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Well I wrote about why I started down this path in my profile, and I can’t really talk about this with my friends or coworkers, so I want to write it here. I was mad when he left me, and after that first night I was out for revenge. I wasn’t working at the time, but we were still married and I went out shopping on him dime for lots of sexy clothes. That night I went out again and started flirting. I met a guy and took him home to fuck him in “our” house. Our house was for sale, and I did this 41 straight days until we had a contract on the house. (I sucked cock on my period days) Then he fucked up and the contract fell through and that was it. . I found a last minute “singles” cruise and I booked it. In the mean time I kept up going out and picking up guys. As my confidence grew it was getting easier and I started picking up more than one guy per day. I kept a dairy of my sex life. At the time my ex left I had only been with one guy, by the time I left for the cruise I had slept with 53 guys. Before I had never really sucked a cock, by the time I left I had suck 60, and learned to swallow cum, which was now at 22 times.
The cruise was exactly what I needed, many more single men than women. The first afternoon I met two Dutch guys and within a hour I was living out my two man fantasy back in their room. I was fucking and sucking them they asked if they could dp me. I was on a cruise, looking for sex I figured what the hell. I lost my anal viginity and double at the same time.
Meeting these two was awesome. They were traveling with two other guys and that night I fucked all four after dinner. I spent most of my time in their room , not mine and fucked and sucked them. By the last night I had swallowed 44 loads of their cum The last night they invited four more guys to send me off in style. I fucked and sucked and swallowed eight loads of cum as a send off. I went back to my room for some rest before heading home. That night was the only one I slept in my room.

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