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Set Up, Tess's Side of the Story

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Hello Everyone, I am Tess that my boyfriend has written about here. I am at the moment at his house and we just got out of bed and off the floor and he showed me this site to look at the stories. Well, I almost hit the floor seeing he had written about us and me especially since I am marred to another person and neither of our spouses know about the games we play. Well, Here is one that Steve has started playing with me and it is driving me crazy but any guys that may be close to our area may one day benefit from it. Steve likes to get me hot, in fact he gets off getting me hot, wet and horney. Seeing he has described already I don't have to go into the details of my now, 40EE titties and nice round ass. I am 5'0" tall and I dress and act very conservative. Well, recently he and I were at a park and I had left the house supposedly to do the laundry cause my washer broke down. Well, we met and kissed and got naked and he ate a lot of pussy but he never made me cum. Always just to the edge for two hours. The he told me he had to go..I get really pissed and told him first I was going to have an orgasm or I would not be responsibele for what I did. He laughed and told me, "So what the hell do you think I have been getting you hot for. I got you hot now you go take care of it anyway you ccan." I looked at him and could not believe it.."Anyway I can?" He kissed me, "Anyway at all Dearest." he said. I will be near watching. I told him okay, have it his way...and got out of the car and got into mine and left the park with him behind me in his car. I pulled into a laundry and got my baskets out and soap. There was no one there at first but after a while people wandered in. I was soaking wet from Steve playinf and my pussy was swollen and needed something to fill it. I could not sit still, you women know that feeling when you just have to have something...well, finally three guys came in and began their laundry. I had on a skirt and thin pull over blouse and sandals. I had not put my bra or panties back on when I left steve so I was totally open for access to anyone I could find. The three college students came in and I spoke up, "Hey guys, how is it hanging?" They all looked at me, my nipples hard and I was being as obvious as I could. I walked over and stood close as I spoke to them. ONe of them, was staring at my chest, good I I reached up and cupped my titties in my hands. "Like what ya see?" I asked him. "Hell yes lady, that are great looking." All three were staring now, all I had to do was lead them into the back and let them have all they wanted. Steve was outside a little across the parking lot but could see really well. My clothes were ready for the dryer so I went over and pulled them out, bending at the waist and spreading my legs so they could see I had no panties on and my shaved pussy was soaking wet. My blouse was loose and they had a nice view of my ass since I bent over with it facing them. My blouse was loose and they could see that it was all hanging. They walked to the back of the laundry where my stuff was and stood next to me..."So do you come here often?" one asked. I felt so slutty that I decided to just go ahead and act it out. "No, just when I need a good fucking." I said. They all smiled and their mouth were hanging open too. I reached out and grabbed one of them thru thier pants and the result was a nice hard cock that sprang up...I unziped him and pulled it out and the other two guys stood between us and the doors. His cock grew in my hands and then I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth...While doing that I reached down and pulled my clit and soon his cum filled my throat and my first orgasm soaked my fingers. I stood up and his half hard cock bobbed up and down. Lets go in the bathroom I told them and turned around and walked the 4 or so steps to the rest room. As I did I took off my blouse and dropped it on the floor. "Well, lets go guys." I went in and let my skirt drop too and bent over the sink..."One of you need to fuck me now, really hard." I told them. One pulled out his cock and it was a nice curved one, large head and skinny shaft but about 8 inches long. I bent over and spread my legs...He stepped up and pushed it in my pussy and I know I let out a growl like an animal..."Oh yes, fuck me," I said over and over again while he drove it into me. I was so hot I had several orgasms before he unloaded in my pussy...The thrid guy was there stroking his nice think rod and I moved my ass towards him. "Lets have it." I told him. IN stead he took off his belt and slapped it across my ass. I winced in pain but moaned in pleasure.."Oh yes, yes, spank my ass." I knew she was into this He smiled and the all laughed. His cock was hard and up in the air as he slapped the belt cacross my ass over and over..then an orgasm made my hips jerk...I heard meyslf crying out, "Fuck me, fuck me please, fuck me." He dropped the belt and slammed into my pussy.."Oh yes." I was screaming now and was dripping sweat from my body. He fucked my pussy hard and after he filled it with his cum I sank to my knees and took them all again. One in each hand and one in my mouth. I sucked them all off and after that the first one had a half hard cock again. This time I told him to sit on the toilet and he did as I sat on his rod...the other two were in front of me and I took them alternating between the cocks while I rode the cock in my pussy. Finally they all stepped back and I was exhausted. I had cum all over my titties, my lips and my pussy was drippping. The Steve walked in and opened the bathroom door, they had never locked it. He droped his pants, "Just the way I like my Girl he said smiling. Then he bent me over and buried his cock in my sloppy pussy...the three guys watched as if they could not believe it. Filling me again Steve stepped away. You guys all finished? he asked. They all said they were about spent. "Okay guys, again next week, same time?" I got the clothes out of the dryer and took them to the car and Steve looked at me. "Hey, might help to get dressed you know." I was so dazed I had not put on my skirt and my blouse was hanging on to me barely.

I got myself right and Steve kissed me. Same time next week Dear? he asked. Yes Sweetness I told him and we kissed again and drove off. I got home before anyone and jumped in the shower and cleaned up. My husband home and called out, "Anything happen today?" Oh, same old same old I told him." Got the laundry done."

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