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The Sting

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We have been swinging for about two years now, and I enjoy setting up my wife with other men to watch her be persuaded to indulge in her forbidden pleasures. I don't know why , but to be able to watch her have multiple orgasms sends chills down my spine. All of the times I have set her up with other men she resisted until she started to get a little drunk and turned on and that is when she would go into her sex crazed mode wanting more and more. She would always complain about swinging before we would meet the men but she would be very happy and horny afterwards and thanking me for a good time. She had no idea that my unfulfilled fantasy was to see her service two or three strange men at the same time. I would never ask her for this as she is very shy and as I said, she is not into it until she gets a buzz on and gets horny.I had spoken with a few of the freinds that we had gotten togather with but my fantasy never seened to materialize for one reason or another. ( discretion etc. ) Well to my surprise the other day one of younger studs contacted me with an interesting email. He said that he was hanging with some freinds of his and the topic of sex came up (they were all drunk) and he spilled the beans that he had had a few threesomes with married couples etc. His freinds went wild and asked him a million questions , wanted to know what the girls looked like, He just happened to have a digital of my wife in a comprimising position, so he showed them.They commented on how great she looked and what a great body she had and they wanted in on the action, This is when our friend remembered my fantasy and told his freinds he would talk to me andse what he could do.When he told me this I nearly exploded in my jeans. I told him that if we did try to set it up it would have to be a surprise and if when presented with the opportunity she resisted too much we would have to call it off.He agreed. So we proceeded to set up a party at his house with mostly couples but him and his two friends as single males. I did not want for her to know I was in the room if it happened, so I could see just how she would handle the temptation when she was drunk and a little horny. We got the invite to the party and she wasn't sure if she wanted to go, I said jsut lets go and socialize, it might be fun to see our freind in a social setting. She agreed. When the day came she was getting ready for the party and I told her to make sure that she dressed sexy, she asked why and I said that even if we did not do anything, she should make him hot as a tease. She wore a short skirt with black lace panties, and a nice tank top with no bra so that her nipples would pertrude when she got cold or horny.We arrived at the party and were greted at the door by our friend who kissed her and grabed her ass then shook my hand. He immediatly took her away to introduce her to everyone at the party, making sure to show off his othe two single male friends. I took this opportunity to go back to the car and get hte camera, bring it up to the bedroom and set it up in one of the closets where she would not see me. By the time I got back downstairs she was talking to his two buddies and our friend was making sure that her wine glass was always full. She seemed to be flirting with them and also seemed very attracted to the tall dark one. I could see it in her eyes.The party started thinning out and our friend decided to take her on a tour of the house. (As PLANNED) This is where he could get her slightly horny, so that she would be less resistant. When he brought her upstairs, he followed in back of her and slipped his hand under her skirt, he started slipping his finger under the rim of her panties to finger her. He told her he missed her and she said that she missed fucking him. He held back and did not let it get too intense as he needed to save it for the right moment.When they got back downstairs her face was flush and everyone had gone home except his two friends, him and us. His two friends and I were playing poker, we left extra chairs for them. They sat down next to each other and we started palying poker, topping off her drink every chance we got.As conversation got around to sex I noticed her squirming in her chair a little, I guess our friend was playing with her under the table.I recognized the stare. At this time I knew things would get going so I excused myself to go to the bathroom and went up to the bedroom to hide in the closet to take pics. When I left there was a lot of flirting going on between her and the tall dark one that she was eyeing earlier.My freind was still playing with her and they suggested that they change the game to strip poker. She tried to resist and asked where I was but the drinks and my friends efforts got to her so she agreed to play if they would stop when she wanted to. They played a few hands and she lost her top and bra and the tall dark boy lost his top and pants. She said that she wnated to stop and wanted to look for me, so the tall dark boy offered to help her find me. He took her up the stairs to look for me, when they got to the bedroom where I was It was quite a sight. They were standing at the end of the bed her with no top on and him with just boxer shorts. He was despiratly trying to have sex with her she kept resisting,but when he finally put his hand down the front of her dress, she had the same lustfull look she had when talking to him earlier. They leaned back on the bed and I started filming. She yanked off his shorts and started to go down on him when our friend came into the room, she was oblivios to anything around her so he took off his clothes, went up behind her pushed her panties aside and started slowly fucking her from behind. What a sight. Just as they were getting a rythym the second friend came into the room and took his clothes off. Somehow she seemed to notice him and pulled away and said that this was not going to happen. She pushed back on the bed, a little- no alot drunk. Our freind and the last boy to enter the room on each side of her, the tall dark boy in the middle right in front of her. All of them were trying to sweet talk her The guys on each side were rubbing her arms and head and the boy in front of her (who she was HOT for) was running his fingers up and down her legs until he slipped a finger inside her. She let out a moan that shook me, I came in my pants. It all happened kind of fast after that. The tall dark boy eased his prick inside her and started to slowly fuck her but picked up his rythym to keep up with her. She took our friend in the mouth and beat off the other guy.This went on for about an hour, each of them swithcing positions. At one time they even double penetrated her adn she (before this )never let anyone fuck her in the ass. I have never seen her orgasm as much and as long as that night. And to this day everytime I mention the night she gets a little tense and extemely horny.

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