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Sunday at the nudist cam

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My wife and I frequent a small nudist resort by our house. It?s quiet, friendly and a good way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon. The people who run it are an older hippie couple, they only allow couples and they do not allow alcohol. It?s usually an older group, we are 50 and we are the kids. It?s not a sexually charged venue. This Sunday was particularly beautiful, 75 and sunny. My wife and I were sipping on the wine we smuggled in reading our books when we both decided it was time for a walk and a quickie. We do this every now and then, find a little spot off the dirt road and go at it. We took another sip of wine, put our books down on our lawn chairs and made our way to the dirt path.

We passed a few people along the way said hi; everyone is naked so it?s kind of cool, laid back. As we got closer to our destination we came upon three guys out in front of a cabin/trailer. There are about 8-10 of these on the grounds. People either rent them or own them. The three guys were 70ish. One was short and chubby, his name Bill. Leo was tall and lanky, white as a ghost not sure what he was doing at nudist camp. Then there was big Stan. He was about 6?4? golden tan with the gold chain around his neck, this guy had a cock that hung down to his knees. Big Stan yelled hello to us and asked if we were newbies. We got closer and said we had been there before and really liked it. Stan said come on in and have a drink with us. The other 2 guys were gawking at my wife. She is 5?2?, brunette, with great tits and a fantastic ass and she knows how to use it. We said sure and went into the trailer.

It was nice inside, separate bedroom and nice big couch. Stan who did all the talking said they were retired and lived on the grounds all summer. Their wives were out shopping all day, so he and the boys were smoking cigars and shooting the shit. My wife and I sat on the couch, Bill and Leo sat at a little kitchen table. Stan was at the sink mixing some drink he called the Malibu express. It was Malibu Rum and whatever else he had. My wife loves Malibu Rum so she said she?d have one, I don?t like Malibu but I took one to be polite. Stan finished the drinks and brought them to us. He handed the drink to my wife with a cock swinging right in her face, she pretended not to notice but her nipples(which are like pencil erasers) were getting erect which means she was getting turned on. We shot the shit with Stan, who knew everything. After a few sips of my drink, I started to feel a little lightheaded. I figured it was the heat and sun so I put it down; I still had to drive home. Meanwhile my wife was on her second drink and certainly had a glow on. Bill had now sat on the couch with us and was inching his hand towards my wife?s thigh. I excused myself to go pee and then the party started.

When I returned from the bathroom, Leo had taken my place on the couch, so I sat at the table watching everything unfold. By now my wife was on her third drink and three sheets to the wind. Leo and Bill both had a hand on each thigh and I could notice my wife?s pussy was swollen. Stan kept standing swinging his bat back and forth. Finally my wife said what do you do with that thing. We all laughed. Stan knew he had her hooked. He grabbed his cock and said you mean this. My wife nodded and said it was huge. Stan kept stroking it till it reached a good 9-10 inches. He said it was it was no big deal, she laughed. Then he asked if she wanted to touch it. At this point I?m not sure my wife remembered that I was in the room. She put her glass down and looked up at Stan. Then finally she looked at me. I just smiled. She reached out and touched his massive head; the other guys knew she was ripe for the picking. Obviously they had done this before, because their timing was great. Bill and Leo both grabbed a nipple and my wife let out a deep sigh, she loves having her nipples played with. She grabbed Stan?s cock and almost yanked it off. He pulled back, smiled and said first you have to take care of the boys, and then you can have this.

With that my wife got on her knees and started blowing Bill and Leo. Leo shot his load immediately and my wife swallowed every drop. Bill got behind her and fucked her like a madman. I don?t think Bill gets a woman like my wife. He soon pulled out and made my wife swallow his load. Leo to his credit was hard again. He told my wife to lay on the couch and then pile drived her with his 7? cock. My wife was in ecstasy. She told Leo to sit on the couch and she would ride his cock. Leo quickly sat up and my wife rode him like a cowgirl. Later she told me she had come 5 times by then. Abruptly she got off of Leo and finished him off with her mouth. Leo pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his cum all over her heaving tits. Leo and Bill were done. Stan was next.

By now Stan was sitting next to me at the table. We didn?t say a word to each other. He got up looked at me as if to say: ?I?m going to ruin your wife now? and made his way to the couch. Stan didn?t mess around, he said ?OK bitch suck my cock?. My wife went crazy. She tried her hardest to get as much of his cock in her mouth. Stan kept forcing more and more, till finally she had to give up. Stan pulled his cock toward his stomach and told her to suck his balls, my wife obliged. His was clean shaven and she licked and sucked them for 15-20mins. Then Stan turned around and told her to lick his asshole. My wife has never down than, but the need for his cock superseded her dignity and she sucked his ass. Finally Stan turned around again. He told my wife to bend over. He reached under the couch cushion and pulled out some KY jelly. He lubed up his cock and the final show began.

He eased his massive head through her wet swollen pussy lips, inching his way in. My wife pushed back as he pushed in. Somehow he got that whole this in there and started to grind her pussy. My wife held onto the back of the couch as Stan drilled her pussy. Leo and Bill applauded every scream of joy she let out. Just the Stan stopped and pulled his cock out. He put a little KY on his finger and slid it into my wife?s ass. My wife shuddered a bit, she knew what was coming. Stan said I like your ass, it?s mine now. Leo was hard again, he impressed me. He asked Stan if my wife could blow him first, Stan said OK. My wife was in a daze by now and just grabbed Leo?s cock and sucked him dry. Stan told Leo to back off and commanded my wife to get on all fours. She did what she was told. Stan began to ease his monster cock into her tight little hole. She has done anal, but not like this. After stop and starting, Stan heard the little pop and knew he was in. In no time he was balls deep into my wife?s ass. She feverishly rubbed her soaking clit as Stan hammered her ass. Finally she collapsed from her orgasm. She could take now more. Stan?s cock still hard slid out of her ass. Stan was not happy. He lifted my wife to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She had NEVER done anal to mouth, but Stan had some power over her. She attempted to wipe his cock with her hands, but he grabbed her wrists and said ?SUCK IT CUNT?. To my amazement she did. Sucked it, licked it everything till Stan held her head and shot his load in her mouth. It must have been a huge load because you see cum dripping out the side of my wife?s mouth.

With that Stan said thanks for a wonderful afternoon and lit up a cigar. He told my wife she could the shower and with that Stan. Bill and Leo headed out and down the road. I thought my wife would be angry, but she was still horny so I pulled my cock out and shot a load all over face, then she took a shower and we have a new appreciation for the resort now

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