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The Business Meeting

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I was rushing around like a mad fool, I was late. My business meeting was starting at 9.30 and it was an hours drive away. I was dressed in white underwear, white blouse, black skirt, black jacket and black patterned stockings, finished off with high heels. My husband gave me a kiss as I left and said to me that I had better be up for it tonight when I get home.

I got in the car and headed off, my thoughts turning to what my husband might have in mind for tonight. I never know what will happen as he is a very horny and imaginative man. Before now I have returned home to find him waiting for me with a couple of his mates, or another occasion where he took me to a concert with me wearing nothing but stockings and a short coat, but that's another story.

All this thinking had turned me on, and I could feel dampness between my legs. As the traffic slowed I couldn't help myself as I rucked my skirt up, pulled my knickers to one side and slid my hand between my legs to the warmth and wetness of my pussy lips, the other drivers around me unaware that I was slowly masturbating sat in the car. After a few minutes of playing with my clit and sliding a couple of fingers in to my wet hole I shuddered to what was to be the first of many orgasms that day.

I arrived at the hotel where the meeting was taking place, a few minutes late, but had to visit the ladies where I removed my damp knickers and consigned them to my handbag, god I was so HORNY. Checking myself in the mirror, I decided to throw caution to the wind and removed my bra as well; it was not obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra as long as I didn't take my jacket off.

The meeting was boring and seemed to go for ever, lots being said but nothing being sorted out, the usual crap. It finally came to an end, and myself and three colleagues went to the coffee shop. I sat on one of these low sofa's in a corner with my back to the rest of the room with Steve and Mark as Mike bought the drinks. Steve is 42, slim build and very handsome. Mark is 37, well built and good looking in a rugged way and Mike is 24, very athletic looking and the newest member of the team. Replacing John, who had left a couple of weeks ago.

Mike returned with the coffee's, sitting opposite me with Mark, Steve at my side. The conversation turned to the leaving party we had for John, where things got a bit raunchy to say the least, with John, Steve and Mark being given lap dances by the stripper. As they recounted the events of the night for Mike's benefit, I couldn't help but get more and more turned on, I noticed that Mike couldn't take his eyes off my legs. I started to cross and uncross my legs, giving him a glimpse of stocking tops as I did, and then started to do a little foot play, letting my shoe hang from my toes, then fall to the floor where I would retrieve it and slide my foot back in to it, then doing it all over again.

I could see this was having an effect on all three guys, and with a thrill that travelled the length of my body, decided to up the stakes a bit. My husband and I have always had an open relationship, but the rule was that you always let the other know if you were going to play, I sent him a text saying I wanted to take on the three guys with me, and he replied almost immediately with his blessing.

I shifted in my seat, now clearly showing the guys my stocking tops as my skirt rode up, and removed my jacket. Mikes eyes nearly popped out of his head as he took in the sight of my nipples clearly showing through the thin fabric of my blouse. I made a show of crossing my legs again, but this time allowing both Mark and Mike to see the fact that I wasn't wearing any knickers by flashing them my pussy. They were both shifting in their seats trying to conceal the obvious hard ons they both had. I felt Steve's hand on my thigh, it slowly moved up under the edge of my skirt and I parted my legs slightly which gave him access to the top of my legs where the skin starts above my stockings, but not my pussy. I suggested that maybe we should carry on somewhere more private, and Mark shot off to reception where he secured a room.

We met Mark at the lift and soon as we got inside it Mike pushed up me against the back wall and slid has hand between my legs, pushing two fingers inside my now seriously wet pussy. I turned to Mark and kissed him deeply at the same time as he slid his hand inside my blouse and groped my tits. The only thing that stopped things happening there and then was the lift coming to a stop; I gently pushed Mike away and pulled down my skirt.

We got inside the room, and I turned to Steve, reaching for the zipper on his trousers, and pulled out the thickest cock I have ever seen, it was six inches semi hard, my fingers were way short of making it around his shaft, it must have been at least three inches thick. I sank to my knees and licked him from stem to tip, a small jewel of pre cum glistening away, I lapped on his cock and lubed it with my saliva before attempting to take him in my mouth, it was a tight fit as he was growing harder all the time, but I managed it slowly and moved up and down his shaft, taking a bit more length with each movement until he came up against the back of my throat. He started to gently fuck my mouth, as I reached down and undid the buttons on my blouse and removed it a pair of hands were soon on my tits, squeezing and tweaking my nipples until they were hard.

By this time Mark had got naked and was stood next to me as Steve face fucked me with his huge cock, I reached out and took hold of him, playing with his balls which were nicely heavy. Steve pulled out of my mouth and I replaced him with Mark's cock, which was about seven inches long. After Steve, Mark was easy and I deepthroated him, taking the whole length of his cock until my nose came up against him.

I released Mark and stood up, removing my skirt. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs, pulling my pussy lips apart to give them all a good look at what they would be enjoying.

Steve pulled me to the edge of the bed and lifted my legs into the air by my ankles, and placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy. As he slowly pushed forward I could feel my pussy being stretched further than ever before by his thick cock, it was sensational. With one final push he had his whole length in me and started to fuck me slowly, I turned my head to find a cock waiting for me to suck, it was Mike. Steve started to fuck me harder and I was glad to have Mikes cock in my mouth to keep me from screaming as I orgasmed, clamping the walls of my pussy around his cock. Hmmmmm Steve's cock in my pussy, Mikes in my mouth and Marks in my hand....heaven.

Steve started to thrust more urgently into my pussy, and slamming his cock in me the hilt, I felt his cock swell as he exploded inside me, I could feel his hot cum jetting against my cervix which sent me into another blinding orgasm. I held Steve in me for a few moments, his cum seeping around his deflating cock and running down over my little arsehole.

Steve pulled out and was replaced within a few seconds by Mike who speared his whole length into my now slick pussy, I cried at him to fuck me hard and fast. He well and truly gave me furious fuck for the next ten minutes, making me cum three more times.

Mike pulled out of me and lay on his back on the bed and told me to climb on, I kicked my shoes off, and positioned myself above his pole and sank onto him taking his full length into my pussy, I needed more and turned to Mark and told him to join in by taking me in the ass. I lay with my tits on Mikes chest, and reached back and pulled my arse cheeks apart.

Mark positioned himself behind me and pressed his cock against my little arsehole, I was already lubed by Steve's and my cum which had run down there so he slipped in quite easily.

The two lads soon got a good rhythm going and with the feeling of being fucked hard by two cocks at the same time such an amazing sensation I came really hard. After what seemed like a few seconds but was ten minutes in reality, Mark's cock tensed and with a howl he released his load into my arse, Mike following closely behind him ramming hard into my pussy, and unleashing a torrent of semen deep inside me.

I clenched my pussy walls and arse hard to keep as much of their seed inside me as I could, I had plans for it. I cleaned all the guys up with my mouth and tongue. I headed to the bathroom with my clothes and freshened up and got dressed.

When I came back into the room, the guys were dressed as well, I kissed them all good bye and headed off to my car and the journey home.

My husband met me at the door, taking one look at me and asking if I had had fun. Hell yes I replied, and I saved you a present. I pushed him to the floor and on to his back, lifted my skirt and sat my pussy down on his face, I had managed to save most of the cum inside me for him, he loves to eat other men's cream pies from my pussy. I relaxed my muscles and a stream of come left my pussy and fed straight into his mouth, he couldn't get enough of it, licking and lapping away. I moved slightly forward and he pushed his tongue into my anal passage as I relaxed and another stream of cum ran down into his mouth. The sex that night with my hubby was amazing, he fucked me four times before snuggling up and going to sleep.

Here's to the next adventure!!

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