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The Drop Off

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I run and deliver for my own flower shop. I am nice , tan , very pretty, big breasts and just really a sight to see,so I have been told. Many deliveries come and go but this one did more cuming than going. There is a local business in town that is male dominate and the guys there buy alot of stuff to take home to the wives or girlfriends. So anyhow I have been over several times and I feel pretty comfy with the fellows and there is plenty of flirting going on both ways. Well one day as I made my delivery, I noticed that the boss in the back was really checking me out more than normal. So I made the flirty snap "You like what you see ! " and of course he said yes. Then I went into his office and said why such a look , not getting it at home. We laughed and he said maybe but would love to massage you down right here. now somehow he was speaking my language cause my dream is to be massaged by several men at the same time. i love being rubbed and felt of all over my body. So now very sheepishly , I said I was not expecting that answer. but I do love getting massages. We chatted a bit more and decided to give in just a bit , I thought. I said only shoulders and neck and that I had to get back to the shop. OMG !!! He softly massaged and rubbed and made me melt away. I forgot all about where and who and what. He had majic hands or I sure felt like he did anyway. Before I realized my erect nipples and moisture raging in between my legs. I felt another set of hands on my feet and another set on my upper legs. Oh shit, I thought, I am in my dream world. I completely forgot all about my suroundings and my inhabitions. I felt my shirt being unbottoned and I knew NO but I could not or did not want to stop it. So instead I lifted my shoulders and arms to allow it to be taken off of me. I was now able to focus for a bit and saw that I had five men at full attention and at the moment all focused on me. What my dream come true. The massaging continued and and my bra , pants and thongs soon were gone as well. My tits were getting rubbed , my ass massaged and my whole body getting taken care of as I stood there in complete extasy. But you know men, as I became more aware of my suroundings again I now noticed I was not the only one naked. I had 5 hard rock cocks all around me. Now believe me, my fantasy did not have me being a slut but I knew I was in for it now. I slowly started to reach around and rub the cocks that were all at my mercy. Then with a soft helpful guide froma male friend, I lowered myself to my knees. I then took the boss first, the least I could do, and started sucking his hard medium sized cock. Ummm hot and warm raging cock in my mouth made my pussy juices start to flow. i made a quick circle around the room giving each a turn at my mouth. once again not my favorite thing but I was in way over my head by now. My body was pulsating with eager, anticipating fear but hot with exciting passion. I then bent the rest of the way over with my hot ass in the air and rubbed it up against the smallest dick in the room. While sucking I had made me a game plan, since I was fixing to get the F**k of my life, I wanted the biggest for last. I my gosh there was one in the room that made me shudder to think about it. As my ass went into the air , I felt the guys all grap me and rub me and then I felt the fisrt man enter me , umm hot, erotic, but bad girl i was being. He slid in nice and easy and f ed his little heart out and I finished him up fairly quickly. I then turned around and backed my ass up to cock number two . Entered and banged me hard but shot his load quickly. By now I was on fire and pussy juices and cum were runing down my inner thigh and I had three more cocks to satisfy and one was the biggest thing I had ever seen. The men were standing around stroking their cocks and rubbing my large breast and grabbing my ass. They were hard as rocks. I rolled over on my back and I motioned for one to enter me while I positioned the other one to f*** my tities. WOW cock in my pus and one right at my face. I was getting banged like a bad little slut. This time a got a good f*** , he was larger than the first two and with me being on the floor, there was not much give. So i took every shot deep into my mound and that nice dick just felt like it got bigger and bigger . The tit f***er got hot and jumped up to my mouth and finished there but shot his load on my tits. I looked down at this man nailing me and said f*** me so I can ride that big dick. Come on harder and that was it for him, Bam shot a huge load. By now I was spent and had no clue what I was really going to do with that monster cock that was left with that raging hard on. It looked like it had grown since we had started . I pushed him down in a chair and straddled him and slowly lowere my pussy juiced cum filled mound onto the head of his monster. WOW that spread me open like I had not even just got f*** by three men. I rode it up and down about half shaft taking all i could. The extasy and the hot erotic sensation was still there even though my fantasy was over with the massege. But then men will be men and one of the said you cannot f*** it all. And of course the challenge was on ... so I looked the man in the eye and said , just watch me . Without blinking an eye or even acting like i felt that monster cock plunging deep into my body deeper and wider than ever before. I looked straight at him, slid all the way down and then turned to the man fucking me and said is that all you got or are you gonna f*** me. With an hush over the room he started to pound the living s*** out of me . OH MY what a cock I had got myself into. The big fellow just kept bottoming out in my worn out pussy and it hurt so good but all the time i just looked at the man that challeneged me and kept saying is he going to fuck me. Even though I was in the most wonderful pain i have ever felt, I just stared him down. i was in control. Then i felt that cock swell up with cum and shoot a load into me that would have made me cringe any other time , but I had made my mind up that I was going to win this battle. So when he was done, I said that was nothing boys!!!! Thanks for the massage and don't expect this on every delivery. Now as i enter I know I have their full attention but I have never let them have me agian because I am still in control......

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