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The Crowded Bus Part 3

As the guy behind me slides his cock in and out of my wet pussy, I continue to suck on the cock in front of me, feeling someone else reach out and gently squeeze my tit, while another pinches my nip on the other tit. This is so incredible!!! Loving this!!! Someone nearby says, "let me have that ass, please!!!!", as he continues to stroke. I'm sucking harder and faster now, knowing he is about to cum. As he starts to explode in my mouth, I swallow down every sweet drop, as the guy behind me sees this, he pushes his cock deep and I can feel his hot cum as he shoots his load.
After a moment, I get up, look around and notice all these hard cocks staring at me. Hmmmmmmm, can't have that. I walk up to the guys, and start playing with their cocks. They reach out to touch my tits, slide a finger on my clit, play with my ass. I'm so damn horny still, and haven't cum yet. The guy who wanted my ass comes over, and wants to know if we can make it happen as he winks at me. Now I have to admit, I love anal, so am I going to turn it down? I don't think so!!!! The guys start to surround me, as I reach out and touch them, sometimes tasting one, then another, as they touch and play with my tits, nipples and try to get their fingers inside my wet pussy......some even rubbing my clit, making me squirm with pleasure....Anal guy comes around behind me, rubbing his hands all over me, reaching around to play with my tits, pinching my nipples as he rubs his cock back and forth from my pussy to my ass, teasing me......loving it....mmmmmmmmmm...Look for Part 4

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