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My Wife Making Movies Part II

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In my last letter, I had bought a few homemade x rated DVD's from a buddy of mine. He buys them from a kid in college. I have done this before and usually the rode around in my truck for awhile before I got to watch them in my office. Most of them are very poorly made cheap attempts at porn, but a few are good enough to jack-off to while watching. Well after this DVD was riding around in my truck for three weeks I finally brought it to my office on a Saturday morning (I'm alone on Sat.). As I said in my last note my wife had hired a group of college kids to paint our house a month ago. My wife is very beautiful 34D-23-35 117 lb women of 44. Back to the movie, turns out these college kids she hired made a movie with her and them as the stars, more precisely her taking all six of them on for three and a half days and oh yes the house actually did get painted really nice. On to the story.

Wednesday morning she bought bagels and donuts and cut up some fresh fruit for breakfast, I was actually still at home when they arrived. I was just getting a bagel when she hurried me out of the house. As I was leaving I was thinking how much this is going to cost with such a big crew (if I only knew). In the movie all the guys file into the kitchen and devour the food and get right outside painting. my wife meanwhile is seen in her sexy summer shorts with a thin red tank top braless (funny when I left just 5 minutes before she was in jeans and a pullover ) with her hard nipples clearly visible. As we see the guys painting we also see the leader John passing around cards and after all the cards are passed out it is determined that the order of the day is Jim the quiet gentleman is first. Bill is second, John the leader is third, Derek the 6'5" tall one is fourth, Bob fifth and Jeff is last. As this is announced you see Jeff with a frown on his face. John tells my wife that the break times will begin at 9:30 so the boys can get a lot of work done before having fun as my wife drained them all yesterday and hardly any work was done in the afternoon. John said they already had another house to paint next week so they had to finish by Friday. After John tells my wife this she is seen walking around the house, when all of the sudden Jeff comes over to her and whispers in her ear and she get a smile on her face and you see her heading into the house and him telling one of the guys he has to take a dump.

Soon you see her in the guest house on the sofa in a very sexy nightie I have never seen before. Then in walks Jim and he has a very big smile on his face when he sees her in the sexy outfit, and tells her she is very sexy and beautiful. She says thank you and goes up to him and massages his cock thru his shorts soon he his busting out of his shorts she helps him out of them and then asks him what he would like to do. He says he would like to go down on her while she gives him a blow job. She is on the bed in seconds while he is right behind and soon they are in a vigorous 69. Jim comes up for air and asks if she had sex with her husband this morning as he can taste something. She takes her lips off his cock and says that she did have a quickie already this morning. He says that is great that your husband and you still have quickies now and then. He tells her that his parents barely talk let alone have sex anymore. She tells him to get back to business as she was really enjoying his tongue. Needing no more encouragement he is back on her clit and getting involved in bringing her to a shuddering orgasm in less than five minutes. He very soon after fills her mouth with a fresh load of cum. He is up quickly and once again thanks her and tells her he can't wait till after lunch.

She no sooner smoothes out the bed when Bill is seen entering the room and has his 7 inch already coming out of his shorts, he tells her how sexy she looks and then tells her that at the first two houses they have painted that he and some of the guys got tired of fucking the other ladies as they had no personality and were not nearly as sexy as her. She says thank you for the compliment and proceeds to pull his shorts all the way off and start to suck on his cock she barely has her lips wrapped around his cock when he says he wants to fuck her both times today. Yesterday he fucked her standing up today he wanted to fuck her while he sat in a chair telling her that Jim had said she had fucked him that way yesterday. She pulled the chair from the corner and had him sit with his thick pointing strait up she lowered her Pussy over the top and sank on top of him she immediately started bouncing on his hard cock and telling him how good it felt and he was having a hard time not blowing his load and soon he is heard telling her to stop as he is about to explode as she is climbing off his cock its too late as his cum shoots all over her body, she goes right down and swallows his cock to get all the rest of his explosion, he is telling her that she fucks to good and he never cums this fast. She tells him he will have a good time after lunch.

Next comes John and he also tells her that she has been the best client hey have had this summer and that he wished everyone was like her, John wants to fuck her while they both are standing up from behind, she walk over to the couch and leans over the side and his big cock is soon pounding her from behind and his left hand is fingering her clit while his right one is playing with her tits, she is bending over the couch and yelling for him to fuck her harder and harder and to make her cum, she knows this working as he buries his cock into her and shoots another huge load of cum in her cunt, he tries to remove his finger from her clit when she grabs it and tells him to finish and soon thanks to his finger she falls over on the couch with an explosive orgasm. She is still lying on the couch when he leaves the room.

Soon Derek the tall one with the thick cock shows up and says he had such a good time yesterday that he doesn't know how she'll be able to top it. She reminded him he could choose the position as yesterday she insisted she set on his thick piece of meat. He says he wants to fuck her while he is standing up and she is on the bed with her legs over the edge, she readily lies on the bed and he wastes no time in mounting her with his thick cock she smiles at the remembrance of his thick cock. He is now in a big hurry as he is showing his age and shoots rope after rope of hot cum all over her stomach in less than five minutes. She starts to think how much faster the guys are today than yesterday when she actually expected it the other way around. Bob is up next and he want a blow job which brings a smile to her face, she has him lay on the bed and she gets right down to business and soon has his cock touching the back of her throat and he is enjoying it so much that he starts to fuck her mouth she has her hands stretched out on the bed as she braces for the fucking he is giving her mouth. he has a very big smile as he begins to talk dirty to her and tells him how he is going to flood her mouth with his huge load of cum soon, just then he tells her to stop he needs a break before he shoots off too soon. Once again too late and as her mouth pulls off his cock she is catching ropes of shooting cum as it now is landing on her tits. He sits up on reaches for her and starts licking her tits and tasting his own cum. he tells her she is the best sex he has ever had and that he can't wait for this after noon.

She notices it is only 10:10 and she started around 8:50 and has been thru five with only Jeff left before lunch. He knocks on the door and she greets him with a big kiss on his bare chest. He is already hard and the first thing he does is thank her for the quickie this morning telling her that he couldn't wait that long to have her body. She likes him the best, that's easy to tell by all the attention she spends with him. She brings him to the shower and they both get in and start a repeat of yesterday's session when she goes down on him and starts to give him head in the shower. Soon he is fucking her mouth when he says he wants to do more and to lets get out of the shower. They aren't out of the shower when he lays her on the bathroom carpet and tell her he want to fuck her in here. He wants her to sink her sexy body on top of his hot cock she lowers her wet body on his and soon they are going full bore as his body is arched and he is balancing her body as she is riding him like he is a bucking bronco, she seem to enjoy Jeff more than the rest of the guys. He also has a very good time fucking her as evidenced by the staying power he has when he and her are together the combined time of their coupling is easily twice that of her with the others. After she finishes bucking herself to a few nice orgasms, he is still ready for more she removes her body from his pole and carries herself to the bed. He is right behind her sporting what looks like a growing penis. He knelt over the bed and buries his tongue into her sex tunnel, with his fingers working her clit and his mouth fucking her cunt she has at least 3 more climaxes before he comes up for air and thrust his cock into a sopping wet snatch. he is fucking her with abandon as it seems she is only along for the ride, as the smile never leaves her face after a very what seem like peaceful orgasm he turn her sideways and he gets on his knees and spreads her legs so one is in the air the other is even with the bed. With the angle he is fucking he is able to touch her boiling point as within 1 minute of this fucking she starts what can only be described as a series of mind blowing orgasm one right after another. While all the time he continues to keep up the pleasure by pounding and pounding and pounding her and after what seem like an hour of hard cock fucking the life out of her his balls stiffen and he rams his cock into her like putting on a glove and soon the mixture of their combined sex is running down her leg. He collapses and she rolls over and says she is ready for a smoke (she doesn't smoke). A look at the clock on the wall tell her its 11:45 she and Jeff have been going at since 10:15 with his cock never going soft till he emptied his load into her. (To be young again!!). Its lunch Time.

After a big Mexican food lunch they are back outside painting. Soon they are back at pounding my wife, only this round is taking place in my back yard around the pool on patio furniture and even in our kids old tree house, she parades all around in only a bikini which is sometimes two pieces and other time only the bottom. By three all five of the have each came again with her taking 3 loads in the pool and one up in the tree house and one by the beehive fireplace, This left her fave Jeff and he wanted her tits as he violently jerked his hard red cock all over her nipples causing them to grow to what looked like 3/4of an inch, She loves her nipple to be played with and has even had an orgasm just by touching her tender nipples. They end up fucking like rabbits in the hot tub till at least 15 gallons of water had splashed out. When he finally came in her the others gave them a standing ovation. They were painting and all of their shorts were sporting a hard on.

John quickly called it a day and told her tomorrow they would not need her around as they had to get caught up so they could stay on schedule as they had another house already lined up, There was a lot of grumbling form the boys as they got into the trucks and left.

I had put a call into the buddy who sold me the tape and when he finally called back I drilled him with a ton of questions. The first one being had he seen the movie he sold me. No. He said that only a kid will bring around 10-15 homemade DVD's by each week and he gives him $10 each and then sells them for $20. I asked him if he ever gets more than one copy of each DVD and he says only rarely, but that the series on house painting has been a real good seller. I told him to order me numbers 1 and 2 as I had to see if they were just like mine and if his wife really recommended the painters to my wife as she told me. He told me they get delivered every Tuesday and that he would order the copies I wanted. I started putting the timeline together and I bought the tape of my wife getting fucked over the course of three and a half days just three days after they finished painting my house. I had carried it in my truck for a week and a half before taking it in my office and then waiting two more days until finally watching. I have had a constant rock hard cock watching the first half of this DVD and already cum 3 times in the course of 2 ½ hours of video (who needs Viagra; just watch your wife get pounded by a hot stud or six).

I had been watching for almost three hours. I needed to get some work done. Less than 30 minutes later I was back in my office with my throbbing out of my pants ready for her to finish painting my house.

On Thursday she made a bacon breakfast burrito and shooed me out of the house in a hurry. The boys all showed up around 7 and after breakfast and a lecture by John that of they got enough work done by lunch, he would let my wife provide dessert. You never saw painter work so fast and by 10 they each had informed John that no lunch was needed as all they wanted was dessert. By 1:30 John had taken my wife into the guest room and had told her that the guys would be coming in the same order as yesterday except that he has another appointment and was wondering if she could sit on his cock for a few minutes as he had to go soon. she was waiting for some action for five hours she had her clothes off before he could finish talking, she was all over his cock even before he had his shorts off she pulled his semi hard cock out and immediately swallowed it until he was hard as a rock and he wanted to sit in a chair and let her ride his cock. She sank down on his real slowly as she has not been used all day. He comments on how tight her cunt is and that her husband must love such a hot tight cunt. She tells him her husband would fuck her everyday if she would let him. He say "You mean you don't" she said after 24 years she needed something different to get her excited (I guess she found it). But she said that I had more than satisfied her till the boys came along. All they have been doing has been talking while she has ground his cock into her no bouncing just her grounding her body into his cock, when she is wet enough to go she starts a rhythmic bobbing up and down on his cock and is really having a good time when he asks her if she will swallow is load this time. With that said she calmly step off his rock hard wet cock and drops to her knees and pulls his cock into her mouth and devours his whole cock in one swift motion in the same way as she had ground her cunt over his cock ten minute earlier. She does not come up for and just keeps her mouth impaled over his cock and he is soon yelling that he wants to cum on her tits, He almost pulls her head away from his cock so he can spurt all over her tits. (It hit me right there he is the director and needs a few cum shots). He tells her to lick his cum off her tits and she shoves her tits in his face and smears his cum all over his face. The after noon is spent with her taking guy after guy and load after load. The last of the day is of course Jeff and they have another hour to fuck and suck fest ending with her doing a hand stand against the bed and him pointing his cock downward and drilling her like he is going to find oil ( I notice the clock on the wall reads 3:45 pm fifteen minutes before quitting time) when the camera is back on the clock reads 4:30 and she is in the same position but instead of his cock drilling her its his tongue which is sending her to a powerful orgasm I am amazed at all the different positions these two have tried in their sessions. I am also curious as to the time as I am always home by 4:15. A quick check if my palm pilot and it reveals a late appointment at 4:45 so I must not have gotten home until after 6pm. Back to his drilling her in the same legs in the air position the camera shows the clock and it is 5:55 when he finally empties his load which ends up in her cunt and all over her upside down tits and even some finding its way past her lips, she has no problem licking his cum from his tits and swirling it on her tongue before swallowing (John will love this shot). I remember coming home that night late and there was no dinner and she was in the shower saying that she had helped the painters and had gotten dirty.

On Friday morning its again juice and donuts for breakfast and John tell her they will be done by lunch time and the guys can stay or leave when the job is done it's up to her. Around 9:30 when Bob is walking out of the room after she has just given him a memorable blow job. My wife is expecting Derek to come into the room when in walks Connie her friend and my buddies wife. she is bigger than my wife but still very sexy her tits are at least double D and at least 3-4 inches bigger than my wife, but she also carries about 40 more lbs. I get the feeling the only one surprised was my wife as soon two more guys join Derek in the room, Bill and John are already naked as they are thanking Connie for stopping by, soon Connie is out of her summer dress and is sucking John while She is reaching for Bills cock and her eyes are looking for Derek. My wife not wanting to miss out is grabbing Derek by his cock and throws him on the bed and plants her cunt over his face while she is swallowing his fat cock. Connie is now being drilled by John doggie style and sucking Bills cock with abandon. Soon the other 3 boys show up and Jeff and Jim are watching the action close to my wife and Derek and Bob who just 15 minutes ago had shot a huge load down my wife's throat was trying to get Connie to alternate sucking his cock with her enthusiastic sucking of Bills. She was up for it and soon Connie is asking for a "hot hard cock in her ass" John pulls out of her cunt and motions for Bill to take her cunt while he drills her ass after a few minutes of slowly trying to get his thick cock in her ass, John is buried to his balls then Bill gets over her and slides his cock in her easily and she has a tremendous orgasm and tells the men to fuck her and keep fucking her she only say this between slurps on Bob's now throbbing cock. Meanwhile my wife and Derek are in a passionate 69 with Jeff and Jim beating their cocks against her boobs; at times she grabs both cocks in each hand while Derek's cock is buried in her mouth. She rubs each cock against her tits especially around her very sensitive nipples. the picture cuts to Connie and the three cocks she is feasting on John is under her with his legs on the floor and Connie has her legs wrapped around Bills neck while he is pounding her cunt form a standing position, Bob is on all fours with his cock fucking her mouth. She is trying to scream but you only hear loud moans as she is stuffed full of hard young cock. I no longer parts 1 and 2 as Connie has answered my questions. Now I need to find out if my buddy knows. Let me not forget my sexy wife as the camera gets back to her you hear Derek grunt and shoot a quart of cum down her throat as she milks every drop from his deflating cock her attention turns to the two cocks beating on her tender breasts. You can now hear Connie's screams as the camera goes back to her and you see Bob has replaced John's cock in her ass, soon Bill says he is going to shoot a huge load all over her giant tits, before he can do this Derek all 6'5" of him sits on her belly and puts his soft cock between her boobs and her boobs easily wrap around his thick tool. Back to my wife Jeff is buried in her cunt while she has Jim's cock balls deep down her throat. Jeff is very slowly fucking her using his cock as a vibrator and slowly pulling all the way out and then pushing real sloooooooowwww back in as she has the first orgasm she locks her mouth on Jim's cock an stays perfectly still so she can savor the climax. His cock is so buried in her that he is wondering how she is locked in place. He is whispering to her and only they know what has been said. Connie now has Derek hard again and is telling him he is next in her ass as this time she wants his thick tool in her backside. Bill then explodes all over her stomach and Bob 's cock pulls out and the cum is shooting up in the air, She screams thru another orgasm and yells for Derek to hurry and plug her ass with his thick cock. Derek is now on the floor and he pulls her ass up in the air and slides his thick monster cock in slowly at first and she is screaming as he stretches her tight hole, soon he is all the way in and she is in the middle of another orgasm before he has even started thrusting. Over to my wife and J and J. Jeff is still moving at a snails pace in her hot cunt giving her a constant climax and Jim is really having the time of his life with her mouth swallowing his large cock, she has his whole 8 inches exposed as she is doing her twirling tongue exercise on his cock. John is yelling for Jim to cum all over her face and telling Jeff to pick it up so they both can shoot all over her body. Jeff tells him to shut up when you here both Derek and Connie as he his shooting his cum all over her back. Back to Jeff and Jim in their pursuit of my wife, Jim is now leaning over her face with his cock buried all the way down her throat and he is real tense as you know he is feeding her a huge load of cum that will never see her lips or John's camera. Jeff relaxed in her cunt so she could concentrate on Jim's cum filling her body. Then when Jim pulled out Jeff picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he proceeded to fuck her while twirling her around, her orgasm started immediately and continued until he finally shot his cum into her while her legs were still wrapped around his waist as he is carrying her the cum from her cunt was dripping on the carpet when out of nowhere Connie is trying to catch it with her tongue

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