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The Last I Saw OF Alice

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Well, Alice had pretty must lost any sense of any activity that did not involve sex of some kind. If you read the couple of encounters especially the one that Lupe took her as slave for a week you know that she would do anything with anyone or anything at anytime, no exceptions ever. She had ceased being my slave and was just a nymphomaniac that had constant need of sex with anyone and anything. I came home many times in the last few months to find three or more guys leaving her used on the floor laying in a pool of cum with it all over her too. She would lay there, not moving, only asking to be fucked. I knew this was a problem but she said that it was the only life she wanted. Sometimes we argued because I knew there was more to her story than just a sex object, mindless and wanton. She did not agree. If she saw someone she wanted very often she walked up and told them so, several times this almost got her in serious legal trouble but I told the ones involved it was a joke and them let off. Well, we were coming from South Georgia one night, Alice naked in the car next to me had sucked me off three times and several truckers more than that. She insisted on the domb light being on whenever we passed a truck or van and was masturbating almost non-stop as we drove. We pulled over outside Atlanta at a rest area and I got out to piss. When I came back she was next to the car, naked sucking off four truckers. They were good looking guys and she was making sure they had no cum left when they got back on the road. After about and hour and a half we got going again and she laid back in the seat naked a dildo in her pussy that was sloppy with cum. This is no fun for you anymore is it? she asked me. I looked at her, Well, no, not really, what was a novelty is now all the time everyday. It used to be unusual and erotic now it is just, well, it just is. So you want me to stop some? Do you think you can? I asked her. She thought for a moment. Yes I can she said, then she looked at me. But I don't want to. Well, okay, do as you like I told her. Lately you have fucked and sucked everything with a cock or a pussy and some things that don't. It is your life Baby, enjoy it as much as you like. I do enjoy it, that is what I enjoy, sex, all the time. Yes I know you do. Okay then, so I can keep at it? Yeh, sure, just let me know when it is my turn once in a while I told her. About that time a truck went by because I had slowled down while we were arguing and the dome light was on, her legs spread with a dildo in her and he honked his horns. Pull over Alice told me. There was a truck stop coming up so I pulled in front of the truck and signaled and he followed us off. I drove to the back of the lot and Alice got out, naked as ever and walked to the truck. The door opened and she climbed in. I leaned the seat back and took a nap. Two hours later she got in the car, bite marks and on her chest and cum dripping from her cunt. That was good she said. Obviously I told her. I began to start the car and she told me to wait. I got on the CB and invited some more friends to stop she said. Well, I have to work in the morning I told her. Two truckers came up to the car and were checking her thru the open window. A hand reached in and grabbed her titties and she opened the door. She stopped and looked at me, "Hey, look, I think we are about ready to split don't you?" "Could be I told her." You seem like you don't need a MAster anymore. She had one cock in her hands as she talked to me now. The other guy was beginning to unzip. Okay, well, I guess I will be going then, it has been good for me though she said. HAs it I asked. Yeh, but I just need it you know, I can't help it. And you don't want to help it I told her. Now she was bent over the back of the car and we were standing there, one trucker in her ass and the other letting her jack him off. You two on the outs the one said. Yeh, we are breaking up she told him. You guys heading to Ok;ahoma by chance? She asked. Nope, St Louis. Okay, how long you gonna be here? A copule hours they said as the second one shot a load in her ass. Great, let me see if I can get a ride that goes further, if I can't yu guys wanna fuck all the way to St. Louis? Sure lady, good for us. Okay, she reached into the car and got her overnight bag that had two other dresses in it, well actually long t-shirts and a couple pairs of panties and her other stuff along with her sandals. She asked to use their radio and got in the cab. After a few minetes she got down and smiled and kissed them both by, there is a guy pulling in in a little that is going to Ok guys thanks. She reached in and got her gang bang blanket and walked to the wooded area of the parking area and spread it out. Soon there were several guys walking up, unzipping and she was taking care of them as usual. I watched her for a while and then she saw me, and waved bye. I got in and headed home. Sad that I had had to leave her but now maybe I could get some sleep without the constant traffic and the constant smell of sex all over the apartment. By the way, I heard from Alice a couple weeks later, she called and gave me an address to ship her stuff to. She said it had taken her a week and a half to get there cause she kept loosing rides when she was getting fucked by guys along the way. So...Alice if you read this yu know who you are and who I am...Thanks for the great sex. Take care Baby.

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