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She was willing to try

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My wife and I had been discussing trying the swing scene for some time. She would listen, but usually in the end, she would just say she wasn?t sure that she wanted to get into it, even though it seemed to get her somewhat excited to think or talk about it. We had some of our most exciting sex after discussing the possibility.

After a lot of discussion, I asked her if she would just be willing to start very slowly by just jerking off another guy with me watching. She thought about it and we argued about it, but after much prodding, she relented and said she might be willing to give that a try. She said that she would be willing to try that for me since it would make me happy. She said that if she did it, and afterwards had some regret, that she did not want to be badgered about doing it again. I agreed to her stipulation, and said that I would handle all the details and let her know when and where we were going to do it.

I was anxious to get things setup, and couldn?t wait to see the action. I thought it would only take me a day or two to set things up and get her going, but in the end, it took me about two weeks to make the right contacts on SLS. I was probably being a little too careful, but I wanted to make absolutely sure that my one opportunity did not fail. So I did spend more time than I really wanted going back and forth with email, and then setting up a meeting, and finally setting a date.

I knew that she was very nervous about it, and she asked me several times how I was coming along with my plans. I told her that I just wanted to be sure that everything was setup properly. We still discussed what it would be like during our time spent in bed. It seems like we both enjoyed the thought of her playing with another guy, but she just would not admit to me that she was looking forward to her evening with another guy.

One thing that you should know is that Mary had a catholic education, and was still a virgin when we were married. She had always been honest about her other relationships and the various guys that she dated. We had discussed some of those dates frequently, and both of us seemed to be stimulated when she really got into the details. Even though Mary was a virgin, I do have to say that she did have a lot of sexual experience from her dating years. She told me that none of her dates ever went home without being satisfied in some fashion. She said that she would either jerk them off, or give them a blow job, and it some cases, she would allow the guys to use her butt in order to get off. I can speak for myself, and say that she started me at the bottom of the scale when we started dating, and that she was an excellent jerk off. I couldn?t wait to get to the second phase and kept asking her for a blow job. I can say that the wait was well worth it.

Anyhow, getting back to my search for the right guy or guys for our experiment. When I thought that I had located the right guys, I invited them to meet me at a local bar for some drinks and some discussion. I did tell Mary that I had set up a selection meeting and did invite her to join me for the selection process, but she declined and advised me that she would trust me to make the right choice.

I was anxious for the meeting, and brought along several pictures of Mary that showed off her body. The guys that I met were great, and I was really conflicted in trying to make the right decision. Especially, knowing that this may be my last opportunity for some wild sex watching my wife being the main treat.

I was honest with the guys and I told them up front that my wife was only willing to provide a masturbation opportunity to pleasure them and to satisfy my need and desire to watch her have some sexual contact with another male. They stated that they understood the ground rules, and were willing to help us out.

I told the three guys that I was excited about the opportunity to provide them with my wife, and that I was having difficulty making the right choice, so I told them that all three guys were invited to take part. I also indicated that they may have to go one at a time since I didn?t believe my wife would go for doing all three guys at one time.

They were thrilled, and thanked me for the opportunity. I also told them that they were welcome to take whatever they could get from her. If they could convince her to give them more than a hand job, then I would encourage them to take whatever they could.

I told them to jump into their cars, and follow me home. My wife didn?t have any idea that I was going to be bringing them back with me, so it was going to be a total surprise for her as well.

When we arrived at my house, I told the guys to give me about five minutes to make sure everything was ready to be had. I went into the house while they hung out in the garage. I found my wife laying in bed and watching TV. She was anxious to hear the details of the meeting. I told her how excited I was and they she should remove her pajamas and that I would be right back to give her the details.

I ran back out to the guys, and told them to remove all their clothes, and just follow me. I did warn them that my wife was going to be totally surprised. I put the guys in the family room and told them I would bring her down.

I went back to the bedroom, and my wife was sitting on the side of the bed, and just wearing her panties. I sat next to her, and started to rub her already wet pussy thru her panties as I played with her breasts and gave her a French kiss. As I continued to rub her pussy, she was moaning and enjoying my fingers exploring her pussy. I told her I had a surprise for her, and that the time for her to perform was now, and that I brought the guy back to the house to meet her. She was a little reluctant to say the least, but while she was excited, she also just wanted to get this over with, and told me that she was more than pissed with me and would deal with me later.

As we made our way down to the family room, I was trying to calm her down, and tell her to just make the best of the opportunity, and to not take her frustration on the guy.

As we entered the family room, I had the three guys sitting off in the storage area. They were already naked, and had been stroking their cocks to the pictures of my wife. I whispered to the guys that to start the evening, I was going to take the young white guy first, and that the remaining two black guys could peek out the door which I would leave ajar so that they could watch.

My wife didn?t say much to the guy, and just said Ok, let?s get this done. She was just standing there in her panties, and it was a little awkward for a short time. She knelt down on the floor, and started to jerk off of the guy. I took up a seat in a single chair so that I could have a great view of what was going on, and I could shoot some video in case I never got to see this kind of action again.

The young white guy was really enjoying being jerked off while he was playing with her tits. I know that she really enjoys having her very sensitive tits played with, and from the angle that I had, I could see the wetness in the crotch of her panties.

He must have been doing a pretty good job of playing with them, and actually reached down and lifted her head up so that they were looking into each other?s eyes. He then bent down and kissed her, and I was a little surprised to see that my wife opened her mouth to allow him to French kiss her. She appeared to be enjoying the little session, and she actually reached down between her legs and was rubbing her own pussy.

I reached over and gently pulled down her panties so that we could enjoy the show. She did not say anything, and just continued to play with his cock and balls. The fast stroking had now slowed, since it appeared that she also wanted to get herself off at the same time. I could hear her little moans, and they would continue to kiss.

At one point, I say him bend over and whisper something in her ear, and she did not say anything, but did look up straight into his eyes as she continued to jerk him off. The next thing I realized was that she leaned forward, and started to lick the pre cum from the end of his cock. She then leaned back onto the end of the couch, and actually gave him the opportunity to fuck her mouth. I almost jumped out of my chair. I was ecstatic that she choose to get into this without me asking her to do it.

She continued to play with her pussy, and had her legs spread wide open. I could see that the other black guys had opened the door all the way, and were now standing off to the side of the room watching the action. They were just out of the sight of my wife.

At this point, I took a chance, and waived them both over to join the action. They immediately came up beside my wife and each of them grabbed a tit and started to play with them. My wife looked a little shocked that there were other guys there, and plus the fact, that she had never had a BBC before to play with.

She reached out and took each of them in her hands and proceeded to jerk them off while she was getting face fucked. I had removed her panties and I was checking out how wet they were, and they had a great aroma to them as I stroked my cock. I really didn?t want to jerk off yet, since I was really enjoying the show, and wanted to see where this was going to go.

I think my wife was pleasantly surprised with how quickly the two BBC grew and how hard they were. One of the black guys kneeled down beside her, and was now playing with her pussy. He had two fingers up her pussy, and I could hear the wetness and that sucking sound. It was driving me crazy.

One of the black guys asked the white guy to let him have a shot at her mouth. He moved out of the way, and the black guy was now face fucking my wife. I could not have planned this any better that it was playing out.

The next thing I knew, the two black guys picked up my wife and placed her on the couch. One was still face fucking her, and the other got between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down the opening of my wife?s pussy. What really surprised me was that I did not see any negative response from my wife, and she seemed willing to continue to allow this to happen.

The white guy was standing beside her and grabbed her arm, and placed his cock in her hand, and she continued jerking him off.

I kept telling myself don?t cum yet, but wasn?t sure how much longer I could last.

It was just then that I noticed the black guy that was working over my wife?s pussy seemed to be getting ready to pop his load. I could see him tensing up, and the next thing I knew, he was shooting his black cum into my white married wife?s pussy. Not only was she allowing this to happen, I was the one that encouraged it with her and with the three guys.

Seeing his friend pulling out of my wife?s pussy, the white guy went directly between her legs and replaced the BBC and started to pound my wife?s pussy. I kind of felt that she was probably a little disappointed after having that BBC in her pussy to have to settle for a smaller which guys cock.

I soon realized that the other BBC was now ready to explode into my wife?s waiting mouth. She removed his cock from her mouth and said please do not cum in my mouth. She told him that she does not swallow. He promised that he would pull out before he came, and would cum on her face. She put his cock back into her mouth and continued.

Just then, the white guy started to shoot his load into my wife?s pussy, and apparently, she was coming at the same time.

This must have been too much for the BBC, and he started to shoot his load into my wife?s mouth, and he had her in such a position so as to be holding onto both sides of her head, that she was unable to pull away or stop him from cumming in her mouth.

The BBC just kept pumping her mouth. I figured I was really going to be in trouble with her, and that both me and the BBC were going to hear about it.

I moved over to her and told her how beautiful she was and I thanked her for giving me an opportunity to was her be pleasured and provide such pleasure to these men. I think I may have surprised her with my statement, and she just rubbed the side of my face with her hand.

She was smiling and stroking the side of my face when the other BBC came up beside her and was hard again and ready to go. She reached out to him, and pulled him closer to her face where she opened her mouth and started to suck his cock.

As I laid there watching my wife sucking his cock, she was jerking me off. I did not last very long, and she continued to jerk me off as I was kneeling between her legs, and I shot my load all over her hairy pussy.

The BBC warned her that he was about to cum, and she just mumbled something, and kept sucking his cock until he too shot his load of black cum into her mouth.

I had to pinch myself just to make certain that I was not dreaming what I had just witnessed. I sat there and watched her clean up his BBC while I continued to finger her well fucked pussy.

When she sat up, I asked her if she was ok with what had just happened. She smiled at me, and said if you are ok with it, then she was ok with it. She reached up and kissed me as I tasted the black cum from her mouth.

The guys got dressed and thanked my wife and me for a most pleasurable evening, and they left their names and phone numbers and told us to call them any time that we wanted to do this again.

They left; we locked the door, and went up to bed, where I got to fuck her well used pussy before we went to sleep for the evening. We both had a smile on our faces as we fell off to sleep.

What a memorable evening. Thanks guys.

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