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Diane was getting ready for her night out. It was her best friend’s 45th birthday and I let her go alone so she could enjoy herself. I am not the party animal I was as a younger man, but she is the life of the party. Besides, this was a vanilla party and I lose interest quickly when there’s no sex involved. We have been in the lifestyle for 20 years off and on but only partied together, we never went out alone. Although, it has been a long time fantasy of mine for Dianne to go out on a “Date”, she has not shared my enthusiasm for the idea. But tonight she seemed to be in a horny mood, so I told her to give the boys a thrill and wear something sexy. I even gave her permission to flash her tits if she wanted to and blame it on the wine. From here on is what happened in Dianne’s own words.

I knew Jack wanted me to go to the party alone so I could get fucked by a young stud and come home and tell him about it. And for the first time I wanted to be able to fulfill his fantasy and I wanted it to be the hottest, wettest fuck story he ever heard. And so it was:

I dressed in my favorite outfit for flirting, black leather platform heels, silk stockings with seams, black leather micro-mini skirt, and a sheer black blouse with no bra. If the light was right you could see my tits through the blouse. I sprayed some Opium perfume between my legs for my young stud. I stood back and looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help but think, not bad for a 56 year old. I never have had a shortage of interest from the younger men and women. I have a great set of 38 DD’s and love to show them and love to have them sucked and cummed on even more. I was ready for my night out and kissed Jack good night and told him I would see him tomorrow and to be good and horny because I was going to have a surprise for him.

I arrived at the party early to help Janice get things set up. I was in charge of music and had an eclectic assortment of music. Everything from Hip Hop to Salsa. I love to dance to Hip Hop with its primal beat and sexual lyrics and Salsa is just plain sexy.

The guests were beginning to arrive and Janice had invited only single men and women or a wife or husband without their spouse. She has been single for the past eight years and didn’t want to be reminded that she was alone on her 45th birthday. Most of the people were from her work. She was employed by a Family Counseling practice and most of her friends were in their mid to late thirties. Young stuff by my standards. They were conservative in their dress and the number of men versus women was weighed heavily by men. I was the center of attention from the start of the party and I bent over every chance I got and gave the men a good view of the tops of my stockings and garter straps. If I bent over just far enough the bottom of my ass was in plain view and that drew even more attention. I had run out of my wine so I asked if someone could give me ride to the store to buy more wine. I had several offers and chose the handsome brunette who had been eyeing me all night. I asked him if he was sober enough to drive and he said he hadn’t had a drink all night. We got into his Mercedes SL and when he opened the door for me I made a very high swing of my legs into the car and gave him a view of my pussy. He smiled as he shut the door and got into the driver’s seat. I asked him if I could do anything to thank him for taking me to the store. He wasn’t slow or shy to say he would like a blow job while he drove to the store. I leaned over and unzipped his pants and freed the already hard cock from his pants. I stroked it for a minute and told him how I was going to suck his cock till he filled my mouth with cum. I could feel his cock jerk in my hand every time his heart beat. I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and sucked it and ran my tongue around the head of his cock and sucked it like it had a cream filled center. He didn’t last long and the first stream of cum exploded into my mouth. I sucked harder and faster and didn’t let a drop get out of my mouth.

We went into the store to buy the wine and the clerk was checking me out from the front door till I walked back out with the wine. I made a point to check out the wine on the bottom shelf to give him a view of my ass and something to jack off to later. We purchased two good bottles of wine and headed back to the party. On our return trip Jason, I finally asked him his name, asked if he could see my tits. I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open and he reached over and pinched my nipples. We were back to the party and I buttoned my blouse and straightened my hair. I asked him if I had any cum on my face, just to see his cock swell against his pants. He said no and gave me a long passionate kiss and fondled my tits before we went back in.

Janice asked where I had gone and I told what we did, without the fun details. She said the party was slowing down and needed some music that would liven up the people. I put some salsa on and started to dance alone, wiggling my ass shaking my tits. A young blond man joined me on the dance floor and did a very white man’s version of salsa. He introduced himself as Brandon and said he wanted to dance with me all night, but couldn’t get a chance until now. I told him he should have tried harder as I was very turned on by his hard body and would love a slow dance. I stopped long enough to go put on some slow music to grind myself all over this boy toy. I looked around for Janice but she wasn’t to be seen. I told Brandon to wait a minute until I found Janice and make sure she was all right. I also wanted to know where she was so I could take some liberties with the eye candy waiting for me on the dance floor. I found Janice in the back bedroom pasted out on her bed. I undressed her, thinking how nice it would be if she was a swinger with that body, and put her under the covers and kissed her good night. When I got back to Brandon I noticed that there were only five people left and they were all men. Brandon said he had first dance and we danced a slow dance with the other four guys looking on. I was feeling no pain and wanted to get things going so I unbuttoned my blouse while I danced with Brandon. I could feel his cock harden as I pulled my blouse open and pushed my tits against his body. He leaned over and started to suck on my nipples.

I now had five young studs around me and I could feel hands feeling every part of my body. Someone had their finger on my clit and they were quite talented. My skirt was around my waist and my blouse was on the floor. I finally asked them to give me a minute while I removed what was left of my cloths. I was now standing naked in the middle of five beautiful men who wanted nothing more than to fuck me and have me suck their cocks. I told them I had a fantasy where I was in a Bukake circle. They asked what that was and I said they jacked off and shot their cum on me as I would be on my knees in the middle of them. They all agreed as they were taking their cocks out of their pants and jacking off. I played with my clit and pinched my nipples while they jacked off. The shot of cum hit me in the face and I took my finger and wiped it off and sucked my finger clean. At that point I was being cummed on from every direction. I had cum all over me. I then started with the first cock in front of me and started to suck it clean and hard again. I did this to all five cocks and then said it was their turn to eat me.

We found an empty bedroom and I lay down on the bed and I had a head between my legs instantly and two cocks in my face. I stroked one and sucked the other. There were two more mouths sucking my tits. I told the stud eating my pussy that I needed a hard cock in my pussy and he immediately slid up and his cock slid in my wet pussy. It didn’t take long for him to cum and the next cock took his place. They rotated until I had fucked and sucked each one until I was fucked out. I thanked each one with a big kiss that tasted like five different cums. They dressed and left promising me not to tell Janice about our party. I figure it will take at least a week before they explode and tell Janice about the whole thing. I plan to claim to have been so drunk I don’t remember and stick to that story.

I got home the next day with Jack waiting to hear the details of my first “Date”. I told him to shower and meet me in the bedroom and I would recount the whole evening for him while he ate my pussy and we fucked. And true to my word I told him every detail down to the last detail. He said he hasn’t cummed like that in a long time. He was so turned on he fucked me one more time. I am officially fucked out, at least until my next night out.

The End

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