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Oh What A Night

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Fresh out of the shower, hair and make-up done, she looked through her closet deciding what to wear. He had asked her to get dressed for an evening on the town; he had a surprise for her. She finally chose her black dress, sexy, but still conservative at the same time. She then pulled out her sexy black bra, and decided on no panties. Just in case. She was in good shape, she carried a little extra weight, but in all the right places, not bad for 43. At 5?8? and a 40D chest, she held herself well. First, she put lotion all over her body, stopping to put some on her nipples, feeling them get hard. He liked her soft body, and she liked to keep her skin soft for him. She then slid her thigh highs up her legs, one at a time, enjoying the silky feeling. The air hitting her freshly shaved pussy, she lay back and touched herself, the excitement building for what was to come. As she rubbed her clit, she pulled out her vibrator, not being able to wait much longer for an orgasm. Her mind wandering on what might happen later that evening, she started to move the vibrator in and out of her dripping pussy faster and faster, feeling her body tighten and her pussy contract. Laying there with a smile of satisfaction, she looked at the clock and decided she better get moving, she did not want to be late. Standing in bra and thigh highs, she put on a pair of black heels and checked herself in the mirror, tempted to just put her coat on and go out like that. She decided against it, not knowing what the evening would bring. Slipping her dress on, showing just enough cleavage to get him excited, but not to much as to be slutty, she took one final look in the mirror, put on her coat and left.

She was nervous on the drive to the bar they planned to meet in, she had shared some of her fantasies with him, but was not sure what he had planned. She walked into the bar and looked around, not seeing him. A moment later he was at her side, sliding her coat off her shoulders, as men?s eyes stopped to take in the site. With her height, chest and red hair, dressed for a night on the town, she looked good enough to eat, and she could see the envy in the eyes of some of the men, that she was with him. He leaned in, gave her a quick kiss, and whispered in her ear, ?I am getting hard all ready!? She smiled that knowing smile, touched the side of his face, and gave him a gentle kiss. He guided her to a booth in the corner, where he said he had her drink waiting for her, and to her surprise, there was another man already sitting there. She slid into the both, between the two men, and introductions were made, she smiled nervously, and shook the man?s hand. A threesome had been one of the fantasies she had told him about. They sat in the both and chatted a bit, getting comfortable with one another, as she quickly drank her drink and ordered another. There new friend excused himself to go to the men?s room, and he leaned in and asked what she thought. She told him she was comfortable with the new man, and that she trusted him. He kissed her neck, which send chills through her body and said he was glad she was happy with his choice. As there new friend a came back and slid into the both, she smiled and he nodded, and there new friend slid in closer to her, their thighs touching. Ordering another drink, she started to feel braver, she laid her hand on her mans thigh, and noticed that he was already hard. She then felt a hand on her thigh from the other side and looked over and smiled. As both men moved a little closer, she then felt a hand on each thigh, both creeping up under her dress and reaching the top of her thigh highs, both men smiled at the same time. Already wet from anticipation, she felt both hands reach her pussy at the same time, both men smiling, realizing she was not wearing any panties. She let out a soft moan as on man fingered her clit and the other slid a finger inside her wet pussy; they could tell she was more than ready. As she continued to stroke both men through their pants, she knew they were also. A group decision was made that it was time to leave and take the party somewhere else. The little group got into the car, and as her man drove, her new friend continued to stroke her thigh, as he talked about what he wanted to do to her. By the time they reached their destination, a local hotel, that to her surprise, he had already checked into, she was more than ready for some attention to her wet pussy. They walked into the room, and she poured them each a drink, drinking a toast to new friends and new adventures. The two men then each kissed her deeply, and then started kissing the side of her neck, one on each side, she was getting very excited from the sensation of two men?s attention on her, and got weak in the knees. She felt her dress fall to the floor, as she was standing there with her eyes closed, enjoying the feelings going through her body. As each man continued to kiss the side of her neck, she felt a hand on each nipple, and moaned loudly, feeling her first orgasm coming on. It was a soft orgasm that sent ripples through her body. Her man then asked if they could blindfold her, wanting her to not know what was going to happen next, she readily agreed, as she trusted him to not let anything bad happen to her. With the blindfold on, standing there in nothing but heals and thigh highs, she then felt a mouth on each nipple, and a hand moving down her belly to her pussy. They then laid her on the bed, as one man continued to devour her nipples, and another had his fingers in her pussy, stroking her clit, making her squirm and kissing her deeply. She did not know which man was which, but at this point did not care. The next thing she new, there was a mouth on each nipple and she was still being kissed, she moaned into the mouth kissing her, realizing they had been joined by a third person. The next thing she new, there was a fourth mouth, replacing the fingers in her pussy, and her body shook with as an orgasm over came her, from all the attention her body was receiving. The mouth on her pussy was quite talented, the tongue darting across her clit, making it swell. Her hips moving trying to get it even closer, as she felt a finger slide inside of her. The other men continued to play with her nipples and kiss her entire body. As one finger grew to two and began moving faster inside her writhing hips, she quickly felt another orgasm coming on. He body shaking, she felt one mouth kissing her deeply again, taking in her moans. Laying there helpless to do anything but enjoy the sensations running through her body, she felt one mouth move to her ass. She now had two men playing with her nipples and kissing her, one sucking her pussy, and another licking her ass. Her pussy was dripping as fingers now worked in and out of it, as tongues and lips sent her body spiraling. Her body was shaking and she felt like she was having one continuous orgasm.

She then felt someone straddle her middle, and felt a cock being fucked by her cleavage, the sensations she was feeling, and the not knowing what was going to happen next had her in a state of constant excitement. She then felt a cock slip inside her wet pussy, and cried out in excitement. Pushing her hips to take it all in, and crying out for more. She was ready to be fucked hard. As one man continued to fuck her cleavage, she felt hands lifting and spreading her legs, opening her further to the one inside her, Her nipples being tweaked by the man fucking them, her legs held open and a cock fucking her pussy hard and fast, she thought it could not get any better. She was wrong!! As one mouth closed over hers, and a fingers went to her clit and played, her body bucked in her hardest orgasm yet. She then heard moans, as cum filled her pussy and covered her chest at the same time. She felt the cock inside her slide out, and was quickly filled by another. This one was larger and stretched her, though slid right in due to the mixture of juices already inside of her. She then felt her body being moved, as the man on top of her climbed off, and the cock inside her slid back out. She moaned at the suddenly empty feeling. The next thing she new she was shifted over someone, and as she straddled him, she felt his cock slide inside of her, next she felt a cock at her mouth, and a mouth on each nipple. She began to suck on the cock in her mouth, as she rode the cock beneath her. Her nipples being sucked as she rode to yet another orgasm. She then leaned forward, with the cock still fucking her pussy, and felt a mouth on her ass. Her ass was now being tongue fucked as her pussy and mouth were both being fucked, and a finger worked her clit, she did not know how much more she could take. As the cock inside her pussy exploded, so did the one in her mouth. She did her best to swallow all the hot cum spurting in her mouth, with some dripping out the sides. She was then laid back down on her back, and felt a mouth on her pussy, licking at all the combined juices inside of her. Next thing she new, there was another hard cock at her mouth, she hungrily grabbed for it, and started licking at it while her hands stroked. He then straddled her head, and slid his cock inside her mouth while she took hold of the other two waiting cocks and stroked them. This went on for some time, one cock in each hand, one in her mouth, and her pussy being eaten and finger fucked, while the men rotated after each one shot a load in her mouth. After all four men had cum in her mouth, she was then moved again, standing next to the bed, barely able to walk, she wondered what would happen next. She was positioned over a man sitting on the side of the bed, and he slid his cock inside her waiting pussy. It had been a while since she had a cock inside her, and was more than ready. As hands and mouths still roamed her body, she felt a finger at her ass, and felt it slide inside; she was being lubed to get fucked in the ass!!! She was not so sure about this, but thought, why not, I have tried everything else tonight. The next thing she knew, she was being lifted of the cock inside her and turned around. He then slid his now wet cock from her pussy inside her ass. She gasped at first, and then let her body relax. He took things slow and gentle, entering her a little at a time, letting her get used to the feeling. When she was completely impaled on his cock, she felt her body being leaned back as some one kissed her and whispered don?t move. She then felt another cock being slid inside her pussy. She had never done this before, but the feelings sent an orgasm through her immediately. The two men did not move as her body convulsed with yet another orgasm. When she stopped shaking, the two men began to move in a rhythm. One moving in as the other moved out, starting slowly and moving faster and faster inside ass and pussy. The feeling was overwhelming and she began to beg for more. The two men fucked her hard and fast, as the other two continued kissing and touching her, she was in a state of euphoria as the orgasms continued to rip through her body. As the pace quickened, she felt both men jerk at once, and begin to fill both her holes with there hot cum. After they had filled her, she was moved again, and quickly replaced by the other two men, who began to fuck her ass and pussy again at the same time. She had never felt such a feeling before, and was moaning and groaning and begging for more all at the same time. After the next two reached there limit and came inside of her, she was gently laid back on the bed. The four men each took turns kissing her gently and saying thank you, and she responded with a big THANK YOU, to each of them. She was then lead into the bathroom, where the blindfold was taken off, and she was looking into the eyes of her man. He kissed her and asked her if she enjoyed herself, and she smiled and said yes. He helped her into the shower and gently washed her aching body for her. She just leaned in and enjoyed the feeling of her well used body being taken care of. He then toweled her dry and led her into the room again, and it was empty. She would never know who the other two men were, but hoped she would meet them again someday. He then tucked her in and let her sleep the sleep of exhausted satisfaction.

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