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Poke Her Nite

My Husband Tony called at about 6:00 on a Saturday afternoon.
The power in his friend Paul's house was out and may not
be back on for hours. He had his poker group coming over in
an hour and with no power that just wasn’t going to work. He
asked me to let him have the game at our house.

He offered to send my friend Rachel and I out to a movie while
they played. Being a good sport and realizing that it was
just a one-time thing, I agreed, but I really didn't
want our house messed up by a bunch of rowdy guys. Tony
promised that he would get the crowd out early and that we
would have a “real good time” after the guys left.

Rachel and I went for a dinner and a drink, she brought a
paper and we tried to decide what flick to see. We looked at
all the flicks and it was the standard round of guy flicks. You
know, the ones where ten armed guys take on the Army of
a small third world country and wipe them out.

I told her that I had big plans for tonight when I got back and
I didn’t need to see flick like that. She just laughed and
said that perhaps something a little wilder was in order then,
closed the paper and said “lets go!”

Rachel drove us to an adult movie house in Oceanside, but I was still
hesitant. “Come on,she said, I do this all the time with my boyfriend
it always gets us in a nasty mood for sex, and I bet it will really get
you in the mood as well, I had seen a couple of pornos and I did enjoy
the nasty sex. They had made me pretty hot before, the drinks were
taking effect, so I thought, “what the hell”.

We watched the two flicks and although the situations were
silly, the sex was exciting. They all seemed to have the same theme
a slutty wife or girlfriend being fucked by her man and then his friends.
Rachel commented that have more then one cock at a time was awesome.

She said her husband had let her fuck guys while he watched and then
would join in. She loved let him see her be a slut and having guys fuck
her was just a bonus. I said Tony better watch out Im going to bust his
balls Im so horny. Rachel said she could tell ran her hand over my leg
and under my dress. She found my wet thong and throbbing pussy.
Just then some creep walked in and sat by us or I don't know what
would of happened.

The movie ended and we left quickly and Rachel drove me home. I
asked Rachel if she had ever touched a girl before and she said no,
but had thought of it before. I said me too, but never had the want
or opportunity till just now sitting in that sleazy theater.

I told her it was always exciting watching porn starts do nasty things
but I had never done anything like it either. As we drove up I saw the
cars still in the drive, I said shit there goes my plans. Rachel said
good luck just make the best of it then you can fuck your husband,
leaned over and kissed me good by, as she did her hand once more
snacked under my dress and she stroked my pussy.

I walked in and the guys were still playing poker and laughing,
and drinking beer. I came by the table and all the guys were
playing their cards close to their vests. I asked who was
winning and they said no one was really that much ahead.

Tom at that point had to leave and I asked if I could sit in.
They all seemed a little uncomfortable and looked around,
but Tony said, “I guess so, as long as the game doesn't offend
you”. I said that it couldn't possibly offend me, I grab a wine cooler ,
and sat down.

When I picked up my first hand I got a real shock. The cards all
had women on them engaged in various sexual acts, and usually
with cum dripping from their mouths or tits. I tired not to look offended,
but the cards were more than a bit of a surprise.

No wonder Tony was usually hot after his games! I won a couple of
hands but then started to loose regularly. One card really made me
loose my concentration, it had a woman sucking off three guys,
and obviously loving it.

Tony suggested that maybe we should take a break, and I could
show the guys my belly dancing. I had recently finished
up a belly dancing class and had my own outfit. Tony had let
me dance for him and it always led to pretty hot sex. I went
back into my bedroom and got out the costume.

The wine coolers, the skin flicks and then the cards had me in a
very sexy mood. Usually I wore the costume with an inner
top under the sheer outer blouse, but this time I put on a
demi bra that showed almost all of my tits. For the bottom,
again under the sheer pants, I wore a thong. I thought that
getting all the guys excited would really excite Tony besides
it would also be fun.

By the time I got back Tony and the guys had moved to the family
room and gotten the music ready. I had another gulp of my cooler
looked at the guys, then took the bottle back in my mouth and I
drained the rest of my cooler and got ready to dance. With the music
going and the wine working I really got into my dancing. All of the guys
were transfixed on me and it was exciting to be the center of attention.
I got right up into their faces and let their eyes feast on my tits.

By the time the first song was over I was really getting
into it, and I spun down into the hall as the music finished.
The guys were all applauding for more and I decided to give
them more of a tease. I took off the bra so they could really
see my nipples through the sheer material. When the second
song started I danced back into view, this time with my nipples
clearly visible and pointing rock hard against the very sheer fabric.

I felt really free, my breasts swinging with the music and the
shaking of my body. I danced in front of each guy, giving him
a good look as I teased and danced about. As I got to Tony, I
pressed my breasts into his face, and the guys all said that
was no fair!

I looked to Tony and said, ”Should I?” He just said, “if you want
to babe”. The guys were all pretty excited and I danced around and
pressed my breasts into each of their faces. By the bulges in
their pants it was clear that I was a hit, and now my dance
became more suggestive, I wanted badly to really turn them all
on, my mind flashing back to the movie from earlier.

Dancing in front of Tony again he ran his hands up and untied
my top. I peeled it back and pressed my flesh into his face,
feeling him suck on my hardened nipples. I then worked around
room and let all the guys suck my breasts, sometimes climbing
on their laps, sometimes bending over them and letting my breasts
reach their full extent. While sitting on their laps I could would grind
my wet pussy on their obviously hard cocks. They took turns kissing
my tits and lips while their hands explored my breasts pulled my nipples.

Between songs I ducked back into the master bedroom and pulled off
my now wet thong, and put back on the sheer harem pants. As I
danced the I could now feel the juices dripping from my wet pussy and
they began to trickle down my leg.

Working around to Tony once again, he kissed me firmly on
the lips, he caressed my tits and felt now dripping pussy, I asked
him if I would like me to suck his cock. “Yes!” was all he could say
I bent down and he opened his pants. I sucked Tony deep into
my mouth.

While I was sucking him I reached over to Paul who was beside
him on the couch. I ran my hands up and down his bulge and
in short order he had his pants open and I was pulling on his cock
while I sucked Tony. I worked around, sucking each one for a bit,
tasting them all, teasing them all, but giving each only enough to
want more.

Paul had the most outrageous raging hard and it tasted the best so I picked
him to be the first one to finish in my mouth. I pushed my tits around
his hard cock and rode them up and down, all of the wetness from
the kissing and me sucking his cock gave it plenty of lubrication. I looked
deeply into his eyes and saw him mesmerized by what I was doing to his cock.

I took Paul by the hand and led him out to the middle of the
room. I pulled down his pants and started giving him the
most fantastic blowjob I could. The guys were all pulling
their cocks and enjoying the show. Paul moved to hold my
head and began to fuck my mouth. On each stroke I pulled him
deep into my throat. I knew that he wouldn't last mush longer
and I felt him getting ready to cum.

Paul groaned and I pulled him out and he squirted his come into
my waiting mouth. It tasted fantastic and I swirled it around my
lips, showing the guys his cum in my tongue. Then I sucked hard
and deep to get the last drops from his pulsing cock.

Jerry and Rob came forward and Rob pulled off the bottom
of my sopping wet costume. He positioned me on all fours
and while I sucked Jerry, Rob climbed behind me and easily
entered my flowing wet pussy from behind. God this was what
I wanted! I could feel his hard cock filling my pussy and I could
work on Jerry’s sweet cock with my mouth. I wasn't long before I had
my first orgasm, and I was gasping for breath while the pounding
of my pussy continued.

I redoubled my efforts on Jerry’s cock, I wanted to taste his cum
so badly now. I felt Jerry tensing up, ready to give me his cum,
and I pulled him deep and sucked as hard as I could. He shot his
load deep in my throat while I sucked him and he kept squirting
and pulsing in my throat while he groaned.

I didn’t release him even though he couldn’t stand the suction.
He shivered but I held him in my mouth to capture his final
pulse of cum, and swirled my tongue around his cock to savor
and taste his juice. He fell back on the sofa muttering something
about knowing about what the ultimate blowjob felt like.

About this time Rob began to pound me furiously, getting ready
to fill my flowing pussy. I reached around and pulled him
deeply into my pussy as I felt him pulse and squirt his load
into me, filling me with his juices. I squeezed his cock
inside of me and shuttered to another orgasm as he pushed
his cock and held it deeply inside me.

Jeff was next and I put him on the floor and climbed up onto
his large cock. So much cum was dripped from my pussy
and I used it to lube his massive cock. Tony always said he
wanted to see me fuck a large cock and now was his chance.
My pussy quickly adjusted to his size and I rocked back and
forth on his member, enjoying the fullness that it gave me. I road
Jeff's cock for all I was worth cumming at least twice more

Tony came over and kissed me on my lips. Saying what a
fucking whore I was and that he loved my show I whispered
to him “You know that I am saving my ass for you baby.’ He
nodded and he kissed me deeply the he pulled away. Carl
was sitting on the sofa, pulling on his cock and I motioned for
him to come over. I took him in my mouth and began a slow
sucking while Jeff’s cock stretched my pussy and his hands
and lips roamed all over my tits. I told him to bite my now
hard nipples.

The feeling was exquisite, I was in control and yet could only
float on the sensations. I felt Tony rub around my ass then felt
his familiar tongue as it snacked into my tight hole. I pushed back
onto his hot probing tongue as again I orgasmed. With some of my
cum dripping off of Jeff's cock Tony used it to lube my now throbbing

Tony worked the cum into my little rose bud and I felt his fingers
relaxing my tight ass. I looked back around to see his glistening
cock and I begged to him, “Please, do it now”. I pressed down on
Jeff, forcing his cock deeper into my pussy and held Carl in my
mouth as Tony started a slow entry into my ass. As Tony pressed
deeper I held onto Carl’s cock until Tony cock reached the total
depth of my ass. I pulled Carl into my throat and felt as though I
was as thoroughly filled with cock as a woman could possibly be.
I sucked hungrily on Carl while the boys in back worked to fill my
pussy and ass alternately.

Carl, after watching all of this and with my tonguing and deep
throating of his cock, didn’t last too long, groaning and spraying
my mouth with his cum. I smeared it around my lips and then
sucked him some more, getting an extra little taste on my tongue
for my effort.

Now I could pay attention to the cocks in my pussy and ass.
With Jeff holding me up from underneath I could work my body
to engulf these two throbbing cocks. I thought I can't wait to
tell Rachel what happened after she dropped me off. I rocked
back and forth and came to another shuttering orgasm.

Jeff and Tony really started to work on my pussy and ass now.
I could feel their cocks rubbing together between my pussy and
ass. Tony always said if given a chance I would love to have my
ass fucked and now I know he was right. I picked up speed
in time with Jeff, giving me a real fucking. I wanted to collapse,
but Jeff held me up, right in the perfect position to be ravaged by
both cocks.

Jeff held on to me and pushed up deeply into me expending
his load into my pussy. I pushed down onto him as he came and
felt his juices flowing around his cock. I worked my pussy
in a circular motion as I felt his cock throb and thrust into me.
Finally he slowed and I could feel his cock soften within me.

I let Jeff slide out from under me and turned to Tony. “Please,
baby fuck me like the whore I am, fuck my ass hard, I begged"
Tony firmly pushed me down to the floor with his cock still in my
ass. I spread my arms out, spread my legs as far as I could so
he could thrust deeper into me. I lifted my ass to meet his deepening
thrusts. He knows that I love to be fuck hard and deep in my pussy
and now he was doing it to my ass. His cock seemed to go deeper
with each thrust into my ass. Till finally it gave me the most fantastic

I was completely at his mercy, spread on the floor, feeling all his
weight pushing him deeply into my ass, cum oozing from my pussy
and mouth. His speed slowly increased along with the depth
of his reach into me. Soon he was stroking deeply, firmly
and completely filling me. My breath came in short gasps,with
each stroke I let out a short Ohhhh, punctuating his penetrations,
until, as the strokes came hard and fast they all blended together
into a single long moan.

I was quivering, and shaking and coming all at the same time.
My head was spinning and I couldn’t take any more
and I told Tony that, between gasps as he thrust into my ass.
Just when I thought I was going to pass out he plunged to my
depths and held there pulsing as he filled my ass with his
hot cum. As Tony ground deeply within me I came again, releasing
what little energy I had left. He rolled me over and I looked
up to see three more cocks above me.

I just lay there arms out, totally spent as they knelt above me
and pulled on their cocks. First one then the another came on
my tits, and then as the third one came I opened my mouth to
receive his gift. He squirted it into my waiting mouth and I kissed
the end as the last squirt came across my lips and dribbled across
my mouth and cheek.

I lay there rubbing the cum into my tits, licking my lips
and tasting the salty reward while feeling cum ooze from
my ass and pussy. All I could do is savor the feeling of being
totally fucked and satisfied. Tony picked me up and carried
me to the bedroom as the guys all began to gather up and leave.
He squeezed my nipples and massaged the cum into my tits.
Every so often I would feel a wave of passion come over me
and I would quake.

I was so sensitive that every different touch caused a mini orgasm.
He ran his fingers around gathering the cum on my face and my
mouth and I sucked them clean. He asked if I was satisfied, and I
told him that it was more than I ever could have imagined.

End of Story

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