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Pool Table Losses

We are a cpl and our story is in a biker bar in the back shooting 9 ball for dollars. We were down to the last of our cash and one of the bikers made us a bet if we won we get the whole total winnings wich was about five hundred bucks, but if he wins then my old lady had to get gangbanged by him and his eight biker buddies. It was a bet we couldnt pass up. The game began,and for a while we were doing ok,then for some wierd reason I started to play like crap. Well ya might have guessed, I lost. It only took those guys about a min to have my chick throw her on the table and tearing off her clothes, and pulling their cocks. She looked at me while they stuffed every hole,pounding here like a street whore and talking to her about how gangbanging her was what she deserved, did she really think that I lost the game. I am a great pool player,i lost on purpose. It was a real turnon wztching her get fucked like that, she was getting pounded hard, they passed her around over and over again. She was moaning and the expressions on her face was of total shock. When they finished with her they threw the cash they won at her and said theres your pay whore. After we left I asked her what she was thinking, she replied, well,she new I lost on purpose, but she got fucked,and had a blast and banked ,all and all she came out ahead in more ways than one.

End of Story