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Lifes a Beach

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We are a married couple in our early forties. K is five-five, one hundred and twenty pounds, 34 chest C-cup tits, heart shaped ass, shaved pussy, flat abs, truly a hard sexy model type body with the face that goes with it. While staying at a condo in Maui I am trying to get her to pick-up on a single guy or two and have all of us fuck her silly, but as the day goes on we walk the beach actually with me more so then her looking for an opportunity to get her fucked really long and good. After a long stroll up and down the beach we come back to the condo unsuccessful. Now I am discouraged, hot and tired and want to just lie around and relax in the air conditioned condo. However K still wants to enjoy more of the warm beach weather so said she was going to continue with her walk. I asked her to find a guy or two that she found attractive and to bring them back here and let us fuck her. She said she would try, though I suspected she really would not give it much effort. It was now about one pm I know because I looked at the clock as she left the condo. What happened next was I must have fallen asleep for the next thing I heard was the door opening and K comes walking in. I looked up at the clock and saw it was now after five pm and quickly looked back at K and noticed the condition she was in. She was wobbly on her legs, her hair was sticky and messy and her bikini bottom was soaking wet as if though she had been swimming. As I stood up to give her a hug I reached down to squeeze her ass and discovered it was not water on her bikini bottoms but rather what would appear to be many loads of cum that had been dripping out from her ass and pussy. Also I noticed as I touched her ass she jumped a little as it was obviously very sore. I sat her down on the couch, pulled off her bottoms and spread her legs open for a closer inspection. Her pussy and ass were red and sore and both still gapping wide open with cum now dripping out on the couch. She then began to tell me what had happened over the last four hours. She said she was walking down the beach and met a young attractive lifeguard named J; she was trying to flirt with him in hopes to find the right opportunity to ask him to come back with her and fuck her in front of her husband. She finally took a chance and came right out and asked. He appeared a little shocked but said if she was sure it would be ok with her husband that he would like the opportunity to have sex with her, she assured Jay that it was her husbands idea and that he would be perfectly fine with it. J said he needed to get his things so the two of them started walking over to the lifeguard shack. The lifeguard shack was elevated by about half of flight of stairs and looked like a control tower at an airport. As they reached the steps J ask her if she had ever seen the view form inside one of these. She said no and he offered her his hand and led her up the stairs and into the shack. He opened the door and she stepped in and he stepped in right behind her and closed the door behind them. She said she felt a slight sense of panic as she noticed one lifeguard standing at the section with the big window and two others in a slightly darker section in the back where there were no windows. Just then she felt Jâ??s arms wrap around her from behind and place his hands one on each tit. She squirmed a little but he held on tight as he made the introductions. What happened next pretty much set the stage for what was coming as she began to realized that these guys we going to take her as they wished. J lifted her bikini top and her arms all in one smooth movement which left her standing there with her hands above her head and her breast fully exposed to the three strangers that she was being introduced to. J said everybody this is K and she has asked me to go back with her to fuck her in front of her husband, but I think we should all fuck her here and it will be up to her to tell her husband if she wishes. K said NO this is not what I want to do, but as she said so the two guys from the back section stepped up and started pinching and sucking on her nipples. As J let go of her arms the two guys each grabbed one as they continued their assault on her tits. J dropped to the floor and pulled her bikini bottoms down and off. He then licked his fingers as slid them up between her ass checks and into her pussy from behind. One of the guys in front of her slid his hand down her flat abs and up into her pussy from the front. They were both shoving their fingers into her as deep as they could. She said they we basically lifting her up on to her toes with each thrust they made. Though against her will her pussy was getting wet, they then moved her over to a chair, bent her over and immediately J stuck is cock into her wet pussy. One of the other guys walked around the front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth to the point where it was gagging her, he would back it out just enough for her to catch her breath and thrust it back in all the way down to his balls which were slapping on her chin with each stroke he made. As J and his friend established a rhythm of both thrusting inward at the same time all she could comprehend was that these four guys were going to gang r*pe her and was now confused between being really scared or giving in to the massive orgasm that was welling up in side her. As her consciousness came back to the ravaging of her body all she noticed was a cock deep in her mouth muffling the moans from the pounding penetration that she was taking from behind. It seemed like forever, but finally the cock in her mouth started to swell to extreme proportions and begin erupting with what felt like a gallon of cum deep down in her throat. The guy in her mouth grabbed her by the hair and held her face down on his cock until she had swallowed every last drop in fact he kept fucking her mouth until his cock softened. J then pulled out of her pussy and they stood her up as the third guy sat down on the chair with his stiff cock standing straight up against his flat stomach. They then made her straddle him and ride his cock as she faced him in the chair while he sucked on her tits. J then pushed her down on top of the guy in the chair and lined up his wet slippery cock with her ass. In a few short strokes he had his entire shaft buried deep into Kâ??s ass. She told me she could not take it any longer and let out with what seemed to be the largest orgasm she could ever remember having. She said she shot juices everywhere and that the guy in the chair was instantly drenched from his belly button down. During the orgasm her anal muscles contracted which caused J to explode a huge load of cum deep into her bowls. As J backed out and off the forth guy quickly took his place and began slapping a heavy but semi limp cock on her ass, as he was playing around back there, spreading her cheeks and slapping her with his meat as it got harder and harder she thought she heard J on the radio and though could not say for sure it sounded as though he was inviting other lifeguards over for the party. Before she had the chance to think what else may be in store for her; she lost all sense of awareness when the forth guy slid what must have been the biggest cock she had ever felt up her cum filled ass. Through the pleasure pain of this huge cock splitting her ass she did not notice the door open and three more young hard body lifeguards come in. She eventually lost track of whom and how they were doing her. Finally after four hours of being thoroughly r*ped by these young studs things seem to wind down. And now she was slumped in the chair with cum dripping off her from every where and seven naked young hard bodied lifeguards standing around her stroking their semi-limp cocks each of which has had at least two or three turns fucking her in every position and in every hole possible. She said she was so week that she could hardly get back into her bikini so that she could attempt to walk back to the condo. Now I know my wife was just ganged r*ped but judging by the number of orgasms she had and that totally satisfied look on her face I am sure she participated in her own way. Either way her story was so hot and I got so turned on looking at her red swollen cum filled pussy and ass that I took my hard swollen cock that I had been stroking the whole time she was tell me what happened an I fucked her red sore ass hard and deep and filled her with a few loads of my own.

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