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Third and final story- My wife is the hostess with the mostess

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So now that my wife is regularly getting fucked by the minor league baseball player we are hosting, and now that he is regularly joining us so that we can tag team her, things had settled into a nice little domestic routine of crazy ass sex nearly every day. As often as not, my wife would discover dried flakes of cum on her neck while she was out. She was insatiable.

So our guest Ryan had a great set up. Not just because he got to fuck the hell out of my really hot wife and treat her like a porn star. But because the basement of our house (where he was staying) is really nice. Bar, bedroom, full bath, a room with a pool table and darts, big living area and tv, a patio with a hot tub, etc. Soon, some of the guys from his team started to come over and hang out.

My wife, naturally, loved having all of these tall, young athletes over. And they enjoyed her company too. She always dressed extra sexy when they were around and loved to flirt. I think they all knew that Ryan was fucking her.

One day, Ryan had three of his teammates over. The third basemen, Russell, the shortstop Greg and the right fielder, Mike. Mike and Russell are black. Greg is white, like Ryan. Like Ryan, they are all over 6 foot, muscular but lean. And of course, young, her favorite.

Bending over the pool table in her tiny shorts and heels, the guys were getting an eye full one day. And judging by the way everyone was drinking, I had a pretty good idea where this was heading, or at least, where I hoped it was heading.

I quietly excused myself and went and made sure the video camera was charged, just in case. I discretely brought in back to the basement. Natalie had never done more than 2 guys at a time before and I wanted to see how she would handle the 4 of these guys and me all at once!

Pretty soon, Ryan was getting affectionate with Natalie and Greg asked me if I had a problem with that. Greg apparently knew, but didn't know if it was okay to be open with it. I told him, Russell and Mike that I was okay with anything any of them did with her tonight. As long as she was okay with it. They just stared at me for a second before looking back at Ryan who had Natalie bent over the pool table and was very clearly now trying to work a finger into her pussy.

He succeeded and the heavy breathing and moaning of hers that I love to hear started. Mike walked up to her first and leaned over from the other side of the table and kissed her. She kissed him back, then looked back at me to make sure it was okay. I grinned.

Greg flanked her and started to work on her breasts and getting her shirt off. Russell, clearly the planner, worked on putting down a large blanket on the floor before joining in and running his large black hands all over her legs.

She was in heaven. They flipped her onto her back on the table and worked her shorts down over her sexy heels, leaving her naked except of her jewelry and heels. That's exactly what I like to see her wear when she fucks.

The guys spread her legs and took turns eating her out while the others kissed her. She was moaning and cumming.

They led her to the floor and the party continued. Eating her out and using their fingers on her constantly, she was squirting all over the place. They had all taken their clothes off now and I watched as Greg was eating her out. Russell and Mike each fed her their big black cocks from the side of her face. Greg wasn't small, and god knows Ryan was big. But Russell and Mike were fucking huge.

She sucked on those black cocks like crazy. Greg slid out of the way and Ryan started eating her out now. She was impossibly wet. MIke moved in and ate her out some more before rising up, holding her thighs open and sliding what had to be almost twelve inches of very dark cock into my little wife. He was sliding in deep and slow at first and she was moaning and thrusting. But she was a pro and always made sure to keep a cock in her mouth too.

Mike was pumping in and out of her hard now and not wanting to blow a load yet, he moved out of the way. Greg jumped in and had a couple of strokes in her before Natalie even looked up to see who was fucking her.

Legs spread wide and heels in the air, she was getting her pussy pounded and her face stuffed by cock. After awhile, Ryan laid down beside her and get got on top. She rode his cock while each of the black guys got beside her and she sucked and fucked like this for awhile. Greg decided it was time to get her ass ready and started fingering it while she rode Ryan. Eventually, he slid his cock into her ass and they DPed her while she was sucking Mike and Russell.

She was getting fucked hard by these guys and they were telling her what a hot slut she was. She agreed, telling them that she loved being a slut for them. With that, Russell finally got his turn at her pussy. Putting her on her hands and knees he slid into her from behind with what was both the longest and widest and darkest dick she had seen yet. Natalie started thrusting her hips back, taking every inch of his cock. Russell was slapping her ass and holding onto her narrow waist while he put his cock to work on her. Mike got in front and stuffed her mouth with his monster at the same time. This is when it got interesting. Never having had two black guys at the same time before, Natalie just blurted out, "Oh my god I love your big black cocks". Even I was surprised at that one.

But there was no stopping her. Russell just drove his huge dick into her again and again and she kept sucking Mike whenever she wasn't moaning too much to suck.

Greg and Ryan got back into the mix. Greg got on the bottom and Ryan slid into her pussy from behind. The two of them were fucking her pussy hard. She loved having to young men stretching her pussy out and after several more orgasms, Ryan pulled out of her pussy and slid into her ass. She was getting used for sex and loved it. The two men made room for Mike and Russell. She wanted to try both of them in her pussy at the same time. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure she could fit them both. But seeing her getting sandwiched between those two fit young black men, and knowing that together, they were putting about 24 inches of dick into her pussy at the same time was crazy. She moaned and whimpered and I think even cried. She soaked the damn blanket and floor under it.

Getting dirtier and dirtier she told them that she was now a slut for black cock and that she was their dirty white fuck toy. She was going crazy. Ryan eventually got in front of her and shut her up by stuffing a big dick in her mouth.

I asked the guys to all get ready to cum on her face. Russell put her on her back and fucked her with her legs out wide and just pounded her senseless. The other three started stroking to get ready. When Russell said he was about ready, they all surrounded her face and began to come.

One after another, in the span of about maybe two minutes, I saw these four guys shoot one huge load after another onto Natalie's face and into her mouth. She was covered in it. But like a good little slut she scooped every bit she could up and ate it. She loves eating cum. Then she made sure to use her mouth to clean up everyone of them.

She was grinning from ear to ear and since I hadn't gone yet, I was horny! She still had some cum streaming down her body, and I quickly turned the camera off and took her upstairs after we said good night.

Fucking that used pussy and ass while she still had traces of cum on her hair, her neck and tits was crazy. She was not tight, but it felt great.

I gave her two more loads for her face and then we fell asleep. Sadly, the season ended soon after than so we couldn't repeat the group thing. But I am sure we will host again next year. And hopefully, those guys will be back. If not, I am pretty sure Natalie can find some new talent.

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