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Teachers Pet

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Teacher’s Pet, gang bang, my wife’s night with four teachers.

Brian was a high school teacher and a friend of ours. I could tell Brian was interested in my wife Cheryl by the quick glances that they exchanged every time we were around each other. I always commented to Cheryl that Brian was interested in her but she didn’t think so. We went to a get together at a friend’s house and I told her Brian was supposed to be there and I encouraged her to dress in this sexy black mini skirt that she has just recently bought.

She got dressed in the skirt and a white blouse that was unbuttoned to expose her nice 36 c breast. When she came downstairs I immediately got hard at the sight of her curve in the outfit. She looked so sexy that I almost didn’t want to take her to the party.

We went to the party and as luck would have it Brian came alone. What a perfect opportunity, I was thinking. With a little encouragement I persuaded Cheryl to hang tight to Brian. He was a a handsome guy and as they were drinking some wine I could notice that he was paying especially close attention to my wife’s rather large breast. They danced several dances together and Brian was grinding his bulge against my wife and I could tell they were enjoying each other very much. As the party was dwindling the three of us were sitting at a table and Brian invited us to a get together at his house the following night.

On our way home I asked Cheryl if she enjoyed herself and she said “that she had a very good time”. I reached between her legs and could feel the moisture that Brian’s bulge had caused. When we arrived home I couldn’t wait to get her into bed. She was so hot and bothered I could tell she couldn’t wait either. I took her straight to the bedroom and we started kissing passionately. I asked her what had caused all this as if I didn’t already know. She told me that while she and Brian had been dancing that he was telling her how sexy she was and that he wanted to have passionate sex with her. She was so turned on she pulled me close and forced me down to her crotch and I could then see that she hadn’t wore any panties under the skirt. I buried my face into her hot tight wet pussy with a fury like never before. She arched and started to move and grind her cunt into my face like never before. I could feel her getting close and she let out a scream as she came hard. She then rolled over and took my rock hard cock and started sucking it feverishly. I couldn’t stand it any longer I pulled out of her mouth and pulled her skirt up and started rubbing the head of my swollen member up and down the slit. She was so wet that my hard cock slid in quite easily. We continued for a good half hour and I could feel her thigh muscled tightening around my erect hard cock. I could tell she was very close to cumming. I asked her if she was and she responded with “OH GOD YES FUCK ME HARD BRIAN. I was kind of surprised but this whole time she had been thinking about Brian. I started fucking her harder and harder and she was screaming at the top of lungs for me to fuck her. At this point she screamed “OH GOD BRIAN I AM CUMMMMMMMMMING”. I continued to fuck her and I could feel the hot load I had swelling up inside me. I rammed my hard cock as deep inside her as I could and I felt it swell as I dumped my load deep inside her hot hole.

The next day I couldn’t wait for her to see Brian again because I just knew that if things went right I was going to have another hot night with my wife.

I again encouraged her to wear something sexy. This time she wore an almost see thru shirt that exposed her breast and a pair of tight pants that showed every curve of her ass. I must say that even though she is my wife she does have a fine ass. As fine an ass as I have ever seen.

While we were on the way I complimented her on the sexy look she had. I made several comments that I was sure that Brian would love the outfit she had chosen. I noticed that she approved of the comments and I could see her wriggling in the seat as if trying to not show that she was getting excited.

We arrived at Brian’s house, we approached the door and Brian was waiting in the doorway. When he saw Cheryl he immediately had a bulge rising in his crotch are and as he hugged her he pulled her into him for her to feel it. I saw that she grinded back to him to let him know she felt it there too. We went inside and I could see that there were three other guys there and no women. Cheryl excused herself to the bathroom and Brian and I went to the kitchen to get a drink. While we were in the kitchen Brian started saying how lucky I was to have such a beautiful wife. I wasn’t really surprised at his remarks because I had already noticed he was interested in her. I guess what happened next was the surprise. Brian asked me if he could have sex with her. Without hesitation I said “that if he wanted to it was fine with me but it was totally up to her”. Cheryl then entered the kitchen with us and Brian complimented her on how good she was looking. I proceeded to living room and started talking to the other guys. I noticed that Cheryl and Brian had not followed me out of the kitchen. When I returned to the kitchen door I noticed Cheryl and Brian embraced in a passionate kiss. Their tongues were darting in and out of each other’s mouths. I stood in the doorway for several minutes in amazement. Then I noticed Cheryl rub Brian’s crotch area and he moaned softly and kissed her deeply. Cheryl finally noticed me standing the doorway and she smiled at me. She broke the embrace and made her way over to me and asked was it all right what she was doing. I replied, “That I thought it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen”. She went right back to Brian and started kissing him again this time she was rubbing his crotch and the bulge was building. Brian undid his pants and out popped his massive cock. Cheryl dropped to her knees in front of Brian and started suck this giant cock like she had never sucked before. Brian closed his eyes and moaned loudly as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Brian kept moaning that he wanted her badly. I could tell she was getting more excited by the minute. What she hadn’t noticed was that Brian’s friend Brad had entered the kitchen and he was standing there with his cock out and he was jerking just watching the two of them. Brian motioned for Brad to come closer and as he did Cheryl reached out and took his 9 inch cock in her hand as she sucked on Brian’s. Brian asked if she wanted to move to the bedroom and she said she needed to go to the bathroom first. She told them to go on to the bedroom and she would meet them there. I told them I wanted to watch them with my wife. They both agreed that I could and we moved to the bedroom and waited on her there. When she entered the room she was dressed only in a black teddy that was really sheer and you could see that she didn’t have any panties or bra on. Brian told me to go to the living room and have his other two friends Chris and Mark to join us. I looked at Cheryl to see what her response was and she nodded for me to go ahead. When I returned to the bedroom with Chris and Mark in tow we noticed that Brad and Brian had Cheryl on the bed.

Brad was standing at her head and Brian was between her legs. She was working Brad’s cock over with her hot lips. Brian was licking and sucking on her clit. She arched her back to show her approval of Brian’s expertise in eating her. Cheryl was sucking Brad harder and harder as she moved her crotch up and down to Brian’s tongue working her over.

I looked over at Chris and Mark and they were already stripped down. Both of them standing there with their cocks out and jerking them hard. I could tell they wanted in on the action.

Brad then pulled Cheryl up off the bed and turned her around on her knees so her beautiful lips were facing Brian’s dick and her ass aimed at his cock. Brad plowed into her moist pussy without any hesitation. He fucked her furiously as Brian rammed his 8 inch cock into her mouth. She was moaning in satisfaction as Brad starting fucking her harder and harder. She moaned on Brian’s cock as Brad pounded her. Brad pumped harder and harder and let out a load moan that he was cumming. She pulled up off of Brian’s cock and moaned out loud. She kept moaning “OH GOD FUCK ME” Just as Brad was cumming I could hear Brian moan out load and he cummed in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Brad and Brian collapsed onto the bed and without hesitation Chris and Mark jumped into action.

Chris moved to the bed and laid her flat of her back and Mark moved in between her legs. Chris was at her head. Mark rubbed his seven inch cock on her pussy. He only had seven inches but it was as big around as a coke can and I could tell she wanted it inside her steaming pussy. He eased his cock in and out slowly at first. I could tell she was having a little trouble taking the width of his cock. He finally raised her ass enough to get that huge cock inside her already throbbing pussy. Chris moved into position to let her suck on his dick and balls which she did intensely trying not to think of the pain between her legs with Marks massive dick buried inside her. Finally Mark got her loosened up so that she could easily take his cock and he started fucking her harder and harder. She started screaming like she did the night before with me. Mark pulled out and laid down on his back and she straddled him and slowly slide his cock back into her pussy. She started riding his cock as if he were her stud. He was matching her every thrust driving her into a frenzy. She looked so sexy sitting on top of him. I was about to cum just watching all this excitement. I heard her scream “FUCK ME YOU STUD OH GOD FUCK ME”. Then she screamed “ OH GOD OH PLEASE FUCK ME”. She then let out a loud yelp, “OH GOD I AM CUMMMMMMMMMING FUCK ME HARD YOU STUD”. Mark was ramming in and out and she was riding harder and harder. Mark rolled her over and never missed a stroke his cock not leaving this hot hole. He fucked her for at least another twenty minutes and she was cumming on his cock with fury. Mark’s muscles tightened in his ass and with a good hard thrust he moaned he was cumming inside her pussy. He collapsed on the bed beside her.

Cheryl then turned her attention back to Chris who had faded to the sidelines and waited his turn. I was amazed to see my hot wife and she acted like she couldn’t get enough cock from these studs. she started sucking Chris back to get him rock hard. His chiseled athletic body was moving in unison with her sucking action. He started fucking her mouth hard; he then leaned over and whispered he wanted inside her hot love canal. Chris pulled his nine and half inch cock from and mouth and moved into position between her legs pulling her to the edge of the bed so he was in line to enter her now wet cum filled pussy. He didn’t start slow he pounded into her with hard thrust as if he couldn’t hold back. She arched her back to allow him easy access to her wanting pussy. He fucked her for everything he was worth. She would put her hands on his thighs as if to slow him from pounding her so hard. She was screaming with pain but enjoyment of having this nice cock inside her. She moaned out, “OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD FUCK ME FUCK ME”. We all could tell she was getting close to having another orgasm by the way she was moaning and wiggling under the pressure of Chris’ cock. Finally she screams out, OH MY GOD I AM CUMMMMMMMMING PLEASE FUCK ME HARD”. She then screams out, “OH GOD MAKE ME CUM YOU STUD”. She then let out a loud moan as she came all over his shaft as he was hammering in and out with s fury. He then tightened as all the rest had and released a string after string of his hot cum inside her pussy. They collapsed in a heap on the bed together.

She got all cleaned up and thanked the guys for a wonderful evening and we got ready to leave. Cheryl gave each one of the guys a passionate kiss as we left.

On the ride home, Cheryl finally told me that the reason she was so turned the night before with me was that Brian had discussed plans for tonight while they were on the dance floor and she was excited with anticipation of the following night. I am glad we made the trip and she got to have the excitement with four hot high school teachers that night. She is definitely the TEACHERS PET.

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