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To all you hot couples out there in the life style that has not tried a group party yet, you got to go. We went to are first last week and it was the most erotic night of our life. We drank and danced for a couple of hrs, and then you could look around and see, the closes were coming off. People were starting to fuck all over the place. This good looking ladiesÂ’ came up and started talking to my husband and myself. She started kissing me slowly at first then we were locked lipped and grinding. My husband watched for a bit the this women started leading me to a room. I was thinking ok, me and her are going to do some girl on girl. Well when we got to the room there were 4 guys in there waiting for me. They said they had been WATCHING ME since I got there. I was scared now but relay turned on to. They came up one by one and started kissing me. Each one would kiss me for a bit then drop one piece of clothing off me. It was so erotic. Once I was nude the real hot young stud took me in his hands kissed me then laid me on the bed and drove his face in my slit. I let a huge orgasm go right off the bad. He started fingering me in both holes. I had never done this before so I was still real nervure. I did realize what I was in for thou. I knew I was going to gang banged. I had two cocks in my mouth at this time now, I had one guy cum in my face right away. After that 3 guys took turns fucking me over and over. I looked up and my husband was watching me with his dick in his hand. He loved it.

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