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River Run 2008 Part 1 of 2, Hollys continuation.

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Holly & I had decided to leave town for a couple of days and go down to the River Run down on the Colorado River, we stayed at one of the nicer casino/hotels on the River and planned to go out drinking, gambling and have fun.

After a swim & dinner we decided to take the riverboat down to one of the other casinos, it was about 8pm we had been drinking most of the day, when Holly drinks she gets very horny, we had been out for most of the day drinking and on the river so we had not gone and had sex yet, Holly was very horny. So we made our way into the casino and sat down at one of the blackjack tables, we were there for about 20 minutes and doing pretty well just the 2 of us, then 3 guys who where in town for the river run asked if they could join, they introduced themselves as Brian from AZ, Joe from AZ & their friend Mike from Canada, all were in for the river run but not typical bikers, all were clean cut in their mid 40's built well, the casino was pretty empty still as most people were on the River or had not come in for the events yet that started the following afternoon. We all gambled, chatted & drank for quite a while, just making small talk about where we were all from and so on while we were playing. The guys were very friendly to my wife who was wearing a black satin top with hip hugging jeans, they kept complimenting Holly on different things from her appearance, to the way she played blackjack to her butt when she got up to go to the bathroom. She enjoyed the attention, and I did not mind at all.

Holly had gotten up to use the ladies room and Briwn leaned over and said how lucky I was to have such a beautiful wife with such nice curves and a great personality, the other 2 heard and agreed, I told them thanks, but you guys should give her the compliments she likes to hear those things. Holly came back and we were all playing, all of us were either tipsy or drunk, Holly however a lightweight was full on drunk, the guys flirted, she smiled, giggled and thanked them, even occasionaly pecking Brian & Mike on the cheeks and she was sitting inbetween them.

Later I got up to use the mens room, Joe had come along during the shuffle, he was talking to me about how nice my wife was and so on, I told him I was sure she appriciated the attention and how I thought she thought all of them were very attractive. We got back to the table, we came up from behind and I could see Holly sitting in the middle chair of the table just like when I left but Brian on her left and Mike on her right both had their hand on her legs, rubbing up and down just above her knee. We sat back down and the guys hands moved off, I leaned in and told Brian I did'nt mind their hands, and his went right back to Holly's left leg, Mike took his Q and did the same on her right. At this point it was about 11:30pm we had been playing together at the table for about 3 hours, drinking the entire time, Holly drunk had run out of chips, she was going to be out of the game but the boys right away bought her back into the game they did'nt want her to leave, she thanked the boys, Mike said no need to thank us, we appriciate your company, we were planning to go back up to our room and party a little tonight, thank us by joining us. We agreed. So another 30 min or so went on, Holly's legs being rubbed, her kissing the boys cheeks, them whispering into her hear and her smiling beyond belief, then about 12:15 she excused herself and went to the ladies room, I asked what they had been saying to her, they replied they were just telling her how beautiful she was and how they wished they had a wife like her. They asked if I wanted to go upstairs and party some more, I said sure. Holly came back to the table, we asked if she was ready, she said sure! So off we went.

On the elevator I the boys kept on saying something to her in her ear, they were all over my wife and they knew I did not mind. We got to the room and they fixed us some drinks we were all sitting around talking about stuff and then sex came up, talking about it asking stuff, then I was asked by Brian if I'd ever watched my wife with another guy, I said no, but I have a feeling I might tonight. The room got quiet, then everyone went back to talking, then Mike brings out some cards and asks if anyone wants to play poker, we all do, he brings out the chips and asks fun or money, we all go for money, so I bought $100 for me and $100 for Holly, we play for a while, I am out, Joe is out, Brian is out, its just Holly & Mike playing Joe rubbing Holly's shoulders while she occasionally is sucking one of his finers, he is constantly refiling her drink, Mike has most of the chips then they begin to raise, Mike raises $500, Holly has just $150 left but has 2 aces in hand and 1 on the table, Mike says well for the $500 I win you have to strip to your bra & panties for us, you win you get the $$, she agrees, then back to Mike he then raises another $1000 knowing Holly had still just $150, Holly wants to stay in and asks Mike what kind of arrangement they can make, Mike says how about this I will go all in $1400, you go your $150 and if you win you keep the money, if I win you have to make let me have sex with you right here right now, Holly looks at me, I say do whatever you want, Joe whispers to Holly how almost unbeatable her 3 Aces are and how she should raise, so she asks me, I tell her its on her, she tells Mike she will see his $1400, but wants to raise $1000 more, Mike says $1000 more, how do you propisition that one? She says you tell me... Mike looks at Brian, Joe, then me and asks me how far I am willing to let this go, I tell him its her game, she's a big girl she can do whatever she wants, he thinks about it and tells Holly if he lets her raise and she loses he gets whatever he wants, she asks me, I tell her go ahead. So she lays down her cards, 2 Aces, 1 Jack, a 2, a 7, on the table there is a 9, 10, King, 4 & 6. Mike slowly lays his cards down and then spreads a 7,Queen,4,4.. Holly thinks she's got it.. and a 3rd 4. Joe & Brian jump up to high 5 Mike, Holly is stunned, I am stunned 4 4's and Mike wins, he gets whatever he wants. Then the boys get up and decide more alcohol is needed, so Mike & Joe get up and ask what we want I say Jack, Holly still stunned says more Ready made Cosmo, Brian is going who's also staying says more Crown. Off they went, Brian says wow I thought you had it, Holly says yeah me too, he says I wonder what Mike's going to have up his sleeve, all 3 of us wonder. Then Holly excuses herself, she wants to hop in the shower and clean herself up a little. Brian and I are sitting in the room finishing what alcohol is left, Holly asks me to bring her a couple of shots (Rare, she does not do shots) I do, she's nervous I tell her its okay she lost it was her gamble.

About 10 minutes later the boys are back with more alcohol in hand, Mike asks where Holly is, I tell him in the bathroom freshening up. We all got more drinks made and out comes Holly wearing only her Pink Satin Bra & Matching Pink Boyshort panties, she says to the room this is part of what you won Brian here you go, she then walks up to him grabs her drink pounds it, asks for another, pounds it, then kisses Mike on the mouth long with tounge, he then tells her that he and Joe came up with a plan, so we are all eagerly awaiting it, Mike says since Joe & Brian were going to put up 1/3 of the loss if he lost that bet they should have some fun too, he says Holly you are going to be our fuck toy for 12 hours, we get to do what we want to you for 12 hours, its 2am now, so till 2pm you are ours, she is stunned, looks at me, I said you lost! Mike asks if I am okay with that, I say if Holly is and I get to tape the whole thing, the boys agree, Holly after 2 more drinks agrees.

She then sits on the foot of the bed inbetween Brian & Joe, they start to rub her, kiss her neck, her ears, Brian then kisses her on the mouth, he exclaimes he's wanted to kiss her since he layed eyes on her in the casino, Joe moves to the head of the bed and brings Holly along with her, she lays down inbetween the boys, Joe then moves in and starts kissing her, Brian undid her bra and started kissing and sucking on her right tit, Joe then moved to her left doing the same thing, Brian starts licking her up to her neck, behind her ear which she loves, then as the guys each have a tit in their mouth and their hands in her crotch Mike moves in and plants a huge kiss on Holly, his mouth is loaded with Tequilla, into her mouth and she drinks it, he tells her she's going to have the night of her life, she replies she can't wait, at this point I am filming and I am hard as a rock, the boys get up and start getting undressed, Mike still on top of Holly starts moving down her chest with his tounge, takes another drink from the bottle and again into Hollys mouth, he then moves down to her waistline, he tells Holly now you still have these pretty pink panties on, once I take them off you belong to us, you cannot say no, you are ours, do you agree, Holly replies I am yours... Mike removes her panties to expose her trimmed brown haired pussy to them, Joe & Brian are back on the bed, naked Brian takes his cock (About 6" Cut) and puts it on Hollys cheek, she turns her head and puts it in her mouth, Joe goes back to her tits sucking & bitting on her nipples, his left hand moving down to her pussy, one finger, two fingers inside in & out, then Mike who is now naked (About 6-7" Cut) climbs back on top of her body Brian's cock falls from her mouth, he kisses her with another mouthfull of Tequilla, Holly is beyond wasted and beyond hot right now, he then moves down to her pussy, another drink of Tequilla and his tounge enters her, it burns she says, Joe then climbs on top of Holly's chest and puts his cock (About 9" cut) into her mouth she muffles a little but its in, Brian is then off to the side getting a handjob from my beautiful wife, then after a few minutes of Mike's tounge in her pussy she starts bouncing off the bed, Mike's cock in her mouth and nowhere to go, she just keeps bucking and bucking her hips, then after she's come down Mike slides his cock right inside of her, this is the first man other than me to fuck her since we've been married, but not the 1st time I have seen another man fuck her, again Holly's saying something but muffled by Joe's cock, then after a few minutes Mike pulls out and Brian climbs on he starts fucking her pussy, all the way in, all the way out, he repeated this for quite a while before Mike asks Joe to pull his cock out of Hollys mouth, this time he puts the bottle to Holly's lips and asks if she wants a drink, he takes what must have been 3 shots worth down, then he lays on the bed next to Holly while she's getting fucked, talking dirty to her telling her how they wanted to all gang fuck her from the time they saw her in the Casino and how they had planned to get her up in the room to use then he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth telling her how sweet she was, then Joe laid on her oppisite side and with a mouthful of Cosmo lays a nice kiss on her all the time Brian is pounding away at her pussy, then she starts to buck, she's cumming again, then he pulls out, leaving her there between the boys Brian gets up to get a drink, Mike then asks Holly to roll on her tummy, she does, then he makes with way with an icecube from the hotel icebucket down her back, she keeps shivering, then he gets to her ass, he spreads her asscheeks and starts to lick her ass really good, she loves that I tell him, he is licking her ass the boys are just drinking, smoking a bowl and watching him go and her squirm all over the bed, finally he asks if she's ready, for what he replied, he said sit up, he takes her place in bed Brian tossed him some KY and he told Holly have a seat on his cock, she gets on very slowly letting his cock slide into her, after he's pretty much in she rides him for a minute or 2, Brian comes up with her cosmo bottle she takes some nice drinks, then he gives her a nice long kiss, then Joes up kisses her with a mouthful of crown, all the while I am taping with a hardon like never before, finally used to his cock in her ass Holly is sprawled out on top of Mike, legs spread, body spread, Mike turns her head so they can tounge play, then comes Joe right between her legs eases his cock right into Hollys pussy and for the 1st time my wife is being DPed by 2 men at once, after a bit they get their rhythm and she's in extasy cumming at least 5 times in 5 minutes of being worked over by 2 cocks, then Brian hops up toward the head of the bed and grabs Holly by the back of the head and starts fucking her face, my wife triple teamed by 3 40+ year old guys we just met, then I hear Joe say he's cumming, and he drops a huge load inside of my wifes pussy, he thrust a good 10 times inside of her, feeling his cum deep inside of her she came, screams muffed by Brians cock in her mouth, then Brian got down to take Joe's place, Joe pulled his limp cock out and 4 or 5 huge cum glops came with it, he scooped a nice handful of his/her juices and put his fingers in Holly's mouth, then rubbed the rest on her tits, Brian then put his cock inside of her and started pounding, he said he had not cum in some time and had been edging himself when he beat off to give some woman this trip a huge load, Mike underneath was just enjoying his time in and out of her asshole slowly then she started bucking again he had his hands around her waist holding her down as Brian kept fucking her pussy then after a few more drinks Joe was back, climbed on the bed kissed Holly deep turned around and asked how she's like to lick his ass for him, before an answer she bends over ass right in front of her lips and she grabbed each side of his hips and pulled his ass to her, bringing out her tounge and licking like there was no tomorrow, then Mike underneath says he's gunna cum in Holly's ass, and he did. Then everyone stopped for a minute, I had to grab a towel for Holly to sit on while Mike got up, cum was pouring from her red asshole, she then lay back down looking exhausted and then Brian climbed back on top of her saying he was glad for the break he would have cum soon if she did'nt stop, then Joe strattles Hollys face now flat on the bed and put his ass right back on her lips, he began to ride her tounge to his ass as Brian went at it with her pussy she began to cum again, Mike & I were sitting back watching this, I was filming great, then Brian announced he was cumming and he did at least 15 thrusts, Holly moved each time, here was this guy filling my wife up with what he said at least 3 weeks worth of built up cum deep inside of her pussy... then all of a sudden Joe said he was about to cum, he scooted back pulled Hollys head up and put his erupting cock inside of her mouth and blew another load, this one down her throat, Brian took his Crown bottle took a huge drink then pulled his cock out of my wifes pussy, he then placed the lip of the bottle on her pussy with the gobs an I mean gobs of cum rolling down into the bottle, he then got up, asked Holly if she wanted a drink, not knowing what he meant she said sure, she sits up takes a drink off the bottle that had to be the biggest cumload I've ever seen, after drink 1 she knew what it was, Mike said good girls finish their treats so she did.

There was my wife fucked by 3 strangers, filled up in every hole, used, hair messed up, makeup messed up, dry cum on her body she never looked hotter to me. The boys decided to go out to the car to get something, Holly and I were left in the room alone, I asked her how she felt she said tired, she asked what time it was I said 4am she said 2 hours, I got 10 to go I told her the boys said to take shower and a bit of a nap they'd be back so I took her to the shower was cleaning her and then told her I was stroking and had not cum yet, she asked if I wanted her to take care of me, I said you took care of 3 strangers you bet your ass.... I stopped I said your ass, she turned away from me and wiggled her ass at me, I slid my cock right in, I pumped for a good 10 minutes in the hot steamy shower before I blew my huge load inside of her ass, she kept wiggling to get out every last drop of cum, I pulled my cock out, got down behind her took all of the dripping cum in my mouth and snowballed it into her mouth, every last drop she loved it, as did I. I then took her to the other bed in the room laid her down and told her she had about an hour break. I left the room to go meet up with the boys and see what they were doing downstairs...

Part 2 Soon.

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