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I stood in the bedroom in the morning light and looked down
at her sleeping in the bed. Julie Allen, twenty-one today,
lay on her back in a thin cotton nightgown, her chest rising
and falling gently as she breathed. She had kicked off the
covers, and the gown was bunched up high on her legs, her
thighs pink and innocent and open. I knelt on the bed and
kissed her softly on the mouth.

Her eyelids flickered open, and she smiled and kissed me back.
I touched her cheek as our lips moved apart. Then I clamped
my hand over her mouth and turned her over onto her stomach,
and her cousin Jake came over and tied her arms behind her
with the leather strap.

As Jake slipped a black bandana over her head and tied it
across her eyes, she made a muffled little sound. I put my
mouth down, very close to her ear.

"Don't make a sound. Not one little sound." I admired the
soft pinkness of her earlobe, and bit it lightly between two
canines. "Understand?"

She nodded obediently. I let go of her, and her body rolled
onto her back again, on top of her bound arms. Jake smirked
down at her; the gown had fallen around her hips, and the fine
hairs of her cunt showed between her thighs. I put my hands
on her knees and moved them slowly apart.

Pat, Julie's older sister, came into the room, holding a large
freshly-oiled dildo. "Good morning, Little Sister," she
chuckled, and sat down on the edge of the bed. With the other
hand, she pushed Julie's gown farther up, completely exposing
her pussy and the smooth slope of her stomach, and then farther
still, baring her small round breasts and their pink nipples.

"Do you know what I have here, Sister?" Pat asked, and she began
to slide the dildo back and forth over Julie's skin, from one
nipple to the other, leaving a wide trail of lubricant between
the soft breasts. Julie pressed her lips together, and her body
squirmed slightly on the bed, but she didn't make a sound.

Pat leaned down, still stroking Julie's body with the toy, and
delicately licked Julie's left thigh with her tongue. I spread
Julie's knees farther apart, and her pussy opened, small and
moist, to her sister's mouth. Pat's tongue slid over Julie's
labia and her clitoris, and Julie's back arched. Then Pat took
the dildo and, quickly and suddenly, pushed it far into Julie's
cunt. Julie screamed.

"Ah, she made a sound," said Jake mournfully.

"Punish her now, or later?" I asked.

"Mmm..." Jake replied thoughtfully.

Pat moved the big plastic cock in and out of Julie's vagina.
Julie writhed at first, her body trying to pull up off of the
intruder, but gradually her hips began to move in time to Pat's
thrusting, and her breathing became deeper and rougher. We
could smell the hot juices of her pussy, and the dildo moved
more and more easily in and out of her. When she was gasping,
mouth open, and her body moving urgently around the dildo, Pat
suddenly pulled it out of her with a wet pop.

"I think she's hot enough for you boys now, eh?" Pat grinned.
Julie moaned softly, but we were kind and ignored the small
sound. Jake tied another bandana around her head, this time
over her mouth. It wouldn't actually keep her from talking,
or yelling, but it had great symbolic value.

I picked Julie up by the arms, slung her over my shoulder, and
took her out into the livingroom. Curled up slightly, she fit
very neatly into the packing crate. Jake closed the lid of the
crate and tilted it up onto its wheels, and Pat held the door
for us as we went out. On the way by, I slid an arm around
her and kissed her lush red mouth. Her lips opened, and my
tongue sank into her. I ran my hands up her body, squeezing
her full breasts through her clothing. "Mmmm," she purred,
"aren't we macho today?" And she stroked my back and pushed
me out the door.

We wheeled Julie in her crate down the hall to the elevator,
and then out to Jake's van parked at the curb. Jake put
down the rear ramp, and I rolled the crate up. We got in,
closed the rear doors, and opened the crate, and Julie
tumbled limply out onto the carpeting.

"Who's driving?" Jake asked. I just looked at him. It
was his van.

"Oh, all right," he said, "I'll drive. But I get dibs on her
when we get there!" I grinned. Jake went up front and started
the engine, and we were off.

I rolled Julie over onto her back, and sat admiring her bare
legs, not saying a word. She didn't move. I undid my jeans
and slipped them off, and pulled down my boxers. My cock
was half-erect. I sat idly masturbating, sliding my fingers
over the hot skin, until I was stiff. The van rumbled across
a bridge, on its way out of the city.

"Turn over," I said to Julie. She did, with some difficulty
since her arms were still tied behind her. When she was face
down, I put my hands on the backs of her knees, and slowly
moved them up over the smooth girl-skin, up the backs of her
thighs, and up onto her buttocks. I stroked and squeezed her
ass, glorying in the soft captive flesh, spreading her cheeks
to expose her pink anus and the folds of her cunt.

"Very nice," I said, and moved my body forward so my cock
rested in the crack of her ass. "Very very nice." And I
rocked my hips; the heat of her buttocks against my staff
was wonderful and maddening. I moved slowly against her
until my cock was throbbing.

I reached my hands under her hips and pulled up, raising her
ass into the air and pressing her face down into the carpet.
I spread her thighs apart, and thrust my cock between her
labia. The head pressed against her opening, but would not
go in. I brought one hand around and slid two fingers into
her cunt, drawing out her juices and spreading them over her
slit and her clitoris, until she was wet all over. Then I
pressed my hips forward again, and my cock slid deliciously
into her. She gasped.

The van rattled over a bad stretch of road, and I grabbed
Julie's hips harder, letting the vibration push me still
further into her. I was in her to the hilt, my balls
nestled against her thighs. Slowly, I pulled out an inch,
and then pressed back in. She squirmed under me, but I
held her firmly, sliding her body back and forth on my
penis, but never pulling out more than an inch. The
sensation was incredible, my cock iron-hard and engulfed
completely in her hot wet softness. As I stroked, the
muscles of her cunt slowly began to contract. She moaned.

"Quiet!" I shouted, drawing one hand back and bringing it
forward hard against her right buttock. Her cunt clenched at
my cock, and her body arched back against me. She moaned.
I swatted her ass again, leaving a red handprint on the pink
cheek. This time she screamed, a high full-throated sound,
and her ass and her pussy muscles clamped tight, sending
incredible waves of pleasure through me. I continued to
spank her as she came; she pressed her hips backward and
screamed into the carpet, driving me deeper and more urgently
into her. With each blow, her pussy sucked at me harder, and
finally I came myself, pounding into her depths and yelling as
I filled her with cum. From the front seat, Jake let out a
whoop, cheering us on.

I collapsed onto the carpet next to her, and turned her onto
her back. I slipped the lower bandana off of her face; her
mouth was soft and open, still gasping from her orgasm. I
ran one hand down her body, and began to finger her pussy.
"Oh!" she whispered weakly.

"You know what this is about, don't you?" I asked as I parted
her labia with my fingers. "You may speak to answer."

"What?" she breathed, spreading her legs and pushing her mons
up against my palm.

"This is about surrender," I replied, sliding a finger down over
her perineum, up over her slit, around her soaking clit, "about
not resisting. Do you trust me?" I put one finger just
inside her vagina, and she gasped.

"Do you surrender?" I asked, circling around just inside her.

"I surrender," she whispered. My finger slipped into her and
stroked her cunt.

"Do you surrender?" I asked again, slipping in another finger,
and fucking her harder and faster with my hand. She began to

"I -- uuuuuuhhhhhh -- I s -- uuuuhhhHHNNNN -- surrender!!" she
gasped, and her body began to convulse again, in another long
deep orgasm as my fingers penetrated her, and my thumb thrummed
against her clit. I closed my lips over hers, and she screamed
into my mouth as she came.

When we got there, Jake got out through the driver's door and
walked around and opened the back. Leaving Julie bound and
blindfolded on the floor, we got out the blanket and spread it
on the ground under the trees.

"Well," I said to Jake, "you've got dibs. How do you want her?"

Jake gathered Julie up and plopped her down on the blanket on
her back. He quickly undid his pants and shirt, and in a
moment he was naked. His cock, already seven inches long and
not fully erect, stuck out like another limb. He looked down
at his cousin and grinned. "Just like that," he said.

He put his hands on Julie's calves and pushed her legs up
against her body, exposing her cunt and her anus. He knelt
down so his cock was poking up under her sweaty cum-stained
gown, wetting the skin of her stomach with his pre-cum. He
leaned forward and kissed her long and hard on the mouth, and
slowly pressed the thick head of his cock into her. She gasped,
his tongue in her mouth and his staff beginning to stretch her

"Ahhhh!" Jake sighed as he thrust slowly in and out, penetrating
Julie farther with each stroke. I watched his long hard cock
sinking into the soft pinkness of her cunt, and felt myself
getting hard again. Jake closed his eyes and began to
stroke more violently, and Julie's lips parted in a long low

"Do you mind if I use her other end?" I asked Jake.

"Ahhhh no problem, man, go uuuhh right ahead..."

It was a little awkward finding a position that would let me
get my cock into Julie's mouth, but I managed it, and soon her
lips were wrapped around my aching staff as Jake fucked her
cunt enthusiatically. Her mouth and tongue moved over me
expertly, pulling the hot tight skin deeply into her, wetly
stroking and pressing against my glans and the ridges of my
shaft until I was gasping and groaning. As she began to
come from Jake's thrusting in her vagina, she sucked me more
desperately, moaning and gasping as I moved in and out of her
throat, and then I came, and hot knives of pleasure lanced
through me and I filled her mouth with semen and she swallowed
and screamed and came, her body rocking and writhing under
Jake's insistent pounding. My cock slipped out of her open
mouth, and the last stream of my cum splashed onto her neck
and her nightgown.

I lay on the blanket and watched. Jake's cock, still buried
in Julie's sopping cunt, was long and thick and wet. Jake's
head was back, his eyes closed, and he moved in and out of
the gasping girl slowly, enjoying every inch of penetration.
As he sank into her one more time, his mouth opened and a
long low groan came from his throat. His ass tensed, and
his cock began to pulse inside her. As his semen shot into
her, Julie screamed again, and the muscles of her stomach
contracted in another deep orgasm. Jake stayed motionless
over her for a long time, only Julie's hips moving, rocking
up and down, milking his cock of every last drop of cum.
Then he pulled out of her and stood shakily up, his dripping
rod slowly shrinking.

I stretched on the blanket. "We done with her?" I asked.

"I dunno. You want to fuck her again?"

"Nah, not right now."

"I guess we're done with her, then." Julie was on her side,
not moving, a thick stream of cum dripping out of her pussy
and over one thigh.

I went over to her and slid my hands over her skin, cupping her
ass and squeezing her tits. Then I reached back and undid the
strap around her arms, and rolled her onto her back. I took
off the blindfold, and her eyes looked up at me, deep and
female, sated, drowsy. "Happy birthday, darlin'", I said
softly. She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself
up to me, kissing me long and languidly on the mouth. Then she
lay back down and held out her hand to Jake.

"Thanks, guys," she said, smiling, "it was JUST what I wanted!"

End of Story

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