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Pennant Game

Andy McChord had just pitched the best game of his life winning the
pennant for his minor league team, the Tigers. As he struck out three batters
in a row in the bottom of the ninth while up by one run all his teammates ran
to the mound. The modest stadium of 2,000 fans were going nuts. It's always
great to win a pennant at a home game. Within a minute his new wife came out
on the field, too, with their three-month old daughter in her arms. He was
only 24 years old and on top of the world. He was definitely going to be
picked up by the majors. He was a natural talent on the pitcher's mound and
had already accrued a huge local following especially by the ladies. He was
raised on a farm and had a naturally healthy build because of it. His hair was
auburn and kept cropped short. And his hazel eyes were what mesmerized his
college sweetheart into accepting his marriage proposal. It was her idea for
him to keep a goatee. He preferred to be clean shaven.

After the crowd was dispersing and he and the rest of the team were
walking off the field toward the lockers one of the major-league recruiters
pulled him to the side to give him the offer to leave his team for a better
life. He kissed his wife on the cheek, "I'll meet you at home, honey. It looks
like I'll probably be a little late with victory celebrations tonight". She
waved goodbye and followed the crowd out of the stadium.

Andy talked to the recruiter for about thirty minutes and had all but
sealed the deal. The team definitely wanted him in place for the next season
with talks of a multi-million dollar contract. This was the best day of his
life. He started to walk towards the lockerrooms by himself when someone
jumped out from under the bleachers and threw a dark pillowcase over his head.
Then as he started to try to break away, several more sets of hands grabbed
him. His screams were not heard due to the commotion going on in his team's
locker room. He was dragged into a room where it was equally loud. He could
hear cheers going to the people who had nabbed him and dragged him in here. He
figured it was probably some kind of victory prank concocted by his
team-mates. He was then thrown roughly to the floor and the bag was pulled
off. He was shocked to see himself surrounded by the team that they had just
defeated. He was in their lockerroom.

Rick Green, the pitcher for the Beavers and the last man struck out by
McChord, was standing directly in front of him. "You got a pretty good arm,
McChord," He said smirking slightly. "You know, we fully expected to win this
pennant. It was probably my last chance to go to the majors." Green was a good
ten years senior to McChord and a comparable pitcher, but recruiting someone
in their mid-thirties would be a wasted investment for a major-league team. "I
probably could have made millions of dollars. I've had the boys bring you here
to pay me back. But I'll let you off easy. You only have to give me one
million dollars right now and we'll call it square."

What, was he insane? "You've got to be kidding. I don't have a million
dollars. I haven't even signed any kind of contract yet," replied Andy.

"Well, then I reckon I'll have to take it out of your ass. After all, you
embarrassed me in front of a couple thousand people, I think having you
perform for us tonight to help cheer us up after that unjust defeat would make
a nice down payment. And don't think you're the first boy we've dragged down
to our lockerroom for a little post-game entertainment."

Indeed, Andy had heard all sorts of rumors about the Beavers, but he
figured it was just because of the strong rivalry and the fact that their
mascot was another word for "pussy". "Now we can do this the easy way, or the
hard way," Green continued. "You can start by getting out of that uniform."

"You're fucking nuts man. I'm not going to play your stupid little game.
Let me out of here and I'll not call the cops on your asses."

"Oh you will play our 'stupid little game'. Because if you don't your wife
and daughter could be hurt. Right now they're in the back office under close
guard." As if on cue, one of the other players tossed out his little girl's
stuffed rabbit which landed in front of him. "And we will gladly take you by
force if we need to, just don't make it any harder on yourself than you have

Still trying to call their bluff "I don't think you have my wife and
daughter, " McChord stated defiantly. "She probably just dropped this during
all the excitement and you picked it up. Now let me out of here before I get

"You don't understand. There was no option here. You will take off your
uniform and you will do it now and then we'll tell you what else we want from
you." With that Andy jumped up and tried to push past Green to get to the
door. He was quickly grabbed by several of the other players. "Alright," said
Green to the men who held Andy. "He wants it the hard way. You know the

They immediately began pulling his jersey off over his head which was
quickly followed by his undershirt. His chest was well developed. He had a
smattering of curly auborn hair on his pecs that formed a widening trail as it
went down over his washboard stomach. As soon as his shirt was off they lifted
up one leg removing his cleat and sock then repeating the procedure with the
other leg. Then he felt hands quickly fumbling at his fly, unfastening it and
pulling it open. All the while McChord was struggling in vain and cursing at
the men stripping him. His pants were abrubtly yanked down and off over his
feet. Then several hands grabbed the waistband of his jockstrap and pulled in
all directions until it snapped under the pressure leaving the resisting
pitcher naked. As soon as the jockstrap was tossed to the side, the players
let him go. He immediately tried to go for his uniform items that were strewn
about the room, but the men grabbed them first and started to play keep away.
As Andy was trying to reach for his trousers being held up in the air
tauntingly, he noticed that a couple of the players were aiming video cameras
at him. He immediately covered his crotch with his hands shamefully.

He tried to run for the door again only to get pulled back. "You're not
going anywhere until we're through with you, McChord," said Green calmly. "You
can start by coming over here and sucking my dick."

"No fucking way, asshole! I'm not coming anywhere near you!" exclaimed

The men holding McChord then pulled his hands away from in front of him,
opening him up as Green stepped in and landed a hard right punch to his lower
ribs, knocking the wind out of him. This caused McChord's abdomen to go slack
and Green seized the opportunity by striking several punches into Andy's gut.
The other players let him fall to the floor coughing and holding his bruised
stomach. He was quickly beginning to realize that these psychos meant business
and that if he was going to get out of this intact, or possibly even alive,
then he was going to have to give in to them. "Alright, okay. I'll do what you
say just don't hurt me or my family anymore," we cried reluctantly.

The players holding him pushed him to his knees. He was now at eye level
with Rick Green's crotch. He had never felt so helpless and subserviant in his
life. Only an hour before he was the happiest guy on the face of the earth.
Now he was the most frightened man. The thought of what he was about to do
turned his stomach. But he knew he had no choice. He was in pain and in danger
of being in more pain. His wife and daughter were possibly in danger, too. A
thousand thoughts were running through his mind when Green disrupted his train
of thought, "Take it out."

With trembling fingers, Andy reached up and unfastened the waistband of
Green's pin-striped uniform pants. He slowly pulled the zipper down then
reached up and pulled the pants down Green's thighs. Now he was looking at a
dingy jock-pouch with a very prominent bulge. Coarse, curly blonde hairs were
protruding from the sides of the pouch and the same curly hairs covered the
athletic thighs. As Andy was reaching for the waistband of the jock, Green
grabbed the back of Andy's head and pulled his face into the jock, holding him
tight until Andy was forced to breath in the musky scent between his legs.
Andy felt like he was going to be sick. Green's jock smelled like it hadn't
been washed in a long time, if ever. It was a mixture of sweat, piss, and
dried cum. "Suck my dick through the jock, cocksucker," Green ordered. "Get it
nice and wet, it could use a good hosing off."

Andy did as instructed, but then what choice did he have with Green's
hands holding the back of his head. He licked and sucked at the bulge behind
the jock. In about a minute the area around Green's cock was fairly moist,
then he felt a warm fluid going in his mouth. Green was taking a piss! He
immediately tried to pull away, but Green held him fast and Andy had no choice
but to swallow or suffocate or drown. Green finished up and then let Andy's
head go. Andy started coughing as Green pulled his now-soaked jock down to
where his uniform was. He had an average-sized dick, but it looked very
menacing and huge from Andy's point of view. It was about half hard and still
dripping urine onto the floor. It was quickly starting to stand up with its
newfound freedom, revealing his big pink nutsack covered in the same blonde
hair as his legs. "Ow, it wasn't that bad, now was it?" Green asked jokingly.
"Now get busy sucking my dick. I haven't had a good blowjob since last year's
pennant game."

Andy finally stopped coughing and slowly brought his mouth up to the head
of Green's dick. He parted his lips and let the first inch or so slide into
his mouth. He tried a couple more inches and did his best to control his
gagging. He'd never put anything this big in his mouth before. Eventually, he
had most of Green's 7-inch member in his mouth, with the head touching the
back of his throat. Placing his hands on Green's legs for balance, he started
moving his head up and down on Greens cock like his wife had done to him so
many times. He hoped he could get this guy off quick and be done with it. His
nose was tickled by the thick blonde bush above Green's cock as he blew him.
After a couple of minutes, Green put his hands on Andy's head again and held
it still. He began pumping his hips real fast. He could feel the pressure
building up in his nuts and he pushed his dick into Andy's mouth and held it
tight as several spurts of jism shot down his throat.

He let Andy's head go. "Damn, boy, you got one hot mouth. I don't think
I've ever cum that hard in my life. I just gotta share you with the other

"Oh please, God, no," Andy pleaded. But his pleas were ignored. The men
began lining up, and 30 seconds later his mouth was on another dick. Then he
felt someone getting down behind him. He pulled his head off the dick and
turned to see Green on his knees behind him. He had stripped off his jersey,
sporting a massive hair-covered chest. There was a blurry tattoo of a smiling
sun on his right pec. Andy knew what was up. He was going to get fucked. As
scared as he was he knew that there was nothing he could do about it. He
turned back around and continued servicing the man in front of him.

Green meanwhile, spit on his dick to get it wet again and pressed the head
up against Andy's resisting sphincter. He grabbed Andy by the hips and pushed
forcefully until the head of his dick popped in. As Andy felt his virgin
asshole violated he again stopped sucking the dick in front of him and
screamed. He had never felt anything so painful. His bowels felt like they
were ripping wide open. Without giving him a chance to adjust to his anal
intruder, Green thrust deeper causing Andy to scream again. He tried to crawl
away from the assault but it was useless. Green started fucking him hard. Andy
had never thought that it could hurt so bad. What do fags get out of this, he
wondered. Eventually his ass adjusted though and although he was in no way
enjoying this onslaught to his backside, at least it didn't hurt anymore. He
finally was able to resume sucking dick to the relief of the man in front of

In no time, both Green and the other player were coming. This time some of
the sperm landed on Andy's tongue and he tasted cum for the first time. It
wasn't as bad as he had expected. Just as Green pulled out of his ass, another
player was ready to enter it. The same with his mouth. As the hours went by,
Andy was forced to just hold his mouth open and let the men fuck it, because
his jaw was so sore. His ass was numb from the countless fuckings it had

When every player had come in his ass and mouth at least once, they
finally agreed to let him go. They didn't let him have his uniform though. He
went back to his team's lockerroom, but everyone had gone and it was locked.
He decided he would have to get home. Unfortunately, the ball park was right
in the middle of the city and it was starting to become daylight. He moved
carefully through town en route to his house which was about three miles away.
After he had gone about a block, he rounded a corner and was face-to-face with
a group of about 30 elementary students waiting at a school bus-stop. Several
of the girls began screaming and pointing at him. Others immediately
recognized him and were calling out his name. He covered his crotch with his
hands again and ran the other way.

He decided to double-back but noticed that all the businesses were
starting to open and traffic was starting on the streets. He was trapped, with
dried cum all over his face and chest and running down his legs. Everybody in
this town knew who he was. How would he explain this? No major league team in
the world would hire him after this made headlines. The humiliation would
probably end his young marriage as well, since his wife had come from such a
strict Christian family. He decided that the only way he could get home with
the least embarrassment was to just run for it.

He ran down the street past all the businesses as fast as his athletic
legs would carry him. People on the street would stop what they were doing and
cheer him on, occassionally yelling "Great game, McChord!" or "Must have been
one hell of a celebration party!" He finally made it home. Only about 20 or so
people saw him. He was able to sneak into his house undetected and shower up
while his wife was still asleep. He never told anyone about his night with the
losing team and went on to the majors for a glorious career, as have several
other pitchers who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with the notorious

End of Story