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Our First Train

We've had experiences, but this one was just interesting. It was late night at a party, although most of the guests were already "played out", we still invited the shy, sweet, tall black guy to go downstairs with us. I had never had more than two boys at a time, but nearly every male there followed us down to the playroom.

First I gestured to my husband to laydown on the bed and upzip. Then I waved over our other player. At this point I was blowing my man and our other came from behind to tap it doggie style. Before long, my husband thought I could use a little variety so he called over an anxious onlooker. This one was hung well, and came twice while he was giving it some hell.

And last but not least, our last player flipped me over, and rocked it missionary while I continued to suck off my husband. That guy came twice too. Yeah baby. They called my pussy "Hurricane Katrina." You people have no idea.

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