immediately took his place between her
legs and placed his prick at the entrance to her pussy.

I continued to watch Sherry as she took each guy a second
time, myself unable to gain an erection, I told the guys
I didn't want to cheat on my wife.

In all she was fucked seven times and gave four blow jobs
to completion.

She seemed satisfied with her night work, and asked John
to drive her home. I left shortly after they did, driving
in the dark silence of night. I wasn't sure how I'd be
able to forgive her. I knew I loved her, but she had
enjoyed every thing that had happened that night. Not
really the kind of woman I had had in mind when I married

Pulling up to the house, I was more than a little
surprised to see John's car still in my drive.

"That's it! Enough of this shit!" I thought, slamming on
my parking brake and jumping from the car.

"No job is worth this!" I shouted as I marched into the
house, ready to throw John out on his keester.

Sherry was kneeling between his legs as he sat nude on
the couch. She was leisurely munching on his soft cock.

"Hi! What took you so long old buddy? Hope you don't mind
but we couldn't wait for you to get here, so we fucked
already, and Sherry is just cleaning me up. She told me
the whole story on the ride home. Kinda funny don't you
think? Anyway, as long as I can keep coming over when I'm
in need of a little pussy, I'll keep your little secret.
How's that sound?" John said, with a twinkle in his well
fucked eyes.

"Sounds shitty! Get the fuck out of my house!" I yelled.

"Not so fast honey! I'm not through cleaning up our
guest. I did all this for you, don't blow it now! I kinda
liked all the guy's attention, and what's a little sex
between friends? Besides, you might even get a raise for
getting such a good dancer for the boss. You didn't fuck
me all night, why don't you come over here and get some
now?" She purred around the large cock shaft in her
mouth. Pausing to lick at the bulbous head and to tickle
his balls with her tongue.

"You know man, this woman is too hot for any one man to
tame. Why don't you just be glad that you have such a hot
lady and be glad to share with your friends? You know we
have lots of parties at the office, and I'm sure the two
of you can use the money. We had already been thinking
about hiring Sherry to surprise the big boss with a blow
job under his desk for his birthday that is before I
found out she's your wife. What do you say?" John

"Honey, let me phrase it for you a different way. If you
want to stay married to me, then you'll go along with
this. If you can't deal with it, then John will find
someone to do your job, and I'll go on without you. Now
what do you think?" Sherry threatened.

"I guess I have no choice." I stammered.

"Good! Now get over here and fuck me while I suck you
friends dick dry!" Sherry smiled.

I stood watching my beautiful wife as she licked John's
cock and began to unbutton my shirt, "She is a very sexy
lady!" I thought.

Sherry's eyes lit up. She turned her face up to John's
and asked, "Do you think any of the other guys would like
to come over? I was, after all hired for the night,
wasn't I?"

Fortunately, John was sexually exhausted, and begged off
from any further sexual activity that night. He sat,
rubbing his wilted, well fucked cock while I took my
pleasure with my wife. Occasionally he would direct the
action, asking me to face her this way or that, so that
he could see my cock plunging into her sweet pussy. I
found his watching, and his comments quite exciting, as
did Sherry!

After John left Sherry and I talked late into the night.
Neither of us wanted for her to participate in any more
parties, but we both liked John, and decided to allow him
to visit us on occasion. We did feel pressure from his
threat to expose us at the plant, but even more we found
that we had truly enjoyed sharing our love making with

John continued to visit once, and sometimes twice a week.
We would sit and talk, watch Sherry dance, or just relax
and let her suck and lick our hard cocks. Then we would
take turns sliding into her until we were exhausted.
Usually twice each.

Last Wednesday however; a new wrinkle was added! John
called and asked if could come over Tuesday night. Sherry
told him she would be glad to have him visit, and that
she had bought some new negligee she wanted him to see.
Nothing was mentioned at work on Monday, and only a
short, "see you guys tonight" as we left work Tuesday.

Sherry seemed happy, anticipating his arrival as she
busied herself in the kitchen preparing our dinner. After
eating, we enjoyed several glasses of wine, Sherry
leaning lovingly against me. She had laid out the new
outfits on the bed and ask my suggestion as to what she
should wear. I settled on a white, see through teddy with
tiny French style panties. While she was dressing, the
doorbell rang.

"I'll get it Hon! You take your time dressing, I'll
entertain your guest till you're ready." I shouted.

"Okay! You guys turn down the light, I'll put on a show
for you both!" She answered.

I was surprised to see, upon opening the door, that John
was not alone this time. Barry, my boss, and the man we
had the party for, the first man other than myself to
have sex with Sherry, was with him.

"Hello John, what's up?" I asked, not sure why he would
bring Barry. He knew we had agreed not to involve anyone

"Hello. I know that we have an agreement, but Barry
really enjoyed the party we gave him and his marriage is
already getting stale. I thought, well I thought Sherry
might entertain all of us tonight." He answered.

Taking his cue Barry was quick to speak up: "I know that
you probably aren't happy about this, I mean me coming
along. Look my wife and I don't get along. I know we've
only been married a few weeks, but mistakes can be made,
and it looks like I made a big one. I'm lonely, and can't
get sex at home.

I need a new area supervisor, with a twenty percent raise
in base pay, a company car, and bonuses. I thought we
might be able to work something out. I'm not offering to
buy sex with you wife, but if I could, say come over once
a week or so, well, I do need that area supervisor. What
do you say?" He asked.

"I'll have to talk it over with Sherry. Why don't you
guys come back in say, an hour? I'll let you know then."
I said, shocked at the deal he had offered.

"Who was that? Where did they go?" Sherry asked.

I explained the whole deal to her, careful to let her
know that I didn't want her to do anything that she
wasn't comfortable with.

One hour later, to the minute, the doorbell rang again.
This time I allowed the men to come in and asked them to
have a seat in the living room. I fixed us all drinks,
then without answering their earlier question, turned
down the lights, and turned up the music.

Sherry came from the bedroom, looking ravishing! She
danced about the room in the see through teddy, her large
breast visible through the thin gauzy material. As the
song ended she walked over to Barry, took his hand and
led him into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

"Gosh! She is really beautiful! You have to be the
luckiest Area Supervisor I know!" Smiled John.

"Yeah, I know! She wanted to be alone with him the first

After this, we'll all party together." I said, staring at
the bedroom door.

"Okay, sure, fine. I know Barry ain't shy. He begged me
to get in touch with the girl from the party. He said he
had never had such a good blow job, and that she had the
tightest pussy ever! I fended him off as long as I could.
I hope you're not mad at me for telling him? I mean, now
that he knows, and you're an Area Supervisor, you really
have no reason to let me keep coming over, but I sure
would like too." John babbled.

"John, Sherry and I really like you as a friend, not just
for the sex. I'm sure she will still want to see you.
We've gotten used to all this now, and I think if we
stopped, we would actually miss it!" I smiled.

At that moment the bed began to creak and rattle and I
knew that Barry was slamming that huge cock of his into
Sherry. She had agreed to the deal, but not so much for
the raise and promotion, as the fact she remembered how
large his prick was. I remembered how her eyes had glazed
over when she first saw it and knew when I saw that same
look tonight that she was all for the deal. I could hear
her moans coming from the bedroom, I knew she was close
to her first climax.

"Sounds like he's really giving it to her! Oh, I'm sorry
man, I hope you don't mind? John said.

"Are you kidding? I love that woman, and you were right!
It takes more than one man to satisfy her. I don't mind
sharing, as long as I get it as often as I want." I
replied, actually feeling a little sad at the sound of
obvious pleasure with Barry. She never cried out like
that with me or John."


John and I sat for three hours in the living room
listening to the sounds of passion emanating from the
bedroom. Finally Barry emerged with a large grin, a
hearty handshake and congratulations on my new job. He
then turned to John and told him they needed to go, his
wife would be calling the police to report a missing
person if they didn't get back soon.

John only shrugged his shoulders at me, shook hands and
said he'd see us next week.

Rushing to the bedroom, I found Sherry leaning back
against the headboard, smoking and smiling.

"I think I like this new deal a lot! He's really good in
bed and now we will have the money to buy that new car
you want!" She beamed.

"Look I know the money will come in handy, but don't fall
in love with the guy! I don't mind telling you, I'm a
little bit jealous!" I told her.

"Oh God! Don't be silly! I love you Hon, and I always
will. It's just that his cock is really large and it
feels good inside me. It's just sex! Now come over here
and fuck me the way I really like it. Is John still here?
Did he want to play too?" She asked, her large pink-
nippled breast calling me to her side.

"No, John had to go. I do love you so much. Let me turn
off the video camera first, then we can make love." I

"You videoed the bedroom while we were doing it? She

"You bet! If I'm not in the room, I want a video of it.
Is that okay with you." I asked.

"Sure! Let's watch the video while we play. I'll suck
your cock for you while you use the vibrator on me." She
smiled that sexy smile of hers.

We laid on the bed watching Barry plow his huge prick
into Sherry's snatch, and made love till early in the
morning. It seemed that Sherry got hot each time she saw
his cock slip into her.

"How often do you think he'll come over? She asked.

"I don't know, often enough I'd guess." I said, beginning
to get irritated with her obsession for Barry's dick.

My new job started the next day. Barry asked John to
drive my car home for me so that I could pick up the
company car at the dealer. When I arrived home, the house
was quiet except for the sounds of heated lovemaking in
the bedroom. I entered quietly and masturbated while
watching Sherry atop John riding his prick to orgasm.
Shortly after they finished, John called a cab, and
kissing Sherry's pussy goodnight left us alone.

I explained to her the job required some light travel. I
was expected to visit the dealers in the southern part of
the state and would be out of town two or three nights a
week. She promised to video any visitors that came by
while I was gone and asked that if I got horny on the
road, that I video any sexual activity I might have.


After an uneventful week of learning my new job, I left
town the next Monday to begin my road work. I enjoyed
meeting my new customers and the day seemed to fly by.
That evening in the room I decided to call Sherry and
tell her of the day's events. The phone rang several
times before she answered, slightly out of breath. I
asked her what she was doing and she said...

"Well right now, Barry is licking my cunt! It feels so
good! I've had one climax already and he says he wants to
taste me cum again! John came over for lunch and seemed
to enjoy himself in my pussy. You don't mind if I play
while you're out of town do you?" She purred.

"No, I don't mind, just be sure and video it all for me.
You did, didn't you?" I asked, my heart pounding in my

"Yes, I did and I am right now! Oh wait Honey. That's it
Barry slide it into me real slow, I want to feel every
inch of it! Oh, God! Honey, I've got to go! Barry's
started to fuck me, and it's hard for me to talk right
now. Call me back in an hour. Bye." She grunted, as he
pounded into her.

I laid in the dark room, feeling very lonely. "He gave me
this job to get me on the road so he could fuck her when
he wants!" I thought. "I know she loves me, but why can't
he wait till I'm in town?" I waited a little over an hour
and called her back.

"Hi Hon. Is Barry gone yet?" I asked.

"Yes he's gone. How's the trip going?" She asked.

"Well, I'm lonely. I miss you, and I'm jealous. What did
you do with him this time?" I asked, stroking my hard

"You want me to tell you all the details? Are you naked?"
She giggled.

"Yes, I want to hear it all!" I breathed.

"Well, he started by licking me all over, slowly like you
do. Then he slid his hard cock into me and fucked me hard
for several minutes. He stopped to eat me some more, and
forced my head down on him. I licked his cock and balls.
Then he pulled me onto my knees and slid into me from
behind. I could feel his cock against my uterus! He
climaxed and then we rested, me with his cock in my
mouth, his head between my legs. When he got hard again,
he took me quickly, then left. Something he said bothers
me though." She said.

"What did he say babe?" I asked.

"He said he wanted to deflower my bottom! I've never done
that! He even stuck his finger in my ass several times
while we were screwing. You don't think he is going to
try that, do you?" She asked, concerned.

"Honey, I don't think he could get that big cock in your
butt, do you?" I asked.

"I don't see how. Anyway, I taped it all for you, I miss
you. Hurry home." She begged.

"Is he planning on coming over again before I get back?"
I asked.

"Yes, I think so. I have a feeling he plans on being here
every night you're gone." She answered.

"Is that okay with you? If not, I'll call the office
tomorrow and tell him to ease off." I told her, feeling
anger towards Barry.

"No, That's okay. I can handle it on this end. If I'm not
in the mood, he ain't getting it. You do a good job and
I'll see you soon." She said confidently hanging up the

The next night I called again, hoping not to hear Barry's
heavy breathing in the background.

"Hey Babe! What's happening?" I asked, praying she was

"Nothing right now! Wow you've got to hear this though!
Barry called today around noon and told me to come to the
office, he had a surprise for us. I took a cab to the
plant, and had lunch with him. He bought us a new car! I
swear he did!" She said excitedly.

"A new car! Why?" I asked, suspicious.

"Well, here's the deal. First he made me sit under his
desk and give him a blow job. Said he's always wanted to
do it that way. It must have excided him, he shot a quart
of jiss in my mouth! Then he told me that if he couldn't
have my butt, would I let Fred do it to me. You know
Fred? The one with the long really thin prick? I told him
I didn't think so, but then he said he'd let me have a
new car if I would, so I said okay." She said.

"What! Do you really want to do that?" I asked.

"Well no. But if you remember, I didn't want to do any of
this. If we a get a new car for it though, I can stand a
little pain. Besides everything else has turned out okay,
don't you think?" She asked.

"Well, I guess, if you don't care." I said, trying to
sort my thoughts.

"I really think his plan is to loosen it up so he can
fuck me back there. Anyway, he and Fred are due here any
minute and I've got to set the camera up for you. Will
you call me later?" She asked.

"No, even better, just leave the receiver off the hook in
the bedroom. That way I can listen to what's happening.
If either of them notice it tell them you don't want to
be bothered with a call while you're doing it." I

"Okay! You're the boss. By the way, he had to tell Fred
that we were married, but Fred promised not to tell
anyone else. After they leave, if you're still on the
phone, we can talk some more. There's the doorbell! I've
got to fix the camera! Talk to you later. Bye for now."
She said setting the receiver down.

I could hear her running about, fixing the camera, and
going to the door. A half hour went by with no sound,
then I heard their voices.

"You sure look great Sherry! I love these tits!" Fred

"Yeah don't they feel great! Let's take off those panties
Babe." Barry said.

"Oh yeah! What a great pussy! Lay back I want to taste
that baby!" Fred breathed.

"Lick that asshole some too Freddie! I want you to get it
wet for later!" I heard Barry order.

"Here Sherry, suck my dick while he eats you." Barry
again spoke.

Nothing but moans could be heard for the next few minutes
then Fred spoke up again.

"Sherry, I've got to have some of that hot pussy right
now! I'll get hard again for your sweet bottom later."

I could hear Sherry moaning around the cock in her mouth
as Fred slid into her. Her breathing ragged as he punched
at her cervix. After only a few minutes, Barry spoke up.

"Okay now move! My turn! Get on your knees Sherry, I want
to finger your ass while I fuck you! Fred get me some
Vaseline, I don't want to make her sore."

Only sounds of bed springs and grunting, fucking animals
were heard for some time, then Fred announced he was
ready again.

"Sherry relax, this is going to feel really good! Go
ahead Fred do it!" I heard Barry order.

Then I heard Sherry cry out as Fred's cock slid past her
sphincter muscles and into her rectum.

"Oh God! You're killing me! Please stop, that hurts! She

"It's okay Sherry the pain will stop in a minute, you'll
see, you're gonna like this." Barry told her.

In a few minutes she began to coo, and I knew she had
adjusted to the plunging prick in her butt. The sounds of
the sex had me pounding my meat like there was no

"Okay Fred! Move over!" Barry shouted.

"Oh God! No! Not you Barry, your cock is too large!
Ooooowwww! Ooooowwww, Oooooowwww! Yes! Fuck my ass, you
big-dicked fucker! Pound it into me!" Sherry screamed.

I listened to sounds of my wife fucking the two men for
over two hours. Sometimes just one in her sometimes one
in her butt one in her cunt. Blow jobs to re-erect the
guys, pussy lapping to re-wet Sherry. Finally the sound
of snoring! I figured the men had worn her out and
themselves. I assumed Sherry had fallen asleep too, and
hung up the phone, determined to make it back home the
next night.

Arriving home around eleven, I crept quietly in the back
door. I had seen Barry's car out front, and knew he would
be in the bed with Sherry. As I peered into the bedroom,
I caught Sherry's eye immediately. She was face down on
the bed with her ass in the air and in the hands of a
sweating Barry!

His face flushed as he pounded his mammoth cock into
tight ass. Sherry only smiled, then closed her eyes and
cried out her climax as Barry stiffened and shot spurt
after hot spurt of man cream into her intestines.
Finished, they pulled apart slowly, Barry noticing me for
the first time.

"Hey guy! How was the trip? See your new car out front?
Hope you don't mind me coming over to visit your
beautiful wife so much this week, it's just that we
opened some new areas to explore. Want to try some of the
tightest asshole you ever saw?" He stammered, obviously
surprised by my appearance.

"Yeah, maybe later. How about a drink?" I said, trying to
sound unaffected my the sex show in front of me.

Sherry made me very proud by running to me, throwing her
arms around my neck.

"Oh Baby, I'm so glad you're home! I missed you
terribly!" She cried, small tears running down her pretty

Barry dressed and we all enjoyed a stiff cocktail. After
he had gone, promising to be back, sometime during the
next week. Sherry and I enjoyed slow tender lovemaking.

"This is the best!" She said. "Our sweet lovemaking is so
much better than the hard quick sex I have with the other
guys. Did you want to screw me in the ass too?"

"Sure, but not tonight. Tonight I just want to hold you
and tell you how much I love you. By the way did John
come over any this week?" I asked.

"Only the first day, you know, I told you he came over
for a quickie during his lunch break. Said he would call,
but I haven't heard from him. Oh, by the way, Fred says
he wants to come back again if it's okay with you." She
told me.

"Did you enjoy him? Do you want him to come back. It's
really up to you." I answered.

"Oh, I guess. He was okay, nothing special. It's up to
you, I really don't care if anymore guys come over or
not. I just want to make you happy. I do enjoy sex with
Barry, and of course John is like our friend, so he's
okay. Anybody else is up to you." She said, matter-of-

"Well I don't mind. Not as long as you video it all for
me. If you are in the mood and he calls, then it's okay."
I said falling asleep in Sherry's tender embrace, my
hands filled with her breast.

John left for vacation that week, and the boss had to
stay close to home after spending three nights at my
house the week before. Sherry and I traveled together
that week and arrived back in town Thursday afternoon.

No sooner had we arrived than the phone began to ring.
Sherry answered, and holding her hand over the receiver
told me it was Fred wanting to know if we had plans for
that evening. I told her no, and asked if she wanted him
to come over. She said, "Well I have enjoyed our three
days alone, but you never did do my butt, and well, Fred
is kinda a specialist in that area. Would you mind if he
did come over, just for a little while?"

I think I realized at that moment, more so than any
before that Sherry would never be happy with just me
again. She had walked the wild side and it suited her.
Yeah, it suited her just fine.

"No I don't mind. In fact it might be a real kick to
watch you get it in the ass! I might even take seconds on
it myself." I laughed, trying to hide my disappointment
that I was not enough for her.

"Sure, come on over, and bring your tube of KY Jelly, I'm
in the mood for love!" She laughed into the phone before
hanging it up.

Kissing me lightly on the lips, she ran to the bathroom
to freshen up and take a shower. I sat in the darkened
living room thinking about the situation. I loved her, no
doubt about that! I didn't want to lose her. I really
didn't mind her making love to other guys, in fact it
still turned me on quite a bit! I think though, that I
would prefer we use guys we didn't know.

Oh, John was okay, but now there was Fred and big dick
Barry, and damn it that just didn't leave much for me!
Maybe my ego was taking a little beating too. She hadn't
even mentioned butt fucking while on the trip. I would
have been glad to fill that little void for her if she
had only asked. Oh, well, I figured I had asked for all
of this. I had made my bed, now I had to sleep in it,
even if there were three other guys in it with me.

Fred set an all time speed record reaching our house. His
eyes twinkling with excitement. I couldn't hold that
against him, I'd seen his very fat, very ugly wife. A
quick flash of him firmly planted into his chubby little
wife's butt caused a near miss with laughter, but I
managed to control myself.

Sherry was still in the shower, singing lightly. I
invited Fred to join me in a drink. He thanked me, and
then shocked me by asking if he couldn't go in and
surprise Sherry while she bathed.

I looked at his thin course face, wondering what Sherry
could see in his beady little eyes that made her want to
accept his skinny little prick in her body. I felt a
flash of hate for this man, even though I really didn't
know him that well.

"Yeah, sure, why not? Get naked and hop right in there
with her! Maybe you'll get lucky and get to see her take
a dump!" I said, momentarily losing my temper.

"Hey, man! I didn't mean to overstep my bounds. I really
appreciate you guys letting me come over like this. I
really didn't mean any disrespect toward either of you,
it's just that your wife is gorgeous, and well, I've
never been with a girl that beautiful before." He said, a
very sad, panicky look in his eyes.

"No, Wait. I'm the one that should be sorry. I didn't
mean to snap at you, I'm just tired. I'm complimented
that my wife is so appealing to so many men. Shit! I
wouldn't want if she wasn't so hot. I'm just tired from
the trip. Tell you what. I'll fire up the hot tub, and
we'll all go skinny dipping! How would that be?" I asked,
feeling really bad for my actions.

"Sounds great! We'll meet you there!" Fred said, turning
and heading for the sound of Sherry's singing.

I had thought the hot tub would supersede the need to see
her in the shower, but I guess my point was too subtle. I
went to the tub, turned the water temperature to one-oh-
three, and wandered back towards the bedroom.

The shower had been turned off and the door still
slightly ajar. Some inner need in me, told me to peek and
not just barge in. I edged to the door and through the
crack could see Sherry seated on the commode, sucking
noisily on Fred's slender prick. Fred braced himself on
the curtain rod, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Sherry seemed pleased as he unleashed a torrent of steamy
cum, trembling and straining to retain his balance.
Temporarily satisfied, Fred told her we would be waiting
for her at the hot tub and turned to leave. I managed to
make a quick retreat to the kitchen, grabbing two beers
from the fridge, and step out the patio door to the hot

As I sat waiting for our guest, I wondered if he had
asked her to administer the blow job, or if she had just
fallen on his cock in a fit of lust. That thought
bothered me a bit, until the hot water began to magically
relax me.

Fred popped through the door with a smile, climbed naked
into the tub, and again told me what a lucky man I was.
He volunteered that he had asked Sherry for a quick blow
job to slow him down, and told me what a great one she
had given him.

"I can't believe she swallows like she does, she's
unbelievable! Does she do that for you a lot?" He asked.

"Anytime I want one and sometimes when I don't!" I
laughed, feeling great pride in my hot lady.

Sherry joined us then, wrapped in a towel and carrying a
tray of fruit and a bottle of wine. She smiled set the
wine down, placed the tray on the edge of the tub,
dropped the towel and stepped into the tub between us.

"Coffee, tea, of me?" She giggled.

"You babe. We both want you!" I answered, meaning every

We drank, we laughed, we ate of the fruit, both on the
tray and the forbidden kind. Sitting between us afforded
Sherry easy access to our throbbing cocks, and us access
to her sweet pussy and tits. Sherry made me stand in
front of her so that she could suck my glans into her
mouth. I groaned my approval as she licked and sucked me
to the edge of climax.

Then with a sudden move she placed me in the seat and
straddled my hips, rubbing my cock against the very wet
slit of her cunt. Smiling at Fred, she pushed down and
engulfed my member into her incredibly hot vagina. Fred
reached up to fondle her right breast, as I licked on the
left one, sliding in and out of my wonderful wife. With a
quiet moan I released my load into her, bringing an
instant smile to her face.

"Cum in a hot tub!" She shouted gleefully, pointing at a
white stringy gob floating to the surface. "Hey, both you
guys have had orgasms, how about me?"

"You do the honors Fred, I've got to rest!" I said as he
lifted her to the side, spread her legs, and with a smile
began to lick and suck her juices and mine from her cunt.

"That taste great! Tasting both of you at once! You got
to try this some time Bob!" He said.

When I recovered from my state of shock, I watched as he
avidly sucked my juices from her. That's when he dropped
the bombshell.

"You know I'm bi-sexual! That's how I found about you two
being married. I was giving Barry his once a week blow
job when he told me. I hope you two don't mind, and Bob,
if you ever need one, just call me." Fred said, before
again scooping a gob of cream from Sherry's snatch.

"Is that why you like butt fucking so much?" I asked,
fighting shock.

"You got me! I'd rather do nothing else, but I love
eating girls too. Especially this one, she has the
sweetest pussy ever!" He smiled.

Then the real shock came!

Sherry raised up on her elbows, looked me in the eye and
said, "I'd love to watch him give you a blow job! Would
you do that for me?"

I hesitated only a minute before agreeing. Adding...

"Only if I get to suck his jiss out of you like he's
doing mine now."

"Only if you suck his dick for me. Is it a deal?" She
asked, excitement showing all over her face.

"Yes." Was all I could say as I reached into the water
and began stroking his long hard cock.

"This is going to be the best night of my life!" Fred
said. "Anybody want to fuck?"

"Yes, I do. And I want it in my ass, can you handle it?"
Sherry asked Fred.

"You bet! Bend that pretty ass over the side here, and
I'll give it all to you!" Fred threatened.

Sherry stood and bent over the side, presenting her
beautiful ass for his inspection. Fred bent rapidly to
his task, licking her asshole. Then sliming his finger
with the jelly he slid it into her with one smooth

"Bob, suck on my cock while I get her ready, then we'll
take turns with her pretty bum." Fred said, winking at

Without a second thought, and a wink at my wife, I slid
under his legs and swallowed his cock till it hit the
back of my throat. Controlling my gag reflex, I sucked
deeply at his shaft, enjoying the feel of his hard meat
in my mouth.

After only a few minutes, Fred gently pulled me away and
told me, "Okay, she's ready. Watch this!", Then slid his
greasy cock into her plump bottom steadily till his balls
bounced off her upturned cunt.

Sherry moaned with the intrusion, grunted, and then begin
to push back at the pounding cock on each thrust. After
fifteen or twenty jabs with his long thin cock, Fred
pulled out and told me to take a turn.

The sensation of my prick entering her bottom was
strangely exciting. Being somewhat larger than Fred, I
could feel her start to tense up. Soon my balls also
slapped her cunt and I lost control, cumming gobs of hot
cream into her bowels. As I fell away, my cock rapidly
shrinking, Fred took my place and drove his hard prick
into her again.

He slammed at her mercilessly till he too climaxed with a
howl, and slid back into the hot water. Sherry laid over
the side groaning her pleasure. Fred looked over at me
and said not to worry about the state of my softening
cock, he said he would take care of it in a minute.

Sherry perked up at the sound of that and insisted that I
sit on the edge so that he could suck my cock at that
very instant. I pulled myself up on the edge and watched
as my friend sucked my half hard prick into his mouth.

Soon I was again hard and jerking convulsively in the
throes of a hard orgasm. Fred turned and kissed Sherry,
sharing my load between them. Sherry had been sucking
Fred to a raging hard on and the two of them soon slipped
form the water and fucked like wild animals a scant three
feet from me. I watched Fred's cock disappear into
Sherry's hot cunt, only to see it reappear wet with her
juice. He yelled his impending climax, and slammed into
her one last time, shooting his goo into her depths.

Sherry rolled him off of her and told me, "Eat me now!
Suck his jiss out of me!"

I winked at my love and began licking thick gobs of cream
from her cunt. He was right! It did taste great! A treat
I mentally planned to repeat.

Fred left after that, leaving Sherry and I exhausted and
eager to enter dreamland. Friday was uneventful at work.
John hardly spoke to me and Barry only waved in the hall.
I wondered if we had done something to upset them.

Saturday found Sherry and I sitting on our patio,
enjoying the sunshine. Sherry was wearing the same suit
she had used to dance at the bachelor party. The party
that seemed to have taken place years ago, instead of
only a few months.

We were surprised to see Barry and John at the back gate.
Neither had been over for about two weeks. We had become
convinced that something I had said had upset them, or
that they had gotten tired of sex with Sherry.

"Hey guys! Come on in! Can I get you two a beer or a
coke?" I shouted, genuinely happy to see them both. We
both missed our friend John, but Sherry really missed the
sex with Barry and his mammoth cock.

"Uh, yeah a beer would be great." Said John.

"Beer for me too Bob. Hello Sherry, how's my favorite
girl?" Barry said.

After pleasantries were exchanged and drinks served we
settled into a light conversation. I knew that they had
come to talk, but didn't want to push either of them. I
figured they would get to the point soon enough. Whatever
had kept them away wasn't Sherry. They each filled a hand
with her breast, eventually asking her to sit topless as
we talked, saying how much they missed her. Since we have
a very high fence around the back yard, she was happy to
comply with their wishes, taking her bottom off too. I
feel she was hoping to have sex with the two but, the
mood was too serious.

Finally Barry felt comfortable enough to get to the

"Look Bob. You're doing a great job, I couldn't be
happier. But, someone, I'm not sure who, talked around
the plant about our arrangement. Mr. Washington called me
into his office last week, I thought he was going to fire
me! He didn't approve of me giving a promotion based on a
man's wife's sexuality. He demanded details, and I tried
to give him the information I thought would get me off
the hook and keep you from being fired." He started.

"Look Barry, it's okay. We've saved a little money, I'll
find another job somewhere. Sherry was even thinking
about dancing for extra money since you guys don't seem
to come over much any more. We'll make out." I tried to
make this a little easier for him. He continued to talk,
looking at Sherry's wonderful body.

"No, No. You haven't been fired! I told you, you have
been doing a great job. That's not the problem. We
haven't been over because we were embarrassed that we
spilled the beans. We had promised you that no one else
would find out and now Fred's involved. More than that,
the boss wants in too. That's what we came to talk to you
guys about. He says that if he can come over once in
while, he won't say anything about it to Mr. Asnew the

"We didn't know how you would take it, but it would save
all our jobs, and if you let him then one or both of us
will back out of the picture. We know that with me coming
over two or three nights a week, and John over a night a
week, and now Fred wanting to visit, that doesn't leave
you guys much time and besides there's more to life than
sex. Sherry is the best lady in the world, but she's got
to have a life beyond pleasing all of us." Barry

"Well we appreciate the concern, but Sherry has missed
the two of you, and both of us are happy with the
arrangement we have. I don't know if sex with Mr.
Washington is in the cards though, that's pushing it." I

"Why not Hon? What's the big deal with this Mr.
Washington? Is he really old and wrinkled or something?"
Sherry asked, stroking Barry's very hard cock.

"No Sherry, Mr. Washington is black. He's about thirty
years old. A very big man. Hell, he must be six foot six,
and weight two fifty or more!" Barry told her, unzipping
his pants as he talked.

Sherry smiled down at his hand as he pulled his cock out.
Wrapping her small white hand around his fuck stick, she
smiled at him and before lowering her mouth to his organ,
said," I don't mind him being black. I've never had a
black man. I still want to see you guys though."

"Gosh that's great! Do you mind Bob? Is it really okay
with you Sherry?" John showing obvious relief gushed.

"No, I don't mind, if it's okay with Sherry, tell him
okay." I smiled at my cocksucking wife.

Sherry only winked at me and went back to her blow job.

"I shouldn't ask this, but can I fuck her while she's
doing that? It's really been a while, and I'm getting
turned on." John asked.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Sherry smiled at him. "Get
in there and do your best fella!" She joked.

I relaxed and watched as John mounted her from behind.
From the ease of his entrance she must have been really
wet. The two men soon reached orgasm, filling her two
holes with their male scum.

Later that afternoon Sherry and I discussed the
conversation we had had with Barry and John. I was
surprised that she seemed excited about being with a
black man. The idea had never occurred to me, but I too
found the thought intriguing.

Sunday evening Mr. Washington arrived promptly at eight.
He treated us both as good friends, quickly putting us at
ease. He presented Sherry with a dozen red roses, and me
with a bottle of Dom Pernon, which we opened to toast our
new friendship. I was surprised at his level of
nervousness. He was a gentleman to the end, waiting for
us to make the first move. No mention of the conversation
with John and Barry.

I decided to take control of the situation, and asked him
what he thought of Sherry. He told me he thought she was
a vision, and had a wonderful figure. I asked him if he
would like to make love to her. He smiled a wide white
toothed grin and told me I had a great future with the

I turned to Sherry and asked her if she'd like to show
her new outfit to Mr. Washington.

"I'd love to get an impartial opinion! Bob always tells
me I look no matter what I wear. Today I was at the mall,
and I bought the most scrumptious outfit! Would you
really like to see it?" She asked, picking up on my

"No! Really! I'd love to see it. Please model it for us."
Mr. Washington begged.

Sherry smiled and ran from the room. She had not been
shopping that day, but I knew she'd find just the right
outfit for the moment.

"Bob, please call me Tyrell, Mr. Washington is fine for
work, but not social occasions. I understand you are
doing a great job for the company. I'm sorry I haven't
taken the time to talk to you before, but I'm certainly
glad I accepted your kind invitation to visit your home.
Tell me, are all the wonderful things I hear about you,
and, uh, Sherry true, or is there a little exaggeration
going on?" He asked.

"Well Tyrell, I don't know what you heard, but I think
you're in for a very interesting evening. In fact I'm
sure of it! Well here she is! Darling you look
wonderful!" I exclaimed.

"Oh my! You are a very beautiful woman Sherry." Tyrell

Sherry was wearing a pair of Nike shoes with thigh
warmers, a pink scarf around her neck, and the biggest
smile you could imagine. Turing on her toes, she showed
us her ass, then spun back around posing with her hands
on her hips, her legs spread slightly showing a small
patch of pubic hair and a pout on her pretty mouth.

"The shoes were on sale, what do you think?" She beamed.

"I'd say you got a hell of a deal! You know I've never
seen a white woman nude before, and you are a visual
treat!" Tyrell drooled, his eyes never leaving her pink
nippled breast.

"Hey, I'm not nude! I'm wearing my shoes and a scarf!
Let's not get a rumor started!" She smiled. "Would either
of you care to dance? I'm really in the mood to dance."

"You go ahead Tyrell, I'm still too tired from mowing the
lawn today. You might want to take off that jacket first
though." I offered.

Mr. Washington couldn't get his coat off fast enough. He
jumped to his feet as Sherry played a CD of love songs,
all slow and melted against his chest. They moved slowly
about the room, Mr. Washington watching me the whole time
to see if I was going to intercede. I only smiled at him
and motioned for him to stroke her bottom.

He smiled back and slowly lowered his hands to her taut
buttocks. As his confidence grew, his hands roamed more
freely over her smooth body, finally slipping between
them to cup her left breast. With an urging from Sherry,
his head bowed and he sucked one hard nipple into his
mouth. Sherry slipped her hands to the front of his pants
and began to caress the incredible bulge growing there.
Her eyes lit up as soon as she realized what a large
organ he had dangling in his pants. Her patience gone she
began to quickly undress the smiling black man.

What a scene! My wife naked on her knees in front of a
huge black man, wearing only French cut men's bikini
pants. Eyeing the huge bulge nestled between his legs,
and him being my boss!

I had turned the video camera on earlier, excited about
the prospect of viewing it again later. His shyness had
made the experience much more interesting than I could
have hoped.

Sherry licked her lips, then reached up and began to tug
down his tight fitting shorts. As his giant cock flopped
into view, I could hear Sherry suck in her breath. She
slipped the pants off his legs, never taking her eyes off
his large balls and huge black cock. Then she took his
nuts in one small white hand as she licked at the plum
colored head of his thick shaft.

I could see her taste a pearly drop of pre-cum and then
resume her tongue bath. She seemed to have some trouble
getting the head of the large organ into her mouth, but
somehow she managed to engulf about two inches. My best
guess was that his prick was twelve to fourteen inches
long. It was hard, but the weight of it forced it to hang
at a forty-five degree angle.

"God! That feels good. I don't want you to stop, but I
also have decided that you are really nice people and I
don't want to force you into anything you don't want. Bob
you won't lose your job, so if you want to stop Sherry,
it's okay. If you don't want to stop, then lay back and
spread those beautiful legs, I would love to lick that
pink pussy of yours!" Tyrell offered, a gentleman to the

Sherry reluctantly let the bulbous head of his cock slip
from her lips, squeezed his balls one last time, laid
back, spreading her legs, looked Tyrell right in the eyes
and said." Don't hold back! I want it all in me! Fuck me
with that big black cock."

Tyrell fell to his task quickly, and was soon munching
happily on Sherry's hot cunt. Sherry moaned her pleasure
as he dined. Moving into position, Tyrell tried to get
the head of his prick into Sherry, but seemed to have
trouble. After several tries Sherry took charge.

"Here, you lay on the floor, I'll get it in!" She

He laid back, holding his long rod straight up as Sherry
moved over him and placed the head against her small
opening. I moved to afford a view between their legs,
thrilled as the black cock shaft begin to disappear into
Sherry's hot little pussy. She slowly continued the
pressure till her ass crack rested against his balls.

"God! I've never been all the way in a woman before! You
are the hottest tightest bitch I've ever fucked!" Tyrell

"Glad you like it! I like big dicks. I want this one a
lot. Will you come back and give me some more? Or should
I make this one last?" Sherry asked the astonished black

"Baby, I'll give it to you anytime you want it. Is that
all right with you Bob?" He asked.

"I love my wife, and I love to see her happy! We'd love
to have you over as often as you can come or cum, as the
case may be!" I answered, mesmerized by the sight of his
huge cunt splitter sliding in and out of Sherry's widely
stretched cunt.

I watched as he began to hunch up towards her, sucking on
her distended nipples. Watched as his ass muscles
tightened. Watched as his cock twitched, signaling his
orgasm. Watched as the hot white cream dripped from
around his shaft, down onto his large black balls.

Sherry slid off of him and slowly licked and sucked him
clean. She winked to me and signaled that she wanted me
to suck her dry as soon as he left.

Mr. Washington thanked us profusely as he left promising
to be back soon. I thanked him for his hot cream as I
licked Sherry's cunt.


Tuesday of the next week, found me packing my things for
my little road trip. Sherry had wanted to go, but both
Barry and John had asked if they might visit, and since
it had been a while since they had come over we thought
maybe Sherry should be available for them. I figured that
if I hurried I could be back home by Friday night, and we
planned a nice weekend for the two of us.

My trip took me through the entire western part of the
state. Wednesday night I pulled into a Best Western, took
a steamy hot shower and called Sherry at half past nine.

The phone rang for several minutes before she answered. I
had begun to think she had gone out for the evening and
was preparing to hang up when she answered.

"Oh! Hi babe. What you doing that you take so long to get
to the phone?" I asked.

"Well, Tyrell is here, and we were well, you know, we
were having sex. What's happening with you?" She

"Are you using the camera, like we agreed?" I asked.

"Yes, silly! You won't believe it though! He's done it
twice to me already and it seems as though his cock
enters me easier each time. I was sucking him back into
condition when the phone rang, for another session. By
the way, both John and Barry came to lunch. Have you met
anyone to play with while you're on the road?" She asked.

"No. And I don't really want too. I love you and I think
I'm beginning to feel insecure again, what with you
screwing all these guys while I'm gone. Do you really
enjoy the sex that much?"

"I don't enjoy it at all! I crave it! When I'm not doing
it, I'm thinking about it. I don't know why, maybe it's
just the idea of all the different sizes and all, I don't
know. I do love you though, and if you don't want me to
continue, I'll quit. Just let me know so I can tell your
boss." She said.

"Oh, no! I don't mind, not as long as you tape it for me.
When does he think he needs to come over again?" I asked.

"He hasn't said. He did say something about bringing a
friend next time, if you didn't mind." She said, sounding

I told her fine, whatever she wanted and hung up, laying
in the dark and imagining her spread out on the bed for
Mr. Washington's big hard black cock. The image of him
shooting gobs and gobs of hot white cream into and onto
her raced through my dreams all night.


When I arrived I viewed the tapes she had made for me.
There were three full tapes, nearly six hour of her
fucking and sucking John, Barry and Tyrell. Tyrell had
come over twice, pounding into her from behind the second
night till she cried out in pain. She never complained,
but I could tell she was getting burned out on the whole
thing. The sparkle was gone from her eyes and she never
talked about it anymore.

Saturday we spent relaxing in the back yard, taking turns
rubbing tanning oil onto each other's backs. When the
phone rang, Sherry went to answer it. In a few minutes
she returned to the back yard, looked at me and said.

"Well here we go again!"

"Why? What's up babe?" I asked.

"That was Mr. Washington. He said that he understood from
the other guys that I like it up the ass and his friend
has a thing for that type of sex. He said that if I would
entertain him and his friend tonight that he would be
sure to see that you got the entire state to be technical
supervisor over. So, I guess you want me to do it, don't
you?" She asked.

"Honey, I really don't care. We have all we need now. If
you feel you want to do it then fine, otherwise tell him
no." I told her truthfully.

"No, I want you to get that promotion, I'll do it. Go buy
some snacks for us to eat later and I'll call him back
with our answer." She told me, turning walking quickly
into the house.

I watched her wonderful buttocks twitching as she walked,
thinking no wonder the guys want to screw her back there.
I hurried to the store, deciding that tonight I would
hide and see what really happens when I'm not around. Not
that I didn't trust Sherry, It's just that I didn't
really trust the fellows.

At eight o'clock that evening, Sherry said she was going
to take a shower and get ready for her nine o'clock date.
I told her I was going out for a drink and I'd see her
later. I then moved the car to the park down the street
and walked back to the house. I secreted myself in the
bedroom closet and waited for the men to arrive.

I wasn't kept waiting long. I peeked through the louvres,
watching Sherry putting on her make-up, stifling a giggle
when she dabbed perfume on her neatly shaved pussy.

By the clock on the bed side table, the doorbell rang at
nine o'clock sharp, and Sherry hurried to answer it
wearing string bikini panties and a cut-off t-shirt. She
looked great!

I could hear the men laughing and Sherry preparing drinks
for all. Sneaking from my hiding place, I found a spot
near the top of the stairs that afforded me a view of the
living room. The other man that Tyrell brought was Mr.
Asnew! A small wiry black man, going on the back side of
fifty! I tried not to laugh as I watched this tycoon of
the business world, openly ogle my wife! She tried to
keep the conversation light, but Mr. Asnew was so excited
he couldn't concentrate on what she was saying.

Mr. Asnew turned to Tyrell and told him he didn't think
he would be needed further, and to pick him up in about
two hours. Tyrell politely excused himself and left the
couple alone. No sooner had the door closed behind him
than Mr. Asnew asked Sherry if she would dance for him.
She happily agreed and put on some slow sexy music,
undulating about the room.

Mr. Asnew was anything but shy, unzipping his pants and
pulling his very thin, very long, very hard cock free. I
starred in disbelief, the guy's prick must have been a
foot long! Mr. Asnew rubbed it fiercely as he watched
Sherry do a slow strip. When she was naked she moved to
him and moving to her knees, began to lick and suck on
the old guys hard cock.

Mr. Asnew removed the rest of his clothes, careful not to
break the lip lock Sherry had on his dick. He then leaned
forward and filled his hands with her soft tit flesh as
she worked over his prick. After ten of fifteen minutes
of this hot action, he leaned back against the sofa and
groaned out a long climax. I could see Sherry smile
around his cock as she caught every drop.

She laid next to him on the sofa while he stroked her
naked flanks, telling her how good her ass fucking would
be. It took over half an hour and another blow job to get
the old guy hard again, Sherry grabbing his hand and
heading for the bedroom. I rushed ahead of them to the
closet, my hard cock in my hand.

As soon as they entered, he told her to get on her hands
and knees, then stepped behind her and spit on his hard
long cock. In moments he was balls deep in her tight cunt
slamming against her with an urgency I had never seen
before! Pulling free of her clinging pussy, he re-
positioned the head of his prick at her anal opening.
With a yelp he pushed the head into her and then slammed
forward, burying the entire foot of cock into her rectum.

He fucked her hard for several minutes, as she reached
back rubbing his balls. Finally with a last jerk, he
began to cum in her bowels. She smiled and laid her head
on the pillow, waiting for him to withdraw. Sherry
fetched a warm wet towel and cleaned his tired wilted
organ, then escorted him to the living room to wait for
his ride.

After they left she came to the closet and opened the
door, telling me she had known all along that I would be
in there. She also told me that I wouldn't have to worry
about going on the road anymore since she now had tape of
him having sex with her! She explained her plan to
blackmail the men into promoting me to vice president,
and her plan to seduce Tyrell's wife.

She had found out through Tyrell that his wife, Olivia,
was bi-sexual and had told him she would love to have a
threesome with the two. She said Tyrell had seemed
pleased, but afraid that his wife would find out he had
been cheating on her. Sherry had assured him that his
wife would never know a thing. They could come over for
dinner and he could leave the rest to her.

Sherry and I still enjoy a threesome on occasion, but
mostly with young muscular guys that we meet when we are
on cruises! Oh, we still let old Mr. Asnew come over once
a month or so, but the other guys have been filtered out
of our life. Well. that is except Fred. I still enjoy
sucking his hard cock once in a while!

Ain't life grand?

End of Story

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