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Quinn and I and Life without Sherri and Nancy

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Quinn and I actually had settled down to a nice life with each other. I had managed to get her moved in and for the most part, Sherri moved out. Nancy usually came by to pick up something for her but she all but disappeared for a while. One evening I got home from work and Quinn ws dressed in a nice almost transparent sun dress with no bra and a nice thong under it. She was such a lovly dresser, always casual and hot, her long blonde hair free down her back. We are going to a party tonight at a lake she told me. kay so I got a shower and got dressed. She was quiet and we drove to the lake and there were several house surrounding it. She directed me to one and there were lots of lights around the house and back. The walk led us to an enclosed back yard and we went in the gate. There were about 40 or so people there all in various forms in undress. Quinn took my arm and snuggled up to me and whispered to me, I don't want to play with anyone else so please stay with me. Okay I told her and we kissed. Several people came up and greeted us and most knew Quinn. Nancy came up naked and had obviously already been had from the cum dripping on her body. She hugged Quinn but Quinn was offish and smiled and said Hi. Nancy took us each by the hand and Quinn held on to me more. Come on and see what Sherri has been doing she said, and she led us to a area in the back with lights around a central grassie slope. In the middle were about 15 or more people gathered around someone on a blanket in the center. Men were getting on their knees, fucking someone and then getting up after having deposited their loads. Nancy pointed to the person on the recieving end of the cum and sure enough Sherri was spread out on the ground taking yet another hard cock. She was on her knees taking them in her ass and moaning and almost yelling everytime another was put in her. Begging for another when one was finished. Cum matted her hair and was drying on her body. She looked at Quinn and I thru glassy eyes telling us she was really high but on what we did not know. Nancy was saying, isn't this hot, she has been there for an hour so far, taking everything and I do mean everything she laughed. She is going for a new record. Last week I had her fucking 23 guys, she has already passed that. Sherri was indeed enjoying herself and was again reaching for another cock to fill her ever hungry hole. Quinn and I were walking together to a more private place a little later when Nancy and Sherri came up arms locked. Hey Baby Sherri said obviously high, wanna fuck me? No, you are having too much fun I told her and I don't measure up to those horses that have been fucking you, I found a place with no cum on it and kissed her and told her to have a good time. Shit man, I will, I have had all the cock and pussy I have wanted with Nancy, she keeps me well supplied. Well, okay I told her. Nancy hugged her and said, She was saying she might not ever come home. Quinn smiled, that is okay with us if she doesn't want to. Sherri laughed and turned around to several people calling her back to the blanket. Come on Sherri, more fresh cock. The last I saw she had laid down and spread her legs and another man was on his knees diving into her. She was loud, telling everyone to line up, she ws not anywhere near finished. Quinn and I found some drinks and took our clothes off and in a nice spot away from everyone we made love on the grass, the sound of Sherri begging for more in the background. can we go home Quinn said after a nice strong orgasm? Sure Baby, you wanted to come here remember. I really didn't but Nancy called and invited me and I wanted you to see what Sherri was turning into. I see, I told her, well, I kind of knew that, she has always had the potential...I helped her up and we dressed and walked to the front and found the car. IN the car she almost attacked me, got me very excited and said, Now lets go home and I can finish. I drove home her hands usually on my bulge and mine between her legs in her soaked pussy. We got home and she led me in, slowly letting her dress fall from her beautiful body, her nipples hard as she pulled my face to them, sucking them she asked me, suck slow and soft please. I did and she bagan moaning and suddenly orgasmd as I was licking her nipples. That is wonderful she maned and then I went down to her tummy kissing her gently...then her pussy was in front of my face, soaking wet and dripping juices. Please eat me Steve, eat me all up. YOu got it I told her nad orgasm followed orgasm for a long time. Then she ladi me on my back, my cock up in the air and as she mounted it she stared into my eyes, I was captive to her every desire. She slid slowly down my pole and after what seemed like forever she made my load joing her juices. We slept after, cuddled up in the bed until the phone rang. Nancy on the other end was laughing, Sherri finally passed out but they are still counting the guys that are fucking her. Okay Quinn told her, bye Nancy, see ya. She hung up and turned to me on her elbows kissing. I want to stay she said, YOu can I told long as you like. We made love again.

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