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My Big Three

My Big Three...
By Mona Amuse

Hi, Sharri...
I got tired of being bounced off the line, so I gave up. But you
were real nice to me, so I thought I'd tell you the rest of the story.

Two Xmases ago at our annual Xmas party, C who is K's girlfriend
and really didn't like me, was being a brat. C is a great
looking girl, 5-4 109 lbs, small, perfectly formed 32 bs and
great long blonde hair, with the face of an angel. Problem was
that because of my typical outgoing, flirtatious behavior, and see-
through top, the guys were all paying attention to me. Except
those whose wives were keeping them in check, I was surrounded by
men all night. Bored C finally decided to go into the video room and
mess around with Stan's - my boyfriends - equipment.

There was one tape called "Dick." It was in a plain black cover.
It was a project that an English friend of Stans had spent months
on. He interviewed English and Scottish women, then with the
quotes being Voiced Over showed 1,000 cocks with a soundtrack
composed by John Cale.

For some reason she pushed the tape in, and started it up. I guess she was
shocked and ashamed by the subject material, but everybody else
who could see the monitors were laughing and some people were
yelling orgy!!

She grabbed her coat, and said that we were sex obsessed, and
wanted to leave, but K who was having a good time, decided he
wanted to stay. They had come in her car, but K figured he could
catch a ride with someone. C was upset, but she left in a huff,
marooning K.

Now K is a good looking actor, you have seen him in guest roles
on L.A. Law, Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, etc, that's why I'm not
using his real name. I've always been attracted to him, and I
think me, but he would act the perfect gentlemen when around,
probably out of respect for Stan, who was an old friend.

Now there was another friend up from Stan’s home town, M, visiting
us for the party. He Stan and I had done a three way when we
were visiting him. So I knew his bod and dick quite well. He
had slid his hand down my tight black velvet stirrup pants
earlier, gave my ass a friendly squeeze, and murmured his was
looking forward to renewing his acquittance with me.

So I was a little high, and really attracted to K, so in order to
keep him here, I started drinking with him. Except I was not
drinking, I was pouring my drinks out and acting like I was
drinking. Soon he was really smashed, and I took him to the back
bedroom, to lie down. I came back and got rid of his ride,
telling them he was too loaded to leave.

Stan came by and I told him the same thing. He expressed concern,
but said fine to let him sleep it off. It was 12:30 Am when the
party began to break up. As soon as my hostess duties were over,
I rushed back to the back room. K. was up, complaining how
hammered he was. I suggested a stroll in the fresh air might
revive him. We headed out back.

There I uncovered the spa and started peeling off my pants, I
wore no underwear. K saw what I was doing and asked what was up.

I said that maybe the warm water would do him good. He agreed,
and started to strip. His cock was kinda small, but I was so hot
for him it didn't matter. The rest of his body was great. No
fat anywhere I could see. As soon as we were in the hot water
I pressed my boobs against him and he was all over me.

Problem was that between the hot water and the alcohol he
couldn't get hard. I swallowed the thing, sucked, licked, played
with his balls, but only got a semi as a result.

No matter. I hauled my dripping ass out onto the deck, spread my
lips and had him eat me. He was no slouch at this I assure you,
he bit on my lips gently, then trapped my clitoris with a very
active tongue. I squirmed with closed eyes, feeling sensation
rushing over me. I heard a creak, and opened my eyes, and there
not a foot away was M's very hard cock.

He had wandered into the backyard, heard the noises, saw us at
play, and decided to join in. I was so hot at this point I urged
him to fuck my face, hard. He didn't need another invite. He
traced the tip around my lips, then pushed it in, gently at
first, then harder, till it was against my throat. Then he
backed out and slammed it home again. As he did this, I came
hard, seeing stars.

K was loosing steam, so he flopped next to me, while M pulled his
big cock from my gasping mouth, spread my legs, and slammed it
home. He hit my "g" spot on the second thrust, and I started to
come again and again. Meanwhile I had grasped K cock, and was
playing with it. I was rewarded with some definite stiffening, and
then the thing reared up like a pole, not thick, but definitely
long and slender.

I heard another creak behind me, turned my head and saw my guy's
familiar German helmet inches from my mouth. I opened wide, and
he slid it in. Soon he started to pump harder, shoving against
my throat hard. K started to thrash his hips, and shoving his
pelvis against my clenched fist.

Stan stopped suddenly, pulled his cock out, and pointed. I was in
the throes of another small orgasm, but I turned to look. And
caught a jet of come right in the left eye! K was blowing his
load all over my face. It was warm and salty, and it burned my
eye. While this was going on, Stan had been jerking off. Now he
dropped his come all over my cheeks chin and tits. I came again,
impaled on M's big dick.

As both guys dropped exhausted at my side I concentrated on
humping M. M gave me one more small orgasm before he pulled out.
Not to be outdone by the others, M stood over me, beat off, and
poured another load on my face. M hadn't come in bit, and his
come was bitter, and there was a lot of it. I was drenched.
Come in my hair, bubbling through my nose, burning both my eyes.
The boys all fell back in the Spa to stay warm. As the sexual
euphoria wore off, I found I was freezing, and went in to take a
warm shower. I went to bed, and woke up the next morning,
hungover and sore. The boys slept in the spa, luckily they
didn't drown. I was so out of it, I couldn't save them if they
You should have seen them, Sherri, when they came in the next day, all
wrinkled and white from too much water immersion.

This is the best i remember. As I started to write about it,
more memories came back. I enjoyed writing this, I hope you will
enjoy reading it. See Ya when I’m in Chicago again.

All my best

- Mona

End of Story

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