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My Personal Landscapers

My Personal Landscapers

We had to blast into the hillside for the spot to build our dream home, so it was going to take a lot of work to make the yard match our house. I had been after Gene my husband to get started fixing it, but he always seemed to have something more important that he had to do instead. I decided to take care of it myself. We met Paul and Cat at a swingers club one night and had danced and flirted with them all evening, but that was as far as it went. During the conversation I found out that Paul has a small landscaping company and I asked him to come by and give me some ideas and an estimate on what to do and how much it might cost. I had planned on doing it as a surprise birthday gift for Gene. I also had thoughts of being alone with him and getting to know that nice, thick cock of his that I had been rubbing against while dancing. So when he called and asked if it would be alright if he and Cat came by to check out the job, I was shocked, as I really never expected to hear from him. Somehow I had to think of an excuse to tell Gene why they were coming over and not give away the surprise. So I told him that they had the afternoon free and just wanted to come by and see our new house and where we live, as we aren’t too far apart. Gene’s eyes lit up when he heard that they were coming to visit and I could have told him any excuse because I could see that he was thinking about having Cat here and what might happen.

I flew into the bedroom franticly looking thru my things trying to find the perfect outfit to impress, but not be too forward. I finally decided on a white tank top with some cutoff jean short shorts. Of course no bra or panties as I never wear them unless it is to be provocative. They arrived shortly and we tried to be the perfect hosts, showing them thru the house and out on the deck. Paul and I were discussing what and where to plant shrubs and such, when I noticed that Gene and Cat had disappeared. Paul noticed too and didn’t hesitate to make his move, pulling me close, squeezing my breasts into his chest and kissing me deeply. His hands were all over me, exploring those regions that were covered, but easily accessible to his roving hands and fingers. I could feel his penis getting hard against my belly as he held me tight and I slipped my hand in between us and gave it a squeeze making him gasp. His hands were now under my shorts exploring my ass, fingers probing and finding my moist cunt lips. I held his muscular neck, pulling up to give him access to my open pussy, wanting him in me. He was grinding his hips into me, working his hard cock into my side, fucking me with our clothes on. My nipples poking thru the thin tank top, caught his attention and his lips went to them biting them thru the thin material. I broke free, making the excuse of finding our mates and he agreed, our passion subsiding for the moment. I really didn’t want to fuck anyone else except Gene but I love to flirt and feel sexy and right now I really felt sexy and my heart was pounding. Gene and Cat were just coming outside and I could see that Gene noticed that my face was flushed, my nipples hard and that I was acting funny, but I did my best to act normal. He probably noticed Paul’s hard on and I know Cat did, because when she saw it, she looked me right in the eye with that look…I winked at her and it seemed that we were all going to get naked when Paul’s cell phone rang and they had to leave. Gene admitted that he and Cat had done some heavy petting too, but didn’t want us to catch them so they came looking for us. Sex was good that night.

Summer was in full swing and I had been sunbathing every chance I got, and my tan was progressing nicely. I usually lay out on the deck nude, as we have no neighbors and privacy is not an issue as our only visitor is the UPS man and he acts like he doesn’t see me even though I know he does. So when I heard a vehicle coming up the drive, I naturally assumed that it was the UPS man until I noticed that there was more than one vehicle. They pulled up and stopped and I heard a door slam. I peeked over the rail and saw Paul getting out of his truck and more guys getting out of the back. The other truck was loaded down with trees and shrubs and more men unloading from it. It had been several months since our last encounter and I was surprised when they pulled in because I wasn’t prepared to pay for the cost of all of this. All I had on the deck with me was a thin throw as a cover as I wasn’t expecting any company; so I hurriedly threw it on to greet the crew. Paul started giving orders to his men and they were grabbing pots and shovels and scurrying around the yard placing pots where he was pointing. He waved when he saw me and came up to the deck, which was a perfect place for him to orchestrate his crew. His men were all college guys that were trying to make some extra money thru the summer to pay for school. I naturally followed along, as I knew what and where I wanted things to be planted. He is the professional, but I am a woman and I know what I want. It seemed that he was always one step behind me, and it didn’t take long to figure out why as I realized that he was checking out my ass as I leaned over the rail. I was pointing to a spot that I wanted a shrub planted when he was right behind me holding my waist with his strong hands and thrusting his hard cock against me. My breath caught and my heart started pounding as I felt his full manhood thru his shorts shoving tightly against my naked pussy. He was pointing and shouting orders to his men and they were obeying as he was fucking me once again thru clothing. I wanted so much to feel his cock in me that I couldn’t stand it and I pushed my ass out to him as I clutched the rail. Gene was out bush hogging the back side of the farm and that’s when I thought of him returning as I was being a bad girl and fucking the landscaper, but that thought disappeared quickly as I felt the head of Paul’s cock touching my pussy lips. He released my waist with his hands and was acting like he was just standing close to me as his cock entered my pussy. I was overcome with ecstasy. My body shuddered as he entered me for the first time and I had several mini orgasms feeling his big cock enter me. I had felt him before and knew that he was thicker than Gene but this was better than I thought it would be. I felt so full and he felt so good inside me that I couldn’t stand it. That was when I looked up again and saw the workers in the yard coming closer.

There were seven of them in all. Most were football players; one was the assistant librarian. They were all tanned as they had been working for Paul all summer and he worked them hard. When they noticed what we were doing on the deck, they started working closer to where we were and trying to be nonchalant about it. Paul was fucking me hard now and not caring if the men were seeing or not, as his orgasm was fast approaching and all he could think about was filling my pussy with his cum. I had one cumming to and I couldn’t wait till he filled me full to get me off. That’s when I noticed that two of them were right at the deck rail watching and I could almost touch them. I reached out as Paul yelled out and I could feel him filling my pussy full of his hot jis which sent me over the edge and I came with him, my head falling forward, my body quaking, my legs going week. I would have collapsed if he had not picked me up and carried me to my lounge chair and laid me down in it. The two lovely men that were close to me at orgasm were now hovering over me. I realized that my throw was gone and I was lying naked before them. They dropped their shorts and their beautiful cocks were throbbing before me, I grasped one in each hand and pulled them towards my mouth. Their pricks felt so good in my hands; I couldn’t wait to get them in my mouth. I pulled them both in at the same time and had both heads in my mouth when I felt a mouth on my pussy. I looked up and all of them were on the deck with me. All nude and all hard. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That mouth on my pussy felt so good, as did the two cocks I had in my mouth, my body started convulsing again as the one in my right hand started throbbing and I drank as fast as I could, when I felt the one in my pussy pumping too. The hot jism hitting the back of my cunt sent me over once again just as the dick in my left hand started erupting and my throat was working overtime trying to finish all that was being given to me. I was just coming around when I felt a massive cock head pushing against my throbbing pussy. I opened my eyes and saw the librarian trying to ease the biggest dick I have ever seen inside me. I had already had several cocks shoot off inside me, which would help, but this cock was huge. It was almost the size of my arm. I pulled him forward, he started sucking my nipples and all I could think about was his glasses, (he reminded me of Harry Potter) when he split me open with that massive prick and my orgasm started and didn’t stop until he finished filling me with his hot load, which seemed huge. I woke up with Gene standing over me jacking off on my tits. My pussy was oozing cum, I was covered with jiz and the yard looked great. He couldn’t believe that I had done all of the landscaping all by myself….D

End of Story

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